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Big Changes Coming to Patreon

Hello everyone, I’ve been in discussion with my team and getting some feedback from the current subscribers the past few days and we have decided to merge all the patreon pages (Silva, Musubii, Nomad) for easier management and growth potential. We will be carrying out the plan in 3 different phases for smoother transition between the old and the new. We are currently in phase 1 of the plan.

Phase 1 (current phase):
– We will rename Silva’s Patreon page to Project Gender Bender and change the link to match (
– We will unpublish all the current tiers on every Patreon page.
– Create new tiers (see below) on Silva’s Patreon page (now known as Project Gender Bender).
– New subscribers will receive their rewards on Google Drive only.
– Old subscribers will continue to receive their rewards on Patreon until they change to the new tiers.

Phase 2:
– After Plan A is stabilizing, we will start sending DM to those that still haven’t switched from the old tiers and give them Google Drive invites.
– Old subscribers will continue to receive weekly rewards on Patreon while constantly reminded the rewards can now be accessed on Google Drive by dropping links in the weekly posts and reminding them to switch their pledge to the appropriate page/tier.

Phase 3:
– If we managed to convince most people to switch or after we reached the minimum goal on the Project Gender Bender Patreon page, we will immediately cease all activities on the other two Patreon pages and stop posting weekly update for old tiers.

By merging all the Patreon pages, the old tiers will be unpublished and new subscribers are entitled to:

  • Tier 1 – $3 – Early access to 1 novel. (Access to Patreon-only channels in discord; Role@Patreon)
  • Tier 2 – $5 – Early access to 2 novels.
  • Tier 3 – $8 – Early access to 3 novels. (Voting rights on new novel pickup and art commission)
  • Tier 4 – $10 – Early access to 4 novels. (1 entry for monthly discord headshot giveaway; Role@Loyal Patrons
  • Tier 5 – $13 – Early access to 5 novels. (Voting rights on NSFW commissions)
  • Tier 6 – $15 – Early access to 6 novels. (Access to NSFW artwork; Role@Patreon Reward)
  • Tier 7 – $18 – Early access to 7 novels. (2 entries for headshot)
  • Tier 8 – $20 – Early access to 8 novels. (Suggest a character for NSFW poll)
  • Tier 9 – $23 – Early access to 9 novels.
  • Tier 10 – $25 – Early access to 10 novels. (5 entries for headshot commission)
  • Tier 11 – $28 – Early access to 11 novels.
  • Tier 12 – $30 – Early access to 12 novels.
  • ….
  • VIP – $50 – Early access to all novels. / Access to Patreon-only channels in Discord. / Voting rights for new novel pickup and art commission. / 10 entries for monthly discord headshot giveaway. / Voting rights for NSFW commission. / Access to NSFW artwork. / Suggest up to 2 characters with some poses for NSFW poll. / Name listed in website’s Hall of Fame page.
  • VVIP – $100 – Early access to all novels. / Access to Patreon-only channels in Discord. / Rights to pick a new novel and voting rights for art commission. / Guaranteed headshot giveaway. / Voting rights for NSFW commission. / Access to NSFW artwork. / Suggest up to 2 characters with some poses for NSFW poll. / Name listed on top of the website’s Hall of Fame page.


Q: I like the weekly update, losing the weekly updates will mean that I end up forgetting what I read last month.
A: As it seems like this is the biggest gripe everyone is concerned about, I’ll first start by explaining the process. Once we implement this plan, everyone will get access to the Google Drive folder(s) of their choice, within the folder contains a terms sheet, unedited chapters, and two folders for published chapters and edited chapters respectively. Each week I will proofread a certain number of chapters and move them to the edited folder before publishing them on Patreon. What will happen from now on is that, whenever the translator uploaded the unedited chapters, I will post a monthly notice that new chapters are available, but since people seems to prefer the weekly update, I will also be posting a notification on Patreon each week whenever I moved the proofread chapters into the edited folder.

Q: The current system is much better in my opinion. It lets people pick and choose which stories they want and can mix and match as they please.
A: That is not exactly true, if you have keen eyes, you should have noticed, take this page for example, in Tier 1 you can only get Demon Sword Maiden and Dragon Princess, but not Demon Sword Maiden and Transcendent or Dragon Princess and Transcendent, why is that? It’s because of how limited the Patreon tiering system is. That is why we can’t have more than 4 novels in a single Patreon page, and why we have 3 different patreon pages to begin with.

Q: Honestly, this seems like a hot mess and doesn’t make any sense to me. The notion that I’d have to actively contact you to specify which rewards every month only to receive a link to go get it elsewhere seems like way too much trouble.
A: You do not have to message me every month to get your rewards, this is a one-time thing, once you get a link to your reward, you’ll be able to keep assessing the folder for the following months until you cancelled the pledge or want to change your rewards.

Q: Don’t much care for Headshot perk, I’d much prefer an extra novel, if I want a headshot of my OC I’ll do it myself.
A: Please think of the headshot perk as a side benefit, it’s not as if you paying extra for this, you basically get this for free on top of the original rewards you’d be getting. Access to each novel cost $2.50 but it’s not as if we can charge 50 cents on Patreon, that’s why we rounded them up and added extra benefits in every odd tier. If you don’t want it, that’s on you, but you’ll still be getting the same number of novels unlocked based on the respect tier.

– You get a freedom of choice of novel of your choosing.
– We will be able to get a more accurate data of how many users are subscribed to each novel.
– We’ll get charged 3% less fees by Patreon because Silva’s Patreon page charges 5% fees while Musubii and Nomad charges 8%.
– You are free to read at your own pace (read the edited chapters weekly or you can read all the unedited chapters in one go).
– You can download the chapter via Google Drive to read offline.

– You’ll need to reach out to the creator to get access to your reward as it’ll be handed out manually.
– You can only access your reward on Google Drive.
– We’ll need to keep track of all the patreon’s rewards manually.

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