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Chapter 1: High Quality

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1376 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 678 words
Editor(s): Silva

I heard a voice.

I thought I had died, but a part of my mind still was conscious. Maybe I had gotten lucky and was still alive, or more likely, this is the afterlife. An unknown place greets my eyes as I open them. A wall covered with books and tools I could not recognize, and the room overall looking dark and old. At least I’m certain that this is no hospital room.

“Now, I just put this over here…”
“This is important, please don’t interrupt me.”
“Ah, alright.”

I tried talking to the woman in front of me, but she refused to talk. She looks very focused on something.

Looking to the side, I find a large and tall mirror. I gasped after noticing it, taken aback by what I was seeing. She was clearly not a human, I could see seams and screws all over her body, and there were ball-joints to allow her limbs to move.

A mannequin, very human-like, but a mannequin nonetheless.

Still, what had surprised me so much was her actual appearance. She had silvery hair that grew down to her shoulders, long eyelashes, shiny blue eyes like sapphires, and lively lips. Her chest was large, but still shaped beautifully, and there was little excess material around her waist, giving her hips very charming curves. She was beautiful to an unrealistic extent.

Too pretty.

If I ever passed by a girl with a similar body wearing casual clothes, I’d turn my head back just to continue watching her.


Feeling something off, I lift my right arm. The beautiful mannequin in the mirror does the same. I try my left arm. She follows suit. I lifted both my arms, then my knee, and crossed my legs!1 It was perfect. Without missing a beat, she followed every movement I did. I guess she really loves imitating others.

Hah hah hah, what a playful girl. Wait no. The cutie I’m seeing is actually me.


I think anyone would shout in this situation.

“Ugh I told you to be silent already, I’m trying to wo…rk?!”

The woman and I shouted as loud as we could.

“Alright, let me explain everything now that you’ve calmed down.”

She points to a chair and I sit down as signaled.

From what I could tell, the woman looks like she’s in her late twenties. Her black hair was tied up high, and wore glasses with small lenses in front of wise and knowledgeable eyes. If I had to describe her somehow, she looked like a capable woman.

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Pretty, but in a different way to my current self.

“First, I’m Ophelia Eto Gardeland, a sorcerer and your creator.”

She barely started talking, but I’m already getting worried. She created me? So my guess was right and I’ve been turned into a mannequin. She also said something about being a sorcerer. I guess this is that trope then?

Reincarnating in another world or something. Kinda like those animes and novels you see everywhere about God’s Blessing in Another World, or Starting from Zero. I never thought that would happen to me.

“You’re the magic automaton I made, your name is Natalia.”

But reincarnating as an automaton? I thought slimes or spiders were more common. Oh right, I’m also a female automaton now, so I guess it’s closer to gender bender…maybe?

Regardless. My maker, as she called herself, doesn’t seem to notice my consciousness came from another world. I guess there’s no way she could’ve known though. Still, it’s important that I tell her that soon, or I’ll get treated like a common tool. I need to tell her or I won’t be given the same rights as a human being.

“Your role is to do all house chores, and someday I’ll have you do some adventuring on the side. Just tell me if you don’t like that, I’ll painlessly reset your consciousness.”
“Did you want to say something?”
“No no, I understand perfectly, Mistress.”

I could never tell her the truth!


  1. TLN: A sequence of poses illustrated here. I feel like there are better alternatives but I gave up trying to think of something
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