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Chapter 142 – Meeting Once Again

I didn’t think this chick started becoming a groupie as well, but then again, there aren’t many girls uninterested in these things.

“Okay, okay, it’s a famous singer. However you are forcefully making me go, if I get on with that Su Yingzhi something, don’t be jealous!” I said rather playfully.

“Che…! There are a lot of people that likes her! If you can take her in, I definitely wouldn’t object,” Zhao Yanyan glared at me with disdain.

Of course, this was only a joke, I don’t think Zhao Yanyan treated it seriously either. However, after a certain period of time, Zhao Yanyan couldn’t help but admit that she had once agreed to it.

At this time, I thought of another money making thing, and that’s the entertainment industry. Although the entertainment industry would shrink drastically after a few years, but entertainment shows like Super Girl were beyond popular. Now, in 1995, it was the peak era for albums and tv shows, this situation lasted until 2002, where the profits of the industry started going downhill. I could completely stick a foot in with this chance. The only thing I have a lot of right now was money, in this era, as long as you have money, even terrible films could be sold spectacularly.

The two chicks beside me definitely had the potential to be a star, but I was not prepared for them to get into this area, since the water was two deep there, it was not what the two chicks could handle.

I often seen some shady news about the entertainment industry, a lot of not famous female actors used their body to trade for a lesser character. Although a lot of stars, who’s family had a lot of money and power, didn’t need to do this, but after becoming a public image, the rich second generations around them were enough for them to handle.

Subconsciously, I had already treated Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier as my private property, how could I take out my stuff for other people to look at.

The computing industry I am in is my forte, with the help of Uncle Zhao, Shuguang Corporation went onto the right track without much effort. However, the entertainment and catering industries were areas I have never stepped into, this piqued my interest of opening a new business once again, I want to use my ability in an unknown industry to carve out a path.

I already had a lot of money, and since I was only in First Year, I had a bunch of time, why not just start a company in another industry.

It looks like I have to talk about my ideas with Uncle Zhao when I have the opportunity to.

“Xiao Liu, where are you?” Just when I parked my car in the courtyard of the Industrial Bank, I received Uncle Zhao’s phone number.

“I just got home, and am parking my car. What is it?” Normally Uncle Zhao wouldn’t call me at night.

“There’s something to do with the company, can you come over to Shuguang?” Uncle Zhao said.

“Now? Sure, wait for me,” I hung up, and drove the car out again.

Perhaps because I was in a hurry, the moment the light at the crossroads turned, I drove my car out, it was precisely at this moment that a left-turning Alto scratched against mine.

I could tell that the Alto was in worse shape than mine, the entire back of the back was smashed inwards. It was really difficult to make a judgement on who’s responsibility it was in these type of traffic accidents, since both moved the moment the light turned, and it didn’t matter who was right and who was wrong, but perhaps I had a slightly heavier responsibility.

The most important thing right now is that I don’t know if the people in the Alto was hurt. I opened the car door and ran over. At this moment, the driver of the Alto also got down from the copilot side.

I instantly felt relieved after seeing that the person in the car was fine. The worst thing that could happen after crashing a car was compensating with a bit of money, the responsibility of crashing into a person was much larger.

To my surprise, the person that came down from the Alto was actually a young woman, she looked to be around eighteen or nineteen, she had clear eyes, and looked very pleasant, she seemed like a university student. What made me confused was that the girl in front of me was actually kind of familiar, as if I have seen her somewhere, but I just couldn’t recall where.

The girl’s expression momentarily blanked upon seeing me, she hesitated in her heart, why was it him? Originally she had planned to rip this person off a lot, but now she just couldn’t make that decision. Thinking back to the things that this person said to her, her heart jumped all over the place for no reason like a deer.

Of course I didn’t know what she was thinking, and asked anxiously, “Are you okay?”

“I’m alright, some skin just peeled off from my hands…” The girl had already planned everything in the car, she would not let off the person that dared to crash into this xiaojie’s car that easily. After a while, she would get down from the car, pretended to hurt all over, and force the culprit to take her to the hospital for a full body check. Then blackmail from for some money to buy a new car. However when the words came out from her mouth, it actually turned into “I’m alright”/

“That’s great! It’s good that you’re fine, let me see your hand…” Before she replied, I grabbed hold of her hand. There was actually a two centimeter long wound that was bleeding on her left hand!

“You’re still saying you’re fine after getting hurt like this! Let me send you to the hospital first,” saying that, I pushed her beside my Jetta without letting her reply.

Only the headlights were broken on my car, everywhere else was fine.

The girl sat into the car with a lot of thoughts. He actually touched her hand, from what it seemed like, he seemed to really care about her! Thinking about this, she completely forgot about the pain on her hand, instead she was a little happy. The thoughts of making him compensate were completely gone from her mind.

“Oh yeah, what are you going to do about your car?” I suddenly remembered that the girl’s car was still stopped in the middle of the road.

“Aiya!” After getting reminded by me, the girl only remembered that her car was still stopped there, and her phone as well as purse were still on the car.

I thought the girl felt some heartache for her car, that Alto looked rather new, it looks like it hasn’t been driven for over a year, getting crashed like this by me essentially made it useless.

“Relax, I’ll compensate you,” I comforted her. An Alto really wasn’t anything to me.

“That’s not it, I mean that my family must be worried about me after going out for this lone! Do you have a phone? Lend it to me,” the girl frowned and said. Did I (the girl) look so greedy for money?

I smiled, and handed my mobile phone to her.

“Hey, dad, I’m Yingying… En, my car crashed with someone else just now… I’m fine, and am going to the hospital right now… My car is at Nanxikou, find someone to help me bring it back… Okay, I said I’m fine… Sure, I’ll call you when I reach the hospital,” The girl finished and let out a long sigh, she had thought that her father would scold her, she never would have thought that she would pass so easily. Back then when she was going to buy a car, her father strongly objected, and said that what’s the point of a girl driving, wouldn’t it be fine to just get someone to send her wherever she wants to go!


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Chapter 141 – Business Plan

“Yeah, mom. This way not only we can make Mala Tang big, but you don’t have to work so hard!” Chen Weier added.

“About this… Old Chen, what do you think?” Mother Chen was a bit moved, and said in a requesting manner.

“I think Xiao Liu’s idea could work! But making such a company would take a lot of money right?” Father Chen said worriedly. There were a few workers in the factory that he was in before that went on an unpaid leave, and got together five hundred thousand to open a small company to make canned food. Apparently they still ran into the issue of the shortage of funds.

