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Ragweed Princess Chapter 2-2

We will start publishing Ragweed Princess at the rate of 1 chapter per week starting this month.

Please note that, as we were close to catching up to the latest chapter of Hero King available at the time, we decided to lower the monthly commissioned chapters of Hero King from 10 to 5, in exchange for 5 monthly chapters of Ragweed Princess. As such, subscribing to Hero King on Patreon will grant you access to Ragweed Princess and vice versa.

  • Disclaimer: We are aware that the author of Hero King has continued to update the webnovel, as of this moment of writing, there are 348 chapters, meaning that we still have 64 chapters to translate. At this rate, it’ll take another year to catch up. We will consider splitting Hero King and Ragweed Princess into their own individual project in the future when we have more leeway in funding.

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Ragweed Princess Chapter 2-1

I am liking this novel very much, so much so in fact, after finding out there are already 14 light novel volumes out there and checking out some of the available illustrations, I am tempted to pick up Vampire Princess’ Rose-colored Dream. These two novels take place in a shared universe and I believe I caught sight of the vampire princess being illustrated in one of the Ragweed Princess’ volume.

As a matter of fact, I have already started re-reading Vampire Princess’ Rose-colored Dream to build up the glossary and edit the already published chapters to post on Re:Library. We have also secured an investor who gave us their promise to fund this project in the near future. The only problem going forward is to find a good translator to pick up where it was left off and then edit all the available chapters to build up our still empty glossary sheet. As such, I cannot make any promise that the new chapters of Vampire Princess’ Rose-colored Dream will be accurate and edited until we finish with the old chapters.

If you wish to support Re:Library, you may find our Patreon links in the Support Us section below.

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Ragweed Princess Chapter 1-2

It’s a new month and that means one more chapter of Ragweed Princess! For now we still do not have a fixed schedule for this webnovel, but we are already splitting the monthly commission of 10x Hero King chapters to 5x Hero King chapters + 5x Ragweed Princess chapters.

We will eventually finish translating all available chapters of Hero King (unless the author posts more new chapters) so we plan to slowly phase out Hero King‘s timeslot and replace it with Ragweed Princess.

For now, Hero King‘s schedule will remain the same 2x per week and Ragweed Princess will be 1x per month until September. At that time we will decide if we want to do 1x Hero King and 1x Ragweed Princess per week, or 2x Ragweed Princess per week with irregular Hero King chapters.

For now however, if you have the money, you can receive 5x Hero King and 5x Ragweed Princess per month on Patreon by subscribing to the Hero King/Ragweed Princess tier for $3 monthly!

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[New Series] Ragweed Princess

Before we start, I just want to stress that I have a feeling the author knows we’re translating the Hero King webnovel, whenever we’re about to catch up and decide to pick up a new project, the author suddenly released dozens of new chapters. And this happened twice in a row. Hero King was supposed to end with 269 chapters but now it has 309 chapters. That’s more than enough chapters to keep us going strong for another few months!

However, I have decided to push Hero King to the side in favor of picking up a new novel we’ve been eyeing on for some time. The reason being we will eventually catch up again at this rate, so we will be translating Hero King at a slower pace as we put our main focus on the new novel, The Ragweed Princess of the Livitium Imperial Kingdom.

For now, the plan is to release 1 chapter of Ragweed Princess per month until we run out of Hero King chapters to publish. If you’re currently subscribed to Hero King on Patreon, you will continue to receive update for that in addition to the Ragweed Princess. That’s the price of one for two, it’s a steal! If you haven’t subscribed to Patreon already, you can find our Patreon page in the support us section below.

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