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Chapter 27 – Save Me, There’s a Dragon

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Return of Han & Tang
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Word Count:
2206 characters
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1368 words

“Let, let go of me! I’m not a monster, I’m human!” Mo Li exclaimed, as he returned from his recollection and started struggling. However, his hands were tightly bound by hemp rope, leaving him kneeling on the ground, unable to stand.

“Yo, this little monster not only knows how to speak but can also pretend to be human? Not bad, Fatty what species do you think it is? It seems pretty intelligent.”

“Who knows… At least I think an average monster shouldn’t be so beautiful.” After changing his pants and returning, Fatty narrowed his eyes examining the horns atop Mo Li’s head and the anxiously swaying tail behind her.

“Uh!…” For some unknown reason having someone stare at her horns and tail caused Mo Li great discomfort making her subconsciously want to hide them.

“Maybe, it’s a lizard-like creature, or maybe she’s a dragon?”

Fatty’s guesses made Mo Li’s heart thump.

“I, I, I’m a lizard monster! Yep, those low-class lizard monsters that can be found crawling around everywhere! Even if you were to sell me by weight you wouldn’t make very much money.” Mo Li began pleading, her tail swaying non-stop like a nervous kitten.

“Exactly Fatty, how could she be a dragon, forgoing whether dragons actually exist or not, how could there be such a weak dragon?” The Chicken-feather man bantered.

“If you’re saying she’s a dragon, then I’ll tell ya that there’s a legend of a dragon living in this forest. It’s all just groundless rumors and stories to trick people, that’s all.” the Chicken-feather man declared, clearly showing disdain for the idea.

“Who knows, with her eloquent speech and rather high intelligence, she might still be some kind of rarely-seen monster.” The Fatty deduced.

“Since you put it that way, doesn’t that mean she’ll sell for quite a bit? Hehe…1” The Chicken-feather man’s eyes lit up with immediate interest at the mention of money.

“Wait, wait a sec! I’m really just an ordinary lizard monster. Even if you guys cut me up into little pieces of lizard meat to sell, there won’t be anyone buying! Honest, my meat is hard and sour. Eating it will also cause diarrhea! Waah, waah…”

The delicate white-haired loli sat on her knees, tears streaming down her face, and hands bound behind her back; blinking her large eyes red from crying, desperate to sell her pitifulness. Fearing that one wrong word would turn her into dragon jerky.

But unfortunately for her, these actions did not affect the two men. After all, these two are human traffickers with no moral boundaries, little girls balling their eyes out was a common sight to them but never once have these bastards had a change of heart.

“Actually, I have an idea.” Glancing at Mo Li busily squeezing out tears Fatty spoke.

“Oh? What’s your idea?”

“Why don’t we keep this monster, we won’t get many benefits from transferring her anyway.”

“You mean, we find an opportunity and sell her ourselves?”

“That’s not a reliable plan.” The Fatty narrowed his brows explaining. “After all neither of us knows what species this monster is, what if we get scammed? It’ll be a big loss if that happens.”

“That’s a good point… then your idea is?”

“My idea is, we might as well keep her and use her ourselves”

“Use her??” The Chicken-Feather man was completely baffled by Fatty’s words, not understanding how a juvenile monster was supposed to be used as Mo Li on the side broke into a cold sweat hearing the ensuing conversation.

Wait, wait a sec, these two don’t wanna… no way right, right!

“Why do I still have to tell you? Hehehe.” The Fatty revealed an extremely unnatural smile.

“This monster is a female right, and look at how pretty she is. In all my years, I’ve never seen a human girl who even comes close to her, not even one-tenth of her beauty.”

“Woah, woah Fatty! Did your **2 go to your brain?? Don’t forget she’s a monster, a monster! It doesn’t matter how weird your XP’s are, that’s whatever, but doing it with a monster, are you really ok with that?”

“Could it be that you like monsters??”

“I don’t like monsters, plus as long as they’re pretty enough, what does it matter if they are or aren’t a monster?”

“But, but she not human.” The Chicken-Feather man stated with a trembling voice.

Isn’t that better, I’ve lived this long and have yet to taste what a monster tastes like, so it’s a perfect time to try something fresh.”

“Don’t talk about this as if it’s as easy as eating seafood! Regardless of how pretty she is, her body structure is different from ours, plus this goes against the doctrines!”

“Huh? Doctrines? People like us who operate outside the law still care about those things?” The Fatty questioned with disdain.

“Quit whining so much, I’m taking this little monster girl today no matter what, it doesn’t matter what you say.”

Normally, a person’s deeds and actions are guided by laws and morality, as such their more unsightly sides will often stay unseen. However, if the law doesn’t bind them, or if a person’s beauty is so sublime, it is enough for one to disregard the laws in place, said person will lose their reasoning.

Unfortunately for Mo Li, she currently met both of those conditions and was sandwiched between the two men listening as they discussed how they would deal with her, trembling as she sat weak, pitiful, and helpless.

She was experiencing the helplessness of being unable to control her fate, as even though she was a dragon, her small youthful hands couldn’t do anything.

If the people who discovered her today were someone of a higher social status she would have been even more doomed…

Looking at the fatty’s fierce face tilt into a lewd smile, Mo Li felt an uncontrollable sense of nauseousness.

“Hehe, your face, just looking at it makes me lose control.” The Fatty used his rough, callous hand to grab Mo Li’s chin lifting her head to meet his eyes.

“So, so stinky… You didn’t brush the morning did you, argh3…” As the fatty approached, the scent of scallions overwhelmed Mo Li, making her head spin. She could even see leftover chives stuck between the crevices of his teeth due to their proximity.

How gross!

“Hmph, stinky? No matter I’ll make sure you slowly get used to this smell!” As the man spoke he grabbed Mo Li’s mouth and forced her lips open.

Mo Li’s eyes widened in terror, the scene was so stimulating that she forgot to even struggle.

Is she, who has lived for over thirty years finally going to lose her first kiss today?

Losing it would be whatever, but why did it have to be stolen by such a big, disgusting, sloven, and unkept, fatso like him…

Inconceivable, she was absolutely unable to accept it!

It wasn’t just disgust that overwhelmed Mo Li, but also his psychological gender. He’s a man! Having his kiss stolen by such a disgusting uncle, he’ll definitely commit suicide because of it!

Recalling what Elsa had told her, only now did she understand its deeper meaning.

Not only does she have to be wary of those who know her identity, but even her appearance is already an addictive poison to a normal person.

Mo Li tightly closed her eyes, silently repeating in her mind I can’t see, I can’t see, and if I don’t see it, it’s like it didn’t happen…

One second passed, two seconds passed, and gradually a minute passed.

Mo Li opened her eyes in confusion and found that at some point, the two men had fainted.

At the same time, a giant shadow enveloped her.

What’s going on?…

As Mo Li slowly lifted her head, her pupils suddenly constricted.

In front of her, a terrifying behemoth that had abruptly appeared was calmly staring at her with its deep green dragon eyes, each the size of a roulette wheel.

“Dragon, dragon…”

Mo Li’s voice began stuttering, before erupting into shouting and screaming as if her emotions had completely exploded.

“Save me waa, it’s really a dragon waa! Somebody save me waaa!”



  1. Instead of hehe, the sound the author was going for is more like the sound of when you suck in with your tongue right up to the ceiling of your lips. But my letters-to-sound knowledge sucks soo ya…
  2. Assume ***** nsfw word of your choice.
  3. Dry vomiting noise.
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