“You don’t have to worry about this, if we’re going to do it, we have make it the best, how about this, Bomu, I’ll give you five million first, and you apply for the patent and brand of Chen Family’s Mala Tang. Then find somewhere to buy a place and use it as the office,” I said.

“What! Five million!” Father and Mother Chen all opened their mouths in shock. They could never have imagined that this boy that was even younger than their daughter actually casually threw out five million between chats and laughter, and it was just the start!

On the other hand, Chen Weier didn’t have any abnormal reactions. I could take out a million just to trash a car for fun, so this amount of money doesn’t can’t as anything.

“Yeah, if the company is going to expand later, then I will invest more funds,” I said calmly.

“About this… Xiao Liu, is what you’re saying true?” Mother Chen asked.

“Mom, of course it’s true! Just relax and be that general manager when the time comes!” Chen Weier said.

“Sure! Then mom will be working for you guys! Don’t complain to mom if I don’t do the job well!” Mother Chen said with a smile.

“What do you mean work for, aren’t we cooperating?” I said.

“Okay now, Xiao Liu. Just give me a standard amount per month enough for us two old people to spend, we don’t have much use for so much money. But my son, can we let him come in and work after the company opens…” Chen Weier’s mother said awkwardly.

“Of course this is okay, but I have other missions to hand to Chen Yong,” I said with a smile. Chen Yong graduated from university through the architecture department, I just lack this type of talent right now. The next step in my plan is to get into real estate, although I said I was going to let Guo Qing handle this area, but that’s only for him to deal with stuff in the dark, I have to get someone who knows about this to take the lead on surface.

“Then I won’t worry, Dayong, shouldn’t you thank Xiao Liu!” Mother Chen said.

“Mom, he was my boss ages ago!” Chen Yong said with a smile.

Later on, Mother Chen and I talked more about the details, the experience I have from running a company isn’t a day or two, and naturally the stuff I said made a lot of sense, causing Mother Chen to continuously nod after hearing it.

“After registering the company, we’ll primarily open the shops in supermarkets, malls and some entertainment facilities, such as theme parks. Then we can hire some people to manage it, but we must strictly control the recipe, and ensure that it doesn’t leak out,” This was the operating method I borrowed from KFC.

“Control the recipe? How do you control that?” In this era, Mother Chen had not heard of similar controlling methods.

“Yes! We can prepare the additives and seasoning, seal it into plastic packaging, and it can be used when it needs to be just by adding water. This way, we can ensure that the people don’t steal our technology!” I said.

“This is definitely a good method! Why didn’t I think of this in the future!” Mother Chen exclaimed. Mother Chen had also thought about these problems, when she wanted to open a branch store, but it was never solved.

“This doesn’t count as anything, a lot of large catering companies do that,” To my understanding a lot of restaurant chains within the country such as California Beef Noodle, all used this method.

“Sure! But I have no need to use as much money as what you give me?” Mother Chen calculated a bit, doing all this stuff plus registering the brand and patent would not take over a million at max.

“This is just the first step. Later on, our company can use a high price to purchase the recipe of some famous recipes, and make a franchise. Or we can run them by ourselves. The rest of the money can be used to open a hotel, the higher the level the better!” I said out my following plan.

I could take in all of those snacks that I saw in my previous life like Osmanthus Duck, Eight-Treasure Chicken, Mala Duck Neck etc. Furthermore, opening a large-scale catering mothership wasn’t a bad choice at all, you can know how popular this industry was just looking at how full Dynasty Seafood Palace was! No matter how expensive things are, there would still be people going to eat it.

“Ah…” Mother Chen was completely shocked by my ideas this time. How could these impressive ideas come from a child’s mouth! Mother Chen finally understood the reason why this person could be filthy rich at such a young age.

“Let’s settle the first stage at that! We can talk about everything else after the company is registered,” I said.

The thing pretty much just got settled like that, I used Chen Weier’s name to open a bank card, stored five million into it and gave it to Mother Chen, to let her handle everything. Additionally, I gave the telephone number of the directors of the main departments in the Trade and Industry Bureau, Health Bureau, epidemic prevention station to Mother Chen, and told her to directly call them when in trouble, just tell them that she’s Zhao Junsheng’s friend.

That night, Chen Weier, Zhao Yanyan and I were eating in KFC, I don’t understand why this type of western fast food would pique the appetite of the girls so much, they would never get tired of it.

“Hubby, let me say something to you!” Zhao Yanyan said coquettishly after taking a bite of fries.

“What is it?” I knew it wasn’t anything good after hearing this tone, it probably was some request for me again.

“This Sunday, Su Yingzhi is coming to Songjiang city for a concert, bring us there okay!” Chen Weier continued on the side.

I was wondering why the two of them got me to go out to KFC together at night, so they have a ploy!

“Who is Su Yingzhi?” I asked weirdly, come to Songjiang for a concert? Could it be a star?

“You don’t even know Su Yingzhi? Such a huge pervert like you actually doesn’t know such a beauty? Zhao Yanyan asked weirdly.

“Never heard of her,” I searched through my mind, I truly didn’t hear about such a singer in my previous life.

Could history have changed? Ever since I was reborn, there really wasn’t a low number of places where history have changed. This made me think of the butterfly effect. However, this was just a little singer, it was fine as long as the general direction of history didn’t change.

“It can’t be! The entire street is playing her songs!” Chen Weier asked in disbelief.

“Never mind, isn’t it just a little singer, if you want to you, then I’ll go with you,” to be honest, I was completely not interested in this like concerts.

“What little singer! Don’t think that she has only started for half a year, she is already known everywhere, I heard a few days ago that she was even acting in a tv series!!” Zhao Yanyan said in displeasure.


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Chapter 185 – White Tiger

The marble white color of the dawn sky emerged from the horizon as the bright red sun rose from between the mountains. The dazzling sunlight sprinkled down on the Celestial City, making this ancient city with grand history to flicker with a faint gold luster. The entire city was overflowing with thriving vitality, as if it was a wilting ancient tree given a new lease of life.

Early in the morning, every street in the huge city was already filled with stream of people. It became a boiling cauldron of voices not long after sunrise. Another noisy day had begun in the flourishing Celestial City.

