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Pupil of the Wiseman Chapter 69 (Part 1)

Oh boy, I have lots of news to share with you guys this week. Let me explain:

  1. I will be taking over the publishing of the chapters from Silva. It’s mainly because Silva is lazy and is publishing other novels. So please kindly take care of me from now on~ (\o/)

  2. The previous chapters of “Pupil of the Wiseman” aka Wiseman will be re-translated by Nomad, our current translator. This is because the earlier chapters translated by other translators are quite bad and as such, it was quite difficult for the editors, including myself, to proofread and edit it. It placed quite a burden on us since we had to MTL and refer to Japanese dictionaries every sentence for some chapters. Even then, it took quite a bit of time. Hence, we’re raising the white flag and letting Nomad re-translate the earlier chapters. We’ll see how it goes and also, you could give your opinions on this if you like. I’d be happy to read them.
    Note: This will in high likelihood not affect the current schedule of Wiseman. The schedule will still remain one chapter every Friday.

  3. We’ve gotten explicit permission from the previous translators to remove the links of their chapters on Novel Updates and replace it with ours. So yeah, we’re close to taking over the Wiseman WN. (^-^)

  4. Last but not least, have you heard?! Wiseman will be getting an anime adaptation!!! Exciting news, a new gender bender anime~! It’ll take some time but it’s happening nonetheless. Fingers crossed that they don’t mess this one up like how Arifureta went.

That’s all for the news, here’s the new chapter~ Enjoy~! (~v~//)

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» Chapter 69 (Part 1) «

Pupil of the Wiseman Chapter 68 (Part 2)

No update yet on the current editing progress, we’re still stuck on Chapter 30. Meanwhile, let me take this chance to introduce you to our editing team for Wiseman.

Firstly, we have Yanga – The Nekomimi God
Next, we have Exisero – The Arachne Hero
Then, we have Pat – The Fluffy One
After that, there’s miiso – The Miso Soup
Following that, we have Fire – The Extinguished Flame
Last but not least, there’s me – The Ded One

Our goal is to have each editor finish at least 1 chapter per month, with 5~6 editors on board, we are hoping that we will be able to finish this before the end of the year.

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» Chapter 68 (Part 2) «

Pupil of the Wiseman Chapter 68 (Part 1)

Current update on the editing progress, we’ve finished up to chapter 29 and the progress is finally slowing down due to the sharp drop in translation accuracy and writing that hardly connect the dots. It’s hard work trying to interpret the message without being able to read Japanese. We have to rely on machine translation and poke some of our Japanese translators for help in case we still can’t make any sense out of it.

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» Chapter 68 (Part 1) «

Pupil of the Wiseman Chapter 67 (Part 3)

While we haven’t caught up with our edits of the previous chapters, we thought it was about time to finally push forward with this project now that Nomad is freed from the shackles known as Female Knight & Dark Elf. We will be releasing one new chapter of Wiseman every week at this time. All the new chapters will be unedited for now until the editors are done with rewriting all the previous chapters.

We will keep you updated every week regarding our editing progress. As of this moment, the first 27 chapters have already been edited and published on Re:Library, our editors are continuously working around the clock to bring the next edited chapters to you as soon as possible, some of which are already working on Chapter 32 at the moment.

P.S. Chapter 32 is the start of true hell.

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» Chapter 67 (Part 3) «