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Chapter 27 – Greatly Hopeful

“It’s like this….” Tang Tang said the circumstances in the afternoon to Deng Xiaokun once more, then said afterwards: “Okay Deng Xiaokun, you don’t need to worry about this. This isn’t your problem!”

“****, Xiao Chen, you’re amazing!” After Deng Xiaokun heard the whole story, he immediately gave Xiao Chen a thumbs up: “Tricking Lou Zhenming of 200,000, you’re really daring! However, these abalone and lobster were really delicious.”

“Deng Xiaokun, are you taking pleasures in others’ misfortunes? This is amazing?” Tang Tang frowned and then turned to look at Xiao Chen, saying: “Xiao Chen, after school ends, don’t listen to Lou Zhenming and don’t go with him. I’ll take you home! Let’s see if he can do anything then!”

“Tang Tang, although your method doesn’t have an issue, avoiding it once doesn’t mean one can avoid it forever!” Deng Xiaokun interfered and said: “Dude, what you should be doing right now is to figure out how you offended Lou Zhenming. First find out why, then act appropriately to solve the problem.”

“How would I know?” Xiao Chen wryly smiled: “This morning, Ma Gangmen wanted me to pay up 10,000. However, I didn’t have the money. Then in the afternoon, they asked to treat me to a meal and as for the following matters, Tang Tang has already told you. Tell me, how did I offend him?”

“That’s true!” Deng Xiaokun couldn’t help but frown after hearing Xiao Chen’s words. Indeed, if it was according to what Xiao Chen said, there was no hatred between the two people. If anything, the hatred was just created during lunchtime.

But Lou Zhenming had no reason to treat Xiao Chen to a meal. Just for 10,000 protection money, there was no need to go to war. Treating Xiao Chen to a meal, then trying to make Xiao Chen pay for the meal was just plain stupid. Xiao Chen couldn’t even pull out 10,000 for protection money, so where would he have the money to pay for the meal?

“All right, I’ll just go along with them after school ends.” Xiao Chen indifferently said: “Deng Xiaokun, what you said is right. Avoiding them once doesn’t mean that it’s avoidable forever. It just so happens that I want to question them on why they want to bully me.”

“Xiao Chen, it’s not that I’m looking down upon you, but if you follow them tonight, it’s predicted that you won’t come in tomorrow!” Deng Xiaokun racked his brains, then said: “Xiao Chen, do you know what Lou Zhenming’s family does?”

Previous, during the morning class, Xiao Chen and Tang Tang had spoken in low voices, so Deng Xiaokun didn’t hear anything. Therefore, he didn’t know about Xiao Chen’s background. Thus, he thought Xiao Chen didn’t know about Lou Zhenming’s Aristocratic Family background.

“What do you mean?” Although Xiao Chen already knew about what Lou Zhenming’s family did, he could only pretend to not know! Truth to be told, Lou Zhenming, Ma Gangmen and Shou Hou, these three, Xiao Chen paid no attention to. He had strength equivalent to a First Layer Inner Qi! If he wanted to, he could send Lou Zhenming’s group of three to experience Western Paradise!

“Lou Zhenming belongs to Lou Family, the Lou Family of the Nine Aristocratic Families. Moreover, Lou Family has origins with the underground, occupying three-fourths of the underground land in Songning City. Such a son of a gigantic underworld enterprise, do think that going along with him will end up with a good result?” Deng Xiaokun said: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. In the school, several students have been beaten up to the point that they had to drop out!”

Drop out? They must have been seriously hit to drop out! Xiao Chen didn’t think that this Lou Zhenming was this ruthless! When he was ‘Young Master Xiao’, he had also bullied others, but it was never so serious.

“Then tell me, what should I do?” Xiao Chen asked. Although he didn’t know why, Xiao Chen felt that Deng Xiaokun wasn’t so simple. Perhaps it was the vision of an aristocratic family junior or perhaps it was due to his intuition from cultivating true virtue.

“Speak no more!” Deng Xiaokun replied: “Since you didn’t do anything to offend him, then just ‘talk it out’. After you ‘talk it out’ openly, there won’t be any more problems.”

‘Talk it out’ was an underworld gang’s jargon for negotiation, so Xiao Chen naturally understood.

“Then what do I do if they don’t want to talk with me?” Xiao Chen asked in return.

“Sigh, one is partial to those whom presents have been accepted…who made me eat so much of that abalone and lobster at noon?” Deng Xiaokun sighed somewhat helplessly: “After school ends, I’ll go along with you.”

“You?” Xiao Chen counter-questioned.

“Dude, don’t look down on me! I am the ‘Brother Kun’ in this school and am also very famous!” Deng Xiaokun proudly stated as he patted his chest.

Tang Tang pondered for a moment, then said: “Xiao Chen, what Deng Xiaokun said is right. Get a chance to talk it out with Lou Zhenming. It isn’t an option for this to continue, so I’ll also go with you guys.”

“Come on, monitor Tang! If you go, I’ll also have to take care of you. The you right now is not Tang Family’s Young Lady Tang, okay? I, alone, will be enough for the talk in the evening!” Deng Xiaokun said.

“Let it go, Young Master Deng! Is there a difference between you and I? Don’t forget which family your Deng Family is being substituted by!” Tang Tang was intelligent. She quietly pointed out Deng Xiaokun’s identity, but had not talked about Xiao Chen’s identity. Since Xiao Chen wanted to make a fresh beginning, his identity naturally couldn’t be exposed.

However, Tang Tang wanted Xiao Chen to know what kind of person Deng Xiaokun was!

Sure enough, Xiao Chen understood. Deng Family….was the family that was replaced by Lou Family!

Deng Family was also a family affiliated with the underworld. Of course, it wasn’t entirely of an underworld nature, but it was more of a half-black/half-white existence. As for the half-white part, Deng Family had the largest Industrial Security company and Martial Hall, and as for the half-black part, it occupied a large share of Songning City. However, it did not sell drugs!

Drugs is an underworld gang’s important source of income. Deng Family did not sell any and also did not let the other factions sell. If it was sold, it would be immediately plundered. This was the reason why Deng Family was especially hated. As a result, a new underworld family arose, and under the support of an honored one, it combined with other small gangs and dealt a fatal blow to Deng Family!

Even though Deng Family wasn’t destroyed, it was damaged severely. Its influence wasn’t as it was prior to the event and Deng Family’s strongest Fighter, Deng Dao, was seriously injured. With its strength greatly reduced, it forced Deng Family to drop out of the ranks of the Nine Aristocratic Families alliance and become an ordinary family in Songning City.

What made Xiao Chen surprised, however, was that a person from Deng Family was here. It was just a mystery on how Deng Xiaokun and Deng Dao were related.

“Don’t worry about substituting or not! This Young Master is strong, at the very least the deterrent effect is still there!” Deng Xiaokun said: “I don’t believe that Lou Zhenming wants things to blow up. If I entered the hospital, my Deng Family, although it currently isn’t strong, it isn’t a soft persimmon to pinch! Don’t worry, with me, I guarantee Xiao Chen’s safety!”

After Tang Tang heard Deng Xiaokun’s words, she thought about it, then nodded, saying: “Deng Xiaokun, seems like you’re very kind. Looks like this class monitor being kind to you hasn’t been in vain! Xiao Chen, let Deng Xiaokun accompany you this evening!”

“Come on, all you do is give me some of your unsold break sticks and sesame seed cakes in the morning. How is that being kind?” Deng Xiaokun rolled his eyes: “I took the initiative simply because of the seafood I ate at noon. I don’t eat for free, okay?”

Tang Tang knew that Deng Xiaokun was a man of loyalty. But this loyalty was towards her, Tang Tang’s, words, instead of Xiao Chen. Tang Tang did not think that Deng Xiaokun would do anything for Xiao Chen since it was the first day they had met.

While Tang Tang and Deng Xiaokun seem to be buddies, these two were actually together from elementary school, middle school, and now through high school. These many years, if not for Tang Tang and Yue Shaoqun already being engaged, these two being childhood sweethearts wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Cheng Mengying sat in her seat, frowning due to the fact that Lou Zhenming was going to find trouble with Xiao Chen after school ended.

‘I….should I help or not? If I help, then the relationship between me and Xiao Chen would be exposed. Then Xiao Chen’s identity would be exposed…I’m afraid that this isn’t the result that Xiao Chen wants to see. But if I don’t help, then I would have to see Xiao Chen be beat up on the first day, right? Although Xiao Chen indeed needs a beating in my opinion, he is this lady’s servant, so I can’t let others hit him, right? It would only be good if this young lady beat him up herself.’

And so, Young Lady Cheng was very puzzled and ended up not paying attention in the following class, just thinking about what to do in the evening.

Only, just as Young Lady Cheng was still thinking, Lou Zhenming came over on his own initiative and sat on the empty seat next to Cheng Mengying: “Cheng Mengying, nice to meet you. My name is Lou Zhenming and I’m from Lou Family!”

After he finished saying that, Lou Zhenming put out his hand and looked at Cheng Mengying with an earnest vision.

“Oh, hello….” Cheng Mengying naturally could not shake hands with Lou Zhenming, so she just indifferently replied.

“Mengying, I, Lou Zhenming, in this school, am a very capable person. If you meet some trouble in the future, just say it to me; I’ll help you out!” Lou Zhenming said: “Of course, with your position as Young Lady Cheng, you probably won’t need me. However, if you have any problems, such as wanting to teach someone a lesson or so, I can do it for you, so that Young Lady Cheng can avoid dirting her hands!”

“Oh? I heard that you wanted to teach Xiao Chen a lesson in the evening?” Cheng Mengying wasn’t too sure how to meddle in this matter, but now that Lou Zhenming had bought it up, Cheng Mengying pretended to casually ask about the matter.

“Xiao Chen ah, that kid doesn’t know the difference between heaven and earth! At noon, he invited us to eat lunch and ended up in ordering a lot of abalone and lobster. Then he also made me pay for it thinking that I was a rich handsome guy!” Lou Zhenming naturally did not tell the truth. In his opinion, Cheng Mengying shouldn’t know the truth becase she was sitting so far away.

“Oh….” Of course Cheng Mengying did not believe that Xiao Chen would take the initiative to invite Lou Zhenming out to lunch, but she quietly said: “Oh? Then how will you teach him a lesson?”

“I’m preparing to take him to the gym. What, Mengying, are you interested in taking a look?” Lou Zhenming invited in order to curry favor with her.

“This….then I’ll come take a look….” Cheng Mengying nodded, seemingly excited. She was feeling relieved in her heart! She wanted to go because if Xiao Chen was about to be badly beaten up, she could stand up at the right opportunity to urge Lou Zhenming to stop and consider the matter as finished. She would then say that she was sick at the sight of blood and it would be predicted that Lou Zhenming would give her face.

Cheng Mengying was very clear on Lou Zhenming’s thoughts. Even at First High, when she had Xiao Chen as a fiance, she was still surrounded by pursuers. One of them, for example, was Zhao Yuliang.

“Okay Mengying, I’ll call you in the evening!” Lou Zhenming was feeling joyful in his heart. He was thinking, ‘Cheng Mengying also likes violence? It seems like it is and after thinking about it, it should be. Previously, when she had a fiance, he was a cheating tyrant looking at other girls. Since Cheng Mengying was willing to be engaged with him, then she definitely likes me!’

As for the present engagement break off, Lou Zhenming didn’t think too much about it. That was entirely the family’s behavior. How could these Aristocratic Family juniors have the right to choose who they wanted to be engaged to?

As a result, Lou Zhenming felt that him matching up with Cheng Mengying was very hopeful! Was he not Cheng Mengying’s favorite type of boy?

Chapter 26 – Turns Out You’re A Rich Guy

“Many thanks for QunShao’s reminders, I really appreciate it! Later on when you need to use this little brother, QunShao, just open your mouth!” Lou Zhenming quickly said with gratefulness.

“Well said, well said.” Yue Shaoqun waved and said: “Then you guys continue your meeting, I’ll leave first!”

“QunShao, take your time ah!” Lou Zhenming happily said.

However, Yue Shaoqun, who had turned around, curled his lip.

‘Cheng Mengying? You think she’s so easy to pursue? Not even speaking about Cheng Mengying not agreeing, even if she agreed, Cheng Family wouldn’t even have a liking for your Lou Family!’

However, these words couldn’t be said out loud. Saying them would only make Lou Zhenming unhappy.

‘It would be better to encourage him and letting him think that I am good to him!’

Inside Yue Shaoqun’s heart, he also wanted a piece. But due to having Tang Tang as a fiance, Yue Shaoqun could only endure. Yue Shaoqun, for a long time now, was a little darling before other people, an existence of what word ‘genius’. Therefore, before completely breaking off the engagement, he wouldn’t be able to pursue others.

Yue Family had already spread rumors several times of breaking off an engagement with Tang Tang after Tang Tang had grown into this appearance. If Yue Family asked her to become a daughter-in-law, wouldn’t they become laughingstocks! And Tang Family, naturally was somewhat in the wrong, so Tang’s Master had also tacitly consented in this matter.

Only, Yue Family and Tang Family currently have a cooperation. In order to maintain this cooperation, Yue Shaoqun and Tang Tang got engaged. Even though both families know that this engagement will be broken off sooner or later, it’s a way to maintain relations right now.

Tang Family being indifferent to Tang Tang moving out of the family illustrates this point.

After Yue Shaoqun left, Lou Zhenming was also lost in thought. Cheng Mengying’s identity was Cheng Family’s Young Lady, so in this case his pursuing policy should be adjusted accordingly. Fortunately his pursuing policy didn’t to a disaster.

Xiao Chen returned to the classroom building with a bag of delicacies. Just arriving at the classroom, he actually saw Tang Tang coming from the other direction with a bag of steamed rolls in hand.

“Xiao Chen? Didn’t I tell you not to leave? Why did you run about? Did Lou Zhenming try to stir up trouble with you?” Tang Tang was surprised for a moment upon seeing Xiao Chen, then asked a bit angrily.

“You didn’t eat your fill?” Xiao Chen looked at Tang Tang’s steamed rolls bag and was suddenly enlightened. No wonder Tang Tang went out before! She had only ate one steamed bun and this steamed bun also wasn’t too big, how could it be filling? But he ignored it!

“No….” Tang Tang turned a rare shade of red, saying: “This is our dinner! In the evening there is individual study time. If you don’t eat some stuff prior, you’ll be hungry.”

“Hehe, not eating one’s fill is just not being full. I also didn’t eat my fill. This isn’t what you think it is, it’s surplus of what I didn’t eat that I want to give to you.” Xiao Chen lifted up the bags in his hands and said with a smile towards Tang Tang who was currently glaring.

“Seems like you have a conscience….this is….abalone? Lobster?” After Tang Tang clearly saw what was inside the transparent food containers, she immediately stared with eyeballs almost popping out: “Xiao Chen, you have money? Even if you have some bank savings, it can’t be spent this lavishly right? Do you know how much money this costs? If you eat lavishly now, what will you do later?”

Tang Tang wasn’t happy to see these delicacies and instead exploded with rage. In her opinion, Xiao Chen had just been kicked from his family. It was reckoned that there should be some bank savings in his hand, but what would he do after these bank savings run out?

Moreover, these dishes cost at least 200,000. This money, how many days of not eating breakfast would she be able to gain this much? Tang Tang’s heart was bleeding….

“How would I have the money to buy this?” Upon seeing Tang Tang’s look, Xiao Chen immediately knew that she had misunderstood and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “This is what Lou Zhenming treated with, the remainder that I got to pack to bring back.”

“Lou Zhenming?” Tang Tang was surprised for a moment then became even more surprised: “He treated you to eat something? This can’t be? Xiao Chen, you don’t need to lie! If you want to lie to me, then we can’t be friends! Tell the truth, I won’t blame you. After all, you had lived a privileged life prior to this….”

“He really treated me!” Xiao Chen shrugged and said the situation beforehand to Tang Tang, including Lou Zhenming’s plot to screw him over.

“You’re quite clever to know to find Director Xu!” After Tang Tang listened to Xiao Chen’s words, she actually believed it and nodded, then said: “However, you’re pretty ruthless. Be careful for his retaliation over how much money you made Lou Zhenming spend!”

“What ought to come will always come. If I didn’t fool him at noon, then the person fooled would definitely be me and I wouldn’t be able to hide if I wanted to, so I might as well fool him.” Xiao Chen said somewhat helplessly: “I really don’t know how I even provoked that kid. Why would he eye me?”

“That’s true.” Tang Tang nodded: “I also feel that it’s strange; why would he eye you? But that’s okay. Inside the school, he would dare to blatantly go against you. Next time he asks you to go somewhere, it’s fine not to go. The rest of the time, I’ll help you eye him.”

“Regardless of this, eat before saying more! In a while, it’ll become cold and unappetizing.” Xiao Chen said. He is cultivating true virtue ah and using Tian Lao’s words, ‘cultivating true virtue is a rare flamboyant high-ended occupation’, why would he fear Lou Zhenming?

“Haha, then I’ll take advantage of your offer!” Tang Tang was impolite and took the bags out of Xiao Chen’s hands. Then they entered the classroom together.

Tang Tang placed the abalone and lobster on the desk. Her eyes glowed with a green light, thinking ‘good taste ah!’