The tempest last night, apart from washing the street clean and making the leaves of all kinds of plant more verdant than ever, it didn’t have the slightest influence on the inhabitants of the city. Everyone who lived at this place for a long time had already gotten used to this bizarre rain that only happened once or twice annually. They didn’t pay much attention to it.

Xiao Chen brought Keke along and leisurely walked into the North Style Academy to get breakfast. This was his daily habit. He was very satisfied to be living at the educational street. The atmosphere from this kind of faculty was most fitting for his training.

Of course, using Fairsky and Zhuge fatty’s words, Xiao Chen was also not a “virtuous type”. As far as the girls were concerned, he must have some “ulterior motive” for entering the North Style Academy’s dining hall and antique store.

Xiao Chen just ignored their words. There was no place more peaceful than the academy. Although he was very young, he would often lament at the fact that it was truly good to be young. There was nobody trying to outwit the others in the academy, everyone was very sincere. Things would become very complicated once he’s outside of the academy.

After eating breakfast, Xiao Chen took along two big chunks of roasted meat for Tenax and the Azure Dragon King. Taking two Dragon Kings to go out everyday would cause a huge commotion, so he had no other choice.

Quietly meditating until the sun was as high as three bamboos ⌈1⌋, Xiao Chen then left by himself for the warbeast street.

The roars of the beast shook the earth. At the present stage, every warbeast arena was packed with people. It was already the final round of the knockout competition. It was the last match to decide the beast kings that would advance to the grand battle.

Dragon King and sacred beast were without a doubt, the king of the beasts. So they didn’t need to participate in the knockout competition. They only needed to wait until the knockout competition concluded and directly join the Grand Battle!

After paying a large amount for the ticket, Xiao Chen entered the Antarctic Warbeast Castle. The grade of the knockout competition at this place was very high. Only by winning seven consecutive fights would they be able to advance to the grand battle. There was no need to conduct elimination rounds.

Of course, the knockout competition conducted by the three major warbeast castles had very high standards. Only a true beast king could participate. They always conducted less than ten matches per day.

It must be mentioned, once a warbeast arena had attained the title of “castle”, there was indeed a qualitative leap. The entire building was really as magnificent as a castle.

Even with six thousand seats, it was not crowded. The seats surrounded the warbeast stage in a circle with flight of steps, allowing six thousand people to see the true beast kings fighting on the stage clearly.

Of course, since they were called the “warbeast castle”, that was not all they had to offer. They had some other three hundred VIP lounges. Every lounge was a dazzling sight. They had set up a big screen on the wall and projected the fight on the stage with a crystal ball made by Psychic. It allowed the people in the VIP lounge to watch everything on the stage clearly.

Moreover, the three hundred VIP lounges were also divided by grade. The best lounge at this place provided many special services. They had invited the beauties from Moonflower Castle to pour wine for you, they had also invited the girls from Spellbind Castle to massage your back. The service was so luxurious that it was unimaginable.

Antarctic Warbeast Castle was the Fair family’s biggest industry. Xiao Chen did not disturb anyone after he came in. There were only less than ten seats remaining among the six thousand general seats. However, people recognized him the moment he sat down.

The middle-aged man was Fairsky’s housekeeper. He immediately brought Xiao Chen to a VIP lounge. Without a doubt, all the best VIP lounges were already occupied. However, this lounge was not bad either. It was richly ornamented and everything was tastefully chosen.

A big screen was set on all sides of the walls, they could watch the battle from all around. There were even some lovable girls nearby waiting to serve the guests. This was practically a castle. Other than the long talk of the dozen of people, watching the battle was absolutely not a problem.

From this, it was easy to imagine how luxurious was the Antarctic Warbeast Castle. After all, they had three hundred VIP lounges all together!

“Roar…” The roar of a tiger caused the VIP lounge to shake. That sound was completely transmitted from the crystal screen. The White Tiger was only 1.5 meter long. It looked very ordinary, but its roar was very terrifying, it was forceful and vigorous.

The tiger raised its hip, moved its tail to and fro, then it pounced on its opponent. Those were the standard moves of the tiger. It looked very ordinary, but the Winged Leopard flickering with yellow light all over was actually pushed down and got ripped apart by the White Tiger. ⌈2

An ordinary-looking White Tiger, yet it possessed out of the ordinary strength. It easily ripped apart a true beast king. It was easy to imagine how powerful was the White Tiger. Xiao Chen instantly became interested in it.

Without a doubt, this was a young warbeast. It was definitely coming for the groups of cub. Its adversary shall be the sacred beasts and Dragon Kings!

The White Tiger’s second opponent appeared. This was a golden eagle, about two meters long. It was like a ball of flame as it was flying in circle above the warbeast stage. After that, with a clear whistle, it transformed into a gold radiance as it dived down fast. Its sharp golden claws were even brighter than the sword-qi, they were sharper than the sword-qi. It was aiming straight for the ordinary-looking White Tiger’s head.

The one meter long White Tiger jumped to the side nimbly and dodged this attack.


The sound of cracking transmitted outward. The resplendent claws of the golden eagle left a crack on the diamond floor. The surface that was claimed to be as hard as the adamantium was practically like a mud under its talons. The floor was unable to withstand even a single blow.


The gold radiance flashed as the golden eagle spread out its steel-like wings and swept towards the White Tiger. In the end, the little White Tiger lightly jumped to the side and dodged again. The golden eagle soared into the sky and opened its beak. It actually launched a golden beam of light to attack the White Tiger. This golden eagle was a true beast king, there was no need to doubt its strength. It was able to control the spiritual energy. Compared to the powerful Psychic and Spell Master, it was even more powerful.

The little white Tiger jumped up and nimbly dodged the attack again. The golden light beam directly split open the surface of the stage. The violent energy billow was rumbling. This attack was actually not weaker than the power of the Exuvia Sixth or Seventh Celestial Layer. It was completely capable of fighting against the genuine young sacred beast!

The smoke and dust filled the air. The golden eagle swooped down, its sharp beak was pecking towards the little White Tiger’s eyeball, and its pair of glittering talons were aiming for the White Tiger’s abdomen. It was incomparably vicious.

This time, the little White Tiger did not dodge. It was actually waiting for the golden eagle unmovingly. Only until the golden light in the sky got within one feet did it suddenly jump to the side. It was unimaginably fast as it turned its body around and pounced back.

Even someone on Xiao Chen’s level was shocked. The White Tiger was really too fast. It only left behind two afterimages and soon after, the golden eagle was already pushed to the ground. It snapped the golden eagle’s neck with a bite and then transformed into a streak of white light as it fell back.

