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Chapter 2 – Confessing to Self

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Author: Deceptive Net Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2317 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1535 words
Editor(s): Fire

This sudden suggestion caused the entire basketball court to fall into a state of silence.

With the ball still in his hands, Lamont stared blankly at the lass before him in apparent disbelief.

But the lass was without a doubt holding the bottle towards him.

He was totally overwhelmed by her favor.

With his appearance, it wasn’t as though this was the first time a girl had approached him like this, but his dense personality had prevented many of his would-be pursuers from getting any closer. However, as he only pursued true love, he had never felt regretful over this fact.

Even so, Shaelyn was an exception.

Who was she?

Before she even formally enrolled into the university, the whole campus was already looking forward to her enrollment. And ever since she entered, she had never fallen from the first spot on Linjiang University’s lists of most beautiful women. She was a beauty not inferior in any way to the hottest female celebrities of the time. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that she had a distinction that even those celebrities couldn’t hope to imitate.

Not only that, she was also the heiress of the Lux Conglomerate. It could even be said that she was born with a golden spoon. She could probably enjoy a lifetime of luxury even if she didn’t go to work.

Some said if they could woo her, they would live like the protagonist of a certain novel1 and stand firmly at the apex of life.

For someone of her standing, how could an ordinary man ever hope to associate with her?

Never in his wildest of dreams had Lamont ever thought Shaelyn would take the initiative to talk to him. He felt like he was in a dream.

He remained stock-still until the lass pulled him back into reality, “Are you… not willing?”

Raising his head to check out the girl, she was frowning slightly, seemingly a little troubled and almost disappointed.

At this point, however, before he had a chance to say anything, his friends were already pushing him on.

“He’s willing, of course, he’s willing! Since Miss Shaelyn invited him, he’d have woken up from smiling too much even if he’s dreaming, how could he be unwilling?”
“Hey, are you mute? Say something quickly! Don’t make people wait anxiously!”
“Why are you still holding the basketball? Give it here! There are still people waiting to take the field!”

Under the heckling of the crowds, Lamont had no choice but to pass the ball to the nearest guy and accept the bottled water from Shaelyn, “Y-Yeah… where do we go?”

“Let’s go to the lakeside,” Shaelyn beamed a smile, “Have a leisurely stroll and some small talk… et cetera.”

“……Sounds good.”

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As the two left, the basketball court burst into activity.

“Fudge?! Since when did Lamont get so close to Campus Queen Shaelyn?!”
“I didn’t expect that doofus to have such a hidden card! He said we would be loners forever, but now he has ascended to high heavens!”
“S̲h̲i̲t̲! We’ll interrogate him when he gets back to the dormitory later!”
“Ah… just why? Why did Miss Shaelyn fall for that doofus? Other than his handsome looks, what else is he good for?”
“But he’s still more handsome than you, what can you do about it? Who knows, maybe that’s the type Miss Shaelyn is going for?”
“I’ve already laid all my cards, I feel so salty.”


The lake near the campus was man-made.

As the two walked by the lakeside, none of them uttered a word.

On one side, Lamont didn’t know what to say, while on the other… Shaelyn was afraid that she would start sneering at him once she opens her mouth.

Only now, from a third-person perspective, did she come to realize how goofy her past self really was.

Oh puh-lease! Be it a lass, a beauty queen or a lady, you gotta at least say something to appeal for yourself, you doofus! If you don’t take the initiative, how will the story even start! Do you think the world revolves around you just because you look good?! Wake the hell up! There are no such things as…

Wait…… This is indeed a case of meat pie falling from the sky.

For some reason, that kinda spoils my mood.

From her understanding of her past self, she guessed that Lamont had probably already thought up the name of their second child despite his deadpan look.

No matter how much he dreamt of it, this guy would never… Well fine, to be fair, even Shaelyn had never really taken the first step either until her bitter end. She didn’t even have a girlfriend nor had she ever held hands with a girl.

This was also one of her biggest regrets after death.

