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Chapter 69 – The Third Class Alchemy Certification Exam

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Author: Eltria Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

The Third Class Alchemy Certification Exam was held at the end of October.

With the passing line set at an eighty percent correct rate, I decided to take it without feeling too pressured. Even if I were to achieve a perfect score, being a scholarship student at St. Salaius Middle School would likely be sufficient for the adults to accept me.

The notification of the exam results arrived in December.

“Leafa, you’ve got mail,” my mother said.
“Thank you, Mother.”

The white envelope bore a red seal. The slightly peculiar emblem resembling a face might be that of the Alchemy Association or something similar. I decided to tear open the upper part of the envelope, putting some force into my fingertips.

“Wait, wait, you shouldn’t tear it apart, it’s your acceptance letter!”

A voice came from the envelope.

“Honestly, young people these days are too quick to tear open envelopes.”

The shape of the seal distorted, and the emblem seemed to be frowning in anger.

“It seems there’s a simplified formula imbued into the seal,” my mother said with a mixture of surprise and amusement.

“I see. So, it’s like another test, isn’t it, Mother?”

Well, considering my aether quantity, it’s probably just that the simplified formula reacted even though I hadn’t touched the seal. The seal didn’t seem to mind, as it stretched and shifted the position of the seal, revealing the contents inside.

“Ahem, let’s see. Examinee number 07, Leafa Naga Rjuna. Due to your outstanding performance in the Third Class Alchemy Certification Exam, you are hereby certified as a Third Class Alchemist—”

As the seal finished speaking, I touched the document inside, and white smoke burst forth.


The envelope in my hand had somehow transformed into a Third1 Class Alchemist certification. That seal, which had changed to my examinee number, was now affixed to the certification.

Uncertain of how to react, I felt it might be best to express some sort of opinion like a child would.

“This is an interesting contraption, isn’t it, Mother?”

I showed the certification to my mother while offering a bland comment. She tilted her head curiously as she took the certification.

“…Back in my day, it wasn’t like this… These acceptance letters have changed quite a bit recently.”

Indeed, that seal seemed playful, but considering that all of these functions were assembled using simplified formulas, it was quite well-made.

“…What’s all this noise about?”

Due to the loud voice of the seal, my father, who had just returned from his night shift, woke up.

“Look, Rudra! Leafa passed the Third Class Alchemy Certification Exam!”
“Incredible! Leafa truly is a genius!”

His eyes sparkled as if all drowsiness and fatigue had vanished. My father seemed even happier than I was. My mother, who had been surprised by the simplified formula of the seal and the contraption of the certification, also rejoiced again at my success.

“Receiving certification while still in middle school is a first for St. Salaius Middle School2. It’s truly remarkable, Leafa.”
“It’s just a matter of timing, as the school has only recently opened3.”
“Your modesty is admirable, Leafa, much like Natal. It’s wonderful.”

My father smiled at my modesty. He seemed about to pat my head as usual, but he withdrew his hand gently.

“…Father, won’t you praise me as you always do?”

Perhaps he was concerned about treating me like a child for too long, especially considering that I wasn’t growing taller. But I didn’t mind at all; I preferred my parents to do as they pleased.

“Hehehe, I’ll go first. Leafa, you’re wonderful. Truly smart, kind, and our pride.”
“Yes, we are truly blessed.”

Following my mother’s lead, my father also stroked my head. Feeling the warmth and kindness of their comforting hands, I couldn’t help but feel grateful.

“I’m honored, Mother, Father.”

I naturally smiled at them, and they smiled back at me.

Ah, this is what family is. This is the happiness of being a family.

I was enjoying the genuine smiles that I could never receive from my foster father, Fail, as much as I wanted.

“…By the way, Leafa. Now that you’ve taken this exam, do you have anything you want to do?”
“Yes, Mother. Actually, I’m considering creating a homunculus and keeping it at home. What do you think?”

I tried to convey only my desire without adding too much emotion.

“Expanding the family is a good thing.”
“Yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit more bustle.”

Without even asking for reasons, my parents respected my wishes4.

“…With this, Leafa will also become a big sister5.”
“Why is that? If I create it, wouldn’t it be a daughter?”

I tilted my head and questioned my father’s statement.

“Oh, uh… I guess… that’s true6…”

It was just a simple question, but perhaps because of my response, the atmosphere became a bit awkward. I’m not sure why, but maybe I said something strange.



  1. Robinxen: This was typod as “Thirc Class” and it amused me so I am making a note of it here.
  2. Robinxen: Isn’t the school brand new?
  3. Robinxen: Yeah exactly!
  5. Robinxen: IMOUTO! IMOUTO! IMOUTO!
  6. Robinxen: NO!
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