The headless golden eagle was rampaging on the ground for a while. Its sharp talons had ripped apart the diamond floor until it was beyond recognition!

“Can you find out who is the owner of this White Tiger?” Xiao Chen asked the beautiful lady waiting upon to serve him. He instinctively felt that, although this one meter long White Tiger might look mediocre, its strength could be ranked among the sacred beast. So much so that it might be more powerful than some sacred beasts!

“We tried to investigate before, but unable to find anything.” The lovely girl cast a glance at Xiao Chen and said softly.

The White Tiger’s next opponent was a young wolf. Although it was also one meter long, it was very magical. Its entire body was flickering with purple light. Just a slight movement and it would emit resplendent purple radiance that made people unable to open their eyes. The most peculiar part was that it didn’t have any wings, yet it was floating in the sky. It was able to defy gravity and fly!

This was definitely an exotic primal beast. This kind of warbeasts were usually powerful and terrifying.

As expected, when the purple wolf let out a long howl, it caused the entire warbeast castle to shake slightly. It was moving like a streak of purple lightning in the sky, shooting down one purple lightning after another to attack the White Tiger on the ground.

The purple wolf was extraordinarily powerful. Although it was evaluated as a true beast king, it already had the strength equivalent to a young sacred beast. It was completely possible to put it under the beast king group!


The smoke and dust filled the air. The warbeast stage actually crumbled apart. It was destroyed by the divine radiance of the purple wolf. However, the White Tiger did not receive any injury. It was as swift as a streak of light as it made one unpredictable maneuver after another on the ruins.

It miraculously dodged all the attacks. Then it provocatively tilted its head to the side as it looked at the young wolf in the sky. The White Tiger proceeded to extend its paw like a human and beckoned the purple wolf.

The young wolf in the sky was also an extremely intelligent cub. It squinted its eyes and launched two more purple light beams. After much consideration, it swooped down over and over again. That was because it was more terrifying in close quarter combat compared to controlling the spiritual energy.

They only saw a streak of purple light rushing towards the ruins in the twinkling of an eye and the dazzling rays of light stirred up the smoke and dust. A roar was transmitted from the ruins.

When everything finally calmed down, when the dust and smoke dissipated, everyone revealed an inconceivable expression. The chest of the incomparably powerful purple wolf was actually cut open. The purple blood flowed all over the ground. The glint in its eyes was getting dimmer gradually. And the White Tiger came out unscathed. Its body was not even stained by a drop of blood.

The White Tiger looked mediocre. There was nothing special about it at first glance. However, it possessed this kind of frightening power. It was scarily strong. Even some of the little sacred beasts wouldn’t be this powerful right? This was what everyone was thinking about.

For some reason, when Xiao Chen saw the White Tiger’s movements, Tenax’s dragon martial skill came to mind. He felt that the White Tiger must have received something similar. Its movements looked ordinary and mediocre, but it was too antiquated. Thinking about it carefully, that was definitely a very valuable ancient martial skill of the beasts!


  1. The time of day after the dew on the leaves has already evaporated
    but before afternoon. 
  2. Silva: Tsk… expectation betrayed again… I thought the White Tiger in the title was referring to Keke…
    Chanayh: Why do you think Keke belongs to the “tiger” group? At least as a dragon…
    Silva: Ehh… but Keke doesn’t even look remotely dragon. White Tiger is the closest mythological creature I can relate it to. 

Chapter 184 – Smelting Three Divine Artifacts

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and so on were comparatively common. Telepathy, Undying Technique, and the others were comparatively rarer. As for the legendary Reincarnation, Time Control, Extreme Speed, and other such divine abilities were even rarer.

The Weapon Fusion learned by Xiao Chen after breaking through to Historia realm could be considered a rarely seen divine ability. It was the most fitting ability for his one and only way.

Historia, the realm where one slowly open the sealed door in their bodies and dig out the treasures stored within. All kinds of legendary divine abilities required them to train painstakingly before they start to open up gradually.

The first divine ability gave Xiao Chen a nice surprise. He was even more looking forward to the divine abilities he would get in the future!

The jet-black broken sword transformed into sword-qi and circulated within Xiao Chen’s body according to his will, it was like a surging river, then again, it was like a clear stream. With a flash, the broken sword appeared in Xiao Chen’s hand.

Right now, Xiao Chen naturally didn’t have the capability to thoroughly smelt the broken sword. If he had enough power to completely smelt the broken sword and fuse it with his flesh, then this broken sword would no longer exist in this world. It would become a part of his body.


With a flash of light, the broken sword entered Xiao Chen’s left palm. When he waved his left arm lightly, a resplendent sword-qi was launched diagonally and let out a whistling sound. The unceasing torrent of sword-qi bubbled out and formed a dazzling light screen which cut through the curtain of rain with its unstoppable power!

He couldn’t smelt the broken sword, but with the jet-black broken sword hidden in his left palm, it was as if he was wielding the jet-black weapon in his hand. He no longer had to fear the divine weapon. At the same time, he was able to injure his enemy imperceptibly.

Weapon Fusion, since the body was a small universe by itself to begin with, it was possible to fuse everything within the body. After reaching certain heights, not only could he refine all kinds of divine weapons, even refining an immemorial magic mountain and store it within the body was not a problem!

Xiao Chen broke through to Historia realm and the first ability he received after opening the seal was definitely a very formidable and rarely seen divine ability.

Since he couldn’t refine the broken sword for the time being, Xiao Chen walked into the house to take out an ordinary-looking dagger. After that, according to his will, the dagger melted instantly and fused into his right palm. Lightly waving his palm towards a chunk of wood beam, it was cut off in a flash.

The dagger was thoroughly refined. Xiao Chen felt his right palm had the sharp property of the dagger. This was simply unimaginable. If he could smelt a lot of divine weapons and fuse it with his body, wouldn’t he became a living weapon, a moving armoury?!

This kind of divine ability was too freakish!

Next, Xiao Chen continued to smelt a few more swords. The result was as he had speculated. All of them fused into his flesh.

The pitch-black sky was incomparably oppressive. A screech suddenly resounded from the endless darkness and shook the entire Celestial City. The screech was very imposing, it sounded as if it fell from the highest of the heavens, then again, it also sounded as if it smashed the void and came from the ancient times.

Carrying on, the thunderous lightning burst out. One huge lightning after another appeared in the dark sky and made the sky brightly lit.

