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Chapter 13 – Reesha’s Deal Pt. 2

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 406 words

The two of them stood in front of Reesha’s apartment and knocked at the door.

“Oh? You guys came up with an answer quite quickly. Feel free to take a seat anywhere and come join me on my evening drink!”

Reesha closed the book she was reading and welcomed both of them.
She then took out ice from some sort of box, put some on the cups and poured in liquor.

“Just recently, an alchemist opened an alchemy store at the merchant district. Then they taught me a way of drinking called ‘rock’1. Quite a weird person, I must say. They also gave me this box that produces ice. Normally, you can really feel the alcohol burning your throat when drinking liquor, but as the ice melts, it makes the flavor of the drink way better and refreshing. It’s perfect for me since I enjoy drinking something as I read my books.”

Both of them were surprised by the box she took out, which seemed pretty much like a freezer.
With cold storage, the type of dishes they can make will expand quite a bit.

Next time, we should try and talk to that alchemist and see if we can get them2 to sell one to us.

For Schenna, who couldn’t drink much, and Kishana, who was a heavy drinker, the liquor with ice was much easier to drink and way more enjoyable.
Schenna then spoke to Reesha about alcoholic drinks purely out of curiosity.

“Do you like drinking Reesha-san?”

“I do, in moderation. Just to the point of getting tipsy so that I can forget about some bad things”

“Bad things?”

“Did you find it unexpected? Everyone has some worries that they can’t really share with others. Drinking is just one way of venting.”

Reesha drank the rock liquor from the glass in a single gulp.
What she was hiding was probably related to things that happened during her battles before becoming a ‘hero’.
She then checked the documents, took out a bag with 3,000 gold coins from the back of the shelf and put it on top of the table.

“I would like to once again welcome you both to the ‘Holy Bow of the Forest’! Kishana-kun is still part of the ‘Sword of the Goddess” but don’t worry, I’ll take care of the guild transfer.”

Schenna and Kishana then expressed their gratitude to Reesha and officially became a part of the guild.


[Female Knight and Dark Elf] – Chapter 13

Zzonkedd: Sorry for the late chapters guys, I overslept like a crazy man today…

Silva: Uh no man… you are not late, the chapter release is Saturday and Sunday (GMT+8) remember?

Zzonkedd: Yeah which was ughhhh… this past weekend right? T_T

Silva: uhm, no? It is this weekend, the past weekend was Chapter 11 and 12.

Zzonkedd: Ahhh! Damn got it wrong haha

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The Ancestor of our Sect Chapter 8

I tried reaching out to xaiomoge to resolve this conflict in chapter releases as peacefully as possible, but he does not seem intent to hand over the translation of this project to us nor is he willing to collaborate.

I do not have the intention to get into a petty fight over translation rights on a novel which we do not officially own, not only was that childish, it’s also very rude to the original author in question. I do not want to ruin this novel for the other readers due to a petty squabble between translators. So if the other translator really intended to bring the fight to us and steal this project from right under our wing, then we will just give it to him and find something else to pick up.

And I have to apologize for publishing chapter 7 before having the chapter edited. I was kind of wishing to take my time editing all the previous chapters and eventually edit chapter 7 before releasing it, but when I see xaiomoge releasing 5 chapters that day, I kind of panicked and released it prematurely. Anyway, all the previous chapters on Re:Library have now been proofread, though not mandatory, I do recommend giving them a read over, the story should now flow much better.

We also changed a few terms, which will all be listed below.

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Chao Xue Tower -> Snow Watch Tower
Tian Jian Sect -> Heavenly Sword Sect
Tianxuan Temple -> Scorpio Temple
Tian Li Sword -> Empyrean Glass Sword

Chapter 8 – Night Talk (Part 1)

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Author: Azure Studio Original Source: iQing Word Count: 3466 characters
Translator: Nexus Flamehart English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2217 words

Trails of white steam fluttered past the eyes of those gathered and the heat of the teacup warmed their hands up comfortably.

Her teacup was a bit hot, but Sue Kirin couldn’t put it down because the table was gone, since Qi Qiqi had destroyed it earlier.

Luo Qing went to make dinner for Sue Kirin, so now Qi Qiqi and Sue Kirin were left alone in the room.

Sue Kirin’s face was puckered into an ugly expression and Qi Qiqi couldn’t even keep up a smile, instead her face held an uncomfortable expression.

When the two sat down, Sue Kirin asked about Ye Zhen and Situ Wood.

Perhaps it was because she felt guilty about what happened to Ye Zhen, but Qi Qiqi held nothing back and told Sue Kirin what she wanted to know.

After listening to Qi Qiqi’s explanation, Sue Kirin did not immediately respond. Instead, she put her elbows on the chair’s arms, rested her hands on the stumps, and stared at the tea in her hand.

“So?” She started, placing a finger on her cheek, “you used Ye Zhen to test me?” She finished with a tone steeped in dissatisfaction.

Suddenly being attacked by a person with an ‘if you can’t do it, then you’ll really become a skewer,’ attitude, well anyone treated that way would be angry.

Sue Kirin considered herself to be a well-educated and fair tempered person, while Qi Qiqi could only be described as someone who didn’t know what they were getting into. If that weren’t the case, Sue Kirin might have broken his lifetime rule of not hitting women by laying her out.

“Well, it was my fault.” Qi Qiqi admitted frankly and without a fuss.

“Everyone makes mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them-” Sue Kirin started, her expression tranquil before suddenly turning sharp with fury, “is that what you thought I was going to say?

“What do you want?”

Perhaps the image of her knocking out Sue Kirin was still strongly imprinted in her mind, Qi Qiqi was not afraid of Sue Kirin. She was, however, angry and a tad shy.

“Oh, oh oh! Everyone come take a look around! The Scorpio Temple’s Matriarch is so shameless!” Sue Kirin waved and shouted from her seat, acting as if there were a crowd listening.

“Hey, please don’t shout nonsense.”

Sue Kirin wrinkled her nose at Qi Qiqi and raised her voice, “IS SOMEONE SHOUTING NONSENSE!? WASN’T THAT NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH! THE NAKED TRUTH!”

“What naked truth, don’t make it sound so bad. I admit that I was wrong, but you shouldn’t lie.” Qi Qiqi said, squishing her hands on the little ancestor’s face to shut her up.

“Oh, you still can reason with me?! How was I lying?”

“Who told you to hide your strength?”

“I have a mysterious power! I don’t know what to tell you? Don’t you know that I was kept in there since I was young? I wasn’t even wearing clothes when I first got out! You think I was always like this? Idiot, if you’d gone through what I did, would you know how powerful you are?”

“Well… when you put it like that.” Qi Qiqi’s eyes fluttered wildly as she gaped at a loss for words. “Ok, I was in the wrong. I apologize.”

“So how are you going to pay me back?”

“Ah! You really are a dirty trickster!” Qi Qiqi shouted angrily, stretching her palms out and slamming them down hard.

“Kya!” She slammed at the empty air and staggered.

Sue Kirin stared at Qi Qiqi, surprised by the sudden show of excessive force.

Qi Qiqi on the other hand had planned to slam the table, but she probably forgot that she’d already destroyed the table earlier.

At first Sue Kirin was silent, but after a moment of tense awkwardness, she suddenly began to heartily laugh.

“Haha! Good shot! Good shot! You’re killing me!”

Sue Kirin fell to the floor laughing, slamming her empty hand on the floor, and just barely avoided rolling around in amusement.

“You’re not allowed to laugh!” Qi Qiqi screamed at Sue Kirin, who simply ignored her and continued to laugh.

“Stop already, you’ve laughed enough!” Qi Qiqi yelled, slamming her fists into a nearby wall.

I almost forgot how violent this woman is. Sue Kirin thought to herself, taking a long moment to suppress her smile.

“Alright, I’m done, I’m done. I’m not laughing anymore.” Sue Kirin said while wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Don’t worry Seven Seven Seven, you’re so funny. I’ll forget about your earlier ignorance. I forgive you.”

I’m so smooth. Sue Kirin thought to herself.

“Hmph!” Qi Qiqi sat down in a fuss. “And don’t call me Seven Seven Seven!”

Is this woman dumb? Sue Kirin thought to herself as she sat back in her chair and glanced over to the side. “Didn’t I already explain it to you earlier?” She asked with a calm voice.

“Doesn’t matter, you still can’t do it!” Qi Qiqi yelled imperiously, she was so embarrassed from the previous incident that she’d become unreasonable.

Although the two of them had only just met, Sue Kirin felt that he had a strong grasp on her personality. After all, it’s simple to understand. Wasn’t she just a prideful girl?

“Then what should I call you?” Sue Kirin ventured, spreading her hands to show she meant no trick.

“That’s… um, you can call me… Qi-er…” perhaps she was recalling memories of the past, but the vitality in the Matriarch’s fiery red eyes dimmed. “That’s what the old Sect Master used to call me.”

Naturally, Sue Kirin had already known that.

Although people from ancient times began to manage the household at a young age, Qi Qiqi was only a sixteen-year-old girl. The mage could only imagine the burden on her shoulders. Having realized that, she couldn’t help but feel for the young Matriarch.