That’s why she felt rather conflicted now that she had reincarnated.

According to the common reincarnation trope, the reincarnator should have gone back to fix their past regrets and change their tragic fate, not to be reborn as a third party!

Whose regrets was she supposed to fix again? This doofus? Make him go woo some girls while she hides in the shadow and eavesdrop?

No way!

She felt that this had already touched upon an ethical question — Could the Lamont now still be considered herself?

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[Answer, yes. Theoretically, the host and main host’s soul signatures are identical. In soulology, you can be considered an existence even closer than twins, but since you have different bloodlines, it is still possible to mate.] 
[Tip: The higher the soul’s compatibility, the greater the happiness is achieved through mating.]2 


Shaelyn smiled faintly.

She suddenly harbored a wild thought, ‘What will happen if I kill Lamont now?’3 

[Not recommended, the system will once again enter a dormant state.] 

Wasn’t this the same as last time then?

[Since the cheat ability is held by the main host, the current host will not be able to reach the same height as last time.] 

“……Ok, you win!”

“Eh?” Finally hearing Shaelyn’s voice, Lamont immediately became really focused, “Did you… say something just now?”

“I just said…” Shaelyn switched to a gentle smile, “Are we just going to keep walking like this? You don’t plan to do anything else?”

Lamont spaced-out, “We, uh… what… should we do?”

You doofus! Shaelyn cursed again in her head.

If this guy could even use one-tenth of his ability to hook up with his bros on the girls, it was guaranteed that he would be a master philanderer by now.

To let the girls take the initiative, how could this guy ever make a girlfriend?

Shaelyn silently inhaled and said smilingly, “I heard that you’re looking for a place to rent? Have you found a place yet? How about co-renting with me?”

She had always thought of moving out of the dormitory during her life at university. Her dormmates knew it, but since she couldn’t find an appropriate place and a co-renting partner, she stayed in the dorm till the day she graduated.

She understood herself the most, so it was practically child’s play if she wanted to have her past self in the palm of her hand.

She could even predict what he would be saying next——

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“Uh… we’re… not really acquainted yet, are we? Why does Miss Shaelyn want to rent a place with me?”

Moreover, she already knew what to reply: “Because I like you.”

The most effective method against a dense guy was to get straight to the point.

As expected, Lamont was in a total loss.

However, this wasn’t enough to make him short circuit, there was still something she needed to do——

And that was… to step up and hug him.

Shaelyn softly embraced Lamont’s neck and pressed her body against his. They were close enough to feel each other’s breath. This ambiguous position caused Lamont to stiffen up.

Shaelyn still had that gentle smile on her face, “I have noticed you since long ago. My ideal boyfriend is someone like you… bright, dedicated, gentle, considerate… and always working out.”

……It was on this occasion she finally realized her past self indeed didn’t have that many good points.

Even she had difficulties trying to find the words to praise herself.

While Shaelyn repeatedly ridiculed herself on the inside, Lamont merely stood there, stock-still.

He had never been praised by the opposite sex like this, not to mention being in such intimate contact.

Is this… how it feels to hug a girl?
And there’s that indistinct fragrance…

Even after she did all that, however, his mind was still in full throttle, “Ah… I… I’m sorry! I also like you, but… this doesn’t count as we’re dating yet, right? We aren’t even familiar with each other… What I wish is that we can take some time to get to know one another before making a decision. I don’t want the girl to regret it for a lifetime because of my irresponsibility.”


I knew it, he’s a dolt.

She heaved a sigh and let go of Lamont, “Then, how about we live together for a period of time as friends? What do you think?”


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  1. Silva: Due to the lack of English word to encompass this “genre”, I’ll be putting a note here for anyone concerned:

    赘婿 = usually means the guy is weak/useless because no man should be marrying into the wife’s house unless poor or powerless

  2. Silva: The system recommends selfcest
  3. Silva: Poor guy, if hasn’t done anything wrong, yet his future self wanted to kill him.
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