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Chapter 178 – Parting Gift

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 848 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The flow of time began to take on a sticky consistency1.

The area faded into black and white, and the sounds reaching Seletina were muffled.

Neither people nor Demons were able to resist the foolishness of time – or even notice the anomaly that surrounded them.

Dicentra, The Witch of Black and White, moved.

Amid the monochrome world, only the witch’s eyes twinkled in red, and the sound of her high-heeled shoes shook Seletina’s eardrums in a surprisingly unpleasant way. Dicentra walked up to Seletina slowly as if implying that this whole world was on the top of her palm.

“Good day. Please make yourself at home. I’ve got your time all to myself now. Quite romantic, wouldn’t you agree?”

In the freezing world, Seletina’s pupils widened.

She gripped the hilt of the Sacred Sword with unnatural for her strength, and without any hesitation, she swung it sideways.

The blade of the Sacred Sword glided through the air, clothed in thick killing intent, and aimed at Dicentra’s slender neck. Yet the swing did not reach its target.

“Spectacular. It’s nothing like before.”

Dicentra completely stopped Seletina’s blow using a single of her blood-red polished nails. As if to thoroughly take in the sensation Dicentra ran her tongue over Elyutinias’ blade with a look of pure ecstasy on her face.


Seletina, who had goosebumps running all over her body, immediately pulled Elyutinias back. Her reaction was based on a clear physiological disgust.

Dicentra muttered a sad “Oh…” before giving Seletina a slightly saddened look and backing away.

“Why are you so harsh? It makes me feel lonely.”
“I don’t have any intention of playing with you.”

Seletina was on edge, fearing that her beloved sword might start corroding from being licked, but nothing of that sort happened, allowing Seletina to relax.

Dicentra, in turn, was smiling, showing her satisfaction with each of Seletina’s gestures. To a casual observer, this smile might look akin to that of a girl who’d successfully pulled off her prank.

Staring at the mild-mannered witch Seletina once again readied her sword.

“Are you the one who turned Ulbdor into this hell hole?”

She asked knowing that witches appeared whenever and wherever they pleased. As such she wasn’t surprised by Dicentra’s being here. She dismissed the concern in the corner of her mind, and her eyes became more intense. Her tone of voice naturally became more forceful.

With a light tone in her voice, Dicentra said, “No.” while twirling her jet-black parasol. Her words, however, seemed like they lacked any credibility which only made Seletina even more cautious.

“Orthus, I came here just to watch.”
“Just to watch?”
“That’s right. This mass of Demons came as a surprise even to me. Though I can’t help but feel that it’s just right.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You should already know that the only thing I’m interested in is you, Orthus. I couldn’t care less if this world perished…”

Dicentra continued to utter incoherent words while circling Seletina with a calmness in her gait. Even Dicentra’s voice, whom others would say felt pleasant to listen to, only got on Seletina’s nerves.

“Dance, my darling… Dance on this collapsing stage known as Ulbdor. I’ve prepared your partner. It’s my favorite child. I’m sure you’ll enjoy him.”

Dicentra said, whispering in Seletina’s ear from behind her, with both of her hands on Seletina’s shoulders.

The only feeling Seletina felt as Dicentra’s hot breath touched her earlobe was disgust.

“Don’t touch me!”

Seletina shouted and violently slashed backward.

“TL/N: Here Seletina once again addresses herself as ‘ore’ meaning that she is speaking as Orthus.”

But her blade only caught air.

The distinctive presence that Dicentra exuded was nowhere to be found and the world was slowly regaining its color.

The frozen time began to gradually move again, and soon a scene of chaotic warfare filled Seletina’s eyes as if nothing had ever happened.

“Ha… ha…”

Sticky and disgusting sweat ran down Seletina’s neck and across her chest. Her heart beating erratically and wildly.

Seletina tried shaking her head to expel the afterimage of the witch that was stuck in her mind. Although she was concerned about Dicentra’s actions, if she didn’t expel her crimson gaze from her mind, she wouldn’t be able to bring out her full power.

“Calm down, Seletina… It’s alright. Concentrate on the battle before you.”

Seletina said, wiping the sweat away.

“TL/N: Seletina once again goes back to using ‘watashi’ to refer to herself, showing that she’s regaining composure.”

She slapped her white cheeks, turning them slightly red, and managed to clear her head.

At that moment, goosebumps ran through Seletina’s body.

She strengthened her grip on Elyutinias and held her breath.

Not that far away, something with a clear intent to kill was approaching Seletina.

It was by no means fast, however, Seletina could tell that wherever that presence passed, both humans and Demons were reaped.

“I guess that’s the favorite child she was talking about,” Seletina said, remembering Dicentra’s words. She pursed her lips, preparing for what was about to come.



  1. Robinxen: Hello! This chapter wasn’t translation checked in detail like our standard chapters due to busy work things, so a couple of errors might have slipped through the cracks. I apologise for the inconvenience.
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