“Qi-er is too formal, it feels a bit awkward, I don’t like it,” the little ancestor rejected the suggestion with a twitch of her nose. “How about instead of that, I call you Little Qi?”1

“Little… Little Seven! W-wait just a minute!?” Suddenly, the Sect Mistress realized something and grew incredibly still, “Did… you just mispronounce my name again?”

“D- did I?” Sue Kirin avoided eye contact.

“That’s suspicious! You’ve been doing it on purpose from the start, haven’t you?”

Sue Kirin sipped her tea serenely and answered, “Little Qi, the weather today was wonderful!”

“Ah, you’re such a jerk!” Once more Qi Qiqi raised her arm, seemingly wanting to slam the table, but when she recalled the awkward incident from earlier, she held herself back.

Sue Kirin shot her an innocent look with her big, adorable eyes.

Qi Qiqi coughed awkwardly and pretended as though it was nothing. At the same time, Luo Qing entered the room holding a plate of food.

“Little Ancestor, I brought your food.”

“Here you go Mistress and Little Ancestor,” said two younger disciples who followed behind Luo Qing, carrying a new bed and table into the room. When they saw Qi Qiqi and Sue Kirin, they quickly put the furniture down and stepped back.

The Sect Mistress nodded in appreciation while Sue Kirin copied her actions.

“Seventh Elder, where should the table go?”

Luo Qing pointed at the space between Qi Qiqi and Sue Kirin,

The two disciples nodded in harmony, “Alright.” In the blink of an eye, the two disciples replaced the bed and table before leaving the room.

Qi Qiqi instantly noticed that the table was no longer made of wood, and instead it was replaced with one made of marble.

Sue Kirin smirked, her eyes teasingly asked, ‘how are you gonna smash this one?’ as she made a show of knocking on the table.

Qi Qiqi glared at Sue Kirin but said nothing.

Luo Qing couldn’t help but chuckle at the exchange. “I heard little ancestor laughing a moment ago, did something happen?” She asked while arranging the food to distribute.

“Great question,” Sue Kirin said as she accepted a plate of food from Luo Qing, her face a picture of mischievousness. “Not much happened, it’s just that Seven Seven-”

Sue Kirin naturally wanted to share the funny tale of her time teasing the young sect head, but she couldn’t risk it due to Qi Qiqi’s growing anger. At any other time she might’ve continued, but it was one of her principles not to toy with a woman’s emotions, especially when the woman in question couldn’t take a joke. After all, no matter how much she fought back, in the end Sue Kirin would still be the one at fault. She wasn’t going to subject herself to that.

Luo Qing smirked gently and didn’t ask any more.

Sue Kirin accepted the gesture while taking her first bite of the food before her, starting with some of the cabbage. Instantly her face lit up in surprise, “Wow, this is good! It’s impossibly delicious!”

“Hmph, of course it is. Senior Sister Luo made it after all.” Qi Qiqi added disdainfully.

Sue Kirin looked at Luo Qing with eyes full of wonder, “Your skill in the kitchen is absolutely this sect’s greatest treasure, aside from me, of course. Your cooking is even better than a Michelin star restaurant; no ifs, ands, or buts!”

Even if she didn’t completely understand what Sue Kirin meant, it was hard for Luo Qing not to blush when her skills were complemented in such a heartfelt manner.

“Ah, you’re giving me too much credit, I’m not that skilled. Ah right, is Michelin some kind of famous restaurant?”

“Something like that,” Sue Kirin said under her breath, turning away from Luo Qing.

Qi Qiqi shrugged, “You’re really weird sometimes.”

Is this girl trying to pick a fight with me?! “Your whole family is weird!”

Qi Qiqi snorted and ignored Sue Kirin.

After finishing her meal, Sue Kirin stood and began to head for the door.

“Are you going out for a walk, little ancestor?” Luo Qing asked after seeing her move.

Sue Kirin shot her a curious look. What are you even asking?

Before Luo Qing could answer, Qi Qiqi spoke up. “Did the Vice-chief suggest that?”

After asking her question, she quietly went back to eating.

“Little Seven, where did you get that bowl?” Sue Kirin asked after realizing that Qi Qiqi’s bowl was noticeably bigger than her own.

Qi Qiqi’s face turned tomato-red in an instant and she struggled to find the right words until eventually she squeaked out, “Get your own.”

Get my own bowl? Sue Kirin thought, her face twisting to form a strange expression.

Seeing how embarrassed Qi Qiqi was, Sue Kirin couldn’t help but tease her, “Do you always carry that with you?”

“Leave me alone!” Qi Qiqi shouted, surprising the little ancestor who hadn’t expected such an exaggerated reaction. However, that reaction had told Sue Kirin everything she needed to know.

Honestly, Sue Kirin didn’t know what to say. Afterall, this was the first time she’d ever met someone who carried around a bowl and chopsticks with them. Maybe she’s a foodie.

“Little Ancestor, the Sect Mistress forgot to eat earlier and due to your sudden appearance she hadn’t gotten a chance to eat until now. You shouldn’t be so mean.”

“In that case, since Little Qing was kind enough to cook for us, you might as well dig in.”

Qi Qiqi snorted and ignored the stark change in Sue Kirin’s personality.

“It was a suggestion from the Vice-chief.” Luo Qing started flatly, finally answering Qi Qiqi’s earlier question.

“Then Senior Sister Luo, what of your own opinion?”

“Little Ancestor, didn’t you just exit from closed-door training recently? I guess you haven’t gone outside in a really long time already, so…”

Maybe she didn’t know how to continue, or perhaps she felt that was already enough to convey her meaning, Luo Qing smiled and didn’t say any more.

Sue Kirin was stunned. Honestly, she’d never thought about it, but there were a lot of things she hadn’t really adapted to since she’d arrived in this world. Maybe I should go for a walk.

Before that though Sue Kirin rushed up to Qi Qiqi.

“What do you want?” Qi Qiqi asked with eyes full of suspicion.

“Do you think it’d be inconvenient if I went out for a walk?”

“If you want to go, then go,” the scarlet-eyed matriarch raised her brow, “besides, it’s the perfect time to show those malicious wolves2 that our Scorpio Temple has not fallen so low that we are unable to retaliate when bullied..”

Sue Kirin could tell that Qi Qiqi was talking about more than merely letting her go out for a walk, but she didn’t care. Regardless, Qi Guiyuan asked her to help his granddaughter and she felt she could do that while also venturing out and exploring the world around her.

“Location?” Sue Kirin requested bluntly.

Qi Qiqi was stunned, “What?! So you’re not stupid after all!”

“Why? Do you want me to be?” Sue Kirin gave her a flat look, “just tell me what you need me to do. Tell me where to go and I’ll get what you want done in a flash.”

“Jinling’s Heavenly Sword Sect!” Qi Qiqi declared profoundly.


Dragon Princess Chapter 17

Is there any Pokemon fan here who still follow the animated series? In the latest episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Ash has finally won the championship competition of the Alola League. Many fans had been exclaiming how Ash has finally become a league champion after 20 years of adventure, but I digress otherwise.

I don’t see the Alola League as a proper league since basically everyone is free to participate without testing their skills first, like getting 8 badges before allowing to participate in the league. I see this more like the Orange League competition and Battle Frontier, where Ash wins in both of course.

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Chapter 17 – My Breasts Should be Ample

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1855 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1200 words

That’s right, I know that tone of speech. I am very familiar with that kind of pretentious speech, it sounded just like how I was talking previously. But how can that be? I was a great ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— in my previous life, every action of mine released a ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— aura. There’s no way I would talk in a way that forcefully raised my own social status.

I was so ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— I could bring someone to their knees inadvertently.

However, I could still learn something from the great ancestor, the way he spoke without revealing himself gave people the impression that he was very powerful.

But why can I hear the great ancestor’s voice in this kind of place? Could it be the ‘will’ left behind by the ancestor? Mother never told me the will would take the initiative to talk to me.

Moreover… I am currently floating in midair with a translucent body. This kind of airy feeling… that’s right, this is my spiritual body.

This was also the reason I thought I was dead.

Let’s see… I looked around the golden space and didn’t find anything. According to the flow of events, I am certainly within the Dragon Monument.

Mother also didn’t tell me my soul would be pulled into the Dragon Monument. If this was a common occurrence, there’s no way she wouldn’t have reminded me in advance. In other words… this was a special event caused by me.

Did the ancestor discover my talent already and is giving me preferential treatment? This is just like the cliche martial arts novel, wherein the great master discovered the innate talent in the protagonist but didn’t have time to teach him due to a life-threatening situation, thus, he decided to employ this kind of simple yet effective method to transfer his skills.

And thereafter, the protagonist will obtain great power as he aimed for the top. During his journey, he would slay a few demons and save some damsels in distress, eventually becoming the hero everyone loves and adore.

Does that mean my time has come?

“Dost thou seek power?” The ancestor’s muffled voice resounded again.

Here it comes!!!! Everything is proceeding according to my expectations! The ancestor is about to transfer his martial arts… no, his limitless power to me, the power that could even make gods kneel before him. And once I receive this power, I will be able to get my revenge on those two retarded goddesses.

