Vampire Princess

[New Series] Vampire Princess’ Rose-colored Dream

Re:Library has decided to pick up Vampire Princess’ Rose-colored Dream. Big thanks to our new investor, Amaryllis, for sponsoring this project. And also to our new translator, Tanaka, who will be translating this series. We also want to thank all the editors who worked tirelessly to fix some of the old chapters and build up the terms sheet for our translator to work with.

After taking a look at all the currently available chapters online, we have decided to pick this up starting from Volume 3 Chapter 14 due to readability reason. At Re:Library, we care about quality, we don’t just randomly pick up any abandoned project and dump it on a translator and have them work on it without any sort of quality check. Which is why we normally don’t pick up abandoned projects, because it will take a long time to go through all the previous chapters to make sure all the terms are matching and edit the parts that seem out of place.

As for why we decided to pick up Vampire Princess’ Rose-colored Dream, it is because this series is connected to Ragweed Princess of Livithium Kingdom that we picked up recently. This story takes place approximately 100 years after Vampire Princess and they are some deep connections between the two, so it would be a sin not to finish this series.

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» V3 Chapter 14-1 «

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