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Objectives of the General Purpose Patreon

While I’ve made cursory mention of the General Purpose Patreon before, I’ve never went in-depth as to why this page was created. That is why I will be clarifying a few things about the General Purpose Patreon in this post.

First of all, this page was created at the request of a friend who keeps nagging to me about this at every other opportunity and there were also a few readers who expressed that they do not care about the reward and just wanted to support the site, and that is how this page came to be. I am not expecting to get much out of this Patreon page but it will be a nice little bonus if we do get anything at all.

Next, while we said you won’t be getting any benefits from subscribing to this page, the money we earned will be used for the few purposes listed below, from highest priority to the lowest:

  1. Commission Fan Art from various artists.
    • When we feel that we have earned enough funding to make a commission, we will make a post on Patreon and the site to ask the readers for art ideas from any scenes of the novels translated on Re:Library. The patron’s request will of course have higher priority.
    • We will also list all the artists we plan to commission from along with their price tag, the patrons may choose the artist they want us to commission from the most, or recommend a better artist to us.
  2. Cover the translation fees should we fall short on money.
    • It’s not easy to pay all the translators on Re:Library for their quality work when you have to pay more than ten people. We have three Patreon pages dedicated to gather funding to pay the translator but sometimes it’s still not enough as the money constantly goes up and down. In extreme cases, we’ve had to drop a few series because we simply do not have enough funding to justify keeping them ongoing, so any extra money we can earn is a godsend.
  3. Site upkeep.
    • While we have Fana to thank for hosting Re:Library for us and keeping our upkeep fees to the minimum, we do still have to pay for a few things such as the domain license and Cloudflare Pro. We are able to sustain these fees with the ad revenues but we won’t say no to extra money to keep us in the green.

I hope I am able to shed some light into the objectives of the General Purpose Patreon and if you are financially able and is feeling generous, you can find the links to our Patreon pages down below in the “Support Us” section.

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General Purpose

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Subscribing to this Patreon page does not yield any reward. For more info, please refer to this page.

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Subscribing to these Patreon pages will grant you early access. For more info, please refer to this page.

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