I will take back what is mine, give them a taste of my OO, then I will throw them into the eggs of some female lizard and give them a taste of their own medicine!


Haha, it’s only been seventeen chapters and my revenge is almost complete! As expected, I am the strongest protagonist.

However, I must answer this question very carefully. According to the pattern, the great master would often test your qualifications to receive their teachings with some seemingly simple questions.

Just like this question, for example, it looked like he was simply asking if you seek power, but there was, in fact, a hidden meaning. He wanted to test if you understood the true meaning of possessing such power.1

There’s no way the quick-witted me would be stumped by this question. After three seconds of deliberating, I answered him with what I believed was the strongest power in this world.

“I want big breasts.”


I wasn’t sure if I was thinking too much, but the atmosphere suddenly became heavy.

“Dost thou not seek power?” The ancestor’s voice abruptly came from my back. I turned my head and jumped up in fright.

What appeared behind me was a dragon head. It was merely a head, but it was bigger than all the dragons I’ve seen to date.

“Ancestor, why do you only have a head?” I asked cautiously.

“I am the Origin Dragon, born from nothingness. It is only natural that I am bigger than any other dragon. As for why there’s only the head… my main body is but a will and my remaining power is all but limited. I have no choice but to materialize the physically smaller head to conserve power.”

If you’re going to conserve power, why not transform into a human, maybe even a cat or a dog. Wouldn’t you be able to save more power that way?

“Why don’t you transform into something smaller?” I asked with as polite a speech as I could muster.

“Hmph!” The ancestor let out a cold snort. His golden pupil gave off a terrifying glint, “I am the Origin Dragon, an existence revered by even the gods. How can I put up a miserable presentation just to save a little bit of power?!”

You don’t look very mighty to me right now y’know?

“Thou, haven’t answered my question. Why dost thou not seek power?”

“There’s no such thing. The thing I seek is the strongest power in this world!”

The atmosphere strangely became heavy again for a few seconds.

“Who told you that.”

“It was an old gentleman,” I recollected my memories, “He was my teacher in life. He has thought me many things. He was also the one who taught me breasts are the most powerful weapon in the world. Oh, that’s right. Can you make my breasts grow faster, great ancestor? That way, I won’t need you to grant me any power, I will come to possess the greatest power by myself.”

I rubbed my flat as board chests and asked.

After two seconds of pondering, the great ancestor answered, “If the breasts thou spoke of are those useless fats hanging in front of women, then it is a pity. Thou might never come to possess them.”

What? What do you mean by never come to possess them?

“How can that be possible? Great ancestor, don’t look at how small my breasts are now, I am still very young and has only been born for half a day. As long as you give me enough time, my breasts will definitely grow. The great ancestor only needs to help me speed up the process.”

The great ancestor shook his gigantic head, “That is an impossible task. Even if thou had really only been born, thou are already past the infancy period. According to the human’s standard, thou are roughly fifty years old. At the age of fifty, thou still have no breasts. It will remain that way even if another few years come to pass. No matter how much I speed up the growth of that part, it is impossible for that to grow any bigger.”

“No… that’s impossible. Great ancestor, you must be lying to me. My birth mother has such big breasts, as her daughter, how can my breasts be so small?”

That’s right, how can I be a flat board with a G-cup mother. This doesn’t follow the law of genetics at all!

The great ancestor also began to take pity on me, “I had visited many worlds in my lifetime. Your circumstance is indeed very rare, but not impossible.”

After stopping for a few seconds, the great ancestor continued, “Have thou ever heard of this term?”

“What term?”



Dragon Princess Chapter 16

I’m seriously gonna kill myself with bankruptcy if I keep agreeing to sponsor any more Gender Bender webnovel translation. First, it was Female Knight & Dark Elf, then followed by Not Sure, Another World Reincarnation, which will begin publication next month. And finally, The Ancestor of our Sect, which has an unknown status quo for now due to conflict with another translation group. I am allocating 100 bucks to each project per month, so that’s effectively 300 bucks monthly.

If you have the ability to, please support these projects on our Patreon page or add Re:Library to your Adblocker’s whitelist (if any). Every little bit helps ease up the torn in my pockets, thank you for your understanding and support~

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» Volume 1 Chapter 16 «

Chapter 16 – My Arrogant Ancestor

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1703 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1160 words

In order to prevent her daughter’s panties from being seen by others, she spent ten years to develop a demigod level magic. Having a mother like that was kind of touching.

But of course, that was only if she didn’t add a perverted line like, “only mommy can see her daughter’s panties.”

I felt restless to have a demigod level magic cast on my nether region, but if I thought about it again, didn’t I already have a god-level law imparted on my body? It was that stupid law created by the retarded goddess to prevent me from ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— and ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—.

Once I thought about that, a demigod level magic felt subpar. Besides, as a cute little girl such as myself, wearing a skirt and exposing myself was my greatest concern.

However, I was very curious about the effect of the magic. Would my bottom remain faintly discernible even if I take off my skirt?

As such, I checked out the reaction down there as I kept going up.

The eyes of numerous dragons were chasing my figure. After I rose to a certain altitude, they would definitely be able to see my panties. Could it be that my bottom couldn’t be seen from underneath as well?

I am so very curious.

“What is that? I feel like I have seen something I should not.” (Weird face)

“Aaah! H- holy light? Why are there holy light under the princess’ skirt?! My eyeeees!!” (Rolling on the ground while covering the eyes)

“Eww~ What is that, so disgusting…” (Nauseous face)

“Eeek! S- so scary! Mommy, I wanna go home!” (Horrified face)

“Hehehe, my daughter’s red and blue striped panties~ I personally chose that myself,” (Drooling face)1

Oi oi, just what did you guys see under my skirt?! Didn’t you say it was faintly discernible and absolutely couldn’t be seen? That reaction was just like everyone had just been to a freak show! And mother, if you told everyone the colors of my panties, then what’s the point of this magic in the first place?!

I facepalmed and pretended that I didn’t know these group of fools. Then I increased my speed and flew towards the Dragon Monument.

The Dragon Monument reached up to the height of a hundred meters. It assumed the shape of an upright cuboid. It was merely floating there, but it gave off a godly aura that made me unable to act disrespectfully. The closer I got to the monument, the more potent this pressure became. Red characters the size of tadpoles constantly moved about on the surface of the gold-colored monument. Those must be the true names engraved by all the dragons these past nine million years.

As I stopped a little distance away from the Dragon Monument, a foreign yet extremely familiar aura abruptly burst out from the monument. It felt as though I had once come into contact with it countless years ago. It gave me a faint but indescribable nostalgia.

“Thou hast come,” An atavistic voice suddenly rang in my mind. The voice was so distinct that it couldn’t even be misunderstood as a hallucination.

But who was it?

I reflexively looked around to find the source of that voice, but other than the dumbfounded dragons and mother looking at my actions doubtfully, there was nobody else.

What’s more, the voice was transmitted directly to my mind without mother noticing, so he must at least be a demigod as well. But didn’t they say there were only three demigods in this world?

One of them didn’t care about worldly affairs, the other one was going after the neck of his future son-in-law (maybe), and the last one was here, so it couldn’t be her.

Don’t tell me… I looked towards the Dragon Monument, …it spoke? But mother never told me the Dragon Monument could speak. Is it because this thing has existed for too long and gained sentience as a result?

That’s highly possible, when I was still the ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— in my past life, I had once possessed twenty-three antique books… and according to those books…

Even an almond seed touched by celestial being could gain sentience, so it was very possible for this monument that had existed for nine million years to…

So nervous… What should I say at a time like this? If I said something wrong, will it deliberately make things difficult for me?

“Put yer hands on the Dragon Monument, and thou shall obtain everything.”

Hey, what’s with this cliché development? It looked like the trope where Big BOSS tricks a weak-minded, upright character into becoming a henchman under the guise of gaining experience. Aren’t I supposed to be the main character here?

But for better or worse, this is the Dragon Monument, it wouldn’t scam me right? I am a pure-blooded dragon y’know? And the princess of dragons at that. If you scam me… I will really cry you know?

I placed my trembling hand on the Dragon Monument.

What? I am terrified you said? Who do you think I am? I am a ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— in my past life, and the dragon princess in this life, the future dragon sovereign! How can someone as awesome as me be terrified? This is a strategy you know? A strategy to show your enemy your weakness, do you understand? Make the enemy less cautious… and then… wait what?

A powerful force pulled my body, I could feel my consciousness being dragged into the Dragon Monument.



W- where is this? Did I die again?

After opening my eyes, I found myself in a golden, boundless space. There was no end in sight…

Wha… what the hell? I have only just accepted my identity as a dragon and then I died again? W- what kind of joke is this? That’s right, this must be a joke played by those two retarded goddesses! They must be hiding somewhere while laughing at me right?

Come out, you scoundrels! I have already seen through your plot! Come out quickly! If you guys want to put up an act, then do it properly! This place doesn’t even look the same as the void between worlds! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

“I…” That voice came out of nowhere and scared the ⓢⓗⓘⓣ outta me.

