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Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 63

I was just about to get into bed and saw peta’s “You wouldn’t eat a T-Rex” tweet and now my life is forever changed.

This amuses me for three reasons:
1 – There’s evidence that Tyrannosaurids engaged in cannibalism. To hell with them not approving of us eating their descendants, they ate each other.
2 – Turkey Dinosaurs are the best
3 – I would totally eat T-Rex

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Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 62

So my second monitor now has image permanence issues.
Bit of an odd one.
Basically because I only use my second monitor for discord my second browser, the second browser top bar has started to become a bit of a ghost image that persists even when I put discord on top.
It’s very strange.
I will probably never unsee it now I’ve noticed it.

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Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 59

I just remembered that in two weeks I am having to run my next session of my Star Trek RPG.
I don’t actually have an episode roadmap yet, I need to work on that.
I at least know the premise of the episode though so that’s good.

The crew of the ship are dispatched to respond to a distress call from an orbital research station.
They will arrive to find it in an unstable orbit and carrying some highly unstable alien technology.

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Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 58

I finally unsubscribed from a blog that I was getting emails from for some reason.
Given how I had gone through the elaborate process of setting up email notifications for it I must have really liked it back in the day when I subscribed.
Which would have been about 2015 give or take I think.

But the writer was completely frustrating me in each of their new posts.
Constant unnecessary swearing, a ‘kids these days’ attitude to Gen Z and a bunch of other stuff that made me annoyed.
I finally hit my limits and just unsubbed.
Goodbye person I used to like!

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Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 57

So a few years back I signed up for this mailbox thing of Japanese stuff.
It was kind of just like a random assortment of fan anime merch that would get shipped to you once a month.
As far as I can tell it floundered and failed pretty quickly… or so I thought.

I went in my spam today and realised I’m still getting update emails from them.
So I guess they didn’t just immediately financially die somehow?
The entire process for signing up was a mess back then, I can’t remember why I did it honestly.
I’m also fairly sure that the unsubbing process was convoluted and probably designed to fail.
A scam essentially.

Anyway, that’s a fun story.

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Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 56

The final session of “Episode 1” of my Star Trek Adventures RPG Campaign finally wrapped up.
There was a lot of twists and turns.
Investigating mysterious crew disappearances, fighting an alien mutagenic virus, uncovering a conspiracy, and encountering a weird blob monster.
All in a days work for Starfleet, literally!

Now with two of the crew transferred off for the construction of Deep Space 9 II and their early mission behind them they must set course for new adventures.
Which is fancy terms for saying, two of the players had to drop out and I need to prepare the next episode.
And find some replacement players.

Oh boy.

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