Chapter 3 – Compensation?

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Author: Deceptive Net Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2242 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1488 words
Editor(s): Fire

Lamont didn’t give a definite answer in the end. Instead, he asked to give him one night to think about it.

Shaelyn also didn’t push him for an immediate answer.

It was because she knew Lamont’s personality very well. If she pushed her luck, she might achieve the opposite of the desired result. It wouldn’t change even if the other side was a rich young lady.

Rationality, that was probably Lamont’s strongest point. Sometimes, however, being too rational could drive one crazy.

I have already offered to cover half of the rent, what else is there to hesitate!

After Lamont left, Shaelyn crouched where she stood and covered her face to calm herself for a moment.

As expected, one’s greatest enemy was their past self. If they really had to face their past self, there were too many things that could trigger their current self.

Let’s calm down… In any case, he’s still my past self…

Be that as it may, she still cursed Lamont in her heart until she’s satisfied.

After Shaelyn had finally settled down, she got up and left the campus grounds.

——And this whole sequence was caught on camera by the busybody students nearby.

That very night, Lamont’s name had spread throughout the campus.

【Shocking News! A Man Actually Did This to Shaelyn!】
【Miss Shaelyn confessed her love but was unexpectedly rejected?! She grieved at the lakeside and wept endlessly! Proof in Photography!】
【According to insider news, the suspect Lamont is a third-year science student. He is currently being interrogated by the whole class, click the link to view the livestream——】


The livestream was broadcasted from a small room, it was very crowded, leaving only a little space for the suspect on the bed. The suspect in question was Lamont, who was smiling ear to ear as though he just won a lottery.

“S̲h̲i̲t̲! You lucky b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲?! When did you hook up with her?!”
“That, uhh… I have no idea. Shaelyn came up to me herself.”
“F̲u̲c̲k̲! You’re already on a first-name basis?! I heard Miss Shaelyn took the initiative to hug you, is that true?!”
“Isn’t the young lady a C-cup? How did it feel?”
“The hell! Who asked that question? Go beat him up!”


It would seem that Lamont was doing rather well despite being the hottest topic of the night.

Shaelyn closed the livestream, tossed her phone aside, and completely relaxed her mind on the sofa.

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This identity of hers didn’t even exist in her past life. There was no Miss Shaelyn in Linjiang University nor did the Lux Conglomerate have a daughter.

As such, she had never been this popular in her past life… Alright, maybe only in the beginning when she was still secretly developing. That was the life.

However, nothing would stay the same in this life. With this identity of hers, it was impossible for her to go unnoticed. As for what sort of influence that will bring, even she didn’t know.

All she knew was that, her past self, the current Lamont, wouldn’t be easy to control.

She had always been a very rational person. Even if money were to fall from the sky, she would take a long time to figure out whether it was a trap before picking it up. That personality had assisted her through many hopeless situations.

It wasn’t without its faults however, as it prevented her from trusting people who suddenly expressed their goodwill.

She too had fantasized about living happily ever after with a like-minded girl, but it was just that, a fantasy. If that fantasy truly became reality, she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from thinking about the girl’s purpose or if she was just playing with him.

In other words, if she wanted Lamont to trust her, she needed to take her time.

Of course, there was another much simpler method, and that was to squeeze him dry. Squeeze him until he gives up thinking, then he would accept everything she says as the truth.

After all, she knew better than anyone that she was a closet pervert during her university life. If there was a girl who’s willing to have sex with him every day, it was very possible for him to get absorbed in it.

——Or that’s what she believed would happen anyway. After all, she had never been squeezed dry before.

Even if she was right, however, it didn’t mean she would do it!

To let her past self do her current self?! Even if reincarnation was taken out of the equation, the plan itself was weird to begin with!

“And so… System, one question: Why did you reincarnate me as a girl?” She slowly voiced her question.

【Based on the calculation, the host will be able to gain the main host’s favorability more easily with the current form.】

Hearing that, Shaelyn remained silent for a moment before getting up and entering the bathroom.

This body was very beautiful indeed. So long as she didn’t speak like an experienced old man, her cuteness would be maxed out.

Moreover, she had a nice figure. Regardless of her assets or her curves, every part of her could ignite a man’s wildest fantasies.

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In short, this was perfectly in line with Shaelyn’s taste. This was practically the materialization of her dream girlfriend.

What that meant was that it also conformed to Lamont’s taste. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say this body was specially made to handle Lamont.

Even with such an advantage, that still didn’t make Lamont completely stop thinking.

“Tsk, I didn’t know I was that adamant before,” Shaelyn looked at herself in the mirror with an indescribable expression, “Pointlessly stubborn like an idiot.”

After that short exchange, the feeling Lamont gave her was that of a grown-up looking back at their past self who was so proud of having written a bad quote and made them really want to go back to give their past self two big slaps.

Perhaps one common point in every grown-up was that they had some dissatisfactions with their past self.

As opposed to that, the fact that she became a girl paled in comparison.

She already experienced death once, so there were many things she now regarded as unimportant.

After taking a bath, Shaelyn returned to her room to search for any information regarding [The God’s Realm] on the internet.

This game was launched on the same date as the miracle day. The topic was already heating up on the miracle day, and it even had a fitting title to match: “Experience the Second Reality.”

Moreover, it was totally free to play. The fact that you could even make money while playing had attracted tons of players, many of which were discussing what kind of game it was.

Shaelyn couldn’t help recalling her past experiences.

What kind of game was it?

It was a game created by God.

At first, everyone purely treated it as a game or a tool to make money while experiencing the feeling of being superheroes.

Until that day, when their powers and equipment from the game followed the players into the real world.

Following closely, the in-game monsters and various disasters started to manifest in the real world as well.

At that time, everyone knew this wasn’t just a game anymore, but the world’s only hope. This was the sole way to save humanity.

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Against the onslaught of countless monsters, humanity formed an expeditionary force to take down the final world boss as a last-ditch effort.

Shaelyn was one of such enlisted forces. It was unfortunate that her group had to encounter a sea of monsters. She was the only one left so she decided to take down all the monsters with her by unleashing her strongest power.

【The host shouldn’t have chosen to sacrifice yourself then. If the host could last until the System fully loaded, all your accumulated experience would be accounted for. If the host used all the accumulated points to raise your strength, you could’ve become the world’s strongest.】

“……What’s the point of saying that now? Why didn’t you revive me on the spot at that time?”

【Mission Impossible.】

Shaelyn heaved a sigh, clearly too lazy to continue arguing with the system, “So? The points I accumulated in my past life, can they still be used?”

【Time Reversal also affects the accumulated points, the host’s experience have been reset.】

“Can I scream now?”

【……The System can offer a compensation to the host.】

At the same time, Shaelyn noticed a new function suddenly appearing in the system panel——

【Newbie Gift Pack (Can be opened after clearing an instance for the first time)】
【Obtained Trait: Permanent Makeup – No need to maintain the makeup, the user can keep their best look forever.】

She silently stared at the trait name for a while.

“This is the compensation?”

【……Answer, yes.】


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