Let alone high quality seafood, she hadn’t eaten meat in a long time. Tang Tang couldn’t help but directly grab abalone to satisfy her craving, put it in her mouth, delicious, it’s truly delicious!

While Xiao Chen looked at Tang Tang’s impatient appearance, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up into a slight smile. During the time he was in First High, it was Zhu Yingxiong who was very good to him. But now in Second High, it’s Tang Tang. These seafood dishes were actually what Xiao Chen specially packaged in order to take it back, otherwise he would not just eat then pack.

Although Tang Tang was a bit chubby, however, she was ‘genuine’. It made Xiao Chen feel ‘this little girl is really lovable’. At least with her, Xiao Chen could be relaxed and didn’t have to worry about being together with a beautiful girl or any type of that concern.

Having this sort of buddy is great, so Xiao Chen didn’t eat any. Before he was kicked from Xiao Family, what had he not eaten? Up to this day, he isn’t greedy about these kind of things.

However, the fragrance of abalone and lobster had attracted the attention of the male sitting in the front of Tang Tang and Xiao Chen. He turned around and somewhat surprisedly looked at the food on the desk: “Damn monitor Tang, buying this many delicious foods, did you win the lottery ah?”

“Deng Xiaokun, if you want to eat, then eat! Xiao Chen is treating!” Tang Tang had never been a stingy person. This can be seen from her giving her lunch to Xiao Chen without hesitation, therefore, Xiao Chen didn’t prevent this.

“Then I won’t be polite ah!” Deng Xiaokun was clearly familiar with her. He directly broke off a lobster claw to gnaw and said while gnawing: “Xiao Chen, I didn’t think ah, you were a rich guy. Looking at your attire, I was almost fooled by you!”

Of course with Deng Xiaokun, Xiao Chen didn’t say too much. After all, Deng Xiaokun and Xiao Chen weren’t familiar with each other.

Xiao Chen followed along and ate a few bites. Not long after, Lou Zhenming brought back Ma Gangmen and Shou Hou back to the classroom. Seeing the chewing motions of Xiao Chen’s group of three, Lou Zhenming’s eyes flashed with a trace of anger!1

‘****, eat all you want, you’ll be vomiting it out tonight!’

Heavily breathing in, Lou Zhenming quelled his anger. What these three were eating was from his own wallet ah! He didn’t even eat a bite of it ah!

“Delicious, delicious, Xiao Chen, thank you. I didn’t expect the school cafeteria’s abalone to be so delicious!” Deng Xiaokun’s said as he ate with both his mouth and hands full.

This grating sound passed through Lou Zhenming’s ears and made him burn with rage. Suppressing his anger, he sat down at his seat.

Deng Xiaokun didn’t take any note of this, however, Tang Tang saw Lou Zhenming’s expression and at this time believed Xiao Chen’s words. Lou Zhenming’s expression was as if he got screwed over.

The first class in the afternoon was self-study.

Originally, Lou Zhenming wanted to find trouble with Xiao Chen after school ended, but seeing Xiao Chen and the others overeating on the other side, it felt a bit unbearable. Thus, he walked to the front of Xiao Chen and looking at Xiao Chen with a cloudy gaze, saying: “Kid, get outside with me!”

“Outside? What do you want to do?” Of course Xiao Chen knew Lou Zhenming’s purpose. It was due to suffering a loss at noon, so Lou Zhenming wanting to teach him a lesson, but he feigned ignorance.

‘What do I want to do? Of course it’s to beat you up!’

But Lou Zhenming couldn’t say this: “You’re a newcomer, so I want to teach you some ground rules. I treated you to a meal at noon, what could I possibly do? Is it possible that you’re afraid?”

“Then say it, I didn’t transfer over on the first day because I skipped classes and got expelled.” Xiao Chen wasn’t afraid of Lou Zhenming, moreover….how wouldn’t Xiao Chen be clear on how Lou Zhenming wanted to hold him?

“Okay, then we’ll talk after school ends!” Lou Zhenming, upon seeing that Xiao Chen didn’t move, thought Xiao Chen was afraid. He could patiently wait until after school ended. At that time, he’ll have to see if Xiao Chen has any reasons to refuse. After saying that, Lou Zhenming turned around and went back to his own seat.

After Lou Zhenming walked, Deng Xiaokun turned his head and said somewhat doubtfully: “I say, dude, how did you offend Lou Zhenming? Before, wasn’t it Ma Gangmen who forced you to pay money? It was only 10,000, shouldn’t it be a piece of cake for you? Shouldn’t you just use financial power to avoid misfortune?2

In Deng Xiaokun’s opinion, Xiao Chen was a tyrant who wouldn’t blink towards this kind of lobster and abalone, how could he be short of 10,000? Why, in an instant, did Lou Zhenming personally act?

Tang Tang actually glared at Deng Xiaokun’s eyes, saying: “Where would Xiao Chen have the money to buy it? This is what Lou Zhenming bought!”

“Lou Zhenming? Then when he talked about treating Xiao Chen to a meal at noon, it was this?!” Deng Xiaokun was immediately astonished. Just like Tang Tang before, his eyes turned wide open. To him, this matter was inconceivable. Lou Zhenming inviting Xiao Chen to a meal then asking him for trouble?

This was simply unscientific! Unless Lou Zhenming’s brain either had a problem, had water in it, or was simply empty.


  1. TLN: Lanky dude/guy will now be ‘Shou Hou’ 
  2. TLN: ‘破財免災’ is an idiom meaning ‘a financial loss may prevent disaster’ 

Chapter 25 – Tang Tang’s Fiance

Xiao Chen made Lou Zhenming seethe in rage. Originally, he thought that Xiao Chen would say, ‘When I develop, I’ll treat you for a meal’. Then, Lou Zhenming would be a little comforted, but he didn’t think that Xiao Chen would say that he would use his own money to eat!

“Xiao Chen….wait for me!” Lou Zhenming grit his teeth. Seeing Xiao Chen departing, his complexion became blue!

Running away after eating a meal in the school cafeteria? Lou Zhenming couldn’t have this kind of face. Moreover, there was no escape even if he wanted to escape. Everyone knew him, so how could he escape? Making big trouble was something that the entire Lou Family couldn’t face because people would say, ‘Look, Lou Family isn’t good ah. Their level is too low; their juniors have the habit of dining and ditching when going to school.’

When that happens, Lou Zhenming’s beating wouldn’t be as simple as being hit into a pig.

Lou Family is currently proceeding to flatter themselves, so how would he dare to discredit Lou Family? Lou Zhenming did not dare.

He took out a credit card, handed it to the lanky guy and said to him: “You go pay the bill, afterwards we’ll go find a place to hold a meeting and talk about how we’re going to punish Xiao Chen!”

Previously, teaching Xiao Chen a lesson was only to curry favor with Cheng Mengying. But now, Lou Zhenming thought that he wouldn’t be able to feel comfortable if he didn’t teach Xiao Chen a lesson.

Young Lady Cheng was sitting in the table in the corner and had witnessed the whole process. Xiao Chen’s approach, although it was was similar to his former rascally dandy behavior, however, Young Lady Cheng saw something unusual.

She could not hear the dialog between Xiao Chen and Lou Zhenming, so she didn’t understand the meaning of Lou Zhenming making Xiao Chen paying the bill. She knew that Lou Zhenming was the one who asked Xiao Chen to eat, so she felt that it was very strange. Later on, Xiao Chen running with the food bags made Cheng Mengying feel confused, what was Xiao Chen running for?

‘After going back in the evening, I’ll make sure to ask him!’ Curiosity killed the cat, but Cheng Mengying couldn’t help but feel curious!

Formerly, she and Xiao Chen didn’t have any interactions. Regarding Xiao Chen’s actions, it was from a biased view, therefore, she simultaneously didn’t care about him. However, right now, the only person Cheng Mengying knows is Xiao Chen inside of this new school.

Also, Xiao Chen is her manservant. Especially now that Cheng Mengying feels that Cheng Family has been unfair to Xiao Chen, so she is more or less concerned about Xiao Chen.

Going out of the cafeteria, Xiao Chen directly went back to the classroom. Lou Zhenming called Ma Gangmen and the lanky guy out to the basketball court, preparing to discuss how to cope with Xiao Chen and pursue Cheng Mengying.

“Lanky, your mind works well. Tell me, when Xiao Chen looked for Director Xu, how was his attitude towards Xiao Chen?” Today, although Director Xu’s attitude was impartial, but in Lou Zhenming’s opinion, Director Xu’s words today seemed to be a bit much. Therefore, he made the lanky guy further analyze it.

“It can’t be? Director Xu wasn’t partial to whatever Xiao Chen said. From what I saw, it may probably be due to Xiao Chen just transferring over. Director Xu wanted to leave a profound impression on him so he just said several words, that all.” Lanky guy shook his head: “However Xiao Chen, this kid, is really smart. He understands how to escape! To make away with so much abalone and lobster, and I hadn’t even eaten any ah!”

“Right ah, more than 200,000 ah!” Ma Gangmen was also regretting: “If my hands were a bit quicker, then wouldn’t the lobster be in my hand? But we also let Xiao Chen, that kid, pack it away!”

“Enough!” Lou Zhenming couldn’t help but get angry after hearing the two’s words: “I didn’t get to even ******* eat the fried rice, you two’s words are like fart! What we should be discussing right now is how to deal with Xiao Chen instead of complaining!”

“How to deal with Xiao Chen? In accordance with my meaning, we bring the kid into a place with no one around and beat him up at lightning speed but we can’t make him die!” Said Ma Gangmen as he clenched his teeth: “But Brother Ming, you had to use him in order to get close to Cheng Mengying….”

“Yes ah, if it wasn’t so, we wouldn’t have suffered a loss in the hands of a country bumpkin!” The lanky guy added on.

“What? Are you trying to say that this matter is my fault?” Lou Zhenming cloudily said while looking at his subordinates.

“E….I don’t not dare!” Ma Gangmen hurriedly said after being startled.

“How can we blame Brother Ming….” The lanky guy also hurriedly said.

“Then what constructive suggestions do you have?” Lou Zhenming asked.

“Brother Ming, I think using Xiao Chen to get close to Cheng Mengying isn’t realistic.” The lanky guy pondered for a moment and said: “Previously, when Ma Gangmen went to manage Xiao Chen with protection money, if there was a conflict at that moment, then there actually was a chance to tell Cheng Mengying that ‘Newcomers must go to Brother Ming to ask for protection’. But now, Cheng Mengying has seen us invite him for lunch, so we can’t use this strategy anymore ah!”

“Yes ah Brother Ming, Xiao Chen has already lost his value. Thus, it would be better to block him and beat him near death after dismissal in the evening. This way we can solve the anger!” Ma Gangmen nodded and said: “When it’s time to talk about the matter of pursuing Cheng Mengying, we’ll try to find a solution again.”

“All right!” Lou Zhenming nodded. He really couldn’t swallow his anger; if he didn’t beat Xiao Chen up, he reckoned that he would have to restrain a breakdown: “Then today evening it is. Gangmen, go to the gym and tell Teacher Lei to empty the gym!”

Lou Zhenming’s teaching people places isn’t just limited to the male’s bathroom. There was also the rooftop and gym. However, when it’s evening, the rooftop can’t be seen clearly, so just in case the wrong person is beaten up, there was still the option of the gym.

“Okay, I’ll tell Teacher Lei later.” Ma Gangmen is in the school boxing team and Teacher Lei is the school boxing team coach, so Teacher Lei and he are very close and people don’t suspect anything.

“Heng heng, Xiao Chen, however much you ate for lunch, I’ll make you vomit it out during the evening!” Lou Zhenming bitterly said. He had never been trapped before because he was Young Master Lou. Instead, he had always trapped other people, but now that he had been played around by a country bumpkin, he had to get rid of the arid taste: “But for fear that this will blow up and we’ll be expelled, I will beat up this kid tonight!”

“Right, if it’s digested, we’ll make him **** it out!” Ma Gangmen added.

“Then make him eat it!” The lanky guy added to make it more disgusting.

As the three people were discussing, a handsome effeminate boy came over: “I say LouZi, what are you doing? Why are you having a meeting in the basketball court?”

“Turns out it’s QunShao ah!” Lou Zhenming looked up and saw their equivalent Ninth Aristocratic Family Yue Family’s Young Master Yue Shaoqun, Tang Tang’s fiance. Of course, their engagement only existed in name.

Yue Shaoqun nodded. He enjoyed being called “QunShao”. He called Lou Zhenming “LouZi” and Lou Zhenming called him “QunShao”. In this way, it made their identities stand out. Lou Family is a new Aristocratic Family, so it naturally couldn’t compare to Yue Family’s old established Aristocratic Family.

“Seeing at your clenched jaws, what happened? What troublesome matter have you experienced?” Yue Shaoqun would rarely mind others business, but being called “QunShao” today was nice, so he bothered to ask.

“Actually, it’s nothing. Just a country bumpkin transferring in midterm, so I wanted to let him know how fierce I, Lou Zhenming, am!” Lou Zhenming played it down. Naturally, he couldn’t let Yue Shaoqun know that a country bumpkin had made him spend 200,000 for nothing. If this was spoken, then wouldn’t Yue Shaoqun laugh at him ah!

“Oh, then you guys are seriously having a meeting. You’re giving that country bumpkin too much face!” Yue Shaoqun curled his lips and mockingly said. He knew that Lou Zhenming had not said the truth.

“This definitely is not a meeting for him. Our class has an addition besides this country bumpkin. A Goddess Cheng also came; I’m thinking up ways on how to pursue her!” Lou Zhenming didn’t conceal this. He wanted Yue Shaoqun to spread this rumor, ‘Cheng Mengying is what he, Lou Zhenming, regards as important’, so that other people won’t try pursuing.

“Cheng Mengying?” Yue Shaoqun asked in a slightly surprised manner.

Hearing Yue Shaoqun say Cheng Mengying’s name, Lou Zhenming’s face suddenly changed: “QunShao, it couldn’t be….you want to snatch this little brother’s woman right….”

“Tang Tang and my engagement hasn’t been lifted, how could I pursue other people?” Yue Shaoqun shook his head. He’s a hypocrite, so this naturally was an act: “You think I am Xiao Family’s Young Master Xiao, pursuing other women in front of his fiancee? Do you see the result? Breaking off the engagement right?”

“That guy was really a dumbfuck. I heard he committed suicide?” Lou Zhenming had also heard the matter about Young Master Xiao: “I think he ah, was seeking death. Xiao Family’s face was completely lost by him. I estimate that Xiao Family already wanted to expel him out of the Family, so they took advantage of this matter and directly expelled him from the family.”

Lou Zhenming used his own Lou Family’s situation to think about other people’s situation. Lou Family, this budding Aristocratic Family, is most concerned about face. It poses as an Aristocratic Family everywhere for fear of other people calling them unqualified.

Just, both Yue Shaoqun and Lou Zhenming are fine. Both are Second High’s students, so they had never seen Xiao Chen. They had only heard about Young Master Xiao and didn’t know the name Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen’s breaking off of an engagement, in their eyes, was a bit of entertainment. Who would have thought that Xiao Chen would transfer to Second High?1

Their families and Xiao Family didn’t have any dealings. Not even mentioning the family, even their elders didn’t care about this.

“I have to remind you, this Cheng Mengying was that Young Master Xiao’s fiancee, Cheng Family’s Cheng Mengying. Note that when you’re pursuing someone, to make clear who you’re pursuing. Brother, I wouldn’t be able to help you out if it was too late.” Yue Shaoqun said while patting Lou Zhenming’s shoulder.

Inside the school, Lou Zhenming had always respected Yue Shaoqun. Thus, he always posed as the little brother to make himself look pleasing in Yue Shaoqun’s eyes and as a result, this sentence was conveniently mentioned.

“Ah! Cheng Family?” Lou Zhenming’s body shuddered. Cold sweat formed on his forehead! This Cheng Family is the head of the Nine Aristocratic Families ah, luckily he didn’t use any strength or coercion. Although Lou Family is part of the Nine Aristocratic Families, however, it’s a thousand light years away from Cheng Family!

But after Lou Zhenming was scared for a while, he suddenly felt that this was an opportunity ah. If he could get that girl, Cheng Mengying, and lead her home for marriage, then wouldn’t Lou Family suddenly rise up? Having Cheng Family’s support would make their situation drastically different from what it is now!

Thinking up to here, Lou Zhenming grit his teeth and decided to pursue Cheng Mengying.


  1. TLN: No idea how to translate first sentence. Probably just referring to how ‘fine’ it is for those two not to know who Xiao Chen is. 

Chapter 24 – I Want To Pack It Up

Ma Gangmen and the lanky guy had no choice but to follow Lou Zhenming’s lead and eat bamboo shoots.

A smile flashed through Cheng Mengying’s lips, how could she not see that Xiao Chen wanted to keep all the food to herself? Young Master Xiao, what have you not eaten? It was clear that he wanted to trap Lou Zhenming!

Young Lady Cheng smiled. Upon seeing this, Lou Zhenming believed that Miss Cheng was looking at him, after all, how could Xiao Chen, this bumpkin, have anything good thing to look at? In Lou Zhenming’s opinion, it must have been the “often eating abalone and lobster” phrase that attracted the attention of Miss Cheng. Nowadays, who doesn’t like a “GaoFuShuai”? In particular, those who act as a “GaoFuShuai”.1

Only, what made Lou Zhenming feel weird was that after Xiao Chen ate an abalone, he didn’t eat the seafood. Instead, he started with the other food on the table and instantly, the several dishes that Xiao Chen picked were all eaten clean. Before Lou Zhenming could even eat a few mouthfuls, the things were already gone!

