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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 8

Sadly things took a turn for the worse lately.
Normally this site manages to break even between paying translators and income revenue.
But people have been leaving the patreons en masse as of late.

Well I mean it’s understandable, it’s Christmas, everyone needs to squeeze out as much money as possible during the Christmas period.
Even I’m like that! I cancelled a couple of twitch subs to make a little bit more money available for stuff.

But it does also mean the site is losing money now. Which is a problem.
It’s okay if it’s one month, but if it goes on for too long, then we won’t be able to afford to pay the translators.
That’s a big deal!

Because that means I won’t get paid either!
I’d be the first one to get cut off!
I don’t want that! I need to buy my gacha!

Thus this gacha addict pleas for the kind readers to join the patreon!

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 7

Hello fellow readers,

Wow that made sound like a youtube creator.

So good news today!
We have TWO chapters!
That’s right, starting this month the regular release schedule of this novel will be doubling!
For those that don’t know words that’s a 100% increase!
For those that don’t know numbers it means twice as much!

Huh I feel like I’m forgetting something…
Oh well.
I’m sure it’s not important.

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 6

With the release of Stellaris Aquatics my friends and I have taken the dive into multiplayer gaming once again and it’s going well.

My Methanoid Cognitive Council is a technological powerhouse, generations ahead of the nearest competition.
My scientific marvels are paving the way to a future of galactic domination!

Friend A’s something-or-other Coalition is a mess going in every direction but poorly. Without a chosen specialisation they’re just weak in every field.
Not to mention their constant warfare with their less than pleasant neighbour.

Friend B’s holy empire is actually really peaceful. They’re boxed in due to awkward placement on the map, but the isolation has given them a steady economy.
Despite taking some losses against the space fauna they always bounce back to make more attempts.

And this is only about sixty years into the game…
My technology will only snowball from here!
Domination shall be mine!

But first I need to capture the wormhole form my space to Friend A’s neighbours space so I can spread my peaceful ways by force.

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 5

For a kids show Star Trek Prodigy is probably the best star trek product that’s not Star Trek Online in years.

Well I guess when your only competition is Star Trek Discovery that’s not a particularly groundbreaking achievement.
It’s like comparing a tricycle and a unicycle at a bike race. At least the tricycle keeps the form and function as opposed to a unicycle which is just pretending to be a valid entry.


Oh right the name debate for this novel is still ongoing too…

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 4

Important pre-chapter ramble this time, don’t skip!

Readers we seek your opinions!
As some of you have said the name of Merc as it stands currently is a little strange to read so we’re deferring to your opinions regarding names for future chapters
Changes in discussion:

Merc -> Mercy (as Merci is french and basically means ‘thanks’ it feels a bit off)
Mercy is a healer in the game Overwatch, so us staff think that it fits the theme as well enough as a replacement for Merc. But feel free to give your input!

Rousseaurumu -> Rosemary
We believe it fits with the atmosphere of the herb, since like the herb Merc’s master is quite old and she deals with plants and medicine, so we think it fits. But if some of you are traumatised by High Guardian Spice, we also understand.

Also, one last thing, how should we handle the monster naming, for example: Belbit and Velche (which mean Horned Rabbit and Winged Wolf). Do you prefer the fantasy names, or the literal ones. Although it fits the setting more to keep the names, it does make them harder to remember, so we’d like your opinions on this front too!

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 3

I’m thinking of trying Arknight’s after a friend kept talking about it.
Apparently they too had the same misunderstanding as me, and thought it was a scifi setting instead of a postapocalyptic fantasy setting.

I’m kind of curious as to how you blend dystopia and fantasy honestly.
I mean sure Warhammer did it but…. I dunno I’m just not a fan of Warhammer.

Ah but I still want to play Stellaris and Genshin, and then Jurassic World Evolution 2 releases in a few days…
Too many games and not enough free time.

What do you think?

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 2

Hello everyone!
Hello new readers, hello site regulars and of course hello my beloved fans.

So quick rundown time… I, Robinxen, will now be in charge of publishing this to make sure your chapters get out on time.
Thank you, thank you.

Of course that doesn’t mean I’m translating.
I will just be responsible for these little rambles before the chapters that I usually fill with anecdotes about my life or hobbies such as anime.
Oh and I’ll be giving footnote comments like a play-by-play of my first readthroughs of every chapter.
Those who have read other stuff I published like Sword Maiden, Not Sure and Blue Sky will be familiar with my MO.

Anyway here is your chapter!

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[New Series] Strongest Swordman’s Re:START

It’s been a while since we’ve had any good news but today we’re happy to announce that we’ve finally found some new translators to join the Re:Library family and proudly present to you one of the newest projects which we’ll be publishing in the near future. Please give our new Japanese translator, Jiro, a warm welcome. He has done a superb job on this novel and I look forward to more of his translation!

As of yet, we haven’t decided on the schedule for this project, but once we do, you’ll be the first one to know it! Without further ado, please enjoy the first chapter for now!

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