A divine halberd and a metal engraving burst out with dazzling rays of light in the sky of Celestial City. They attacked in criss-crossed pattern and instantly destroyed the endless shadows in the sky. Those were the shadows of the prehistoric peoples wearing ancient armors.

Was it an illusion?

Nobody knew.


Celestial City suddenly shook violently for a while. If it was if a huge living body was sighing. After that, all the lightning rushed towards the mother earth and entered the Celestial City.

When the lightning gradually became dimmer. Xiao Chen had seen it clearly. All the shadows of the ancients had been augmented again and then they transformed into one light stream after another as they flew towards Celestial City, blending into the ancient city under the dim light of night.

The tempest stopped at this point. During this pitch-black night, something inconceivable had indeed happened in the sky. However, compared to that time in the dragon island’s ghost town, this was nothing. It was not frightening, nor could it be regarded as unfathomable.

However, this was only on the surface. Xiao Chen had profoundly felt a boundless power shrouding the Celestial City. It was absolutely not inferior to the dragon island’s ghost town on that day.

That means this ancient city was hiding a great secret unknown to anyone.

Otherwise, it was impossible for the golden halberd and metal engraving to rush into the night sky. They were spiritual antiques, surely, they must have realized something one wished to keep secret.

The torrential black light flickered as the jet-black metal engraving fell from the dark sky, directly rushing towards the rainbow-colored sacred tree on top of Keke’s head.

Don’t look at how the snow-white little critter was usually muddle-headed, it was actually very clever. It had once personally experienced the power of the jet-black metal engraving and was fearful of it. The snow-white little critter immediately ran away from this place with a swish.

The jet-black metal engraving did not smash over as they imagined. It was as if it had treated the rainbow-colored sacred tree as its vessel. It became slower over time, and finally, it suspended in the courtyard.

Keke looked at it curiously. After that, it was pleasantly surprised as it transformed into a streak of light and rushed over there. It wanted to put away that jet-black metal engraving. Just at this time, Xiao Chen suddenly had a flash and shouted, “Keke, wait a moment.”

The little critter doubtfully landed on the ground and looked at Xiao Chen in puzzlement.

“Let me give it a try.”

He just comprehended the Weapon Fusion a moment ago. Xiao Chen wanted to give it a try and see if he could take this ancient artifacts into his body.

According to his will, the black light glinted and the metal engraving did not resist at all. It directly fused into Xiao Chen’s left palm. Almost at the same time, Xiao Chen felt his left palm was crushed. The sharp pain almost made him shout out loud. Following closely, the bones let out snapping noise unceasingly as his metacarpal was being reorganized.

At the same time, the jet-black broken sword in his left palm was forced out of his body. Meanwhile, the dagger and swords that were already refined and fused into his right hand slowly rematerialized in his body. After that, they were forced out of the body. However, by the time they fell onto the ground, they had already become a pile of scrap iron. All of them shattered into small pieces.

Such a tyrannical metal engraving. With it alone, no other ordinary weapons were allowed to coexist. Even the jet-black broken sword was forced out.

On the hollow of Xiao Chen’s left palm, a fingernail-sized imprint of the jet-black metal engraving appeared.

The golden halberd was brimming with murderous vibe. It left a streak of golden light in the sky, similar to a heavenly flame. Then it streaked across the vast sky like a meteor. As it fell towards the mother earth, it left behind a tail light and rushed towards the courtyard.

It seemed to have felt the aura of the black metal engraving from the rainbow-colored sacred tree and Xiao Chen. The resplendent divine light was so dazzling that one was unable to open their two eyes. The powerful pressure pressed down on Xiao Chen, Keke, and Tenax like a huge mountain.

Xiao Chen clenched his teeth. He made up his mind and executed the Weapon Fusion again. He made his move against the golden halberd. The blazing divine light glinted unceasingly. Xiao Chen experienced that sharp pain again in his right palm as his bones were being reorganized. The sharp pain made his entire head break out in sweat.

The golden divine light flickered unceasingly. In the end, all the rays of light finally dissipated and the imprint of the golden halberd appeared on Xiao Chen’s right palm!

Merging two ancient divine artifacts into his palms, this was a really daring attempt even for Xiao Chen. However, he found to his amazement that it was very hard to control these two ancient artifacts. He was unable to take them out smoothly anymore.

To fuse the two divine artifacts into his flesh, that was impossible! At the very least, he didn’t have the ability to do it now.

To manifest the power of the two divine artifacts, that was also impossible. Xiao Chen attempted several times and found that it was hard to manifest the divine power of the golden halberd and jet-black metal engraving. Despite that, his hands had become as solid as the divine weapons.

He was certain, if it was not divine artifacts like the golden halberd and metal engraving, any ordinary divine weapons wouldn’t be able to cause the slightest injury to his palms. Perhaps, even the ancient spear Pasteur wouldn’t be able to pierce through his palms.


Keke let out a squeak resentfully. It jumped onto Xiao Chen’s shoulder, grabbed a strand of hair, and blinked its big eyes to convey its dissatisfaction.

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “What do you need these ominous weapons for? Might as well put it in my body. At least they could be put to some use. They are nothing more than collections if you put them in your treasured tree.”

The snow-white little critter let out a “Hmph! Hmph!” sound resentfully. Then it extended its hairy little paws and waved it twice in front of Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen knew what it meant. It wanted to trade them with two peerless spiritual items.

“Heh-heh, good, no problem.”

From start to finish, Tenax was watching nearby. After the lightning faded away, it already recovered its calmness and aloof appearance.

Xiao Chen attempted to smelt the common swords. As a result, he found that it was possible to bring them into his body. However, if he wanted to refine them, they would turn into scrap iron and be forced out of his body.

With the existence of divine artifacts, no ordinary weapons were allowed to fuse with the body. They could only be stored. The ordinary weapons were too fragile in the face of two divine artifacts.

Xiao Chen laid out all the items he was carrying with him. Which comprised of: Keke’s rainbow jade shell, the jet-black broken sword, Suirenshi’s burial cloth, the iron chain used to lock up the white-shelled tortoise, the phoenix’s feather, and Suiren Gimlet. These were very important items, they couldn’t be thrown away.

Xiao Chen carefully attempted to fuse these items into his body. Five out of six items could be put away in his body, but they couldn’t be refined. If he wanted to refined them, they would be forced out of his body. Fortunately, they didn’t end up crushed like those ordinary weapons.

