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Update on Project Gender Bender

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 433

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 37 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 432

Starting next week I will begin my proper exploration of Inazuma, I will be going bit by bit to comb over the islands.
I haven’t actually started my full exploration yet, as I’ve been multitasking.
But I intend to comb over each region to get 100%.

After all, I’ve done it on every other part of the map so it’d be a crime to stop now!
I also want to level up the tree, which needs the sigils you get from chests. So it’s a double purpose expedition.

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 36 «

Two as One Princesses Interlude 16

Hiya~! I’m terribly sorry for the late chapter, I have nothing to say for myself other than I need to manage my time more properly. Anyhow, here presented is last week’s (yesterday’s) update and we’re continuing onto the second half of Ciel’s POV!
Last time on CielFii: Arriving at the mysterious landlady’s mansion, our princesses rested for the night after a tea party. However, upon waking up, the younger princess noticed that the other disappeared. Despite being highly affected by this disappearance, the younger princess had hope that the elder princess will come back after a day as she did before in the past. With that in mind, the younger princess drowned herself in pages and pages of literature until the next sunrise, only for her hopes to be crushed. As she broke down however, the landlady came in to see her.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a nice day!

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» Interlude «

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The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist Volume 2 Chapter 5 Part 2

So originally this story was supposed to go back to two chapters a week next week.
But since we still haven’t finalised the state of this novel I think I’m going to make the decision to keep it at one a week.
Which kind of sucks because of multiple reasons… however we must forge on.

Thank you everyone that is still reading. Hold on to hope.
It’s pretty useless to hope, but it’s better than nothing I suppose.
Of course, you can let go of your wallets. We could use that a lot more than your hope.

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» Chapter 2-5 Part 2 «