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[New Member] CatatoPatch joins Re:Library

Say hello to the newest member of Re:Library, CatatoPatch. If anyone of you still remember him, he was the translator who’s famous for translating The Devil’s Evolution Catalog. Through some weird twists of fate and a little bit of convincing, CatatoPatch has decided to join Re:Library and continue translating The Devil’s Evolution Catalog for a period of time! A new chapter is already available on Re:Library, so go give it a read!

Old fans should be rejoicing for the continuation of this series right now. And for the new readers, this series is borderline Gender Bender but not really Gender Bender since the protagonist is actually genderless (but he looks feminine otherwise and is mostly treated as a female by others). Think Tensei Shitara Slime, their human form looks feminine but they’re actually genderless, so it’s not Gender Bender.

Other than that, Catato will also be bringing us the Song of Adolescence, which will probably be his main project on this site. It is a wuxia story with never before seen grand adventures that will knock you off your feet. Well yea okay, I admit I’m not a big fan of wuxia novel and I’ve never actually read this novel yet. I’m just finding whatever flowery words I can to impress and lure in new readers, but hey, Catato said it’s a good read so you should definitely give it a try.

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