What made Xiao Chen most surprised was the Suiren Gimlet, this sixth item could actually be refined and it was not rejected by the golden halberd and metal engraving. This indicated it was a divine artifact on the same level as them! ⌈1

Xiao Chen endured the sharp pain and fused the Suiren Gimlet into his left foot. A very small imprint of the Suiren Gimlet appeared on the heart of his foot.

It was somewhat inconceivable. The Suiren Gimlet looked like a stone yet not a stone, looked like a wood yet not a wood. It appeared to be nothing special, if it was thrown into the pile of stone, nobody would even take notice of it. However, it was able to steadily occupy a space in Xiao Chen’s body in front of two ancient artifacts.

Xiao Chen was getting increasingly positive. The divine artifact that Suirenshi used to achieve the truth was absolutely not as simple as it looked on the surface. All of it was because he didn’t have enough power yet to understand this stone gimlet’s true might.

Of course, this so-called refining was not really to be taken in the literal sense. This was only the initial stage, if he really wanted to refine and fuse them into his flesh, it might take a really long time.

The clouds scattered and the starlight sprinkled down. It was as if those bizarre event just now never happened at all.


  1. Silva: Just… what could it be? A soul protecting artifact?! 

Chapter 183 – The First Divine Ability

The black clouds rumbled at nightfall. The clouds as black as the ink were almost touching the ground.

It seemed like a storm was imminent.

Not a single soul could be seen on the main street. Such a big Celestial City seemed to have sunk into deathly silence. All the sounds have disappeared.

There was an indescribable pressure pouncing over to the mother earth from the dark horizon. It was as if the mother earth had been shrouded by a layer of dense fog in a flash.

At Xiao Chen’s residence, Fairsky and Zhuge fatty hurriedly bid farewell. The both of them had ugly an expression as they warned Xiao Chen not to rashly go out when the rainstorm approached at night.

When he asked why, the two of them were also not very clear. They said it was an old tradition passed down in Celestial City, that there would be one or two unusual rainstorms annually. In order to avoid getting frightened, it’s best if everyone don’t go out to walk around, regardless of the ordinary peoples or the powerful practitioners.

Just before leaving, Fairsky said in a low voice, “The elders said it themselves, this city might be a real Celestial City of the legend. The name is not given randomly. Just quietly stay in the house and nothing would happen. The resident of the city already got used to this. It’s only once or twice annually.”

After that, he hastily left with the fatty.

The black clouds were getting lower and lower, as if they had already touched the ground. However, the sound of thunder still couldn’t be heard. There was only a heavy pressure, as if there were hundreds of thousands of big mountains descending slowly.

Everywhere in the city was in absolute silence. It was as if Celestial City had lose its liveliness, not a sound could be heard anymore!

An indescribable palpitation gave rise to a bone-chilling fear!

Keke and Tenax felt very uneasy. They seemed to have felt something bad as they kept looking up at the dark sky from the courtyard.

Xiao Chen felt this scene was somewhat familiar. At that time when the ghost town appeared on the dragon island, it seemed just as oppressive and frightening.

Ghost town?!

Celestial City?!

As he thought of this, Xiao Chen suddenly had a flash. According to rumor, nobody knew when the Celestial City was constructed. They did not have any historical records, they only knew it had already existed for countless years. However, that tall and ancient city wall was still in good condition even after going through the vicissitudes of time.

Could it be that… the Celestial City and the dragon island’s ghost town were ancient cities from the same era?

Then, doesn’t that mean, this city had already been through the vicissitudes of countless eras since the day it was build?

Was it really a mysterious ancient city of the distant past?

Xiao Chen had a feeling that his conjecture might really be true!

Keke and Tenax vigilantly watched the dark sky. Their expressions seemed to be very grave.

Xiao Chen also felt very uneasy, but this kind of feeling was a lot different compared to the time when the ghost town appeared on the dragon island. At the very least, he didn’t feel the vibe of death. There was only a foreboding feeling, it felt as if there was a huge lifeform about to awaken from its ancient slumber.


The lightning suddenly flashed in the sky. One criss-crossed lightning after another cut through the dark sky and tore apart that heavy atmosphere from just now.

The downpour descended, the heaven and earth was covered by a curtain of water, and the tempest began.

The whooshing sound of the wind sounded scary. The tiles of the roof were making crashing sound as they were blown by the wind. All the rainwater were blown in the sky until they were rolling up and formed jets of water similar to the waterfall.

Of course, all of these could only be seen due to the brilliant rays of the lightning. After the flash of lightning disappeared and sunk into darkness, they could only hear the terrifying sounds and unable to see anything.

As dark as the ink! It seemed as if Celestial City had been covered by an opaque black cloth.

Just at this time, the jet-black broken sword at Xiao Chen’s waist suddenly trembled violently, as if it wanted to streak across the vast sky and leave.

Xiao Chen was very surprised. This pitch-black, abnormally heavy, yet ordinary-looking broken sword actually started to tremble today. It was a little bizarre.

One must know that the broken sword was only a little more than one feet long, yet it weighed more than a few hundred kilograms. If it was not filled with magic power, it wouldn’t even be able to cut down an ordinary metal, let alone the divine weapons. It looking very much mediocre until now. It had never manifested anything unusual before.

Of course, those so-called divine weapons also couldn’t cut down this broken sword.

Apparently, it’s neither weak or strong.

Xiao Chen reached out with his hand and firmly grabbed the sword shaft. He could feel the jet-black broken sword trembling violently in his hands. An ancient vibe seemed to throw itself in his face. Soon after, he could feel an extremely sharp sword-qi!

A resplendent ray of light directly cut open the empty sky. It streaked across the darkness and was launched towards the pitch-black sky.

It was still and quiet, no peculiar fluctuation transmitted from the dark sky. It was as if the endless darkness had swallowed up the sword-qi.

Just at this time, Xiao Chen suddenly felt an intense battle intent rushing into his mind from the broken sword. Some kind of instinct urged him to go to the courtyard and began to practice with the sword.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

The sword-qi was as bright as the lightning as it was rumbling in the darkness and surging forward in the heavy rain. The broken sword in Xiao Chen’s hand seemed to glow with the radiance of life. It was like a raging black dragon as it violently emitted one divine radiance after another!

What the broken sword passed to Xiao Chen, rather than battle intent, it was more like sword intent! It wasn’t really a sword technique, but it conveyed one kind of creative concept to Xiao Chen. It was one kind of creative concept that belonged to the sword!