Pig! Truly a damn pig! Lou Zhenming cursed hatefully in his heart and picked up his chopsticks. He didn’t know where to stop over and wanted to clamp a piece of the abalone in front of Xiao Chen, but didn’t have the face. Thus, he could only put down his chopsticks and pick up a plate. He was ready to fill up a bowl of soy sauce fried rice and eat some staple food.

Generally when eating, it was ‘first eat the dishes, then eat the staple foods’. Lou Zhenming also has this habit, but it was only today that there was nothing to eat. However, as he picked up the plate, the pot of soy sauce fried rice was directly taken away by Xiao Chen!

Then, Xiao Chen opened the held pot and the soy sauce fried rice disappeared in moments!

The plate in Lou Zhenming’s hand trembled. Forcefully restrained the anger in his heart, he placed the plate back down. Ma Gangmen and the lanky guy looked at each other and thought ‘This Xiao Chen can really eat huh?’

Before, the lanky guy had seen Xiao Chen eat 4 steamed buns and the crumbs of the steamed buns ah! Is this kid the reincarnation of a starved ghost?

“Really delicious ah, have you guys eaten your fill?” Xiao Chen burped and asked comfortably.

Xiao Chen discovered that after he started cultivating true virtue, he could eat more than before. Could it be that cultivating true virtue consumes a lot of energy?

“I….ate my fill, ate very well….” Lou Zhenming had a belly filled with fire, but had no way to vent. After all, Cheng Mengying is watching him. If he didn’t eat his fill, then doesn’t this mean that he has no face?

Moreover, he wants bystanders to view this as Xiao Chen’s treat. Since it’s Xiao Chen’s treat, if the host asks the guests if they have eaten will or not, then the guests definitely have to say that they have eaten well.

“Oh, then okay, I’ll go pack up the rest!” Xiao Chen pointed at the two dishes of seafood and said: “Waiter, give me some food containers, I want to pack it up!”

“Understood, these students!” The waiter nodded and got the food containers.

Pack it up, pack it up, let’s see how you pay the bill in a moment! Lou Zhenming grit his teeth, while looking at Xiao Chen pack it up.

When Xiao Chen finished packing up the dishes, he stuffed the food containers into plastic bags. Then, Lou Zhenming finally said to Xiao Chen: “Many thanks for Classmate Xiao’s treating today. Now then, we’ll go back first ah!”

After hearing Lou Zhenming’s words, Xiao Chen narrowed his eyes. At this point, he finally knew Lou Zhenming’s meaning. Lou Zhenming wanted to trap him in the meal and make himself take out the money to treat himself! And during the time to eat, Lou Zhenming’s eyes had been floating in Miss Cheng’s direction. Xiao Chen, with his strong spiritual powers, could easily spot it.

Thus, Xiao Chen could definitely confirm that Lou Zhenming fancies Cheng Mengying. And so, during the time to eat, he deliberately said some bullshit words to make Lou Zhenming feel helpless and to determine whether or not Lou Zhenming was willing to lose face in front of Cheng Mengying.

‘Only, since Lou Zhenming wanted to pursue Cheng Mengying, did he think that I am nothing? Could it be possible that he knew that I was Cheng Mengying’s former fiance? But if knew then why would he be afraid to speak about it? Evidently, he thinks I came down from the mountains. Still, he thinks that since I’m a newcomer that I’m easy to bully? Does he have a sense of accomplishment by bullying me in front of Cheng Mengying?’

During his dandy young master time, he knew that one had to step on people before other in order to be worshipped. However, isn’t there no sense of accomplishment if Lou Zhenming steps on a newcomer like him ah?

As for making Xiao Chen pay the bill, Xiao Chen didn’t care. Although Lou Family is strong, compared to Zhao Family and Chen Family, it is a lot worse. However, it still is the rise of an emerging underground family, but now that Xiao Chen is now cultivating true virtue, as long as he has strength of a certain level, what would he be scared of?

Isn’t Lou Family being promoted to Aristocratic Family status due to their Worshipped One, a high level Fighter?

Letting Xiao Chen this big fool pay is impossible since Xiao Chen doesn’t have any money to use to pay. However, Xiao Chen believes that perhaps the Young Lady would pay for him, thus Xiao Chen plainly pointed at the plates of seafood!

Wait, if Young Lady spends her money, then it will just deduct it from his wages ah!

Therefore, Xiao Chen was planning how to escape the bill in his heart. His spiritual force searched the entire Second Floor cafeteria. It wasn’t good to just to beat them up because Xiao Chen didn’t want to be expelled on the first day of transferring. Of course, if there wasn’t the presence of school teachers, it would be a different story.

However, under this search, Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up!


Just when Lou Zhenming wasn’t paying attention, Xiao Chen stood up, packed up the food containers at lightning speed, picked up the bags and quickly walked towards the stairs.

“Not good, this kid wants to run!” Lou Zhenming’s response was quick. Seeing Xiao Chen running, he immediately said to Ma Gangmen and the lanky guy: “Block him for me!”

After saying that, he also sped towards Xiao Chen’s direction.

Only, what made the three of them surprised is that after Xiao Chen went to the cafeteria stairs, he actually didn’t go directly down, but smilingly said: “Director Xu, are you about to eat ah?”

“Oh? Studen Xiao ah!” After Director Xu saw that it was Xiao Chen, his face showed a trace of a smile. One has to know that Cheng Zhongming’s working efficiency is very quick. After returning to the corporation, he immediately called the school and said that Cheng Family is giving the school a sponsorship fee and his go-between is Director Xu, directly praising Director Xu in front of the school principal.

And Xiao Chen, although he looks like has no background, he is Young Lady Cheng’s servant ah. There was a chance that Xiao Chen’s words represented Cheng Mengying’s meaning, so Director Xu greeted Xiao Chen: “Xiao Chen, are you getting used to the new school? How is it, your classmates are good right?”

“Director Xu, I’m fine. My classmates are good to me, especially classmate Lou Zhenming! He treated me to seafood meal and also let me pack it!” Xiao Chen said to Director Xu while waving the bags.

“Lou Zhenming?” Director Xu was surprised for a moment. As for what kind of person Lou Zhenming was, he was clear. But, he had unexpectedly asked Xiao Chen to treat for a meal?

However, at this time, Lou Zhenming, Ma Gangmen and lanky guy, the three of them, also ran over. Just as Lou Zhenming was about to act crazy, he suddenly heard the conversation between Xiao Chen and Director Xu, and immediately stopped in place without knowing what to say!

I treated Xiao Chen to a seafood meal? Although it seems like nothing is wrong, however, Lou Zhenming’s purpose was not to treat Xiao Chen, but to blackmail Xiao Chen! The purpose was to teach Xiao Chen a lesson ah!

If I said to Director Xu that it is Xiao Chen’s treat, rather than his, Lou Zhenming’s, treat, then Director Xu will believe it ah! Xiao Chen looks like a poor man, so how could he afford this seafood meal? This lie is very vulgar and with Director Xu’s intelligence, he afraid that Director Xu will want to know what’s happening.

Although, Lou Zhenming doesn’t find any value in going to school, Lou Zhenming’s father and grandfather don’t feel the same ah! Master Lou had a dream since childhood to become a mixing with high-society person, so he tried to make his son into a refined scholar. Thus, Lou Zhenming’s father’s name became Lou Siwen.2

Only, the past influence of Lou Family was worse than the present, so Lou Siwen had to drop out of school early. This made Master Lou have a troubled heart, but in Lou Zhenming’s generation, Lou Family became an Aristocratic Family. Whether it was Master Lou or Lou Siwen, they both had hopes that their Lou Family could enter the ranks of high society, so Lou Zhenming’s studies had an exceptional value. They had hopes that Lou Family could dish out a university student. Even though having a university student doesn’t really help out Lou Family in a business angle, however, it’s a nice reputation ah!

Otherwise, other families would look down on them. Upon seeing Lou Family people, they would say, ‘Look at that family of unsophisticated people, even if they’re an Aristocratic Family, they’re just a low-grade Aristocratic Family.”

Thus, Lou Zhenming is very afraid of Director Xu in school. If he was expelled, even if Lou Family was able to ask for a favor from Chen Family, it would still be disgraceful ah. It is estimated that Master Lou would beat Lou Zhenming into a disabled!

Such a loss of face, Master Lou can’t afford to lose that person ah!3

“Director Xu, caring for and unifying students is what you have taught us.” While Lou Zhenming was saying these words, his heart was bleeding, but he had no other choice: “I saw that classmate Xiao Chen had come from the mountains and had never eaten seafood, so I just asked him to eat.”

“Oh, Student Lou, you have done well.” Although Director Xu was wondering if Lou Zhenming had eaten the wrong medicine, however, what Lou Zhenming did was a good thing, so he could only say: “Hope you make persistent efforts! If you can maintain this, there will definitely be a space for you in the ‘Outstanding students of the year’!”

“Haha, then many thanks Director Xu, I will continue working hard!” As Lou Zhenming’s mouth was saying this, in his mind he was thinking, ‘Make persistent efforts? Then won’t I go bankrupt ah!’

“En, I’ll go upstairs to eat, so I’ll leave first. You guys should go back to the classroom to study. After eating, don’t hang out! Third Year, do your best and get into a good university!” Director Xu said.

“Understood, Director Xu.” Lou Zhenming sighed. He knew that teaching Xiao Chen a lesson would not be easy now, only, he was not willing to give up.

“Classmate Lou, many thanks for the treat, wait for the day I develop….I will eat with my own money.” Xiao Chen waved to Lou Zhenming and turned to go down the stairs.


  1. TLN: “GaoFuShuai[高富帥]” is a phrase in China that literally means “Tall, Rich, Handsome” and refers to a male. 
  2. TLN: Master Lou is the grandfather and ‘Siwen’ in this case means “refined” in Chinese 
  3. TLN: Worshipped One 

Chapter 23 – Two-Headed Abalone, Five Jin Lobster

Inside the school, Lou Family also has some familiar teachers, otherwise, with Lou Zhenming’s despotism and arrogance, he would have been expelled long ago! And wanting to look at Cheng Mengying’s transfer files isn’t easy, but there are still ways to make it possible.

“I have talked to the sports teacher Teacher Lei already, he said he would help us find a way!” Ma Gangmen said.

The school’s sports teacher Teacher Lei is a former boxer team member. After retiring, he went to Songning City’s Second High to become a teacher. Of course, this is his identity on the surface. His secret identity is actually a gang member. He is Lou Zhenming’s father, Lou Siwen’s, goon, and often helps Lou Zhenming with behind-the-scenes fighting.

This is Lou Siwen protecting Lou Zhenming and planting a spy into the school. Perhaps on the day Lou Zhenming graduates, Lei Dianfeng will resign.

“Okay.” Lou Zhenming nodded.

Lei Dianfeng’s identity is hidden and unless it’s absolutely essential, it couldn’t be exposed. Lei Diangfeng could secretly help out Lou Zhenming a lot in the school.

Not long after, Lou Zhenming saw the lanky guy come up with Xiao Chen. His mind became slightly peaceful, it seemed like to him that the working efficiency of the lanky guy isn’t bad.

Only, what happened next made Lou Zhenming a bit uncomfortable. This is because Xiao Chen was actually leading the lanky guy and came over, blatantly sitting down right across from himself!

****, this kid really thinks he’s being invited out to eat? However, you’ll be crying momentarily!

Previously, Lou Zhenming was indeed optimistic about the lanky guy. Xiao Chen, this kid, isn’t an ordinary kind of poor, but rather very poor! This is because this guy couldn’t even afford to buy lunch and unexpectedly also ate Tang Tang’s steamed buns and pickled vegetables. Moreover, he ate with relish, as if he hadn’t eaten several meals! This is ******* poor to the extreme ah!

Thus, previously when Ma Gangmen wanted 10,000, when he directly said he didn’t have, this indeed could be understood. Because this kid really doesn’t have the money ah, even if you beat him to death, he wouldn’t have it!

Miscalculation ah, miscalculation. Lou Zhenming didn’t expect Xiao Chen to be penniless before. He thought of using his normal tactics of finding trouble with other students on Xiao Chen, but who knew that he would encounter such a poor man.

Therefore, Lou Zhenming changed his strategy. ‘You don’t have money? Then I’ll treat you, only, it’s my treat with your money! While the table is full of dishes and you don’t have the money to pay, I’ll pay for you, but if I pay for you, you must definitely be made uncomfortable. I just want to beat you a bit and when beating you, I will accidentally touch Cheng Mengying’s table. Wouldn’t this be an opportunity to strike up a conversation with Miss Cheng?’

This plan may seem flawed, but it also implicates other parties! The bystanders wouldn’t understand ah! From the bystander’s point of view it would go like this: ‘You treated me to eat and the result was me paying the bill? Beating you would be justified because you are playing with people ah!’

Thus, Lou Zhenming believes that whether or not there are loopholes, as long as it seems reasonable to the bystanders, it’s okay.

“Xiao Chen ah, the thing from before, please excuse me. My subordinate, Ma Gangmen, misunderstood my meaning and almost beat you. Therefore, I will treat you for lunch to resolve the misunderstanding.” Lou Zhenming politely said to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s eyes slightly narrowed and thought in his mind: ‘Lou Zhenming ate the wrong medicine right? Treating me to eat?’

Xiao Chen couldn’t understand Lou Zhenming’s purpose, but still wanting to see what he actually wanted to do, he remained composed on the surface: “Oh, treating me ah. You should say this earlier, I almost thought you wanted to beat me! Eating food, fantastic! I didn’t eat full from a while ago, thank you ah!”

Xiao Chen is currently First Layer Qi-Training and is in the high-end profession of cultivating true virtue. As long as there isn’t too big of a big accident, he’s ready to resist with all the means he can.

“I’ve already ordered some good dishes. Xiao Chen, do you have anything you want to add?” Lou Zhenming asked.

“Well…although these dishes are good, there’s no seafood…I came from the mountains, so I have never eaten seafood, can we order some?” Xiao Chen said with anticipation while looking at the menu.

“Okay, you order then!” Since Lou Zhenming wanted to completely act in a play, he couldn’t let Xiao Chen perceive anything wrong at the beginning. If he didn’t eat and instead ran away, how would he be able to have a reason to beat him?

Although, he, Lou Zhenming, doesn’t need an excuse to beat someone, if one subtly beat someone in front of Cheng Mengying, wouldn’t Cheng Mengying definitely suspect something?

“That….is there an order for One-Headed Abalone?” Xiao Chen turned and asked the server.

“No, there’s only Two-Headed Abalone, okay?” The server sweated a little. In order to satisfy these Aristocratic juniors, Second High’s cafeteria is near a hotel and a large joint venue. However, there isn’t an order for a Single-Headed Abalone ah, this is the best quality of goods, it’s not necessarily seen many times even in the country of origin.

“Okay, ten orders of Two-Headed Abalone!” Xiao Chen nodded: “And also get five jin of Australian Lobster!”

“Understood, these students, is there anything else?” The waiter recognized Lou Zhenming, so he didn’t have any doubts towards Xiao Chen’s order. After all, Lou Zhenming is an Aristocratic young master.1

After Lou Zhenming heard Xiao Chen’s words, his mouth suddenly twitched a couple of times. Although this was the food that he was going to make Xiao Chen pay, in the end, it was still him paying ah. How would Xiao Chen, this poor guy, have the money to pay it?

Thus, from the beginning, although Lou Zhenming ordered a table of food, it wasn’t anything too expensive. It only added up to around two or three thousand, but with Xiao Chen’s small order, it costed hundreds of thousands ah!

Two-Headed Abalone is 10,000 per order and this is also the school’s cheapest price. If this was in a nearby hotel, it would cost at least 20,000. Ten orders would cost 100,000 and this wasn’t counting the lobster!

It’s true that he’s Lou Family’s young master. But due to the fact that Lou Family mixes with underground gangs, although their strength boosted, their money situation is worse than other Aristocratic Families. Therefore, Lou Zhenming’s pocket money every month is only about 100,000 and it’s all spent in this one ******* time!

But, Lou Zhenming actually couldn’t stop. If he stopped now, it would look like to bystanders that he was being treated instead of Xiao Chen being treated? Therefore, Lou Zhenming could only put on a grateful look and say: “Xiao Chen, whatever you order is what we will eat….”

Order then, order. The more expensive the order, the more money I spend. Thus, the more ruthlessly you will be beaten and the more it will appear reasonable! Lou Zhenming, in order to approach Young Lady Cheng, could only clench his teeth and endure!

Xiao Chen ordered once. After the waiter saw that Lou Zhenming didn’t say anything else, the waiter went on to pass down the order.

Not far away, Cheng Mengying naturally saw Xiao Chen coming to the cafeteria and couldn’t help but secretly frown, ‘What’s Xiao Chen doing here? Why is he with Lou Zhenming and Ma Gangmen and other people? Wasn’t there a problem between them before?’

