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Re:Library was DOWN, here’s why

So… last night, it was a nightmare. We hit our resources limit and the site went very unstable for more than 8 ******* HOURS!!

Reason? Because our resources are too LOW, like… LITERALLY so. Can you imagine yourself using a computer with only 256MB of RAM?

That’s what happened with the site, our “resources” is too low and can’t process all the data thrown at it all at once. I have made compromise and disabled many functions on the site, keeping only the most crucial ones active.

Hayate will continue to work on backend stuffs to make the site work smoother for everyone else over the next few weeks, but it doesn’t change the fact that we are lacking resources, both in RAM and Cash.

We will probably need to upgrade our server more sooner than later, and being unemployed as I am, I can only rely on ad revenues and donations to pay for the hosting fees. So bear with us while we’re trying to smooth things out.

Welcome to Re:Library

Hello everyone!

I’d like to welcome you all to Re:Library.  Hayate Translations and Silva’s Library has joined to create this website for posting their future content.

Currently there is not much to see here, but in the next few days we will be rolling out changes to the site layout, and updates on the series you all came here to read.  Stay tuned!