It could be understood, but not described. Xiao Chen was immersed in some kind of fantastic state. Nobody was teaching him the sword technique, but he was waving freely and unconstrained in accordance to that sword intent in his mind. The broken sword left a streak of rainbow as it slashed past. The pitch-black sword body was flickering with resplendent divine radiance. Xiao Chen felt that he had no choice but to draw the sword, and wave it without constraint. He wanted to arouse the skyrocketing killing intent and battle intent.


The lightning flashed in the sky. Xiao Chen was waving his sword alone under the heavy downpour. One sword radiance after another rushed straight into the dark horizon. The murderous aura sent shivers down the spine. The sword-qi were unstoppable!

Just at this time, along with the deafening thunder, Xiao Chen could hear an almost indiscernible sound of close quarters combat. In the endless dark sky, under the flash of lightning, one ancient figure after another appeared. Each of them was wearing an ancient armor and holding a divine weapon in their hand. A lot of people from ancient times were fighting fiercely in the sky!

Keke and Tenax also rushed under the heavy rain as they looked up at the horizon nervously.

The broken sword in Xiao Chen’s hand never stopped. Looking up at the horizon, he continue to wave the sword as he watched the faintly discernible battle.

With a “buzz”, the rainbow-colored sacred tree on top of Keke’s head suddenly flickered with brilliant rays. After that, a golden ray of light soared up and was launched into the high altitude. It was actually that golden divine halberd with skyrocketing murderous aura! It was flickering with glaring golden light, as if there was a golden flame throbbing on the weapon body.

Following closely, with an explosive sound, the black fog pervaded as a Metal Engraving rushed out of the rainbow-colored sacred tree. It flew up into the night sky in that instant.

The golden divine halberd and the jet-black metal engraving, those were the divine artifacts that went missing on the dragon island since ancient times. On that day, Keke recklessly caused trouble and these two ancient artifacts had once destroyed one mountain range after another. It narrowly led to a huge disaster.

Never had they thought, these weapons had also broke away from the dragon island along with them. Keke had never thought of this possibility before. At this moment, it was so excited that it was squeaking randomly.

Xiao Chen was also very shocked. Two divine artifacts were actually hidden in the rainbow-colored sacred tree. That was too unexpected.

After the golden divine halberd and jet-black metal engraving rushed into the sky, the image of the fierce battle in the sky instantly faded away. After that, the rumbling of the thunder also disappeared in split second. The sound of the wind also stopped. The world had sunk into complete darkness.

The golden divine halberd and jet-black metal engraving, these two ancient artifacts seemed to have faded away along with the thunder and the ancients.


Keke was calling out anxiously under the heavy rain. The rainbow-colored divine radiance had enveloped it. Not a drizzle of rain could fall on its body.

The sword radiance flickered for the last few times. Xiao Chen put away the sword and laid down. The sword intent in his mind had been thoroughly aroused. As he looked up at the pitch-black sky with heavy downpour, he could be certain now, Celestial City was definitely an ancient city of the distant past. Otherwise how would it have such a mysterious side? At this very moment, the pressure enveloping the heaven and earth bore a remarkable resemblance to the characteristic of the dragon island’s ghost town. The only thing lacking was the vibe of death.

It was exceptionally oppressive. Although there’s no thunderous sound in the sky, the downpour actually began to fall to the ground noiselessly. The splashes appeared on the ground in thin air. It was exceptionally quiet. The world had become deathly still.

However, it was during this extremely abnormal situation that Xiao Chen felt his body was letting out a shattering sound. He actually made a breakthrough to Historia realm under this kind of suffocating situation!

As if some kind of shackles had been broken, he had finally overcame the last bottleneck and completely entered this domain. The unsteady state was now stabilized!

One gem-like radiance after another lingered on his body. The bones in Xiao Chen’s body were letting out snapping sounds as his flesh squirmed frantically. This was a natural response when his body undergo a real transformation.

Historia was the realm where one began to open up the treasures in their bodies. Henceforth, the divine abilities would spring up in large numbers!

Just at this time, Xiao Chen’s first divine ability after breaking through to Historia realm appeared.

Weapon Fusion!

The broken sword in Xiao Chen’s hand seemed as if it was melting. It transformed into resplendent sword-qi and blended into Xiao Chen’s body.

Xiao Chen was gobsmacked. It was not because he didn’t understand the situation. It was because he knew this divine ability was too rare. He absolutely never thought his first divine ability would be the legendary Weapon Fusion. This was the treasure body every practitioner yearned for even in their dreams.

However, thinking carefully after the shock, it was not too unexpected. That was because he was following the path of Vajra, so the divine ability he obtained would naturally be related to it.

Weapon Fusion, according to legends, it could change any divine weapons into a part of his body. Of course, that was only the initial stage. Along with the increase of power, it was completely capable of smelting any divine weapons and made a certain part of his body possess all kinds of properties from the divine weapons!

As a result, the human body itself would be equivalent to the heavenly sword!


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Chapter 182 – Joy and Delight

When Xiao Chen returned to the hall, a waitress delivered a fine liquor to him. The golden beverage was as thick as a honey. When it slid down the throat, there was a blazing feeling, and then it transformed into a sweet fragrance, flowing along with the breath. That feeling was too wonderful.

Zhuge fatty walked over and clicked his tongue, “Tsk! Mander family sure is wealthy. This ‘Gold Dream Dew’ cost as much as half a year of the common family’s living expenses.”

Fairsky also walked over and said with his lips sticking out, “Hofmann is scowling at you.”

Sure enough, Hofmann was staring at him very fiercely.

Xiao Chen raised his head to down this Gold Dream Dew and then walked over there with large strides.

“Don’t act recklessly!” Fairsky warned him. This place was not an ordinary location.

The moment he got nearer to Hofmann, Katalina and the other girls just happened to turn their heads over there. They were very clever and knew what was going on with a single glance. They giggled as they watched on.

Hofmann was together with a group of scions from the major families. He looked at Xiao Chen provocatively and mumbled under his breath noiselessly.

“Mother f—! This son of a b— is cursing you?” Zhuge Liang was very furious.

Xiao Chen looked at Hofmann’s performance very calmly. The other party was indeed cursing him with filthy speech.

“What is he cursing? Interpret for me, Fairsky.”

“He was calling you a *******, saying that if you have the guts, then go over there. The latter part is very unpleasant to hear.” Fairsky was also extremely displeased with Hofmann.