Thinking up to here, Young Lady Cheng was in no rush to finish eating because she wanted to take a look at what Xiao Chen wanted to do! After all, Xiao Chen is the person she brought over, so if anything happened, she wouldn’t have it well from her father.

‘Troublesome Xiao Chen, this Young Lady wants to hurry back to the classroom and beauty sleep, and you’ve ruined it! But, hum, this Young Lady will record it in her book, when that time comes, let’s see how you feel!’

Looking at the trays of delicacies lined up on Xiao Chen’s table, the surrounding students watched on enviously. ‘It’s lobster and abalone ah! Although it’s usually seen on the menu, how many people have actually selected it before?’

Even if it was selected, it should be eaten in the upstairs balcony. It was the first time that a person like Xiao Chen, who ate like this on the Second Floor, was seen.

Of course, envy gathers envy. Many people who eat here know their family conditions. It is only a little better than most and could not be called rich. On the Second Floor cafeteria, they would normally order one or two dishes. Around the level of 800 to 1000, they could afford it, but any more was something that only those tyrant students would be able to afford it.

“****, this is the legendary Two-Headed Abalone ah. It smells quite delicious and it looks so good! Now then, I’m going to be polite ah!” Xiao Chen spoke in a considerably loud voice, that even the not-so-far-away Young Lady Cheng heard it.

But, nobody despised Xiao Chen. After all, Xiao Chen is telling the truth. The people sitting on the Second Floor are only a little rich. There aren’t many who have eaten Two-Headed Abalone and Australian Lobster!

Even though he wasn’t despised, they were still envious.

Of course, this action from Xiao Chen was despised in Lou Zhenming’s eyes. His heart coldly snorted ‘country bumpkin’, but his mouth said: “Then let’s start eating!”

“Okay ah, Lou Zhenming, you guys should also try out this Two-Headed Abalone and this big lobster. You guys haven’t eaten it before, right? Then you should eat more ah!” Xiao Chen’s voice was still very loud and Young Lady Cheng could clearly hear it.

“I….” Lou Zhenming was about to pick up his chopsticks to clamp onto a piece of abalone, but delayed after hearing Xiao Chen’s words and his complexion became somewhat unnatural: “I….you eat, we often eat this, so I disdain eating this….”

If Xiao Chen didn’t speak loudly, Lou Zhenming would definitely quickly chew and swallow. Although he has money, this level of lobster and abalone is rarely eaten. Originally, he wanted to snatch it from Xiao Chen and quickly eat, but right now, if he wants to snatch from Xiao Chen, then wouldn’t he also become a bumpkin?

Of course, if Cheng Mengying wasn’t in the back watching this, Lou Zhenming wouldn’t have cared. However, right now he wants to show off. If in Cheng Mengying’s heart, he became like the bumpkin Xiao Chen, then he might as well not try chasing. He would be done for before even trying!

Therefore, Lou Zhenming said goodbye to the lobster and abalone in his heart.

“What? Great! Then I won’t be polite, I’ll pack what I can’t eat. Really, thank you classmate Lou!” Xiao Chen was overjoyed, these lobster and abalone dishes were all pulled towards his face.

Ma Gangmen and the lanky guy looked at each other. Originally, they wanted to eat as much as they could to satisfy their desires, but now, the dishes were pulled away by Xiao Chen. This might as well be eating fart, so they couldn’t help but turn and give Lou Zhenming a pitiful look.

How would Lou Zhenming not understand the meaning of his two subordinates? But the boast was already said and he couldn’t exactly lose his own face right? Thus, he could only feign ignorance: “This abalone and lobster, the two of you are also tired of eating it, right? Let’s eat something light, these bamboo shoots aren’t bad….”


  1. TLN: ‘these students’ are said in a somewhat polite manner, as the waiter is a waiter. 

Chapter 22 – Treating You To A Meal

“I know.” Xiao Chen nodded, saying: “Don’t worry, as long as he doesn’t cause me any trouble, I won’t provoke him. Moreover, I just came over here and also don’t want to cause any trouble.”

“If you understand then it’s okay. Don’t worry, I’ll be on the lookout to make them behave themselves.” Tang Tang shook her fist with the aura of an eldest sister.

In a blink of an eye, it became the noon lunch break and young lady left the classroom to eat in the cafeteria. While Lou Zhenming watched Cheng Mengying leave, his eyes flashed with desire. However, Lou Zhenming isn’t an idiot. He could see that Young Lady Cheng’s clothes are very good, so her background should be good. This is the reason why he purposefully chose the route of taking certain actions in order to warn others.

Just as Xiao Chen got up and was about to go get something to eat, Tang Tang pulled him back: “Hey, where are you going?”

“E….” Xiao Chen was surprised for a moment, finding Tang Tang, this valiant little girl, actually pulling on his waistband, suddenly made him somewhat embarrassed: “I say Tang Tang, do you want to pull my pants off? Men and women shouldn’t be so intimate ah!”

“Che! Who cares ah!” Tang Tang was indifferent, loudly crying: “Let me tell you, I’m a tomboy, so I don’t like men!”

“Cough….okay then!” Xiao Chen felt as if he were struck by thunder: “Sister Tang, why did you stop me?”

“I asked you ‘where you were going?’ Are you not going to eat?” Tang Tang didn’t care whether Xiao Chen called her ‘Sister Tang’ or not.1

“Yes ah!” Xiao Chen nodded: “Is there anything good to eat around here?”

“Okay, don’t go and instead eat with me, okay!” Tang Tang took out several steamed buns and pickled vegetables and placed them in front of Xiao Chen: “I don’t eat a lot, so the remaining is yours. Looking at your thin physique, you need to eat more!”

Xiao Chen was surprised for a moment, then pointed at the steamed buns and pickled vegetables, asking: “You usually eat this for lunch?”

“Yes ah, what else would I eat?” Tang Tang actually glared/stared at Xiao Chen: “Don’t pretend before me and tell me that you still have money to spend. Even if you work for Cheng Mengying, it’s impossible for her to give you money. Looking at you, one can see that you’re a poor man!”

“You? Poor?” Xiao Chen actually blankly stared: “Even if you….broke an engagement, you weren’t expelled from Tang Family right? You shouldn’t be eating this right?”

“So what, we are the same type of falling from the skies people and it’s not like you don’t understand these large families matters. It’s interests first and I’m just a girl in the family, just a tool for marriage. My father and mother died early, oh….this is just like you, your father and mother are missing! My grandfather doesn’t love me and uncle doesn’t care because now that I’ve lost the value of being married off, I’m treated as a parasite in the Family. People give me a blaming look me, so my older sister moved out in order to rely on herself and not spawn their birdlike attitude!” Tang Tang patted Xiao Chen’s shoulders, then said: “Okay, eat. It’s very good, getting used to eating like this is fine!”

“Right….” Xiao Chen had never eaten this stuff, but….he really wasn’t picky, enduring for these many years, this wasn’t just an ordinary strong willpower! However, Xiao Chen found out today that Tang Tang is also strong, this heart is simply too strong! This isn’t a tomboy, this is a true man ah! (TLN: Wtf Xiao Chen.)

Xiao Chen was really hungry. He hadn’t eaten breakfast because he wanted to save some money. He didn’t think that Tang Tang’s steamed buns would be quite delicious….eh…..not that steamed bun, don’t misunderstand.

Tang Tang just ate 1 steamed bun while Xiao Chen ate the rest of the four buns with his voracious appetite. Tang Tang delightfully watched Xiao Chen eat and couldn’t help but laughing: Young Master Xiao, I didn’t think you can endure hardship. Is it really that delicious?”

“E….sorry, I was too absorbed in eating and ate all your steamed buns….” Xiao Chen discovered that he had eaten four steamed buns! Doesn’t this mean that Tang Tang only ate one?

“Oh, no problem, I’m on a diet.” Tang Tang said with an indifferent smile.

“Tomorrow noon, I’ll treat….” Xiao Chen said a little embarrassedly.

“No need, this sister has money. Even though I have gone down in the world, this sister is still better off than you. This sister can wait for you to recover. By then, it isn’t late for you to treat me.” Tang Tang really didn’t eat until she was full ah. These five steamed buns was her lunch and dinner! Every two and a half steamed buns would fill her, so she wanted to give Xiao Chen half. However, who would have thought that Xiao Chen would directly massacre four.

“Then….okay.” Xiao Chen wasn’t unreasonable. Although he currently has a little money on hand, he couldn’t eat with it unrestrictedly ah.

“I’ll go walk for a bit, so don’t wander aimlessly in the classroom. I’ll be back soon.” Tang Tang didn’t eat her fill, so she went to get two steamed buns or rolls to eat.

Xiao Chen waited for Tang Tang to leave then quickly shoved the rest of half a steamed bun that he didn’t swallow into his food bag. He also had not eaten his fill!

Although Xiao Chen has a bamboo-like figure, his appetite is not small. This appetite is directly related to the exercise he has done every night for the past few year. Xiao Chen continuously exhausted himself, thus he ate a lot. Although he didn’t exercise last night, due to the fact that he didn’t eat breakfast, four steamed buns couldn’t fill his stomach.

However, now that there aren’t any problems, eating less doesn’t mean dying of starvation. For the rest of lunch break, Xiao Chen stopped paying attention to his surroundings and started cultivating ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’. Cultivating true virtue and cultivating martial arts isn’t the same. Cultivating true virtue allows cultivation while sitting motionless. In this way, others won’t be able to see what one is doing and it’ll look like one is just like not paying attention to others when resting, thus it won’t evoke the suspicions of other people.

With his mental mantra operating, Xiao Chen’s YuanQi was making revolutions through his body’s meridians and a really comfortable warmth spread throughout his body.

“Huh? Kid, how is your cultivation speed so fast?” Tian Lao felt that Xiao Chen’s internal situation and Xiao Chen’s cultivation speed were somewhat different.

“Maybe I’m a genius!” Xiao Chen said.

“Sure. When this old man was younger, he also was a genius and had seen many geniuses. However, this old man hasn’t seen your kind of genius. Practicing ‘Seizing Good Fortune War Mantra’ backwards, this really is genius.” Tian Lao replied disdainfully.

“Then perhaps it’s due to practicing backwards?” Xiao Chen asked.

“Don’t know, but your cultivation speed is a bit abnormal.” Tian Lao said: “I’ll keep observing. Normally speaking, the city’s Qi of Heaven and Earth is very scarce, so your cultivation speed should be very slow. Because you were held back for a few years, breaking through First Layer Qi-Training makes sense, but right now, you’re about to break through to Second Layer Qi-Training, thus this cultivation speed defies heaven’s will a bit.”

“Second Layer?” Xiao Chen’s heart was a little cold. Although this looks like a good thing on the surface, Xiao Chen knows that speed isn’t always a good thing. Cultivating too quickly definitely has some factors within it.

“But for the time being, there seems to be nothing wrong, so continue.” Tian Lao said to Xiao Chen.

Tian Lao’s words made Xiao Chen feel slightly relieved. Although Xiao Chen desires strength, however, if strength comes too quickly, he will be a bit scared ah! Second Layer Inner Qi, this was the height a lot of Fighters could only reach by cultivating for many years ah!

“Xiao Chen? Brother Ming and Brother Gangmen wants you to go to the school cafeteria.” Xiao Chen was currently practicing when the lanky guy who came with Ma Gangmen told this to Xiao Chen.

“Go to the cafeteria?” Xiao Chen opened his eyes. He felt that it was a little strange. It is reasonable to say that if one wanted to teach a person, one would go to the men’s bathroom or the school roof, right? Why go to the cafeteria? That kind of place easily attracts the attention of the Director: “Ma *** wants to invite me to eat?” (TLN: English is…indescribable)

“Right, just inviting you to eat! However, it’s Brother Gangmen, not Ma ***!” The lanky guy frowned while saying.

“Oh, since they’re inviting me to eat, then lead the way!” Xiao Chen knows that if this matter isn’t solved, it’s estimated that Ma Gangmen and Lou Zhenming will look for other ways to interfere with him. However, Xiao Chen believes that fundamentally there is no sinless person, so in any case, it’s better to take a look, then make a judgment.

If it’s good fortune then it’s not misfortune, if it’s misfortune then why try to evade it? Xiao Chen currently has already cultivated true virtue to First Layer Qi-Training. This is equivalent to First Layer Inner Qi, so he actually doesn’t fear any matter! Moreover, during his ‘Young Master Xiao’ time, who was he afraid of?

En? This frankly? The lanky guy was slightly surprised. He originally thought that he would have to have an argument with Xiao Chen, but he didn’t think that Xiao Chen would directly agree. ‘Seems like this kid really is a country bumpkin, he is convinced that he’s being invited to eat ah?’

Xiao Chen followed the lanky guy out of the classroom and followed him to the cafeteria. Second High’s cafeteria is very large, about the same size as First High’s cafeteria. It is divided into First Floor, Second Floor and Third Floor. The First Floor has the most common food for the majority, with its food at around the same quality same as fast food restaurant. All around on the First Floor are windows selling all kinds of dishes, while the middle has rows of tables and chairs suitable for students to eat their fast food.

On the Second Floor, there’s a place to order just like a regular hotel. The Second Floor has a menu and allows one to select whatever is to one’s preference. This is the place that the wealthy students like the most. Of course, some school teachers occasionally eat here, but some not-so-wealthy students will also hold birthday parties or something over here. Obviously, the dishes on the Second Floor are better than the ones on the First Floor. This floor has specially hired hotel chefs and there are some special dishes that are directly delivered over here from a nearby hotel after the cooking is finished.

The Third Floor is like theater box floor. It requires reservation and each theater box has a minimum spending. Generally, the not specially rich students will not go reserve a theater box, but small groups of school teachers will often go to reserve a theater box.

After all, Second High’s salaries are very high. Moreover, teachers have a teacher’s dignity, so they also would not want to eat together with students. After all, having the joke topic among teachers being heard by students is a very awkward matter.

Of course, there are Aristocratic Family juniors who don’t care about money like Lou Zhenming, and are frequent patrons to the Third Floor. However, today Cheng Mengying is eating her meal in a corner on the Second Floor. Thus, in order to show off in front of Cheng Mengying, Lou Zhenming went to the Second Floor to find a table and waited for Xiao Chen to come.

“Brother Ming, do you think that lanky guy can make Xiao Chen come? What should we do if he doesn’t come? I’m afraid that Tang Tang, that *****, will stop him from coming!” Ma Gangmen said.

“Who knows? Just watch, there are plenty of opportunities, there’s no need to rush!” The more Lou Zhenming looked at Cheng Mengying, the more he felt that Cheng Mengying wasn’t simple. Even the way she ate food was elegant! Even though it was just her eating by herself, she didn’t appear lonely. Therefore, the more so Lou Zhenming didn’t dare to use strength against Cheng Mengying, and only thought of ways to get closer: “Right, Cheng Mengying’s background, have you investigated it yet?”


  1. TLN: Okay, the actual translation can be both ‘Brother Tang’ or ‘Sister Tang’ because Tang Tang’s name is used with only the first part of ‘Xiong[兄]’. In Chinese, ‘Xiong[兄]’ can be used with either ‘Di[弟]’ or ‘Mei[妹]’ to mean ‘Younger Brother’ or ‘Younger Sister’, respectively. In this case, I used ‘Sister’ because Tang Tang is female, but Tang Tang is a tomboy, so it could be used sarcastically. By the way, it’s sort of like slang. 

Chapter 21 – Don’t Have A Master Ma, Only Have A Ma Kao

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. He could determine that he hadn’t seen this person, so could he have been mistaken?

“Xiao Chen? Young Master Xiao?” Just as Xiao Chen was wondering, an unsure voice came from his side.

Xiao Chen turned and looked at the person who said words to him. It was plump girl Tang Tang, thus it made Xiao Chen say with a bit of surprise: “Tang Tang? Did you say something to me? Do you know me?”

“Not too sure….seeing you in a school uniform doesn’t correlate with the information.” Tang Tang at this time determined Xiao Chen’s status: “Your matter, I have heard about, but I didn’t think you would commit suicide….”

“Suicide?” Xiao Chen strangely looked at Tang Tang. This plump girl seems to understand his ways? Who is she? ‘Tang Tang, where have I heard this name have heard this name before’, but Young Master Xiao didn’t remember: “You are?”

“From Tang Family, the girl who broke off an engagement. It created a sensation, so you should have heard of it, right?” Tang Tang said with self-ridicule then frankly said: “You and I are about the same, the same ‘falling from the skies’ people!”

“Pu….it’s you!” Xiao Chen suddenly remembered who Tang Tang is! In the Nine Aristocratic Families, she is Tang Family’s beautiful young girl! Although Xiao Chen hadn’t seen it, he had heard of it! It is said that her beauty rivals young miss Cheng’s beauty, and in Nine Aristocratic Families, she was Yue Family’s Young Master Yue Shaoqun’s fiancee!

It was just that when Tang Tang became 16, she had a major illness. After recovering, she became what she’s like now. Although she is chubby and didn’t lose her cuteness, it was very hard to match her with a beautiful girl, thus, Yue Family decisively broke off the engagement.

“Hehe, that’s me. Young Master Xiao, you see me growing into this and getting dumped, but I’m still happy. On the other hand, aren’t you handsome? Even if there’s anything difficult, you unexpectedly jumped off a cliff?” Actually, after Tang Tang heard news that Young Master Xiao had jumped off a cliff, she wanted to comfort him. In Tang Tang’s opinion, this Xiao Chen had the same bad luck as her.

