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Project Gender Bender

Did you know?
By Subscribing to our Patreon pages, you may get  early access to new chapters  before they are published on Re:Library. However, that’s not the best thing about subscribing to our Patreon pages!

By pledging to us, you are contributing to Project Gender Bender. And the main goal of this project is to turn Re:Library into a  Gender Bender Haven . The money we received on Patreon will be used to hire translators to keep the current projects ongoing. The more money we received on Patreon, the more chapters we can commission from the translators, thus resulting in  faster updates and more chapters per month .

And that’s not all, once our translators are unable to push out more chapters, we will allocate the extra funds to start a new project. Thus, giving us  more Gender Bender webnovels to read ! It’s a win-win for everyone, you pay us a small amount, we handle all the hard work (recruiting, translating, editing, publishing), and all of us get more novels to read!

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