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Loli Elf Prologue

As promised, here is the prologue of Loli Elf & Her Happy Life. For now we don’t have fixed schedule of this novel and from chapter 1 onward, the novel will be translated by a novice translator. While his translation is more or less accurate, the English writing skill is still far from good enough. Therefore, he will be under strict supervision by Dex for the next few months and if his writing skill is still not good enough to get a pass, we will probably need to find a new replacement translator for this novel.

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[New Series] Loli Elf

And here we go all over again! Re:Library brought to you yet another… SAY WHAT?!?! ANOTHER ONE?! Has Silva gone crazy?! This is the third one this month! Please staph!! You’re gonna drive yourself bankrupt!!

Silva.exe has crashed… … …
Silva.exe has rebooted

*Cough cough. Please ignore that. Anyway, what was I saying again? Ah yes, that’s right, we have added yet another new Gender Bender novel to our repertoire. No, we haven’t got any new chapters yet, the first prologue will probably be up by tomorrow. For now however, we have some nice sneak peeks for you, click the links below for some cutesy images:

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