“…am born from nothingness and wandered through all worlds.”

“My wings covered the sky, my eyes see all.”

“My godly powers mighty as the sun, engulfing Heaven and Earth.”

“There is no limit to my power, even those arrogant enough to call themselves God had to bend their head to my will…”

“My true name is: Origin Dragon— Aterlieum Niger Gerald.”

S- so this is my ancestor, the Origin Dragon? Don’t scare me like that, I thought I’ve died again.

But that was such a flashy act, no wonder he’s my ancestor. He hadn’t shown himself and there was already background music.

However, why does that tone of speech sound so familiar?


Chapter 79 – Genji Swordstyle

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1748 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1188 words

At night the dojo was strangely quiet.

Most disciples didn’t stay in the dojo, those that did were junior disciples with long practice hours that had yet to reach samurai level. Those that had become samurais would often come and go to different places for assignments. As a result, it was only the instructors that would remain in the dojo.

Lily couldn’t wait anymore, after she had arranged her things she immediately took out the book of “Genji Swordstyle.” She walked out to the backyard, and sat under the thousand-year sakura, reading from the light of a garden stone lantern.

She was startled as soon as she started to read her book.

It turned out that the “Genji Swordstyle” wasn’t as magnificent as she imagined it to be. It wasn’t about peerless swordsmanship but ways to discharge the force.

Book One of [Genji Swordstyle] was the first stage of Genji Swordstyle. When she had mastered this part, she could raise her base power by fifty percent.

For example, if the strongest base power her arm could release was one hundred kwans, then applying the method detailed in the first stage of the Swordstyle would allow her to reach one hundred and fifty kwans!

Book Two of [Genji Swordstyle], namely the second stage of Genji Swordstyle, could double her base power.

Book Three, or third stage, when mastered, could increase her power up to one hundred and fifty percent, which was 2.5 times stronger!1

That would mean, with one hundred kwans base strength, her base power could reach two hundred and fifty kwans after she mastered three stages of Genji Swordstyle.

This was such an abnormal martial art! It didn’t mention anything about techniques or styles, it directly increased base strength!

In the book’s foreword, Ieyoshi mentioned that in a real fight you wouldn’t have a chance to use many complicated techniques within a short time. You could only improvise and use the most practical and reasonable strikes. You must be able to kill the enemy or disable him within one strike, depriving them of their fighting capacity.

It could be seen that Ieyoshi was a pioneer who had concentrated on practical fights. He had used his experience to create the concept of the samurai’s foundation in the Heian period.

Of course, this was just the theory. To learn the essence of his experience, one must increase their base strength by changing the way their force was released, which in turn would benefit them in real battles. And, only the ones that bought “Genji Swordstyle” could learn such techniques.

The Genji Swordstyle had nine volumes in total. However, no matter how much anyone spent, you could only buy the first six books. The last three books were only imparted to the official and most excellent disciples of Genji Dojo.

The Genji Clan also restricted the samurais from borrowing Genji Swordstyle to read and learn without buying the books. Each samurai who bought the series would be registered. Once they found someone who didn’t buy the Swordstyle but still used it anyway, they would be harshly punished.

None of the samurai families, even the famous ones, dared to challenge the Genji Clan’s iron law. The only family that could resist was the Taira, which had its own unique technique. The [Taira Swordstyle]. They had no need to learn the Genji Swordstyle.

Thus, Lily didn’t dare to let Nanako and the others read the [Genji Swordstyle] she had purchased. In the event it was discovered, they would directly punish the user, without tracing back to the original source. Genji’s way of resolving issues was also influenced by Ieyoshi, which was brief and practical.

Additionally, not only did the Genji Swordstyle improve penetration force, but it also improved the ability to channel the muscle’s forces. Thus, if the force was used to enhance the legs, the user could accelerate much faster. However, the speed couldn’t be increased proportionately to the strength.

If applied to the waist, stomach, or back, the user could enhance their ability to make a sudden shift in directions, or increase flexibility to dodge surprise attacks.

Lily glanced down at her heaving breasts. Her current power level was already plenty strong, if she applied the Genji Swordstyle then that power could be more than doubled. Moreover, her swordplay would grow along with the boost of her base strength!

Aside from the methods to channel force, Genji Swordstyle naturally had all kinds of highly effective techniques, which were all based on speed and simplicity. After all, the method for channeling forces would only work when appropriate sword techniques were applied.

The swordstyle also mentioned some fundamental concepts of unique techniques, but Ieyoshi didn’t write his secret and unique techniques in the books. He clearly said that, “Even if you read all of my books, you cannot find these unique techniques. The real techniques are what suit you best.”

What Ieyoshi wrote were methods to create techniques using the concepts, thoughts, and one’s personal circumstances. He didn’t write about any specific techniques in the book.

However, Ieyoshi also reminded that one should at least master the third stage of his swordstyle before attempting to create their own technique. Otherwise, they would only be waving their hands and legs in vain. An unstable foundation could only serve to mess up their way with the sword.

When Lily finished reading, though she didn’t understand the content thoroughly, she did agree with Ieyoshi. She trusted him unconditionally and respected Ieyoshi as she constantly found herself nodding her head while reading.

The first book had rich contents but it didn’t have more than ten thousand words2. After Lily finished reading, she put the book inside the sash between her breasts and waist3. Then, she decided to practice for a while.

When she practiced the first strike, she had a feeling that with the guide of the swordstyle many things had changed. She could perceive them more easily and accurately.

Perhaps she was really a genius with the sword. She had gained so much in almost an instant, and could feel deeply the marvel of the Genji Swordstyle.

However, even so, Lily had practiced late into midnight and she found that her progress in harnessing the forces was extremely slow. Currently, out of the hundred times she wielded her sword, the best result was only increasing her base power by not more than one percent! It turned out the Genji Swordstyle was much more difficult than she had imagined!

Although she was a genius, it was still really hard to put it into practice.

After everything, Lily could only barely increase her power by one percent. The effect was trivial. However, it was really late at night, and she had practiced until she was damp with sweat. As she breathed out, a faint white mist could be seen exhaling from her mouth.

‘I will call it a night for now. Tomorrow, I still have to go to Lady Sakiko’s place to learn about the tea ceremony. I need to wash up and rest,’ thought Lily as she rubbed her rosy cheeks that trickled with sweat.


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 79

If you follow our recent news, and the webnovel “The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder,” then you probably already know that Re:Library had planned to take up that as our 3rd Chinese Gender Bender project. But what WE ALL didn’t know was that, another translator was already working on this project. When I made an announcement on Re:Library about picking up this project, that other translator just released 5 chapters like hot cakes in a panic.

Which in turn, caused me to panic and released chapter 7 ahead of time. I tried getting in touch with the translator and suggest a collaboration, but he refused me, now I’m just scratching my head over what to do. He won’t give us a monopoly over the project, nor did he want to collaborate, what are we supposed to do?

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Chapter 7 – Scorpio Temple Assassination (Part 3)

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Author: Azure Studio Original Source: iQing Word Count: 4123 characters
Translator: Nexus Flamehart English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2692 words

Sue Kirin turned and walked towards her room as soon as she finished this sentence.

“What? Why are you telling me to carry that big pot1 instead of Ye Zhen?” Qi Qiqi watched Sue Kirin’s petite back as she walked away. Though she screamed internally, she didn’t dare say anything out loud, not after witnessing the battle that had just taken place before. It had proven that the little ancestor was far more than just an empty title.

While Qi Qiqi was reveling in the injustice, she heard the sound of heavy breathing, the kind of heavy heaving one would make after holding their breath for a long time.

“Master?” Situ Wood raised his voice suddenly with a worried tone.

Qi Qiqi looked suspiciously at Ye Zhen who was panting and had one of his hands pressed over his chest.

Is that an internal injury? Qi Qiqi and Luo Qing questioned as they exchanged looks.

“Are you okay?” Luo Qing asked as she briskly walked to Ye Zhen’s side, extending a hand to him in concern.

Ye Zhen raised his palm and motioned that he was fine.

With that being the case, Qi Qiqi turned her attention away from him and directed it toward Situ Wood.

Qi Qiqi, who knew Ye Zhen well, turned to his disciple and spoke, “Junior Brother, you’ve worked hard.”

Ye Zhen’s disciple looked confused, but Qi Qiqi simply continued.

“Even if you don’t want to, you will answer my next question. What exactly do you think the title of Matriarch means?” That idiot! He was acting as a proxy without even knowing it! Qi Qiqi could only stand helplessly with her gut full of anger.

Although Situ Wood was a combat junkie, he wasn’t really the kind to revel in hunting others as his master had implied. Nor was he the kind of person to casually challenge a master, and he certainly wasn’t skilled enough to do so and live to tell the tale afterward.

The reason he wore a mask and attacked the little ancestor was almost certainly because of something that his master, Ye Zhen, had taught him.

However much she wished for Situ Wood to respond that Ye Zhen was just using him, it was not her place as an outsider to say anything about how Ye Zhen chose to discipline his disciple, she was not Situ Wood’s master after all.

“What do you think of the little ancestor after meeting her?” Qi Qiqi asked, cutting straight to the main point as she felt it was a more important matter.

