Hired Translator Application

This option is pay per chapter, in which we will pay you to translate based on tried-and-true payment policy. We are confident that our rates are one of the highest, as high as a fan translation site could get anyway. With this option, however, your freedom to choose which novel to translate will be severely limited to novels of the Gender Bender genre, and you will not be in command your own translation schedule as well as monetizing through any other means. However, do we offer a lot of flexibility in terms of how you want to translate, so long as you retain the original intent and reads like native English.

If you choose the this option, know that once you’ve submitted the chapter, you will no longer hold any rights to the translation, but you will still be credited as the translator.

Basic requirements:
– Commands strong language and writing skills.
– Punctual, always submits on time.
– Easy to communicate via Discord.
– Have a verified PayPal account.

If you meet all the requirements and think you’re a good fit, please fill in the form below to contact the administrator. A proficiency test to will be issue to you via Google Drive after the application to evaluate whether your skills meet our requirements. Once approved, we will discuss the terms and payment.

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