Happy New Year

New Year Update & Future Plan

Re:Library wishes you all a Happy New Year. Another year has come and gone, we wanted to thank everyone who has been reading on this site and has been supporting us for all these years, especially the Patrons. Without their support, we will not be able to come this far and continue providing everyone with free webnovel translations to read.

To start off the New Year, we will look back on 2021 and reflect on what we could have done better. Beginning on March 2021, ever since Not Sure, Another World Reincarnation has finished publishing, we noticed a sharp decline of patrons, which is only natural seeing as that was our most popular series. We tried to fill in the gap with a new series, The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist, but that didn’t work out too well as the translator had to drop due to personal reasons after working with us for two months. As the consequence, we had to continue hunting for a new translator while our monthly revenue continue to fall, which ultimately led us to drop a few of our least performing novels such as Blue Sky and Loli Elf.

In the meantime, two of our Chinese translators have also gone missing in action since around mid-2021. One of whom has just recently reached out to me and informed me that he caught COVID and had been hospitalized for months. While the other one is still missing, he’s probably too busy with a new job and family obligations. As a temporary solution, I’ve enlisted the help of a friend to translate Reborn as a Transcendent while I work on Demon Sword Maiden along with a co-translator.

Year 2021 had been a pretty shaky year for Re:Library with the lack of translators and constantly decrementing revenue steam. We have finally managed to recruit two new Chinese translators and one new Japanese translator around late September/October, and things are finally starting to settle down. There is a bit of a catch, however, with our revenue continuing to drop from March 2021 until November 2021, our profit has dropped into the red for the past two months and I had to pay the translators from our past savings.

I have shared our earnings, expenditures, and profits earned in 2021 with the patrons, if you wish to learn how we’ve spent the money donated to us, you will unfortunately have to subscribe to one of our Patreon pages due to the confidentiality of this information.

Future Plan

I am hoping that this all will change in 2022. Now, moving on to our plans for the New Year, a few translators have expressed their interest to increase their workload, which means more chapters for a selected few novels. The only problem is that, right now, we do not have enough resources to pay the translator, which is why I will soon be setting new goals in our Patreon pages.

As of now, Reborn as a Transcendent only releases 2 chapters per week, I will increase that to 3 chapters per week should we meet our goal in Silva’s Patreon.

The next novel in line is Hero’s Redo, currently at 2 chapters per week. Similarly, I will increase this to 3 chapters per week upon reaching the goal in Nomad’s Patreon.

Lastly, our new translator for the new series Strongest Swordsman’s Re:START has expressed strong interest in the novel and wishes to translate more, please help us pay the eager translator by subscribing to Musubii’s Patreon. We have two goals for this one, by reaching the first goal, we can increase weekly release from 2 to 3 chapters, and if we reach the second goal, we can make that into 4 chapters per week!

Of course, the aforementioned only outline our immediate plans. As for our long-term plan, we naturally wanted to pick up more Gender Bender novels to publish, but I will put that on the back burner for now until we accomplish our immediate goals.

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