Situ Wood’s once sluggish eyes sprung to life instantly, raging like a flame and full of instinctual wildness. “Very strong.”

Ye Zhen was Qi Qiqi’s uncle, Situ Wood was his disciple, and yet Qi Qiqi was the daughter of the previous Patriarch. She grew up in the Scorpio Temple, and as such, her position was still higher than him. She was the senior sister in terms of rank, but of course, that’s excluding the rank of matriarch, which she felt didn’t count.

Although Situ Wood had only been a disciple of Ye Zhen’s for a meager five years, his power level had already surpassed Qi Qiqi and was second only to Luo Qing within the Scorpio Temple. Even Li Wanting and Liu Chenzong were weaker than him.

It must be noted that Situ Wood often bothered Ye Zhen to have a few bouts with him. Sometimes Ye Zhen would cave-in to his demand and exchange a few moves with him, to which the eager disciple could only evaluate his Master as being far stronger than himself.

Ye Zhen, who was stronger than Situ Wood by an entire realm, was curious to hear that his disciple evaluating the little ancestor as “very strong.”

“How is she compared to your master?”

“With Master’s specialty in melee fighting, Master might be able to win, but in any other scenario, she would beat him.”

“You’re sure about that?” Qi Qiqi was surprised by his answer, at first she’d assumed that, at best, the little girl would be her uncle’s equal. The little ancestor defeating him in long-distant combat was well within expectation, the image of that mighty fire dragon was still vividly imprinted in her mind after all. However, according to Situ Wood, even in melee combat Ye Zhen might not necessarily be able to defeat the little ancestor.

Qi Qiqi simply couldn’t understand that logic. In her opinion, the ancestor’s Martial Arts were pretty much half-ⓐⓢⓢⓔⓓ Gongfu. And what’s with that LOLI KICK! It’s full of mistakes, could that even be considered a kicking technique?!

“Matriarch, he is correct. Truly, I wouldn’t know how to begin fighting an opponent like that.”

Ye Zhen seemed to calm down, but Qi Qiqi could see that his hands were still shaking. It seemed that Ye Zhen had been more shocked by the dragon then anyone could expect.

The words, “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it!” rang true in the Temple Matriarch’s heart, but she knew better than to say it aloud. After all, even though Ye Zhen hadn’t fought the dragon personally; his favorite disciple, Situ Wood, had nearly been barbequed by it as the Little Ancestor had said earlier.

What the heck was a barbeque anyway?

Although there were a lot of things that she wanted to say, Qi Qiqi had already mastered the art of wearing her heart on her cheek2, so instead she spoke quietly, “Vice-Chief Ye, could you elaborate?”

Ye Zhen clenched his fists but nodded before speaking in a refined manner, “The little ancestor’s martial arts is not up to standard, but her fighting style is indeed very strange. Matriarch, you should’ve seen it during the fight earlier. When my disciple engaged in melee with the little ancestor, a sudden explosion would occur in unexpected places. As a result, your rhythm would be disturbed and easily lose sight of the target.

“It’s true, those attacks did seem to appear out of thin air with next to no warning.” Luo Qing, who had been silent the whole time, nodded in agreement.

Qi Qiqi, following her example, did the same.

Each and every so-called secret technique was very unique. To say it bluntly, a secret technique was not only powerful but it also completely defied common sense. However, the reason they were called secret was that they were completely dependant on the element of mystery. If their opponent used the same secret technique frequently, it was naturally possible to find a way to break the technique.

“After you understand the truth behind an event, the veil of mystery is lost and its true face will be revealed.”

“The words of the Matriarch ring true. If I understood more about how the Little Ancestor’s technique worked, then my chances of beating her would increase.” Ye Zhen and Qi Qiqi nodded in tandem, having come to a mutual understanding.

“Especially in close-range combat, Little Ancestor movements are no different than an amateur.” Situ Wood added with a snort. Luo Qing nodded in agreement.

Qi Qiqi raised a hand to clasp her chin and considered the information.

“So Little Ancestor would be considered a Master in the Middle ranks of the Heaven Realm?”

“Oh no, Little Ancestor is far more powerful than me.”

“What do you mean?” Qi Qiqi frowned.

Ye Zhen sighed and spread his right hand forward so that all could see.


Qi Qiqi was so focused on Ye Zhen’s palm that she didn’t know whether she’d made the sound or if it had come from somebody else.

The outstretched palm was covered in countless scars that looked as if they were cut by an unknowable number of knives.

“The little ancestor’s cultivation is very close.” He spoke simply and matter-of-factly, holding the silence for a long time. Luo Qing’s expression seemed to light up vaguely.

“Close? What do you m-” Asked Qi Qiqi before she was cut off.

“The Realm.”

That Realm!? The Matriarch was stunned for a while, but the moment she processed the information, she exclaimed, “is it-”

Qi Qiqi hadn’t said three words, but Ye Zhen and Luo Qing nodded, obviously taking her meaning.

“No way.”

“The dragon’s destructive power is very close to Liberation. I would have to muster everything I have to reach that level, yet little ancestor can do it so easily. That gap in strength, surely someone like you, Matriarch, can understand.”

Outside of a few exceptional individuals, having a power on par with Liberation and having a person who had cultivated to a similar level was basically the same thing. In a fair world, two warriors in the same realm of strength would always come to a draw when they exchanged blows, however, when it comes down to it, most times the difference between warriors of the same realm mostly depended on combat experience and martial skills as opposed to one’s Cultivation Base.

Although Qi Qiqi knew that Sue Kirin had cultivated to a high level, she hadn’t realized that the girl had progressed so far that she was already at the peak of the Heaven Realm. The Sect Mistress was surprised and at a loss for words. Ye Zhen also seemed to be unable to decide how to feel. Luo Qing was not the kind to express her opinions frequently, this could be seen easily enough from the faction she aligned with in the Temple.

“Are you all done talking yet?” Sue Kirin shouted from a distance, breaking the silence.

Qi Qiqi nearly cursed, quickly exchanging looks with Ye Zhen and Luo Qing.

“Did she hear what we were saying?” The Sect Mistress asked in a hushed tone.

“I don’t know.” Ye Zhen answered quickly, followed by Luo Qing who merely shook her head.

“Hey, are you listening to me?” Sue Kirin asked, her voice so close that it was practically right behind them.

Qi Qiqi turned and found that Sue Kirin, whose face was scrunched up as if she smelled something nasty, was walking toward her in a strangely fast way.

Ye Zhen approached Qi Qiqi and spoke, “Matriarch, little ancestor still seems to be unhappy. My disciple and I shall retire first, lest—”

“This pot is for you!” Qi Qiqi almost replied unconsciously, but chose instead to choke back the words, nodding lightly without looking back at him.

“Little Ancestor, your juniors do not wish to bother you, so we shall retire first.”

Ye Zhen bowed to Sue Kirin, took his disciple, and turned away.

But was forced to stop after taking a few steps by the little ancestor’s call.

“Is something the matter, little ancestor?”

Qi Qiqi did her best not to laugh out loud. Although Ye Zhen’s face was turned away, she still saw the moment he was stopped and shook his shoulders in defeat.

“Well then, come on over,” the Little Ancestor waved one hand at the elder and shooed his disciple with the other hand, “you’re uh… Wood something, right? You can go on ahead, I will call you back if I need you. I have something I want to say to your master.”

Situ Wood turned with an, “oh,” and left.

Ye Zhen wasn’t really sure what to do, so he walked up to Sue Kirin’s side. The little ancestor in question didn’t say anything and simply watched Situ Wood walk away until his figure disappeared from sight.

“Ye Zhen, I’m going to call you Lil Zhen.”

Lil Zhen. Qi Qiqi couldn’t help but burst into a fit of giggles as her the little ancestor gave her a look for the sudden outburst.

Qi Qiqi grimaced under the little ancestor’s expression and sent a glance toward Luo Qing for support, only to find her Senior Sister’s face covered by a strange expression as she reciprocated the glance.

“Lil Zhen, how come you want to leave so soon?”

“The little ancestor is peerless and powerful, this undeserving grandson suffered internal injuries from the little ancestor’s move. I am planning to return home and recuperate.”

Ⓑⓤⓛⓛⓢⓗⓘⓣ! Even if you lost every hair on your head, that’s still not enough to be called an injury. Qi Qiqi mentally spit at him.

“Is that so-”

The little ancestor stepped forth, took one of Ye Zhen’s hands in her own, and looked up at the Vice-Chief with a smile.

“What if I say you can’t leave?”

For a moment everything had grown so silent that the air seemed to thicken.

She wouldn’t….? Qi Qiqi shed a bead of cold sweat. Sue Kirin couldn’t really killed Ye Zhen, it would be too much of a waste. But then, would Ye Zhen sit still and let her kill him without a fight? Obviously not, but if they came to blows then the result was something that Qi Qiqi couldn’t imagine turning out well. In the worst case scenario, the Temple would suddenly lose two masters. They’d be finished.

Qi Qiqi shot a helpless glance at Luo Qing and for once her friend rose to action, stepping forward in a dignified manner.

