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Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 9

Aight so my wordpress literally tried to prevent me from posting tonight but I prevailed. Also yay our first cannon fodders are about to go look for death. Also onwards with the plot ladies and gentlemen after like 8 chapter of exposition we can finally continue with the plot. Also is anyone else dreading the start of college? I know I am I really don’t wanna have to actually try to readjust my sleep schedule. Aside from that I don’t have much to say this week just really tired but I think I honestly have some slight ********* tendencies since I’m not going to bed but hey monkeys and typewriters amiright. Welp anyways enjoy the chapter, oh ya also prepare you insulin pills the story is about to um….. give random moments of extreme fluff.

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Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 8

Aight so I forgot to mention last chapter but like we got to see that Elsa actually does care for Mo Li, we also get the explanation of why she’s being soo crass to him essentially. Also are we excited everyone the story is finally about to really start, I also didn’t realize how much possibly unintentionally possibly intentional foreshadowing there are in these chapters it’s really funny actually. Also this chapter was pain to translate the author decided to use so many things that don’t translate super well if anyone say my freak out in the server yaa that’s why. another thing is like man I wish I had actual chinese friends to hang with that could like teach me all the modern internet slang but at last sadge. Another funny thing I found is that certain slangs that I know are kinda like all old people slangs because modern day versions seem to have changed. or maybe I’m just stupid but who knows at least while I was going through our terms we have on the site I feel like thing have changed but whatever. anyways enjoy the chapter;).

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Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 7

Yay Not late this time huge win, how’s everyone doing I’ve completely neutered my sleep schedule this past week considering it’s 9:31pm rn and I’m essentially saying Gm to ya’ll but ya know. Also I’m a huge ultraman fan well ok less of a modern day fan but more like a fanboy of the older stuff like around Taro and ofc my boy tiga but was at bestbuy spending some gift cards on a keyboard oh ya new keyboard btb anyway as I was saying at bestbuy found a steelbook original ultraman bluray for sale and best thing it was only 12 buck soo insta buy ofc just thought that was really cool fact. Also suffering in being new with FFXIV barely any dungeon to run for the 10th ani event tombstone very sad. Another point chinese is a really annoying language sometimes because like how the hell am I supposed to translate things when saying them in english makes no sense like when’s the last time you’ve heard of someone saying yes I’m going to pull your tendons out in english. like sure it technically makes sense yes but like noone says that. Anyway I’ve rambled enough enjoy the chapter and good news were finally almost out of the Elsa talking to Mo Li/Jasmine arc… I say arc even tho it ain’t an arc but like it honestly just feels like a hella long exposition that never ends but were almost there. Tbf My slow upload speeds don’t help but heyyy we’re almost reading the story lesssss gooooo!!!!

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Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 5

Ya sooo uhh I umm lost track of time for like the past week was pretty busy with things just trust me soo appologies for not posting for two weeks I thought it was only 1 I swear. I was going to upload two chapters tonight but then I didn’t realize how long it was going to take me to proof this one chapter and now it’s 5 in the morning so sadly only this chapter is going up tonight but another chapter will be up tomorrow night given no abnormalities happen. Also feel free to actually DM me on discord if I haven’t posted in like well ya know ahem two weeks again or if you just wanna know how far along the next chapter is in general or have any questions for me regarding the story. I can be found in the server under the handle fishead in luke warm water. Anyways hopefully you all enjoy the chapter, thx.

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Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 4

Aight sooo like I know I didn’t really put up a set schedule of releases but I still feel kinda late of sorts about this chapter since I want to output at least 1 chap a week before school starts but wellllllll ummmmmm this addiction I’d like to call FFXIV happened this last week and ummmm yaaaa lets just say some free time that should have been used translating well ummm didn’t go to translating sooo apologies on that one. Also another blunder I know I was born in china and grew up speaking the language but like I left the school system over there at a very young age ok soooo ummm I just figured out that we actually have technical he she pronouns even tho they sound exactly the same when said, cough… soo um on the last few chapters there are probably a few errors regarding that but I’ma just mention them here and not revise the entire chapter for it since it doesn’t actually create any real confusion because both are used in reference to our MC Mo Li. Welp anyway that’s my rants for they day feel free to roast me in the comments for my mistakes (>_<).

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Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 3

Ya know I was thinking while doing this chapter in china we have this term where we call someone a crow mouth I assume you’ve maybe heard it at least once if you’ve read a chinese novel but if you haven’t it’s basically when you jinx yourself or the people around you by saying things. Ya Mo Li is the picture perfect definition of it this entire chapter, ahhh the poor boy.

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Silver Dragon V1 Chapter 2

The title for this chapter was just pain one of the issues with not having any chinese relatives around your age is that they aren’t well versed in modern slang and ofc I have no actual chinese friends so when there’s a term I just don’t understand and it’s not super obvious via an internet search god help me. Oh ya this is basically me saying not quite sure if the title is accurate at all…… thx for reading.

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Silver Dragon V1 Prologue

Hello I’m Fishead and I’ll be translating umm well I’ma just use YDG because the actual title is really long. I’m pretty new to translating so if anyone spots mistakes feel free to point them out. Although please don’t point out things like not everything is translated word for word, as I strive to get the general meaning through while also making it a pleasant read in English. Ahem I can’t guarantee that my English skills are very good though but I’ll try my best.

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