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but smile after hearing this, saying: “Tang Tang, I really didn’t commit suicide, that’s a rumor ah….”

“Hehe, I understand.” Tang Tang winked at Xiao Chen. Aristocratic Family Young Masters love face, who would admit that they had commit suicide? But now it looks like Young Master Xiao has thought it through, so Tang Tang didn’t continue on this topic: “Right, isn’t Cheng Mengying your fiancee? How did she transfer over with you? Moreover, you guys apparently don’t seem to recognize each other?”

“Currently I am Cheng Mengying’s manservant, equal in status to a servant or attendant….this identity is bad to say in public, right?” Of course Xiao Chen wouldn’t say the truth. After all, this was the first day he knew Tang Tang. Although this plump girl may seem kind-hearted, she’s still too much of a gossip. If this spread out, he would die miserably.

“You’re Cheng Mengying’s manservant? Cheng Family wants to humiliate you?” Tang Tang frowned after hearing. She couldn’t help but be a bit outraged by this injustice: “On what basis?”

“Why do they need a reason? Transferring can also be considered a new start, at least only a few people here know me.” Xiao Chen said with a shrug.

“What you’re saying is also true.” Tang Tang nodded: “Young Master Xiao, I am the class monitor of Third Year First Class. Later on, I will protect you, so don’t let Cheng Mengying bully you!”

“Haha, then many thanks!” Young Master Xiao smiled. He didn’t expected that when he went to school for the first day, he would know Tang Tang, this tomboy. However, Tang Tang at this moment looks like she has no apprehension towards Xiao Chen. If not for once being a big beautiful girl, Young Master Xiao would have been afraid to open up.

One class quickly went by and Teacher Wang left. The one wearing a gold chain around his neck, Ma Gangmen, and a lanky smoker-like person went up to Xiao Chen.

“Kid, do you know why I looked for you?” Ma Gangmen was like a small mountain standing in front of Xiao Chen, looking like an animal with prey in its mouth, with a toothpick dangling out of his mouth and asked Xiao Chen. (TLN: I really wanted to say ‘bamboo shoot’, lmao)

“I don’t know.” Xiao Chen really didn’t know: “Whatever you say is fart!”

“****, you don’t know and you’re this arrogant? Hold this!” Ma Gangmen pounded the table. Xiao Chen’s table shook for a bit before stopping and Ma Gangmen pointed at Xiao Chen: “Kid, did you know that new arrivals have to come and worship this Master Ma?”

“Worship you?” Xiao Chen funnily looked at Ma Gangmen. From the desk pounding that Ma Gangmen did, Xiao Chen could see at once that Ma Gangmen’s strength was just a little stronger than an average person and that he wasn’t a fighter.

“Right!” Ma Gangmen proudly said.

“Master Ma I haven’t seen, but there is a Ma Kao.” Xiao Chen looked at Ma Gangmen and lightly said. (TLN: The title is here.)

“Ma Kao? Who is Ma Kao?” Ma Gangmen was a little confused, a little bit puzzled.

“Brother Gangmen, that…Ma Kao has the meaning of ‘horse ***’. This kid is cursing you….” That lanky smoker was a bit cultured, so he knew the meaning of ‘Kao’ in the wording.

“******* little *******! What did you dare call me?” Ma Gangmen recovered and went to grab Xiao Chen’s hair: “I’m telling you, Grandpa Ma is called Ma Gangmen! He isn’t called ‘Horse ***’!”

Xiao Chen calmly avoided the former. Xiao Chen is now First Layer Qi-Training, so wanting to escape Ma Gangmeng’s attack was a breeze.

“Ah, ‘Horse Anus’ ah. Isn’t that ‘Horse *******’ ’s son? It also isn’t inferior to ‘Horse ***’!” After Xiao Chen said it, he chuckled sarcastically. (TLN: Xiao Chen says ‘Ma Gangmen’ the first time, but with a different ‘Gang’, leading to ‘Anus’ when combined with ‘Men(Door)’. The second one is just ‘Ma Piyan’, meaning ‘Horse *******’, still having the ‘Ma’ in his name. The third one is ‘Ma Kao’.)

“**** your mother, this little ******* wants to die!” Ma Gangmen hated it the most when someone took his name and made fun about it. Gangmen’s meaning is “Very Hard Door”, it indicated that Ma Gangmen was like a door protecting Lou Zhenming, but Xiao Chen, this kid, called him a horse’s *******?

“Ma Gangmen, what are you doing?” Tang Tang had gone to the bathroom. When coming back, she saw Ma Gangmen yelling at Xiao Chen, so she immediately became a little anxious. In her opinion, although Xiao Chen isn’t Xiao Family’s Young Master, his temper was still there. With Ma Gangmen’s attitude, wouldn’t they fight ah? When that time comes, Xiao Chen would definitely suffer a disadvantage. Who didn’t know that Xiao Family’s Young Master couldn’t cultivate?

“Tang Tang, you best keep out of Brother Ming’s affairs!” Ma Gangmen saw that Tang Tang had come over, so his complexion changed a bit. He still had some fear towards Tang Tang, after all, Tang Tang is the class monitor as well as being Tang Family’s person. Although Tang Tang basically doesn’t have a position in Tang Family now, a thin camel is still bigger than a horse. Who knows if Yue Family would change their opinion of Tang Tang in the future?

One has to know, Yue Shaoqun belongs to Yue Family and he also is a very powerful existence.

“Then keep it to yourself, Ma Gangmen. You have to remember, this is the classroom!” Tang Tang said with a cold face.

“Okay, to give you face, today I won’t move this kid. However, kid, listen to me well. Tomorrow morning, you best give me 10,000 for protection money, otherwise, heihei….” Ma Gangmen cloudily said while looking at Xiao Chen.

“I don’t have it.” Xiao Chen actually said it directly without giving any face.

Ma Gangmen was startled. Originally, in his opinion, Xiao Chen should be afraid or begging for mercy. Even if not so, he had to ask the reason for paying the 10,000, right? However Xiao Chen directly said that he didn’t have the money and did not put Ma Gangmen into his eyes ah!

“You….you’re very good! Wait for me!” Ma Gangmen heard the bell ringing. With Tang Tang to the side, it wasn’t good for him to fight in the classroom. However, in his heart, Xiao Chen already had a death sentence. If he doesn’t beat this kid into a deformed pig, then he isn’t Ma Gangmen!

Thinking these ruthless words, Ma Gangmen and the lanky smoker went back. This scene, was seen crystal clearly by the not-so-far-away Lou Zhenming. Lou Zhenming’s teeth were itchy, in his opinion, how could a transfer student be so arrogant? Could it be that due living in the mountainous area, when coming out, a person wouldn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth?

“Brother Ming, sorry, I’m incompetent….” After Ma Gangmen went back to his seat, he said this to Lou Zhenming with a bitter face.

“I don’t blame you, that kid doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, and he also has Tang Tang helping him….” Lou Zhenming shook his head, saying very unhappily: “It’s just that the plans for getting closer to Cheng Mengying will temporarily not work….”

“Brother Ming, then should we do the next….” Ma Gangmen asked quickly.

“The moment it’s lunch break, when Tang Tang isn’t present, we’ll teach a lesson to this kid, preferably in front of Cheng Mengying, so that we can make her know what fear is!” Although Lou Zhenming is an Aristocratic junior, Lou Family started relatively late, so he isn’t too familiar with all the Aristocratic Family juniors. Even though Lou Zhenming knew the Aristocratic Family juniors in Second High, however for transferees like Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying, he didn’t know of them.

“Okay!” Ma Gangmen nodded, saying: “At that time, we’ll go to the male bathroom to fix him up. Let’s see if Tang Tang can go in!”

Going to the male bathroom to beat people, this is the usual method used by Ma Gangmen. After all, the class monitor Tang Tang is nosy, so in order to hide from her, Ma Gangmen will bring people to the male bathroom. Like this, Tang Tang can only look on helplessly.

“****!” Lou Zhenming stared at Ma Gangmen, saying: “You stupid? Cheng Mengying won’t be able to go into the male bathroom, do you want to deter her?”

“E….that’s true! Brother Ming is wise!” Ma Gangmen was surprised for a moment, then said: “I had been driven mad by that ignorant country bumpkin! This afternoon, this father will definitely let him know of Grandpa Ma’s strength!”

Cheng Mengying herself saw Ma Gangmen’s wanting-to-teach-Xiao-Chen-a-lesson scene. She didn’t know why, but someone wanting to teach Xiao Chen a lesson, even though it is a way for her to vent, made Cheng Mengying a bit uncomfortable.

Moreover, when Tang Tang helped Xiao Chen get out of that predicament, Cheng Mengying was a bit uncomfortable. Even Young Lady Cheng didn’t know what was going on in her mind.

“Xiao Chen, Ma Gangmen this person actually isn’t worth fearing. However, behind him is Lou Family’s Young Master Lou Zhenming!” After Tang Tang waited for Ma Gangmen to walk away, she said to Xiao Chen in a low voice: “Of course, if this were traded to your previous status as Young Master Xiao, there wouldn’t be a need to be afraid of him. But right now, people under the grace of others have to bow their heads!”

One has to say, Tang Tang is a gossipy girl with a good heart. Xiao Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing her words, but when thinking about his previous ‘illustrious reputation’ hehe, the ‘refusing to lose’, it made sense that Tang Tang would try to persuade himself.

Chapter 20 – School Flower Tang Tang?

This is really bad to translate into English because the Tang’s have different pinyin, so this means that they different things. – raltzero

In the new school, no one knew Xiao Chen, so as long as he didn’t say anything, no one would know his identity. Therefore, there was no need to pretend in order to camouflage himself, so Xiao Chen directly changed into the uniform he had never touched!

First High and Second High have the same uniforms, so Xiao Chen put it in order to not create any surprise.

“Xiao Chen, Mengying is going to school right now, are you going or not?” Cheng Zhongming went to Xiao Chen’s door and asked.

“Okay.” Xiao Chen nodded and got out of room.

Towards Xiao Chen’s dress up, it actually made Young Lady Cheng’s eyes stare! ‘Xiao Chen didn’t take the wrong medicine today, right? Uniform? He actually wore a uniform?’ Young Lady is a good girl; when there isn’t any school she wouldn’t wear her uniform, but Xiao Chen was actually wearing a uniform!

However, Young Lady Cheng was too lazy to ask why. She got angry when she looked at Xiao Chen, so she ignored him, went out the door and boarded the car. But before boarding the car, she looked at Ye Xiaoye’s and saw that that little girl was still playing with plants and flowers.

Xiao Chen took initiative and boarded the car, sitting in the co-pilot seat.

Cheng Zhongming was driving the car, heading for Songning City’s Second High. It seems like Cheng Family’s people already informed the school, so Cheng Zhongming’s car drove directly into the campus, stopping under the teaching building.

And just when Cheng Zhongming had parked the car, a bald middle-aged man who walked over! This person is the headmaster of the school. Of course, in Chen Family’s schools, a headmaster is very flamboyant, but before being flamboyant, even if Chen Family, they couldn’t ignore Cheng Family’s Master Cheng Zhongming because Cheng Family was the head of the Nine Aristocratic Families Alliance!

“Mr. Cheng, welcome welcome ah, I heard your daughter will go to our Second High! This is an honor for our teaching at Second High ah!” Although First High and Second High is Chen Family’s investment, however, there is still competition between each other over which school has better academic performance and more students. The more and better meant more bonuses ah!

“He he, Director Xu, that’s just flattery!” Cheng Zhongming got off the car and shook hands with the bald middle-aged man.

And during this time, Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying also got off the car.

“This person is?” Director Xu looked at Xiao Chen, asking carefully. Cheng Mengying this girl, is certainly Cheng Zhongming’s daughter, but who is this man?

“This is my daughter’s study companion, in fact, he also is a bodyguard as well as an attendant!” Cheng Zhongming didn’t say Xiao Chen’s true identity, after all, he wanted to give Xiao Chen a new start. Therefore, on Xiao Chen’s files, the parents column was empty and showed that Xiao Chen was an orphan.

“Ah, so that’s how it is.” Director Xu nodded without minding it.

“Xiao Chen’s identity is hidden. I don’t want the other students and teachers to know, so inside the school, their relationship is that they are simply students. Director Xu, do you understand my meaning?” Although Cheng Zhongming put it mildly, but there was no doubt in that tone!

Although, Xiao Chen is Cheng Mengying’s servant, if his identity is exposed in school, how would Xiao Chen be able to lift his head?

Only, the present Xiao Chen is insignificant.

“I understand, I certainly understand. Don’t worry, I won’t say their relationship to anyone.” Director Xu complied hastily.

“In that case, thank you. Our Cheng Family plans to donate to Second High this year, and of course, the person controlling this will be Director Xu.” Cheng Zhongming laughed.

“This….many thanks Mr Cheng! Truly thank you….I thank you on behalf of the whole school!” Director Xu was immediately overjoyed. The one pulling the strings would be his words, so it was his merit. Maybe with this performance, he could possibly rise to vice-president and his salary would greatly improve! Thinking up to here, Director Xu became incomparably warmer and kinder to Cheng Zhongming: “Miss Cheng, if you have any problems later in school, just let me know! Don’t think that a director isn’t too much. Due to the principal being busy every day, this school’s problems are mostly taken care of by me!”

Cheng Zhongming nodded. He was satisfied with Director Xu’s attitude, after all, Cheng Mengying and the other students are different. There were occasionally things that popped up at home, so there wasn’t enough time to go to school. When it’s time to ask for a leave, she might have to trouble Director Xu, so Cheng Zhongming pulled together their relationships ahead of time: “Good, in the future when Mengying has problems, make her look for Director Xu.”

“Possible, of course there’s no problem. If Miss Cheng isn’t able to go forth herself, it’s okay to make Xiao Chen come to me.” Director Xu said while striking his chest: “Then I’ll immediately take them to their class!”

“Good, then I’ll leave first, any problems that may arise later, go ask Director Xu.” Cheng Zhongming stopped the smalltalk and took leave. After all, he has lots of things to do every day as Cheng Family’s Family Master. Although Cheng Family’s Old Master made the family decisions, Cheng Zhongming was responsible for the family business.

“Miss Cheng, Xiao Chen, follow me.” Director Xu was introducing while walking: “This time, you are put into the Third Year First Class, it’s not too far, just in front of us!”

The three people went to the door of Third Year First Class and Director Xu knocked on the door, pushed on the door and directly went in. Then Director Xu told the teacher of Third Year First Class, Teacher Wang: “Teacher Wang, excuse me, arrange these two transfer students!”

Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying went through the classroom entrance and immediately attracted a stir. Of course, this stir wasn’t for Xiao Chen, but for Cheng Mengying!

Goddess ah! This appearance was no worse than Goddess Tang, and this bearing, this dress, looks like a lady’s ah!

On the other hand, although Xiao Chen isn’t bad and can even be called a handsome guy, however, what he wore was too simple. He wore a school uniform, looking like a loser and simply paled under Eldest Young Lady Cheng’s aura.

“You guys introduce yourself then!” Teacher Wang nodded toward Director Xu, then told Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen.

“Fellow students hello, I am called Cheng Mengying, the ‘Meng’ is from ‘Dream(Mengxiang[夢想])’, and the ‘Ying’ is from ‘Crystal(Jingying[晶瑩]).” Cheng Mengying went to the front platform and gracefully introduced herself.

After Cheng Mengying’s voice faded, the people below gave a warm round of applause! For such a beautiful girl to be added to Third Year First Class, in this boring school life, is simply a beautiful scenery!

Although a lot of boys knew that there was a large gap between themselves and Goddess Cheng, they still had sexual fantasies in their hearts.

“Xiao Chen.” When Xiao Chen stood in the front platform, the atmosphere from under the platform was cold: “From the countryside.”

‘He really was a poor loser.’ The girls in the audience were disappointed. Although he looked handsome, one look told that he had no future.

Xiao Chen deliberately said this with the purpose to prevent other people from noticing him. However, Xiao Chen actually didn’t lie. Xiao Family really does have a manor in the countryside, and this manor serves as Xiao Family’s headquarters.

“Cheng Mengying, you sit in that empty seat in the middle of the eighth row, okay?” Teacher Wang began arranging seats. Cheng Mengying’s location was told by Director Xu quietly when she was introducing herself. Cheng Mengying wanted her own table, but now the location is fixed and front tables were already gone, Cheng Mengying could only sit in the back.

Cheng Mengying really didn’t want to sit next to a guy. There, when they were transferring, Cheng Zhongming asked for a moment and picked a space of his own. (TLN: Don’t know, don’t want to know.)

“Okay, Teacher Wang.” Cheng Mengying went to the eighth row. This made the guy sitting in the right of the seventh row frown! He thought that the teacher, in accordance to mixing males and females, he would let Cheng Mengying sit next to him. However, he didn’t think that Cheng Mengying would actually sit in the eighth row!

This male is called Lou Zhenming and is the Nine Aristocratic Families Lou Family’s eldest son. Lou Family had risen in the recent years. After the Families Assembly, they broke out through their original rankings into the Aristocratic Families ranks and successfully rose.

