Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 27

New Chapter!
Aight I got nothin to say I just suck at keeping a schedule, I’m sorry for literally not posting a chapter in like essentially a month straight. Buuuuut since I know my own faults I’m just throw this out here. For the next month at least, I will guaranteed post at least one chapter a week. There now that I will technically be lying if I don’t deliver my brain will force me to keep schedule if I don’t feel free to berate me in my dm’s you have my permission. On another note if anyone see’s this should I just start using jasmine when Mo Li is a dragon girl because author just doesn’t do it and upon recently going through the novel again for research purposes it’ll be like this for a long time like a loooong time. I’m pretty sure the author’s doing it to distinctify the fact that Mo Li doesn’t consider herself a girl but it can be confusing to remember whether Mo Li is Mo Li or Jasmine at times. So my questions to the reader if anyone still reads this, should I just use Jasmine when Mo Li is a dragon girl. Y,N. Anyways that’s all from me toodaloo.

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