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Chapter 189 – Before the King’s Victory Proclamation

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

The king raised his head and put his crown back on.

“…At any rate, that’s all I wanted to talk about. The victory proclamation will be at 3 pm. Please keep Karua, Ruin and the others company until then.”
“Hah… Yes, understood, your Majesty. Please excuse us.”

Mika and I stored the 30001 large gold coins in our magic pouch and left the king’s room.

“What should we do, Mika? 200 billion bells… that’s insane…”
“I-I don’t know… Is there any opportunity for us to use it?”
“No… Nothing I can think of.”
“Let’s hold onto it… for the time being.”
“You… you’re right.”

Mika and I had unconsciously walked towards Karua’s room, since we had assumed she would be there. As predicted, I felt Karua’s and Karuna’s magic power, when we stood in front of the room.
We entered the room.

“Oh! Alim, Mika! Did you finish talking to Father?”
“Yeah, we just got done.”
“What did you talk about?”
“Well, he thanked us for various things.”
“I see.”

From how it looked, Karua had been talking to her mother.

“At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Father will let the people know about our victory… Should we play something until then? I am free until lunch… Oh, of course, that is only if the two of you are not busy…”

Since Mika and I also didn’t have anything specific to do until that time, we went along with Karua’s suggestion.

“That’s fine, we have time. Oh, right… would you like to join us, Lady Karuna?”
“Yes, by all means, if you have me!” Karuna replied with apparent joy.

In that case, we should be able to play with four people.
Maybe playing cards…? No, explaining the rules would be too much of a bother. Besides, now doesn’t feel like the best timing for something new.

In that case, would suguroku be fine…? I already made it public in this world. Explaining the rules to Lady Karuna should also be easy. With that being said, playing suguroku with 4 people is apparently super popular on the streets.

Even though Karuna saw it for the first time, she was quite strong. We played three rounds until lunch, of which she took the first place twice. In the remaining one, Karua ended up winning. This suguroku was played with only two dice, but there was a match where Karuna managed to roll boxcars three times in a row.

What insane luck. I don’t want to gamble against her… Well, it’s not like I’m in the mood for gambling in the first place.

When it was noon, we went to eat lunch. I didn’t cook it today. It was made by the castle’s chefs.
Come to think of it, the head chef’s skills have improved. Even though he should have maxed out “True Cooking” already, I wonder how he managed that?

I tried to ask him later, and he told me that he acquired a new cooking-type skill, when he tried his best in various ways.
So, there are still more cooking skills.

We finished eating lunch after an hour. There were still two hours left.

The servants told us, that we should prepare, but they also told Mika and me, that we were fine just as we were.
We heard, that from now on, Karua would need more than one hour to get ready. Even though she already looked lovely.

If that went for someone with her looks, it shouldn’t have been different for me, but… I guess it’s thanks to that title? The people around me… how do they see me?2

Then, before I knew it, it had turned 2 pm while I was talking to Mika. We were called by a steward and went to the throne room.

As expected… merely in the throne room, there were tons of people, same as during the hero proclamation.
Even though everyone doted on me back then, in both good and bad ways, it felt like they looked at me somewhat differently now. In the end, some people even kneeled in front of me.

While being swallowed by the crowd, Mika and I finally made it to the king, who was outside. Karuna, Karua, Ruin, Tuhl, the minister, and the others were also there.

“Alim and Mika, the victory proclamation will begin in 30 minutes…” the king called out to us in a gentle voice. “You are not tense, are you? Mika especially.”

Mika and I nodded.

Still… Mika looked like she was a bit nervous, after all. I was used to it, since I had experienced it several times.

The populace… had already gathered.
That’s probably almost everyone from the royal capital.

Additionally, it seemed like the event would be broadcast, not only in the Mephilad Kingdom, but in all countries.
I better not fumble my words, right? Now I’m getting kinda nervous, too.

Looking closely, I get the feeling that all the citizens are looking at me. I don’t think that’s just my imagination.

Finally, it had turned 3 pm in a flash, and the king took the megaphone and started to speak.
He turned to the numerous people and talked about the conflict with the demons, which had lasted for so long, and how it ended due to the actions of Alim Nariwei… in other words, me.



  1. The original says 30’000 coins, clearly a typo.
  2. A bit late to ask yourself that, after abusing it for so long.
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