Although they’re currently ranked last, they have the most potential! The reason is none other than ‘him’. Lou Family started out as an underground faction and originally didn’t do much nor make much trouble. It just a second-rate power in Songning City, but a few years ago an unknown esteemed one was invited. This esteemed one was quite powerful, not only was his strength good, he also helped potential Fighters in the Lou Family grow. This made Lou Family’s strength boost. It was just a year or two ago that they made the underworld faction with three-fourths of Songning’s territory, Zheng Family, withdraw little by little, and have now retreated to become an ordinary faction in Songning City.

With this Aristocratic Family background, Lou Zhenming was naturally overbearing in school. He considered himself Second High’s Eldest brother, but of course, in Songning’s Second High, there are a number of Aristocratic Family children. However, these people had no interest in becoming the leader of the campus.

In that moment Cheng Mengying came into the classroom, Lou Zhenming took a liking to her.

Although Second High does have beautiful girls, not many were as stunning as Cheng Mengying. Regarding little ***** and the like, Lou Zhengming didn’t have too big of an appetite, but it was a different story for higher quality beautiful women, be it other Aristocratic Family juniors object of pursuit, or other families engaged young miss.

Lou Zhenming is arrogant and also dared to touch other people’s women. If it was ordinary people, it wouldn’t be minded. However, these Aristocratic Family juniors didn’t have a weaker background than Lou Zhenming; which Aristocratic Family isn’t higher in ranking than Lou Family?

Therefore, the eyes of Lou Zhenming who had been oppressed for two years lit up, and he suddenly founed his next goal in life!

“In a moment class will be over, go teach Xiao Chen a lesson. When he goes to school tomorrow, charge him 10,000 as a protection fee, otherwise he will be beaten once again, making his transfer fail!” Lou Zhenming nudged the tall, sturdy guy in front of him. On that male’s neck was a gold chain, and the male looked like an underground gangster from the movies.

Only, it looks like this pretty boy, Lou Zhenming, is his big brother and he is the little brother.

“Understood, Brother Ming. What about that young miss?” This tall and sturdy guy is called Ma Gangmen and is Lou Zhenming’s loyal little brother in Second High.

“The main point is what I tell you to do. Finish that Xiao Chen, then go and tell Cheng Mengying that in class, I am the Boss. As long as I nod, she won’t need to pay up, and I cover for her later on!” Lou Zhenming wants to get close to Cheng Mengying, but didn’t have any justification, therefore Xiao Chen became his victim.

“Okay, don’t worry, Brother Ming, I will definitely complete this task!” Ma Gangmen nodded.

At the same time, Xiao Chen finished his self-introduction and Teacher Wang told him: “Xiao Chen, go sit in the seventh row left seat besides Tang Tang.”

Tang Tang? Xiao Chen looked up and looked at the far left of the seventh row, and saw that there was a plump girl sitting there! Uh….this shape, is the same as Zhu Yingxiong’s! But, Tang Tang? This name seems to be familiar ah, where had he heard it before?

“Okay then.” Xiao Chen didn’t say much. Beautiful girl or not, he didn’t care, the reason he came over here was just to have a peace of mind to practice. Then, he would go find the mastermind in the dark and deal with him with his own hands. As for whoever sits next to him, he really didn’t care.

Xiao Chen quickly walked around Tang Tang’s fat body and sat down.

And after Teacher Wang bid farewell to Director Xu, the lecture began.

However, after Xiao Chen sat down, he suddenly felt someone watching himself. Moreover, in that gaze, there was a trace of hostility. Xiao Chen’s heart went a little cold, and thought in his heart ‘I just transferred over, who did I offend ah?’

The Xiao Chen right now had a spiritual force stronger than an average Fighter. He suddenly locked his eyes into the direction of the vision. It was in the far right, a tall and burly male wearing a gold chain around his neck.

Chapter 19 – This Young Lady Deducts Your Salary

“Whatever I do is up to me! This villa is rented for 5 people and this young lady paid for four-fifths of the rent! You only get one-fifth of this flower garden, so do as you see fit with it!” Young Lady Cheng said with arrogance, then didn’t pay attention to Ye Xiaoye’s turning green face and instead pointed at the luggage inside the car, telling Xiao Chen: “Xiao Chen, carry my luggage upstairs! I also want to live upstairs!”

After Ye Xiaoye heard Cheng Mengying’s words, she got very angry and thought: ‘Since you paid four-fifths of the rent then obviously the remaining four rooms are yours, but there are two rooms downstairs so why would you live upstairs? You want to make my life difficult?’

But who made this little girl a nouveau riche? Ye Xiaoye could only get angry and snorted, then continued squatting in front of the flower garden playing with the flowers! Of course the area of the flower garden wasn’t small and Ye Xiaoye’s area occupied one-fifth, but the only thing was….she was bitter ah!

Xiao Chen did have the consciousness as a servant and was disinclined to bother with the excuse of the young lady. Since they helped him transfer and gave him a place to live, the matter that was simply something in Xiao Chen’s dreams, he picked up the luggage and just followed Young Lady Cheng upstairs.

Cheng Mengying actually wasn’t an unruly overbearing person, but this Ye Xiaoye pissed her off. ‘If she had spoken to this Young Lady in a more friendly manner, Young Lady wouldn’t care about what happens to this flower garden. But this Ye Xiaoye’s indifferent attitude made Young Lady upset, so naturally this Young Lady will maim her.’

Cheng Zhongming was sitting in the car and could only bitterly smile. He originally thought that finding a female tenant to live with Cheng Mengying would make her would be very happy since she usually had a playmate. However, what he didn’t think of was that they would have a quarrel after arriving at the villa, so what should be done afterwards?

But Cheng Zhongming also had no method. Just as he was about to lock the car to go upstairs, he heard Ye Xiaoye say to him: “Driver, drive the car to the villa’s garage. This isn’t a parking place, don’t disturb my one-fifth!”

“….” Cheng Zhongming was suddenly speechless: ‘I’m a driver?!’ But Cheng Zhongming didn’t haggle over this, only telling Ye Xiaoye: “I’m not going to live here, so I’ll be immediately be leaving.”

“Oh….” Ye Xiaoye nodded, no longer bothered with him and continued on taking care of the yard full of plants and flowers.

Cheng Mengying chose the right-most room in the villa’s upstairs. This room was separated by one room from Ye Xiaoye’s room. Although Young Lady Cheng was annoyed with Ye Xiaoye, she didn’t want to live next door to Ye Xiaoye, as she herself was still angry!

Xiao Chen placed the luggage in Cheng Mengying’s room, ready to go downstairs to find his own room, but didn’t think he would actually be stopped by Cheng Mengying: “You…stop for a bit!”

“What’s the problem?” Xiao Chen turned his head and looked at Cheng Mengying. He had to admit, Cheng Mengying fragrant perspiration dripping appearance at this moment is very attractive. With this kind of fiancee, it would be the greatest pleasure in one’s life, but at this moment she didn’t belong to him, thus Xiao Chen immediately looked away.

He didn’t want to be beaten half dead for looking at a woman. (TLN: I don’t know how to translate this line, so I tried to put something close to it’s meaning [?])

“Xiao Chen, we need to set down some future ground rules!” Cheng Mengying felt that when living with Xiao Chen….ah no, it’s renting together, some things should be made clear.

“Ah, say it.” Xiao Chen stopped in his footsteps. Right now, Xiao Chen is a person who had to bow his head. Since he is living in this Young Lady’s house, when Young Lady says something then it will be that something, so Xiao Chen didn’t mind it too much.

“Since you’re a servant, there is no salary!” The Young Lady’s first few words stunned him!

“No salary? It can’t be, right?” Xiao Chen was stunned. He ran along with Young Lady Cheng’s antics in order to get some money! One should know that he doesn’t even have living expenses right now ah, and he didn’t even know how long yesterday’s envelope could last.

“Can you pay the rent for living here? Therefore, your salary is used to repay your debt!” Young Lady Cheng saw Xiao Chen’s stunned appearance and said these words proudly! In Cheng Mengying’s head: ‘Hum, previously didn’t you ignore this young lady? Now that this young lady is your Queen, whatever I think how it will be is how it will be, do you dare argue?’

“Ah….” Xiao Chen thought it was reasonable. Indeed, they gave him a home and also helped him transfer. Thus, this little bit of exploitation has already been exploited. In fact, to tell the truth, Xiao Chen didn’t have a big demand for money. Previously, him spending his money lavishly and recklessly was nothing but to deceive the public that he was a black sheep: “Anything else?”

Xiao Chen’s attitude made Young Lady Cheng’s mood worse: ‘Why aren’t you mad? Why aren’t you angry? If you get angry become mad this young lady will be able to vent, but this Xiao Chen’s not salty not watery attitude makes this Young Lady Cheng feel like I’m hitting cotton!’

“Your tuition, meals not included, money are all temporarily in your account. I will reward you tips regularly, so you should use these tips to pay off your debt!” Cheng Mengying got so angry, that she outright eliminated food from Eldest Young Master Xiao’s treatment!

Where would a servant have the money to spend on food? Although housing was accounted for, eating food required money, this scam was even worse than ancient times ah!

“Oh….anything else?” Xiao Chen nodded. Keeping an account, in any case, didn’t matter as long as he didn’t need to quickly pay his debts.

“There’s currently nothing, let me think so that I can say them!” Young Lady Cheng was maddened senseless by Young Master Xiao, in her heart: ‘How come this guy hasn’t pushed into a corner in his mind?’

“Then I’ll go downstairs.” Xiao Chen nodded and went downstairs.

Young Lady Cheng watched Xiao Chen’s back as he was leaving, then grit her teeth. The more Xiao Chen was indifferent, the more it made her angry! Cheng Mengying angrily stamped her foot and wasn’t in the mood to organize her clothes, so she asked Cheng Zhongming who had just gone upstairs: “Dad, when do we go to school?”

“Aren’t you going to organize your luggage? You’re suppose to go tomorrow morning, but if you guys want to go today, it’s also okay.” Cheng Zhongming looked at Cheng Mengying’s flushed complexion and felt that it was a little strange. ‘What happened to my daughter? It seems like she’s angry, could it be Xiao Chen?’

“Make Xiao Chen do it when he comes back!” Young Lady Cheng had thought of a way to punish Xiao Chen! ‘Hum, inside this young lady’s luggage, there’s but some personal clothing! If you don’t finish organizing, I’ll just deduct your salary, and if you finish organizing, I’ll just say that you’re playing rascal and deduct your salary anyway!’ (TLN: Playing rascal for wanting to touch many of her clothes[?])

Thinking up to here, Young Lady Cheng’s mood lightened up a bit.

Cheng Zhongming wanted to say: ‘We and Xiao Chen are just observing a formality, so he really isn’t a servant.’ However, when the words reached his lips, Cheng Zhongming swallowed them back down. Evidently, his daughter and Xiao Chen don’t seem to get along, so if he had said that, it would have made the contradiction even worse.

Xiao Chen didn’t have too many clothes, but even though there weren’t many sets, each set of clothes were expensive high-end products. Even though he was transferring schools and starting over, he was no longer Young Master Xiao, thus being lower key is better.

Chapter 18 – Cool Neighbor

At that very moment, the car door opened. Cheng Zhongming waved to Xiao Chen, saying to him: “Xiao Chen, come on board!”

Xiao Chen opened the rear door, boarded the car, and sat right next to Cheng Mengying.

This action immediately made Young Lady Cheng frown. Sure, she sympathized with Xiao Chen, but one couldn’t push one’s luck!

“Xiao Chen, you sit in the front!” Eldest Young Lady Cheng shifted her body to the side. Although Xiao Chen was her ex-fiance, previously they didn’t have any intimate contact. This was due to Young Master Xiao being busy chasing commoner school flowers and school flower goddess Shen Jingxuan, so where did he have the time to care about his own fiancee?

She was afraid that Young Master Xiao’s would think, ‘sooner or later he would be her person, so he doesn’t need to take any trouble to pursue right?’ Although Cheng Mengying didn’t care about Xiao Chen’s pursuit, every time she thought about this, she was full of gas; why don’t you ever chase me? Now you will have to curry favor with this young lady!

Want to take advantage of this young lady? No way! If you have that ability go look for Lin Ke’er and Shen Jingxuan!

“Okay, Mengying!” Cheng Zhongming slightly frowned. Right now, he thought he was being unfair to Xiao Feng and Xiao Chen. If Cheng Mengying and Xiao Chen don’t make up due to this little trifle, he didn’t have the heart to be cruel.

“No problem, I’ll sit in the front then.” Xiao Chen was actually indifferent. He was used to sitting there, so he didn’t think too much. The only thought he had was that holding clothing while sitting in the front was a little inconvenient, thus he put the clothes in the back seat, and got off to get in the co-pilot seat.

It is estimated that ‘Xiao Chen was told to get out by Eldest Young Lady Cheng’ will be transmitted mouth to mouth by gossipers. This was the aim that Xiao Chen wanted to achieve; to make himself look worse, thus making certain people more happier.

The school Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying were being transferred to was Songning City’s Second High. The previous school was First High, and these two schools were Songning City’s joint schools, ranked among the best schools.

Even if he was transferring them, Cheng Zhongming couldn’t randomly select a school. Of course, the purpose of transferrin was actually very obvious. Shaming Xiao Chen was just a deception; letting Xiao Chen change environments was the true purpose. Although Xiao Chen was famous, that was only in First High, whereas in Second High, the number of people who have heard that ‘Young Master Xiao is a dandy’ was fewer, and the people who had even heard of Xiao Chen’s name was even fewer.

There was a lot of Aristocratic Family juniors, so who had the time to remember all of them? Usually it was Young Master Chen or Second Young Master Chen, while the usage of the name Chen Jinpeng instead of Second Young Master Chen was less.

One would have to say Cheng Zhongming subordinate’s efficiency is very high. There was no need for Cheng Zhongming to come forward; before his vehicle had even arrived at Songning City’s Second High, the transfer procedures were already complete, and housing was also rented!

This is a villa where the homeowner was aboard, but since the villa was near the school district, it was hard to get rid of. Even if one were rich, there were rarely people buying luxury villas, or renting one until one finished schooling. Who would want to live here year round?

Therefore this villa initially wasn’t sold, and instead, it was leased. Cheng Zhongming wanted to find co-renters and the villa filled the criteria. This house already had a tenant and also had four vacated rooms, thus Cheng Zhongming’s men only had to pay the remaining rent.

In Cheng Zhongming’s opinion, ‘there can be tenants’ and ‘the more the noisier’. Moreover, the most important thing is that the tenant is a woman tenant, in order to make Cheng Mengying feel satisfied! If the villa had two men, she wouldn’t feel safe.

Cheng Zhongming drove up to the villa’s gate and stopped. A girl wearing black leather clothing was squatting inside the courtyard garden playing some unknown game and seeing that the car stopped, she looked up. Looking slightly surprised, she wondered ‘could this be the new tenant?’

One has to know that renting this villa wasn’t low, even one-fifth of the price was already a very high price. Around this price, a good two-bedroom one livingroom could be rented nearby, therefore few people would choose to rent with others.

What was the deal with the villa? Again, about renting the luxury villa, yes, it was comfortable enough that one might as well live alone. However, the many students who rented apartments nearby just didn’t like a noisy dormitory. What was the difference between living in a villa and living in a large dormitory?

Therefore, Ye Xiaoye felt that it was a little weird. Moreover, looking at the car, it should be a Jaguar, a relatively low-luxury car. People who drive this kind of car also came to rent the place? Could it be the driver?

While Ye Xiaoye was checking out Cheng Zhongming’s car, Xiao Chen and Cheng Mengying were also observed Ye Xiaoye.

Ye Xiaoye’s dress up was very stylish, with black leather tights. Her exquisite body highlighted the dress, but what Xiao Chen couldn’t imagine was that such a cool little girl would be interested in flowers!

Watching her hold the sprinkler, apparently watering the flowers, it made Xiao Chen feel that it was amazing, that this little girl is really special.

“You guys are….new tenants?” Ye Xiaoye put down the watering can in her hand and stood up, sizing up Xiao Chen and the others who got out of the car.

“Yes, I’m called Cheng Mengying, do you live here?” Young Lady Cheng wanted to see Ye Xiaoye’s character, but it was very difficult due to the way this little girl dressed and the way she acted were completely different.

Ye Xiaoye nodded, saying: “Ye Xiaoye, I have lived here for two weeks. The room to the left upstairs is mine. Any of the other rooms you can pick, and also, you guys shouldn’t move the things inside the flower garden.”

Ye Xiaoye’s voice was cold without the slightest emotion. Hearing this sound would make one feel that the person was cold. Thus, this made Young Lady Cheng feel a little uncomfortable. ‘Anyhow we’re going to live together later, so what is with this attitude? Who cares ah, this little miss is not a gardener!’

However, with Young Lady Cheng’s unyielding attitude, she opened her mouth to say: “The room doesn’t matter. Since you were here first, we naturally don’t have any scruples, but this flower garden is public property, so why is it considered yours? Xiao Chen, tomorrow this young lady wants to plant some flowers, therefore you’ll also become a gardener!”

“Oh….” Xiao Chen wiped the perspiration off his forehead. He didn’t think that Young Lady Cheng was this narrow-minded. It seems like his future will be hard and this little girl wouldn’t pull all kinds of revenge on himself right?

