Two as One Princesses Intermission 4

New Chapter!
Hiya~! May is here! (I forgot the date last time, so let’s pretend this is the first week of May, lol) And without further ado, here we are with the next interlude!
Last time on AinCiel Interlude: Arriving before the landlady, the three maids were given more information regarding the young ladies trip, as well as given privy to their divine secret… which was practically an open secret, so more of a confirmation?
Now then, what will happen next? With the maid interlude finished, are we back to AinCiel POV? Or, considering the title of the next chapter, will it be another different character POV?
Find out in this week’s Interlude: At the Hunter Guild!
Now then, I hope you enjoy the chapter! Please stay safe! Feel free to comment! And I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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