Just as Luo Qing was preparing to speak, Sue Kirin cut her off.

“Turn around.”

“This…” Ye Zhen hesitated.

“I SAID TURN AROUND!” Sue Kirin said with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

Ye Zhen could do nothing but follow her order, even while his body was coiled and obviously ready to strike back at a moment’s notice.

Sue Kirin smiled and then lifted a slender, jade-like foot up high and kicked Ye Zhen a solid five meters away with more strength than Qi Qiqi could’ve ever imagined coming out of the little girl’s body.

She didn’t leave things there, no. As soon as the Elder had gotten up from the ground, she jumped after him, aiming another kick at Ye Zhen’s ⓐⓢⓢ.

“This is for breaking my desk! Let’s see if you dare to act like a know-it-all again! C’mon! Why aren’t you acting anymore!”

As Sue Kirin’s second foot landed squarely on Ye Zhen’s ⓐⓢⓢ, the sensations finally caught up to him and his smile twisted into a grimace as he yowled in pain at the top of his lungs.

It was unbearable. Ye Zhen clenched his fists and attempted to break free but-

“Yoyoyo, you want to fight back? Try it, see what others will say when they hear you were deceiving your master and bullying this Ancestor.” Sue Kirin dared and Ye Zhen immediately lost his voice.

Has no one ever told this guy a family scandal must not be divulged to an outsider? Qi Qiqi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Ye Zhen was definitely deceiving the master, but saying he was bullying the ancestor was a little… She knew that Sue Kirin was being kind in her own way by sending away Situ Wood so that Ye Zhen didn’t lose face in front of his disciple.

“Matriarch, it’s time you tell Little Ancestor to stop,” Luo Qing said flatly.

Qi Qiqi responded quickly, the two of them moved toward Sue Kirin and pulled her away, even though she complained, she didn’t fight back.

“Let me go! Let me kick him a few more times to ease my anger! You women, if you don’t let me go I’ll call for people.”

Call who? Is she going to shout? Qi Qiqi had black lines on her forehead.3

“Deputy Ye, why are you still here?” Luo Qing shouted at the Vice-Chief.

“Thank you Matriarch and Elder Luo!” Ye Zhen shouted back as he left, unmindful of how he looked.

Sue Kirin saw the old man leave and spit. “You’re running away too quickly.”

“Little Ancestor, you shouldn’t be angry.”

“How can I not be angry? He made me look like a clown.” Sue Kirin glanced at Qi Qiqi, apparently thinking she was an accomplice.

“I apologize,” said the Temple Matriarch, embarrassed.

Sue Kirin snorted, but didn’t seem to mind much afterwards.

“I’m hungry, Little Qing, is there any rice?”

“Sorry little ancestor, I forgot.”

“What? Forgot?” Sue Kirin asked, eyes wide open.

“Yes,” Luo Qing nodded.

Sue Kirin turned and pointed at Qi Qiqi, “This is all your fault.”

“Uh… this had nothing to do with me. How could it be my fault?” Qi Qiqi wondered, dumbfounded.


[Pickup Series] The Ancestor of our Sect

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 78

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Chapter 78 – Hojo Dijon

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3236 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2107 words

Twilight, at the riverbank facing Takeshita Town. Dozens of Hojo Clan samurais were camping by the water, seemingly unwilling to enter the town.

Dozens of Akira’s martial monks were also accompanying them.

Hojo Dijon the “Giant” was three meters tall.1 As he stood by the bank with Akira and Hojo Ujinori at either side, he appeared exceptionally handsome and majestic.

Due to two upturned strips of red by the corners of his eyes, he gave the impression of an ancient samurai from the distant Asuka Period. His voice contained a deep accent, carrying traces of the same traditional charm, “That man is occupying Mount Amegyo. This time, my Hojo Clan has to mobilize almost half of the samurais. We must hunt him down successfully!”

There were more than sixty samurais within the encampment behind Dijon. Indeed, the Hojo had mobilized half of their assets. Included in the group were three familiar figures that sat around a bonfire in the corner, appearing unwelcomed.

They were Matsuda Nagahide, Kanzaki, and Kimura, one experienced middle-aged samurai and two younger samurais. This time, as part of their organization for the big hunt, the Hojo Clan had also mobilized the Matsudas.

Hiroko wasn’t participating in the operation and had already left with two other servants. Besides, this was a large monster hunt so they couldn’t afford to bring a woman who would be a burden like Hiroko.2

Akira spoke up servilely, while he looked at the fierce samurai troops and horses, “Your Highness, of course, everything will proceed smoothly when you take actions personally! It is our Daidouji Clan’s honor to accompany you on this mission.”

“Any additional warriors contribute to strength in numbers.3 What’s more, not only does that guy have a terrain advantage, but we also lack intelligence on how many pawns we will be facing,” said Dijon. “By the way, Lord Akira, there is one thing I want to ask for your assistance.”

“Do tell, Your Highness. If it is within my ability, Akira won’t decline.”

Dijon turned to his cousin, Motoshige, who stood next to him and said, “For this hunting operation, it would be more beneficial to have firearms to hold them back. Our casualties would be reduced greatly. I’ve planned for Motoshige to go to Suruga Province to buy twenty firearms. However, I’m worried that he’ll struggle to purchase them. If Lord Akira accompanies him, it would put me at ease.”

“Firearms…” Akira raised his brows, “In this Kanto abuttal4, we can only buy firearms from the Saikanji House in Suruga Province. That said, Saikanji Yomika, the head of the Saikanji House, is a tough woman. I heard that she doesn’t have many firearms, and she only sells to the Genji Clan, the Taira Clan, and the state. They don’t sell to other samurai families.”

“That’s why we need you, Lord Akira. You’re a businessman, right? You’re not willing to cooperate?” Dijon’s eyes looked mighty even when he wasn’t enraged.

“No! No! Your Highness, please rest your mind. I will be sure to help Lord Motoshige buy firearms,” Akira was damp with cold sweat as he hurriedly replied.

Dijon said, “Then I’ll have to bother you, Lord Akira. You and Motoshige will go to Suruga Province. Our team will camp by the foothills of Mount Amegyo and wait for you. When you come back, we will enter the mountain.”

Akira repeatedly agreed. Motoshige didn’t look happy, he was a samurai yet he had to rely on a low-status businessman to handle such a deal. However, he still nodded silently.

“Oh right, Your Great Highness, how about the expense to buy those firearms…” Akira mentioned worriedly.

“What?” Dijon’s eyes opened wide, “What expense?”5

Akira shivered and waved his hands in a fluster, sweat beading on his forehead, “No, nothing.”
At this moment, Motoshige saw some people coming from the distance and pointed them out. “Brother, look…”

They saw a samurai leading a white horse alongside the riverbank to this area, atop its back was a woman dressed in a kimono and veiled conical bamboo hat. Several other people that looked like their servants walked behind them.

As the delegation approached it became easier to see the woman, although she was wearing a veil and all, it appeared as if she was married.

When the samurai walking the steed saw the group of people by the riverbank, he grew extremely cautious. With a serious face, he kept walking forward. The woman on the horse also turned her head aside so as to not get noticed.

Motoshige stared at the woman then turned to Dijon. Dijon’s eyes didn’t leave the woman, but he made no moves.

Motoshige understood what his cousin was thinking. Though he had the weakest standing among the young generation in Hojo Clan, he was still able to keep hanging around Dijon. Regardless of hunting or fighting, he had his share of actions. Of course, he must have some expertise better than others…

Seeing the other party getting closer, Motoshige immediately ran from the riverbank to the road. He stopped them and called out, “That samurai over there, what is that woman to you?”

The samurai’s eyes turned cold. That man was just a stranger yet he asked something so rude. Although this Heian Empire was uncivilized, the samurai should at least respect each other.

With a cold tone, he answered, “This is my wife.”

The woman on the horse fearfully glanced at those samurais through her veil. Then, she hurried to stoop her head. The servants behind them were even more frightened they didn’t dare make a sound.

That woman was indeed the other’s wife. It was as Motoshige had predicted. He continued, “Can you ask your wife to get off the horse and drink a cup of liquor with His Highness?”

“What?!” The samurai holding the rein of the horse became angry. Placing one hand on the handle of his sword, he raised his voice, “She’s my wife! How could she drink with you!? Please let us pass. Otherwise, I won’t be so polite!”

As he was brave enough to bring his beautiful wife to travel through the wilderness, this samurai must have some powers. He was indeed a high-level samurai!

His power level was almost equal to Hojo Motoshige. Taking real battle experience into account, Motoshige couldn’t beat him if they really fought.

However, at this moment, Akira led several martial monks and seven to eight Hojo Clan samurais to surround them, which terrified the woman and servants.

When the lone samurai saw their attitude. He understood that they couldn’t get away without complying to drink with them.

Motoshige said, “His Highness only wants to drink a few cups with your wife. Since you rejected, are you looking down on our Hojo Clan?”

The lone samurai looked at Dijon, who was strangely large6, as he heard the name Hojo. He was so frightened that he had to subside his anger and nod obediently.