“You——” Ye Xiaoye met Cheng Mengying’s words with anger, but couldn’t refute the words said. Young Lady Cheng wasn’t wrong, since they are tenants of the villa, this flower garden was naturally public, thus it couldn’t be occupied by just her right?

However….people who really rented this place, how many would want to tinker with plants and flowers? The reason Ye Xiaoye didn’t rent an apartment but instead a villa was because there was private flower garden that apartments didn’t have.

Chapter 17 – Then You Need To Wait

As for Xiao Chen’s change, Cheng Zhongming didn’t think too much about it. People would change after an upheaval, after a moment of life and death, so there would definitely be a change. Escaping from calamity was certainly good fortune, so Cheng Zhongming came up with this: Xiao Chen almost died, therefore his mentality transformed!

However, Cheng Zhongming was happy to see this transformation. If Xiao Chen didn’t understand his meaning when he mentioned servant and instead used his pretended dandy temper to fiercely reject, then he would really be an idiot who couldn’t be helped! (TLN: The original raw doesn’t mention idiot, but it’s implied.)

“Then many thanks Uncle Cheng.” Xiao Chen said: “But I have several sets of clothing in my bedroom. You also know my current economic situation, so I want to go and take them.”

“Okay, no problem!” Cheng Zhongming nodded, saying: “I’ll drive you there…”

Cheng Zhongming’s car drove in the direction of the dormitory, and as expected, as the car left, a young man with sunglasses took out his cellphone, and dialed a number: “Brother Fan, Cheng Zhongming came to the school, and according to him, Xiao Chen is expelled. Sure enough, Xiao Chen was furious and almost got into a fight with Cheng Zhongming, but possibly because Xiao Chen was cornered, he was eventually forced to compromise, then boarded Cheng Zhongming’s car.”

“Oh? It seems like my big brother didn’t pull any tricks!” Cheng Zhongfan upon hearing this put down the weight in his heart.

“Brother Fan, then right now, should I continue to follow them?” Sunglasses man carefully asked.

“No need, it’s just a trash person. Let him fend for himself and don’t manage him, since there will be people tormenting him to death.” Cheng Zhongfan snorted with disdain: “You come back.”

“Okay, Brother Fan!” Sunglasses man nodded in agreement. (TLN: How would Cheng Zhongfan even see his nod when they’re on a call…it doesn’t even mention FaceTime…)

After Cheng Zhongfan hung up, he quickly walked to report to the Master. Of course, if it weren’t for Cheng Master’s incitement, he wouldn’t have been so blatant in tracking Cheng Zhongming.

“Father, Big Brother went to Xiao Chen’s school and made Xiao Chen expelled. Then he found Xiao Chen and proposed the conditions of being a servant to Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen and he quarrelled, but then it was restrained and he compromised, afterwards boarded Big Brother’s car.” Cheng Zhongfan said the situation clear cut to Cheng Tianqiu.

“Oh? Very good! His father killed my son, so I want his son to live a nightmare!” Cheng Tianqiu nodded, and said resentfully.

Xiao Chen packed his clothes and looked at his own dorm. This dorm made him somewhat nostalgic, not because he had lived here for a long time, but regards to its impression. It was just yesterday night that he was a waste, but today’s night, he went from a waste to the high-end career of cultivation….

Looking at the cracked walls, Xiao Chen shook his head, picked up his clothes, then quickly went down the stairs.

It was only when Xiao Chen was about to get on the car, that arguing could be heard inside the car.

“Dad….you….how did you make Xiao Chen work for me as a servant? As well as make us live together?!” Cheng Mengying didn’t think that after her father called her out of the classroom, and boarded the car, he would give her two proposals that made her collapse: Transfer schools! And live together with Xiao Chen!

Transferring schools was no problem, but….allowing a man, and her live together, this….is cohabitation?

“Cough….that Mengying ah, I am not making you guys live together, I’m just making you guys roommates, do you understand? It is very popular right now, this and stewardess living together, and school flower living together, he and you are sleeping in different rooms, only learning and taking care of you in daily life….” Cheng Zhongming explained. (TLN: I didn’t bother to even edit the last line…)

“But….is there a difference?” Cheng Mengying was going ballistic: “Making my former fiance my servant? People who don’t know about what happened before, how would you make me see other people? Other people will ridicule me to death….” (TLN: I had to use ballistic here…SOMETHING TOLD ME TO DO IT)

“Mengying!” Cheng Zhongming’s tone suddenly became serious: “Your Uncle Xiao Feng had an accident, and Xiao Chen is his only son. He and I are closer than brothers thus Xiao Chen might as well be my son. Now that Cheng Family has broken off the engagement and Xiao Family kicked him out. I was unable to stop it, so I can only deceive the public, give him some help….”

“What you mean is….” Cheng Mengying wasn’t stupid. Previously, she was frightened and got carried away, but after listening to her father’s explanation, she immediately understood her father’s meaning. On the surface, it seems like Cheng Family is screwing over Xiao Chen, turning him from an aloof young master into a servant, but in reality, Cheng Zhongming is giving Xiao Chen a place to survive in!

“Right, Mengying, Daddy knows you’re a kind-hearted girl. You also don’t want to make your Uncle Xiao sad right?” Cheng Zhongming asked.

“Okay then….” Cheng Mengying nodded, but in her heart she was somewhat mixed about Xiao Chen. Before, she used to be his fiancee, but when he was in front of her, he would unexpectedly be pursuing commoner school flowers, pursuing her girlfriend Shen Jingxuan. Now that this dropped into my hands, hum, watch how I punish you!

Young Lady Cheng agreed to her father’s request. This was looking at Xiao Feng’s face, as well as having the thought of revenge to Xiao Chen; women are very vengeful.

“But….it won’t be just me and Xiao Chen living together right?” Lady Cheng heart was a little nervous. Although Xiao Chen had fallen and had also become her servant, however, with Xiao Chen’s previous broken reputation, if by any chance the darkness in his heart rose, what will she do when she’s overthrown?

“I have already placed you in a new school nearby, giving you guys a rented villa. Of course there are roommates, and there are also tenants of this kind, this way it doesn’t matter right?” Cheng Zhongming had also taken into consideration this problem. Even though he didn’t mind his daughter being overthrown by Xiao Chen, but in the current situation, if Xiao Chen dared to do so, he would certainly be killed. Although it was his daughter, it was Cheng Master who calls the shots.

“Good…..” Young Lady Cheng was relieved.

Xiao Chen stood outside the car, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry; was his reputation that bad? It seems like, he is still was a virgin right? Okay then, but Young Lady Cheng was fooled, so it seems like his acting is really good.

In fact, Cheng Zhongming had already discovered Xiao Chen, but Xiao Chen was outside the car, so Cheng Zhongming didn’t think that he could hear the conversation inside the car. He thought that Xiao Chen had seen Cheng Mengying had first boarded the car, thus he deliberately did not board, leaving Cheng Zhongming and Cheng Mengying some space to talk.

With Cheng Zhongming’s Inner Qi Level, wanting to hear the conversation inside the car didn’t matter on how close one was, because this car was soundproof. Even though Xiao Chen’s Qi-Training cultivation was out of the ordinary, it wasn’t on the level of hearing whatever was said inside the car.

However, Xiao Chen had actually heard, so even Xiao Chen himself was shocked.

“Is it not shocking? Ears and eyes perceptibility, there is also an ability of cultivating true virtue. When your soul also becomes a powerful spiritual force to a certain degree, not only will you be able to affect other people’s thoughts like me, but you can also hear conversations from really far away.” Tian Lao’s voice rang in Xiao Chen’s ears. (TLN: Decided to call comprehension/cultivating ‘cultivating true virtue’)

“I say Tian Lao, you have an addiction in peeping in my thoughts ah….” Xiao Chen was somewhat speechless. He was afraid that the thought about him being a virgin before, Tian Lao had also heard.

“Nothing can be done about it ah. I’m also in your body, so whatever you think, I know quite well.” Tian Lao was intentionally pretending to be helpless, but his tone betrayed his shamelessness, he could certainly stop hearing if he wanted to.

“Then how is it that I can’t hear your thoughts?” Xiao Chen found it a little unfair.

“You can also do so when your strength is bigger than mine, of course.” Tian Lao said: “But, you’ll have to wait.”

“……” Xiao Chen rolled his eyes, too lazy to care about the old pervert.

Chapter 16 – School Beauty Personal Bodyguard

Vehicles that can enter the campus were absolutely abnormal. Xiao Chen stopped in his tracks, quietly watching the car, wanting to see some clue from the car, but the car’s windows were black-tinted, so Xiao Chen couldn’t make out who was in the car.

Came with ill intent? Or?

The car door opened and from the car, a middle aged man wearing a white robe got out. This person naturally was Cheng Zhongming.

“Uncle Cheng?” After Xiao Chen saw the person inside the car he couldn’t help but being slightly surprised. He didn’t think the person inside the car was actually Cheng Zhongming, Young Lady Cheng Mengying’s father.

“Xiao Chen, it seems that you were expelled from the school with no way out, right?” Cheng Zhongming said while not giving Xiao Chen an opportunity to speak, then said the long story short: “Right now, I’ll give you a chance to survive. I’m going to transfer Mengying to Second High, however, she lacks a personal bodyguard, who concurrently works as a servant, are you interested in going together?”

Xiao Chen blankly stared. He didn’t think that Cheng Zhongming would give him such an opportunity! Servant or not, Xiao Chen didn’t care, but what Xiao Chen cared about, not transferring together, but, will there be a place to live in?

This was the problem that Xiao Chen had been daydreaming about before ah!

“The school expelling me, it seems like Uncle Cheng did this?” Xiao Chen didn’t answer Cheng Zhongming’s words, and instead questioned him.

Even though Xiao Chen didn’t want to hide the truth from Cheng Zhongming, walls have ears, in addition, Xiao Chen didn’t want himself to change too much. Only by pretending to be a waste dandy would he have a long life.

“Xiao Chen, you should also know that Uncle Cheng has no means!” Cheng Zhongming was slightly stupefied. For Xiao Chen to guess this was an accident, but thinking about it, currently only his Cheng Family was against him. Even if Xiao Chen is a waste he could also think of this key point.

“So is this your charity for me? Or do you want to….humiliate me?” Xiao Chen’s tone was cold, roaring at Cheng Zhongming: “I thought that since you were my dad’s sworn brother, you would be different from my biological uncle, however….hehe, but my biological uncle and you are no different, do you guys think I’m a joke?”

It was just that, in Xiao Chen’s heart, he was actually secretly apologizing. Uncle Cheng, sorry, I know you mean good for me, I need to find an excuse to survive, but….I don’t have the means to thank you!

At least before Xiao Chen gained enough strength, it was not possible to expose his rational side; doing so would make him die quicker.

“Xiao Chen….” Cheng Zhongming smiled bitterly. Watching this angry Xiao Chen and not knowing how to comfort him, yes ah, he really was guilty. His sworn brother was missing and he couldn’t take care of his son.

There were no people in the school’s sports field, this scene, also fell into his mind’s eye. (TLN: I think they’re referring to Xiao Chen here, and I think the sports field is filled with people.)

“But….living is better than dying, so I really want to thank Uncle Cheng!” Even though in Xiao Chen’s mouth, ferocious words popped out, the Xiao Chen now actually looked like an embarrassed heroic person.

This fully conformed to his previous character. After the violent raging there was deep helplessness! Young Master Xiao was cornered and could only admit defeat.

“This….then come aboard!” Cheng Zhongming sighed, saying so Xiao Chen.

Then, in the midst of a crowd of sneering people, Xiao Chen boarded Cheng Zhongming’s car.

Cheng Zhongming had driven with his own car and didn’t bring a driver. Some matters he couldn’t do some things on the surface, and Xiao Chen’s reaction from before, although Cheng Zhongming felt very uncomfortable, there was no way to explain. However, if Xiao Chen’s performance reached his father’s ears, his scheme would have been a ‘success’.

Just, Xiao Chen’s irritable dandy character made Cheng Zhongming worry. He could only help in secret now, but along the road, how would he face Xiao Chen?

“Uncle Cheng, thank you.” After Xiao Chen boarded the car, he actually restored his tranquil expression! Presently, it seemed like Cheng Zhongming could be trusted. Xiao Chen is not stupid; Cheng Zhongming’s procedure wasn’t to humiliate him, but to help him.

“?” Cheng Zhongming was deep in thought, then was suddenly scared by Xiao Chen’s abrupt words, and turned around to look at Xiao Chen with incredulous eyes! A moment ago, Xiao Chen had just gotten angry at him. After boarding his car, how did it turn into a light thanks?

“Uncle Cheng, over these two days, there were some things I figured out, saw clearly, understood some truth….” Although Cheng Zhongming was trustable, Xiao Chen wasn’t outspoken towards him: “A moment ago, when I yelled at you, it was just in order to survive….you know….”

Cheng Zhongming’s eyes brightened up a little, incredulously looked at Xiao Chen. Cheng Zhongfan had sent people in the distance to follow him, and Cheng Zhongming could naturally feel strength, but Cheng Zhongming didn’t think they could hear the conversation between him and Xiao Chen. He also didn’t think that Xiao Chen was more careful than him!

Father, Cheng’s Master, couldn’t be assured in Cheng Zhongming, after all, Xiao Feng and Cheng Zhongming used to be sworn brothers. He was worried that Xiao Chen would be released, so making Cheng Zhongfan watch this was understandable.

But, what made Cheng Zhongming shocked was, Xiao Chen….seemed to be more sensible compared to before?

“Xiao Chen….you….unexpectedly figured it out?” Cheng Zhongming looked strangely at Xiao Chen, in extreme surprised.

“Suffering enormous changes, if I was still silly, then wouldn’t that be like dying miserably?” Xiao Chen wryly smiled, saying: “Yesterday, I was pushed down a cliff by someone….”

“What! This matter was real?” Cheng Zhongming’s pupils became needles, looking at Xiao Chen dumbstruck: “The rumors weren’t fake? Then you….”

“Caught onto some branches, and climbed up….” Xiao Chen naturally didn’t tell the truth. Tian Lao’s existence and the cultivation matter, even if he trusted Cheng Zhongming, this matter couldn’t be carelessly said.

“So that’s how it is, this really is ‘scary but not dangerous’ ah!” Cheng Zhongming frowned: “So who wants to aim for you? Our Cheng Family, without my father’s approval, is impossible to do such a matter….”

“This is also what I wonder….there are people who want to kill me, if Uncle Cheng has any news, please let me know so that I can guard against it.” Xiao Chen said these many goals in order to make Cheng Zhongming help him find out the secret manipulator.

The onlooker sees more clearly. Perhaps standing at Cheng Zhongming’s height, then some clues can be found. Moreover, there was a partiality towards one’s own in an Aristocratic Family, so this was a good thing for Xiao Chen.

“Okay, I’ll pay attention to this matter!” Cheng Zhongming was fearfully thinking, if Xiao Chen really died yesterday, how would he be worthy of Xiao Feng? Moreover, even if Cheng Family didn’t move their hand, from the outside, Xiao Chen had committed suicide because he couldn’t see the bright side of the matter, and Cheng Family would be caught up in it!

Chapter 189 – Grade Nine Lotus

After rushing into the house, the fatty was so frightened that he almost fainted. Xiao Chen also dropped his jaw.

The snow-white little critter was too extreme. It actually carried a big sack back. The inside of the sack was shining with multicolored radiance and it was bulging. Who knew just how many spiritual items were stuffed into that sack by the little critter.

The big sack was much bigger than Keke. Compared to this nearly one foot long little critter, the 1.5 meter long big sack was too exaggerated!

The sack had already been opened. The snow-white little critter was extremely infatuated. It was rolling around in the sack happily. Its eyes had already turned into crescent moon shape.

The fatty was so nervous that he almost slumped onto the ground. He started stammering, “We’re done for, we’re done for! The ‘Treasure Trove Castle of the South’ has been raided! Keke has stolen all of their first-rate spiritual items. This mother f—…… the value of these items is beyond measure! If we’re caught, we will have to pay for the consequences. We will have to compensate with twice the market price!”

Xiao Chen also felt a pang of headache. With this much spiritual items stolen, it would definitely cause a huge commotion in Celestial City. Settling this peacefully was definitely impossible. Just think about how much was all of these worth?!

Keke’s glittering big eyes rolled around, then it jumped up and stood in between Xiao Chen and the big sack. That means: Don’t think about asking me to return these, I will not do it even if you beat me to death!

Xiao Chen was almost driven mad as he kneaded his temples. This matter was not easy to deal with, one error and they would be in for a great disaster.

“Damn it! Just what was the Treasure Trove Castle doing? There’s so many treasures… don’t tell me that they don’t have an expert guarding their treasures? Are they not afraid of getting robbed?!” Xiao Chen was upset as he complained.

Zhuge fatty was speechless, your snow-white little critter had raided other people’s store, how did you end up blaming the others? The fatty cursed silently and felt a splitting headache at the same time. He helplessly explained, “Did you forget what day is it today? Today is the first day of the grand battle. And the first round was between two Dragon Kings. Almost all the experts in Celestial City have already headed to the warbeast castle to watch the match. The three elders watching over the store are absent. I saw it with my own eyes as they entered the VIP lounge of the warbeast castle.”

