Chapter 1 – His End

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Author: Tsunose Bun Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3024 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1120 words
Editor(s): Silva

A monster similar to a Gai, but much larger, moved swiftly and launched its assault.

When the Great Sage Astard was attacked, he was blasted back, and the Saintess Iriem he was guarding was swept up with him.

Although neither of them could be killed by such an attack, it didn’t change the fact that they both passed out after falling down. It was clear that they would no longer be able to participate.


After effectively knocking out both of them, the monster let forth a ferocious roar. After that, it immediately turned to face the remaining opponents. A torrent of resentment, Falgaro. The monster certainly lived up to its name. The fire in its eyes had not dimmed, despite the fact that one of its two horns had been shattered and blood was streaming from its mouth. It stared at its two remaining opponents with those blazing eyes of its.

“…… Phew! Look at that enormous jerk; he’s trying to frighten us since he knows he doesn’t have much left. Or is he pleading for his life?”

Foldia, clad in soldier’s armor and holding a bent shield and a chipped blade, smiled fearlessly. In any other situation, the man’s smile would have reassured everyone; yet, at this time, it was nothing more than a bluff.

With a steady stare, Estert, the other man standing next to Foldia, admonished him.

“Hey, hero. Act tough all you want, but we’re in the same boat as him. We’ll probably kick the bucket with the next attack.”
“Does this mean that this will also be the last time you call me that? It’s not like we don’t stand a chance. Jokes aside, that jerk also needs one solid hit.”

Foldia said nonchalantly. He then lowered his stance without looking away from Falgaro.

“I’ll charge in and create an opening. After I’ve done that, you finish him off with your best ability. If I were to borrow your words it’d be something like ‘Give it everything you’ve got’.”
“… You, you’re planning on dying aren’t you?”

Even though their enemy was at its wit’s end, the Falgaro was a monster capable of destroying a country on its own. Its strength was compared to that of a natural disaster, and it was claimed to emerge every 200 years. It was truly humanity’s natural enemy.

It was obvious that the weary Foldia would struggle to create an opening. He’d only be able to achieve it if he risked his life.

Both men realized that in order to secure the future, they would have to kill the monster, which was essentially the same as running to their deaths.

“Estert, do you know what people say? They believe that as long as you remain in someone’s heart, you will never truly die, even if your body turns to ash.”
“Save your nice words for the Saintess who’s laying there. I’ll probably forget about you the second your body turns to ash.”
“S-So mean…”

Estert couldn’t help but sigh at Foldia’s unflappability in the face of adversity.

I really can’t handle him…

Estert was about 10 years older than Foldia. However, he couldn’t understand this 20-year-old’s laid-back attitude.

He was always joking about, but when it came to executing his job, he was flawless.
And no matter how steep the road in front of him was, he pushed through it with a smile on his face. Unbeknownst to everyone, the youth had managed to drag everyone along with him and would not let go of the reins.

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That’s how Estert viewed Foldia. That is why, no matter how many times the youth said he’d give up, he continued to refer to him as ‘hero’.

“He’s coming. Are you ready? Once I give the signal I’ll run in and create an opening, while you kill him.”

After gazing at us once more the Falgaro moved. Foldia extended his sword to greet him at the same time.

Good grief. He’s always making decisions on his own. At the very least, I should pretend to be a senior one more time.

Foldia, despite his youth, was vital to the world. At the very least, he was far more vital than someone like Estert, who wouldn’t be able to make much of a difference.

“Are you ready? I’m going on three.”  
“One, two, th…”

Estert dashed at the Falgaro as soon as Foldia started counting.

“I’ll create the opening! I’ll make it a good one. I’m leaving the rest to you! Make sure to tell everyone about the world’s strongest swordsman!”

Estert said without even turning back to look at Foldia. He dashed forward, both swords crossed in front of his chest.


The Falgaro then extended its mouth wide and released a powerful breath, which headed straight for Estert…


Estert pushed ahead with the support of his interlaced swords, despite his body wanting to give up.
His muscles tore and his bones creaked as his body screamed. Parts of his body began to fall apart one by one.
But even so, he pushed and pushed.

It was because Foldia was waiting for him to create an opening.
Foldia was doing his best to resist the impulse to walk in and help, and instead waited for the Estert to create an opening.

Estert knew that he couldn’t allow himself to back down now. His only choice was to push forward.


The Falgaro’s breath became weaker all of a sudden, most likely owing to its exhaustion. If Estert could get through this, he’d leave the Falgaro wide open.

Did we win?

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It happened just as he caught sight of a glimmer of hope.

His swords, which had held up until now, finally cracked.


Despite the fact that the Falgaro’s breath was weakened, it still carried more than enough strength to kill Estert.
Estert glanced down calmly at the blood flowing from the hole in his chest caused by the Falgaro’s breath.

I lost huh… Still…


As Estert was tumbling down, the corner of his eye caught sight of the world’s hope, his hero, racing by him.

After all, it wasn’t for naught.

Although Estert would not be able to witness the battle’s conclusion, he was confident that Foldia would defeat the Falgaro. He was a hero after all.
And it was up to the hero to destroy the world’s monsters.

“You imbecile. Heroes shouldn’t cry.”

Estert rebuked as he witnessed Foldia’s tears before his eyesight became entirely black. And like that Estert closed his eyes for one last time.

This was the day that the world’s greatest swordsman departed for good.

Or at the very least, he should have.


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