The woman on the horse took off her conical bamboo hat, revealing her white, beautiful face. She had shaved her brows and drawn two black dots on her forehead. She had the classic beauty of a woman from a rich family.

Watching his wife starting to drink with Dijon from outside the camp, even the lone samurai’s great patience began to wear thin. His wife usually became somewhat seductive when she got drunk. In any case, Dijon’s handsome but strangely large-build was really attractive to women in the Heian period. One should know that the men in the Heian period were relatively short.7 Plus, the woman felt hurt and disappointed by her man’s cowardice.8

The samurai couldn’t bear such a humiliation any further.

All of a sudden, he shouted, “Ⓢⓛⓤⓣ! Prepare to die, you adulterous couple!”9

In his wrath, the lone samurai drew his sword, dashing toward Dijon and the woman who were sitting and drinking.

The high-level samurai stormed, risking his life in his outrage. The Hojo Clan’s samurais standing nearby couldn’t stop him on time.

However, Dijon wasn’t flustered. He pushed the woman aside and kicked the small table.

Dijon’s force had blown the woman several meters away, where she had landed on a rock, dying with a broken neck.10

Seeing that, the lone samurai became frenzied. He screamed and attacked Dijon.

Dijon waited until the lone samurai came in front of him. His handsome face beamed a disdainful and cruel smile. He didn’t even raise his sword, and simply flicked it with his bucket-sized hand.

“Clang ——!”

The others could only see a flash on Dijon’s hand, as the Odachi had just been drawn thirty centimeters out of the scabbard!

The waves of spirit power, which was as heavy as six thousand kilograms, pressed and hit the samurai’s chest.

“Pfft!” The samurai spurted blood. The powerful air wave sent him flying dozens of meters away before hitting a pine tree, breaking the bowl-sized branch before falling helplessly.

The Hojo Clan’s samurais took out their swords, chasing after him. However, they soon realized it wasn’t necessary.

The samurai was dead.

He couldn’t save his wife, nor could he wound Dijon before he died. He didn’t do anything wrong. His only fault was that he wasn’t strong enough.

Well, it was merely a pipe dream for wanting to protect his wife without enough strength. In this dark Heian period, power decided everything. It could even suppress the laws. Of course, the only thing power couldn’t prevail over was dignity.

And, it was unknown to anyone if this lone samurai had won against his dignity…11

The dead samurai’s servants now had jelly legs as they were too terrified. They just stood there, trembling and begging the other party to spare their lives.

Hojo Dijon rolled his eyes, which looked dreadful and as big as walnuts. To the vulnerable people that couldn’t cause any threat to him, he said heartlessly, “Kill them all.”

The Hojo’s samurais screamed and stormed forward, slashing the servants as if they were butchers chopping meat. A moment later, blood splashed everywhere and the air reeked with bloody smell.

Dijon turned around and sat down. He picked up the bottle of liquor on the ground and continued to drink as if nothing had happened.

Nagahide, Kanzaki, and Kimura weren’t far from there. They saw everything. Although they hated the injustice, Hojo Dijon was their Lord’s oldest son, one with outstanding power. They hated him but didn’t dare to say a word. So, sighing was all they could do.

Nagahide had followed his Lord to attack and kill everywhere through those territories. But today, seeing the future leader of the Hojo Clan this cruel and malicious, he felt pained and disappointed.

Killing people, whether they be common folk or passing samurais, in Hojo Dijon’s samurai life were like side dishes, which were as common as his daily meals.

However, he was a little regretful as he had slipped his hand and killed that samurai’s wife. Dijon drank liquor under the dimming light of the sunset and felt somewhat irritated.

A cold but charming voice came from behind the tree where Dijon was sitting and drinking.

“Lord Hojo, why are you drinking to vent your sadness alone?”

“Who!?” Hojo Dijon was startled!

He didn’t get up. Placing his tumbler down, he slightly turned his upper body, his hand grabbing the handle of his sword.

He then saw a slender girl wearing a prajna mask appearing under the dark shade of the tree.

“It’s you?” It seemed this wasn’t the first time Hojo saw the girl in the prajna mask.

“Haha, Lord Hojo, I bring you a message from my master.12 Please be on the lookout for a person with… an ancient mirror.”

“Shut up!” Hojo was enraged. “I, Hojo Dijon, am from a powerful, noble family. How could I associate with dark stooges13 like you!? If you take off your mask and drink with me, I will spend time to talk to you. If you are here just to relay some ⓑⓤⓛⓛⓢⓗⓘⓣ messages, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

“Clang!” Hojo drew a section of his shiny blade.

“Lord Hojo, I’m only here because I’m ordered to relay the message. The gate of Hundred Demon Nation is always open to you. But as for drinking with you, I have no interest. Hehehehe…”

A faint brush of wind came over, and the girl disappeared into thin air under the shade of the tree.

Hojo rolled his eyes and stood up to look at the dark forest, grabbing the handle of his sword.

Quietly the red sun began to set down behind the black mountain range, dimming beneath the misty clouds.


Chapter 6 – Scorpio Temple Assassination (Part 2)

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Author: Azure Studio Original Source: iQing Word Count: 4355 characters
Translator: Nexus Flamehart English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2674 words

“—Sister Luo.” Qi Qiqi stopped Luo Qing in front of the door to the kitchen.

“Chief, what brings you here?” Luo Qing’s eyes widened in surprise. Qi Qiqi looked into the kitchen and asked, “Sister Luo, are you going to prepare dinner for the little ancestor?”

“Yes, Little ancestor has yet to eat anything today.”

“In that case, it’s not a bad idea if you personally cook dinner for the little ancestor,” Qi Qiqi suggested as she looked toward Snow Watch Tower.

“Chief, what are you…?”

“Your cooking is the best in the temple, take it as consolation for our little ancestor, after all, I have…uh… felt guilty for what I did to her, this is my compensation.”

“Sure it can be done, but why wouldn’t you tell me the real reason behind it, chief? The REAL reason.” A steady smile still adorned Luo Qing’s face, her bright eyes stared at Qi Qiqi, that pure sight penetrated her heart as easily as reading a book.

‘I knew she would notice!’ Qi Qiqi sighed.

“Even if you prepare the dishes, she might not get the chance to eat them.”

“That is not what I wanted to hear,” said Luo Qing as she shook her head quietly. Though her tone was peaceful her words felt indisputable.

“Situ Wood is already on his way to Snow Watch Tower.”

Qi Qiqi didn’t give any context to her words, but Luo Qing was smart enough to figure out her meaning.

Luo Qing was silent for a moment, then asked, “Chief, you won’t stop it from happening?”

“Ye Zhen was there as well.”

“It’s not right.” Luo Qing frowned seeming displeased.

“I know. However, you don’t understand, sister Luo. ” Qi Qiqi looked down saying, “I don’t have a choice most of the time,” in a voice almost faint enough to be a whisper.

Luo Qing didn’t know what to say but sigh after a moment of silence.

Bright stars could be seen above if she turned to face them.
Dark blue and ink-ish black were mixed together as they painted the night sky, stars were dressed among it, building up a long milky way. Sue Kirin didn’t know much about stars, so she wasn’t sure if this was the same sky that she used to see in her original world. Since when did the original world has such a clear sky? No, it might be the same.

Sue Kirin looked around. Half of the Scorpio Temple fell to darkness, only a few lights were still shaking within her sights. Aside from them, nothing was at all the same. The cold that only midnight could bring spread out.

Sue Kirin shrunk her body while sitting on the stairs.

But that didn’t help because it was her heart that went cold. She was lonely in this world. At least for now. However, she wouldn’t attempt to complain about it, instead, she wanted to try and make a place for herself in this world. Yes, it will start from—-

“Old man Qi, I have seen your granddaughter. Whatever promise I made with you, I’ll see it through.” Protect your granddaughter for my entire life— Sue Kirin still didn’t understand the weight of the promise he’d made at that moment.

“Anyway, what is taking Little Qing so long? I’m starving! It’s been like fifteen minutes!” Sue Kirin laid down. Although the edge of the stairs was hard against her back, she didn’t worry about it, and instead, she raised her hands and stretched.

Little crystal-like fingernails were reflecting lights, her sleeve fell off slowly, showing her skinny arms. Suddenly, there was a noise that sounded like an arrow being fired from a crossbow…

A sharp sound broke through the wind and struck next to Sue Kirin’s ear. Her body reacted before she even knew what was happening. Sue Kirin used her hand to push off the ground and flip back. After steadying herself she looked back at the place she was sitting just a moment before.

There was a sword.

It wasn’t an ordinary sword. Judging from the appearance, it was a long sword, yet it was longer than the average long sword, it stood taller than Sue Kirin. Not to mention the sword was very wide making it reminiscent of a greatsword from the Middle Ages.

Sue Kirin felt terrified, if it wasn’t because of the year of training with Qi Guiyuan and the basic gongfu he’d taught her, Kirin might have become a shish kebab. Yet that didn’t mean she could afford to be relieved. After all, the sword was now being held by someone, a bear-like body covered in black clothes, half of his face was hidden behind a black scarf.

‘An assassin?’ Sue Kirin assumed such after looking at his clothes.