“Didn’t the battle between the Dragon Kings ended quite a while ago?” Xiao Chen grumbled grudgingly.

“The battle between the Dragon Kings has indeed ended, but there’s still two more battles between the beast kings. Since they went there already, do you think they would only watch a single round?”

“Keke, you… Sigh!” Xiao Chen felt really helpless, he didn’t know how to handle this matter.

On the other hand, the snow-white little critter was very excited. As if it had just won a victorious battle, it jumped into the big sack again and started to toss from side to side.

“This won’t do! We must return these immediately, otherwise we will arouse public anger!” Xiao Chen helplessly let out a breath.

“That’s right, and we must be fast. We should take this chance and return the items where they belong before the three elders get back.” The fatty also felt very urgent. The Treasure Trove Castle was a monopolistic corporation. They had strong financial support and possessed great influence in the south.

“Squeak! Squeak!!” The snow-white little critter was getting discontent. It poked its head out from the big sack and mumbled to itself angrily. It seemed to be saying that it had worked hard to get these and that it definitely wouldn’t return them.

The fatty was a little speechless, you call this work hard? You might as well just live in the Treasure Trove Castle!

“This won’t do. Keke, you must return these items immediately. Otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. We will get into big trouble.” Xiao Chen had no choice but to try to convince the little thing.

After explaining in every possible way and making one promise after another, the snow-white little critter puffed its cheeks and finally nodded its head unwillingly. Of course, it was impossible to return them as a whole. That Grade Nine Lotus had been held in custody as expected. In addition, the snow-white little critter gathered a small amount of quality goods from among the big sack. It was going to keep those as snacks.


With a flash of white light, Keke disappeared along with the big sack.

Even while waiting, they were feeling anxious. The little critter had not returned even after half an hour later. In the end, Xiao Chen immediately soared into the sky, fully prepared to rush into the Treasure Trove Castle as if his life depended on it. He didn’t care if he was exposed anymore, the snow-white little critter was more important!

However, just at this time, Keke returned with wobbly steps. Its little belly was plump and it would let out a hiccup occasionally. From time to time, it would turn its head around to recall fondly.

My god!

He realized immediately, after sending the items back, it ate heartily in other people’s place. For the time being, it seemed like they wouldn’t need to pay the “debts”.

“Good, the items have been returned!” The fatty let out a breath of relief. They had kept the Grade Nine Lotus, but it was only one out of the many spiritual items after all. Although it could be rated as an absolute gem, it had been left in the dust for two to three years and never been sold all along. It’s original price was only a hundred thousand odd gold coins. It was only recently, due to the warbeast tournament, that they began raising the price crazily. This kind of loss would definitely cause a big gale, but it was still better than the whole store being raided.

The Treasure Trove Castle had a few branch stores, namely: the Superb Hall, the Airspace Pavilion, the Treasure House, etc. Each and every store had valuable spiritual items. The Grade Nine Lotus from the Superb Hall was their family jewel.

Legend says Buddha once had a Grade Nine Lotus. It could seriously be rated as an exceptionally valuable object. After Buddha had refined the Grade Nine Lotus, not only did his body become more powerful, even his power had increased dramatically. This was a sacred item that everyone in the world of martial arts yearned for.

Naturally, the Grade Nine Lotus at the Superb Hall was not this magical. However, it was still a treasure produced by the nature. It was one of the very few giant lotus. Its entire body was crystal clear and sparkling like the jade. The lotus was as big as a basin and felt warm to the touch. It was emitting a glorious radiance like warm jade.

“Alas, it’s such a pity, only the size of a basin. If it was raised for another few dozen millenniums, it might become a sacred item on the same level as Buddha’s giant lotus!” The fatty looked at the treasure with remorse.

This was obviously very unrealistic. Just who would be able to live for a few dozen millenniums? Who would be able to wait for that long? Even immortals were unwilling to wait for countless years. Then what about the merchants? They valued money highly, once they found this kind of spiritual items, they certainly wouldn’t let it continue to grow in the nature.

Zhuge fatty said that this giant lotus was originally formed by an ancient lotus found on the lake of a tall mountain. There were traces of the Buddhists on the huge mountain. They presumed that the Gods and Buddhas must have been there a really long time ago.

Hearing these, Xiao Chen also felt a little remorseful. This lotus might really be related to Buddha’s Grade Nine Lotus. Maybe it was really sprouted from the sacred lotus’ seed.

After peeling off the jade-like lotus, a burst of fragrance filled the air. There were four lotus seeds about the size of a dragon eye fruit within. The seeds were dark green and flickered like jadeite. It was very dazzling. The color of the seeds was substantially different from ordinary lotus seed, and they were much bigger too. It was indeed a sacred item. The fragrance pervaded the entire courtyard.

The four jadeite lotus seeds immediately made Keke so infatuated that it almost shut its two eyes. It felt that even after returning so many spiritual items, keeping this treasure alone was more than worth it! However, it already didn’t have much appetite as it had already ate its fill at the Superb Hall earlier.

Xiao Chen felt that the situation was far from good. He hastily covered up the four crystal clear lotus seeds, then he called Keke, Tenax, and the Azure Dragon King over. He was unbiased and gave each sacred beast one seed. The last one was kept for himself.

“Gulp it down immediately. Otherwise, when the aroma fills the air, it will attract unwanted attention!”

After saying these, Xiao Chen took the lead and stuffed the crystal clear lotus seed into his mouth. The instant the lotus seed entered his mouth, it transformed into boundless spiritual energy and rushed into his internal organs. The spiritual energy was flowing through all kinds of arteries and veins, but in the end, it was all deprived by the Central Pivot ⌈1⌋ along the spine. The glorious divine radiance condensed into a speck of light. The Central Pivot had been divinized!

The exuberant life energy bubbled out and pounded against Xiao Chen’s internal body. After that, it established a connection with the other divinized acupoints. The golden thread was like a net of vein as it linked them up!

After fifteen minutes, everything finally calmed down as Xiao Chen opened his eyes. He was no longer surprised by the divinization of the acupoints. It could be expected to happen frequently in the future.

The snow-white little Keke bit the lotus seed like it was eating candy. However, without waiting for it to sample the taste, the lotus seed already transformed into spiritual energy and rushed into its body. This made the little thing feel very regretful. It could only click its tongue while reflecting on the aftertaste.

As for the jade-like lotus leaves that were peeled off, Xiao Chen didn’t waste any of them. He pounded them into pieces and spread them on Tenax’s wounds. The glossy lotus also contained boundless worldly essence. It reacted to the treasured tree in Tenax’s body as the spiritual energy seeped into its body via the wounds.

It could be seen clearly, the terrifying wounds on Tenax’s body were healing as that jade-like lotus wilted at high speed. In the end, it turned into ashes and fell down.

The rainbow-colored radiance flickered as Xiao Chen carried Tenax back into the house. He was expecting a full recovery in one night.

These days, the Azure Dragon King’s consciousness was slowly recovering. However, it was still very taciturn, and even a little downcast. It didn’t reject Xiao Chen. Clearly, it had already recognized him as an old friend. After it gulped down the lotus seed, the Azure Dragon King silently returned to the house and continue to heal its mental trauma.

The fatty was very envious as he watched the entire process. Unfortunately, due to his poor constitution, he was unable to enjoy the lotus seed.

When night fell, the news arrived from the warbeast castle. The outcome of the other two grand battles had been concluded. The one meter long Gold Lion King killed its opponent in a matter of seconds and advanced to the next round. The little White Tiger also had an extraordinary performance. After going through a fierce battle, it inflicted heavy injuries on the other young beast king and advanced without a hitch.

With the Grade Nine Lotus stolen from the Treasure Trove Castle, a huge disturbance was given rise as expected. It was abuzz with noise since afternoon until the night time. Zhuge fatty had become the first suspect as it should be. Who asked him to go and bargain with them everyday since these past few weeks!

The fatty felt very depressed. He only sniffed the aroma for a while only, and yet, he had already become the primary suspect. On the other hand, the perpetrator went to the Undying Sect as if he was not involved.

The Undying Sect occupied an extremely wide territory in the Celestial City. It was like a landscape garden. There were fine woods within the territory, pavilions and kiosks in the gardens, small bridges over the clear spring, as well as the waterfall. The scenery was very magnificent, it was just like a fairyland.

Xiao Chen cursed silently. In this Celestial City where every inch of land was as precious as gold, every major power’s residences, ancient castles, or palaces were bound to have a big garden, with one building connected to another. Just how much wealth did they possess? This was too extravagant!

“It’s you?!”

After entering the Undying Sect’s garden, Xiao Chen just happened to run into Yan Qingcheng. The beautiful Yan Qingcheng was wearing a one-piece blue striped dress. Her slender body was outlined perfectly. Her lily-white face did not lose the least bit of splendor. Her face without makeup appeared attractive and outstanding. Her matchless complexion could even make a stoneman feel palpitated.

“What, am I not welcomed?” Xiao Chen wore an unruly expression. It was poles apart from his sharp expression when confronting an enemy.

“Of course you are not welcomed at this place!” Yan Qingcheng felt contradicted. Since she started practicing the Obliterate Demon Absolute God, she couldn’t be too far apart from Xiao Chen. At the very least, they must stay in the same city. However, she always felt unpleasant whenever she faced this man who once took her as a captive.

“How can you talk like that? Is that how you treat your guest? I am here to take you home as a lifelong partner!”

“You…” Yan Qingcheng was so angry that her lily-white face had turned as red as an apple. Looking at Xiao Chen’s negligent appearance, she wished she could go over there and slap him. However, she restrained herself and let out a humph, “Go back and daydream by yourself!” She turned around and left as soon as she said these words.


Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and got behind Yan Qingcheng. He didn’t say anything and followed her along the way.

“Why are you following me?”

“Why can’t I follow you?”

That was a completely unconcerned tone. It made Yan Qingcheng especially resentful. Nobody had ever been this rude to her. Even if others were attracted by her peerless beauty and longed for her, all they did was compliment her and didn’t dare to make their move. Yet, how could this guy be so shameless. He was truly hateful through and through!

“Xiao Chen, you…” Yan Qingcheng bit the lower lip with her silver teeth, then she fumed, “If you want to find the elder, just go! If you continue to nag me, don’t blame me for calling out for help.”

“Why do I feel like this is a little like the drama of the beauty and the evil tyrant?”

“Aren’t you the evil tyrant?” Yan Qingcheng was as agile as the butterfly. She flew up gracefully and just when she was about to fly into the depths of the garden. Xiao Chen said:

“You mean I am the evil tyrant? Then how about you point out some accomplished facts, otherwise I will feel like I have been wrongly accused.”


Chapter 151 – So Cheap!

“I’m not angry now, I’ll save it all for later,” Wu Yingying said.

“Later? With who?” I suddenly wanted to tease this woman.

“Heh! Of course it’s you!” Wu Yingying snorted.

“With me? I don’t have any issues with it, but I fear my two wives wouldn’t agree!” I said lecherously.

“?” Wu Yingying momentarily blanked, but immediately understood, and said angrily. “Who wants to give birth⌈1⌋ with you, dream on!”

Thus, I was dragged to the car market by Wu Yingying very early in the morning the next day, however, she was much more obedient than the previous, she directly ran over to the Lamborghini we saw the previous day, it seems like sports car were still very attractive to girls.

“How much are you selling this for?” Wu Yingying pointed to the Lamborghini and asked the sales lady.

Since it’s the morning, the sales lady was busy doing her makeup, as she raised her head, it was actually the couple from yesterday, she instantly felt a sense of contempt looking at them. From her perspective, the two of them are just poor people coming to window shop. Now hearing the girl’s words, she felt more assured about her thoughts, “how much are you selling this for”?! Is there anyone that talks like that? Does she think that she’s buying cabbage in the market?

Therefore, the sales lady just completely ignored Wu Yingying’s question, as if she didn’t heart it.

“Hey, I’m talking to you, how much is it for one?” Wu Yingyign is not punctilious normally, so she doesn’t seem like a lady when she speaks at all. However, being able to say this kind of stuff, I really don’t know if she is doing it intentionally.

Even I couldn’t hold it in on the side anymore. How much for one? Why does it seem like she’s at the wholesale market?

“How much for one? Are you buying vegetables?” The sales lady said impatiently.

My originally smiling face instantly darkened, “She asked you how much, just say it, don’t bullshit so much!”

The sales lady momentarily blanked, she didn’t think that this person’s temper wasn’t that good. However, she peaked at Wu Yingying and my clothes again, and thought back to our actions the previous day, so she naturally put us in the poor people category. If the person was someone wearing tons of jewelry, she definitely wouldn’t have dared to act so pridefully, but the person in front of her didn’t seem like anything to fear.

“You can’t afford it even if I told you!” The sales lady said with contempt. Actually this car was not for sale at all, it was lent to them by the agency in Hong Kong to make their car shop seem more impressive. When the car was first displayed here, it did shock the nearby car shops quite a lot.

“This car’s three million and eight hundred thousand!” A balding middle aged man walked out from the car shop and said impatiently. He was the manager of this car shop, and had clearly seem everything that happened just now. Although the two people didn’t seem to be able to afford cars, but since it’s early in the morning and they haven’t properly opened, he wasn’t willing to cause too much trouble. Thus, he set a rather high price in hope of scaring the couple away.

“Three million and eight hundred thousand?” Wu Yingying was so shocked that she had her mouth wide open, from her perspective, this car was like an Alto, it’s just a scrap metal jacket with an engine inside, why was there so much difference?!

Seeing Wu Yingying’s expression, the middle-aged man felt more contempt. He though, now you’re shocked? If you’re shocked then leave quickly, and don’t cause trouble here.

However, my following words completely made the middle-aged man discard that thought. At that moment, I was trying to think of a way to quickly buy the car in order to send this woman back.

“Three million eight hundred thousand? This car?!” I pointed at the Lamborghini and asked. It can’t be, this thingy is so cheap? I remember my old boss Xu Zhongbang also bought his daughter a Lamborghini as a birthday present in my previous life, I even went to choose it with him, he spent ten million something then!

“That’s right!” The middle-aged man said proudly.

“****, it looks better than the one old Xu bought, and it’s actually so cheap,” I shook my head and muttered to myself.

“What-what did you say?!” The middle-aged man said in shock, he definitely did not believe the kid in front of him could afford Lamborghini, but he did clearly heard him say “it’s so cheap”!

“Nothing, Yingying, what do you think about this car?” I ignored that middle-aged man, turned around and said to Wu Yingying.

“It’s quite pretty, but the price…” Wu Yingying hesitated when she heard three million and eight hundred thousand! This wasn’t a small sum.

“It’s fine if you like it!” I then said to the middle-aged man, “I’ll take this car, here’s the money!”

I casually placed several locked suitcases onto the table, opened them, and revealed stack after stack of neatly piled hundred Yuan notes.

“You-You are going to buy it!?” The middle-aged man widened his eyes in disbelief, and looked idiotically at the huge sum of money in front of him. When he heard this kid say this car was cheap, he didn’t think too much into it, and thought that he was lying. Now seeing the stacks of hundred Yuan notes, he momentarily blanked on spot, and couldn’t all anything for a moment.

“Hurry on with the procedures!” I said impatiently. Confused? The owner of this large car shop can’t not have seen this amount of money before right!

“About this… This…” All of a sudden, the middle-aged man wasn’t sure of how to reply. This car was not for sale, it was lent to them by the supplier to make them look good, three million and eight hundred thousand was a price he randomly said, he never thought that the student that didn’t seem like anything special could afford it. However, now that the other person even brought up the money, this troubled him a lot.

“This car actually isn’t for sale, it’s just placed here for display…” The middle-aged man paused, and spoke out the truth.

“Not for sale!? Why the **** did you name a price if it’s not for sale!” I immediately got pissed after hearing that, ****, Wu Yingying finally chose a car, and not you aren’t selling it? If it was normally, I might have just laughed it off, but now, if he doesn’t sell it, then it means I have to accompany Wu Yingying go around the car market, how could I agree to that!

“There is a price, but no products, so!? What’s more is that what can you do to me if I don’t sell it?” Hearing me get loud, the sales lady immediately stood up. Seeing at the two people that bring a whole suitcase of money everywhere, they were clearly upstarts, and obviously don’t have any backing.

“I fear it’s not up to you right!” I said coldly.

Hearing me say that, the middle-aged man also got angry, “You’re going to force us to sell it! Don’t think that you’re amazing just because you have money, I’m telling you, you are nothing in my eyes! If you don’t leave, then I’m going to call the police!”

“Call the police? Sure! Let’s see who’s in the right then!” I laughed coldly. Does this person think I’m still a little brat? Trying to scare me with that, I have tasted electric batons before, what more is there to be afraid of?

Saying that, I counted out twenty stacks of hundred Yuan notes, threw it into Wu Yingying’s backpack, and then threw the rest of the money to the middle-aged man,” Three million and eight hundred thousand, do the procedures!”

“Just wait!” The middle-aged man glared at me and said fiercely. Then he went to make a call inside the shop.


  1. I know it sounds kind of awkward in English, but there really isn’t a good way to translate it into English from Chinese. Essentially, Wu Yingying say’s she’s barely not angry, and angry is 生气, which she shortened to 生. At the same time, 生 also means giving birth. Hence, the play on words.