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Hero King Chapter 282

Hiya, Lio here~

I just drew a digital rough sketch of Niko from oneshot. It’s my actual first time doing an illustration that isn’t a school project, so I’m a bit nervous about the result and/or losing my data.

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Oneshot rough sketch
And below is the same sketch but with Niko being coloured in. I still haven’t begun shading everything in yet, it’s just so that I can know what’s the base colour I’m working with.
Oneshot colour fill

Hero King chapter 279

Hiya, Lio here~

If you really think about it, intelligence is a bad thing. To live life in ignorance is much better than knowing what you can accomplish, and what’s around you, without being able to do any of those things. After all, it is how existential crises happen. Which is why you must always remember to occasionally remember that you are you. And that whatever isn’t going to affect you directly or majorly is none of your business. By that, I don’t mean to stop living by your values and such, but to not waste your time thinking about space and the like or the vastness of the universe. Because most likely someone much more qualified than you is wasting months of their life to solve those problems.

Thus, I shall ignore the looming future of the Christmas batch and dump those problems to future me.

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