Then, the assassin looked up and met her eyes. The assassin’s eyes seemed emotionless, to the point of being lifeless. Though Sue Kirin, as one who’d experienced both life and death, could tell that in the depths of their eyes some emotion still surged.
Fanatical devotion akin to a raging flame.

A seeker.

Their expression was one that only a seeker could conjure.
“Who are you?” Sue Kirin asked seriously. She didn’t know why he suddenly attacked her and she couldn’t make an assumption since she’d only recently arrived, she had no understanding of the motives that anyone could have for attacking her.

“I am merely seeking a no holds barred duel.” the opponent responded with a strange voice.

“That doesn’t answer my question.” Sue Kirin sneered. Her opponent responded by stabbing his sword at her.

Sue Kirin was still new to martial art, but she could still tell that although the strike appeared simple, it contained his intent to kill.

Simplicity. It was due to that simplicity that there were so many ways that the assassin could do a follow-up attack. She didn’t know what his power level was, but she could tell that he puts effort behind this move. The strike was meant to test Sue Kirin.


Qi rapidly flowed inside her body. Sue Kirin curled the fingers on her right hand, letting Qi converge within it. Following up, she struck out with her right arm, two blades of aura shot toward the assassin’s leg and shoulder. However, he didn’t fall back, instead, he swung the longsword in his hand and shattered the two aura blades.

Sue Kirin used that opening to condense Qi in her legs and jumped into the air, before aiming her leg down at the assassin’s head.


“Nice attack!” The Assassin shouted out while bending his back, at the same time raising his longsword to counterattack Sue Kirin’s kick.

“Burst!” Sue Kirin yelled. Immediately, an explosion separated the two. It was magic. Since Qi and Mana were essentially the same, Sue Kirin was able to use her skills in magic.

The explosion pushed Sue Kirin into the sky. Just as she finished adjusting her position in the air she looked back to see the edge of the longsword closing in on her eyes.

The assassin jumped out from the cloud of dust before she’d had a chance to notice, and jumped toward Sue Kirin like an arrow.

“Celestial Triad! ”
Electricity coiled around the long sword’s blade. By the time Sue Kirin raised her left arm, the longsword bounced off as if shot by another arrow.

“Eh!” Not understanding why his weapon was not following his lead, the assassin unconsciously turned to look at the longsword that bounced out of his hand, naturally, at that moment, his focus was shifted away from Sue Kirin.

That was her chance! The assassin was wide open. Sue Kirin sent a single palm to strike the assassin’s chest.

“Burst!” A few sparks flashed between her palm and his chest which lit up into an explosion. Due to the power impact from the magic, the assassin fell to the ground like a bomb that had missed its target. The assassin’s body crashed into the ground and created countless clouds of dust. The longsword that had flown off earlier struck into the ground, and Sue Kirin landed atop its hilt like a feather.


Sue Kirin’s technique was best described as being “as light as air.”

“Little ancestor, you cultivate Air Bending skills? ” The assassin questioned Sue Kirin as he left the dust cloud, his appearance reminiscent of a drowned mouse. Blood leaked out of his mouth, his clothes also had a big hole in them over his bloody chest. The sleeve on his right arm was torn apart by some outside force, leaving an irregular cross-section. It might have been because he used his hand to block the first explosion.

“What did you just call me?” Sue Kirin asked, squinting her eyes.

Although he immediately shut his mouth, Sue Kirin was certain that she’d heard him call her “Little ancestor.” In other words, there was a high chance that this assassin was from the Scorpio Temple.

‘But why would the folks in Scorpio Temple want to kill me?’ If Sue Kirin had time to think about it, she may have had a few guesses, but at the moment she was too busy staying vigilant of her surroundings, so she couldn’t spend any time trying to calm down and think it through.

The assassin clenched his fist and took a stance. It seemed to be the starting technique of some sort of fist-skill.

“You still want to fight me,” Sue Kirin stepped on the longsword, “even though you’ve lost your weapon?”

“A true fighter can use every part of the body as a weapon, not to mention that you haven’t shown me your true strength.”

“How’d ya know that?”

“You don’t seem to be that good in close quarters combat, which is why you fell into a passive position when I ambushed you. However, with the distance we have right now you should be able to kill me in an instant.”

Apart from that, Sue Kirin also wasn’t experienced in fighting against strong close-combat opponents. Even though there were some mages that were good at close-combat, none of them were as good as this man standing in front of her. It wasn’t due to a lack of skills, but his reaction speed which could only come about from years of training. He was too fast, so much so that he even dodged the surprise attacks Sue Kirin had thrown at him. However, Sue Kirin had started to get used to this kind of close combat style.

Although Sue Kirin wasn’t top tier among mages —she couldn’t use high tier magic and had only been trained in Gongfu for a year— she had lots of practical experience. She was certain that from their current distance, she could take the man down before he could touch her hair.

“Even so, you still want to fight?”

“……” Assassin fell silent.

“Even rabbit bite people, not to mention lolis!” Sue Kirin’s looked pissed, “You think I won’t kill you?”

“I don’t know about that,” the assassin said in a deep tone while shaking his head, “All I know is that you haven’t shown your full potential. We just want to know how far is the distance between you and us really is.”

Sue Kirin was stunned. This dude was an idiot and a paranoid idiot at that! He was the kind of person who never gave up until he reached his goal. He’d definitely come back if he had the chance, which made him little more than a troublemaker.

Since that was the case—-

Qi rapidly flowed inside her body again, her veins were under great pressure, and she felt pressure from rapidly expanding them. Sue Kirin frowned. Somehow, controlling the Qi wasn’t as simple as last time, but she didn’t have the time to think about it.

“Triad of Nature, Celestial Six—”
Words of power sprung forth from her mouth, the tone of which was so flat that it was impossible to sense any emotion from it.

As if an infinite number of firework had been sparked, countless fragments of flame appeared around her.

“…Fire as its element, Dragon as its form…” The fragments of fire were merged by an invisible force and formed a vortex in front of the girl. Streams of flame wound into one another and eventually became one–

A dragon was born. The fire dragon’s skinny body turned to Sue Kirin, the heat from its body masked her figure. That dragon head was pointed at the assassin, who was shocked beyond compare and sprayed out a breath of fire. Sue Kirin’s cold gaze fell on him.

“Are you ready to become a BBQ?”

Unsure if it was due to the fire dragon hiking up the temperature, or because he was afraid of Sue Kirin’s aggressiveness, beads of cold sweat fell from the assassin’s face.

“You look ready to me.” Once she finished talking, Sue Kirin made a finger gun gesture with her right hand and pointed at the man.


As if it received a command, the fire dragon immediately rushed out and attacked the assassin. The dragon passed by the ground and no matter where it went, it burned out a path of dust. The assassin was caught off guard.

“Hold on!”

A burst of lightning flashed.


A bright aura-blade shot out from above, which beheaded the fire dragon. At the same time, a shadow jumped between the fire dragon and the assassin. Sue Kirin squinted her eyes, she saw who that person was. Streams of flame burst out with an incredible “BOOM!”

The shockwave dispersed in every direction, the wind ruffled Sue Kirin’s sleeves and lifted up numerous dust clouds. This was the third explosion of this conflict. However, It was different from the first two, just the blast from this explosion uprooted some trees and caused some sand and stones to be deeply indented into nearby buildings.

In the time it took for the dust clouds to disperse, two shadows had appeared. One of them stepped forward. He was wearing a blue robe, Sue Kirin recognized his hatchet face, he was the Vice Chief of the Scorpio Temple, Ye Zhen. He folded his hands in a salute.

“May little ancestor show mercy to my dishonorable apprentice.”

Sue Kirin also recognized the face of the assassin, it was Situ Wood.

“What’s all this about?”

“My dishonorable apprentice is too dumb and obsessed with martial arts, whenever he sees an expert, he goes out to challenge them. That is why he bothered you, little ancestor.”

“Yoyoyo, why would he cover his face if all he wanted to do was challenge me? Do I look stupid to you?”

“This is martial grandson’s fault, because my dishonorable apprentice refuses to abandon this habit of his, I feared that he might provoke someone he shouldn’t fight against, so I told him that whenever he challenges someone, he must cover his face and get rid of anything that might prove him as member of this sect.”

“Is that so… If you do it that way, then no matter what happens, it won’t become a problem for the Scorpio Temple, right?” Sue Kirin asked rhetorically with a half smiling face.

Ye Zhen looked relieved. “Exactly, little ancestor. ”


Sue Kirin’s intuition told her that he was speaking out of his ⓐⓢⓢ, but she couldn’t do much about it since she had no proof.


“We just performed such a big stage show, you girls have seen enough right? It’s about time you come out and pay for your ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ tickets, no?”

Sue Kirin suddenly yelled at the entrance gate of the courtyard. She sensed that there were some other folks peeking around for quite some time, which was why she had paid so much attention to her surroundings in the fight earlier.

Two girls showed up at the gate with awkward faces, they were Qi Qiqi and Luo Qing.

“Yoyoyo, what a GREAT show.”

Sue Kirin squinted her eyes, glaring daggers at Qi Qiqi.

“Twenty-one, you better have a good explanation.”