The nearby were all young people, many of them had noticed the situation at this place.

Xiao Chen turned his head to ask Katalina, “Hofmann is really cursing me?”

“Of course. Do you really need us sisters to interpret for you? I didn’t expect you are so stupid, you don’t even know how to do lip reading!” Katalina said without holding back. Then she giggled and started to interpret. She was more than happy to see Xiao Chen blowing up. She was very willing to pour oil on the fire.

Katalina and few other girls from the major families started to interpret what Hofmann was saying earnestly. Of course, they were adding oil while interpreting.

“He said it, you scoundrel, come over here if you have the guts!”

“Coward, come and hit me if you dare!”

“Watch it boy, I will make you wish you were dead sooner or later!”

“Why is this boy so scared now, why did he not dare to come over? Come over and hit me if you have the guts!”

“Come over and hit me, you joker!!”


Hearing these, Xiao Chen smiled and said towards Fairsnow and the others who remained quiet all along, “All of you heard it right? I didn’t misinterpret. With so many people to testify, that guy over there is asking me to go over there to hit him. It was the baby girl of the host, Katalina, who personally interpreted for me. It’s definitely not a mistake! Since he wished for it, as a gentleman, I will fulfill his desire!”

As he was speaking, Xiao Chen walked over there with large strides.

“Ah?!” The people at the side were stunned.

The fatty and Fairsky on the other hand, started to laugh.

Katalina was screeching, “Xiao Chen, you *******! You have the impertinence to make use of me!”

“I say, brothers and sisters, is there anyone who wants to hit him? Then follow my lead, there’s no need to feel apprehensive. This guy was begging to be hit!” Speaking until here, Xiao Chen already got within the group of scions and made Hofmann fall onto the ground with a slap. Then he started to trample him violently.

“Ow-uuu…” Hofmann let out a pained sound similar to the howl of the wolves. He was exceptionally miserable. Never had he thought Xiao Chen would really dare to hit him.

“We really can beat him?” One of the scions not far away asked like this. Hofmann was usually very arrogant, so he naturally had many enemies.

Of course, everyone at this place can testify!”

With a “hustle” and “bustle”, more than ten male and female surrounded Hofmann and trampled him violently.

Hofmann’s miserable shriek practically didn’t sound like it was produced by a human.

Among the participants, the young ladies were much fiercer than the men. Every one of them was wearing an excited expression, as if they were playing a very interesting game. A game where they were trampling on a sandbag and wishing every step could make the sandbag spill some sand. ⌈1

Katalina was using her lily-white hands to knead her temples. She was having a slight headache as she said, “This guy is too wretched, he’s actually using me!”

“I think this guy is very treacherous!”

“He’s worst than Dugu Jianmo!”

A few good friends of Katalina supported her, but there were also a few traitors among them. Few of them already ran over there excitedly and participated in trampling Hofmann.

“My god! Brother Liu, you also dared to hit me?!”

“This **** from the noble house, where do you think you’re kicking? You want to cut off my line of descent? Ow-uu…”

While Hofmann was howling in grief, he didn’t forget to fight back fiercely with words. Of course, that only served to increase his beatings.

When few of the scions at the side watched on, their faces changed abruptly. They wanted to help, but after looking at Xiao Chen, who was like the death god, each and every one of them shrank back. Now they know, this guy couldn’t be trifled with, couldn’t be provoked! Otherwise, they would die an unsightly death.

Xiao Chen did not hold back at all when he made his move. In only a moment, he had snapped thirteen bones of Hofmann. After that, he calmly moved back and let those ladies and gentlemen who felt animosity toward him to continue beating him.

After he swept his eyes past these scions, they immediately kept quiet out of fear. In their eyes, Xiao Chen was more scary than the unreasonable Dugu Jianmo.

“Lidong Bo, when will you pay up the twenty thousand gold coins you owe me?” Xiao Chen looked at Lidong Bo with a smile that was not a smile.

“Ah, this… I will pay back as soon as possible.” Lidong Bo was ashamed, angry, and terrified all at the same time.

“That won’t do, you must give me an accurate timeline!”

“Within ten days!” Lidong Bo’s face was flushed.

“Good, that’s settled then. I always keep my promise. What I hate the most is people who break their promise. I wish you will not disappoint me.” His words were very cold. This was an undisguised threat.

“Austrian, when will you pay back the thirty thousand gold coins.” Xiao Chen shifted his gaze to Katalina’s cousin.

These scions felt that Xiao Chen was really too arrogant. This was but the Mander family’s ancient castle, and he actually forced the scion of the Mander family to pay back the money at this place, he’s too crazy.

“I will give it to you within ten days!” After saying these, Austrian turned his head angrily and left.

“Ow-uuu… so painful… I’m about to die!” The voice let out by Hofmann already couldn’t be classified as a human’s voice anymore. He wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves.

The disturbance at this place had already attracted a lot of attention. However, the overwhelming majority of the people felt unconcerned and let matters rest. Only until the master of the Mander family learned about this matter did he come to put a stop to it hurriedly.

That was precisely Katalina and Lazio’s father. He was a dignified-looking middle-aged man. He had similar aqua-blue long hair and although he was middle-aged, he still looked very soldierly and confident.

“Stop it! What’s going on here?”

Only now did Hofmann’s nightmare come to an end. He was badly mutilated from head to toe. He didn’t even look like a human anymore, it could even be said to be a tragic sight.

The people of the Reagan family rushed over from the VIP lounge as soon as they received the news. They felt flustered and exasperated when they saw Hofmann. One middle-aged man swept his eyes all around and shouted, “Who did this? You actually dare to create a disturbance in the Mander family’s banquet. Are you not giving any face to the Mander family?”

He immediately pulled the Mander family in. He wanted to make the Mander family settle this and punish the perpetrator.

At this time, many older generation figures who were discussing about the warbeast tournament also walked over from the VIP lounge.

“You can’t blame other people, it was Hofmann himself who wanted people to beat him!” Among the crowd, one of the scions mumbled in a low voice.

“What are you saying? Come out here and speak loudly!” The one standing there was Hofmann’s flesh and blood uncle, how could be not be angry?

“That was indeed the case, Hofmann wanted others to beat him!” A young lady raised her voice.

“That’s right!”

“That’s just how it is!”

“He was begging to be hit!”


Every participant shouted all together. These young people all had powerful background. With these many people together, they were not afraid of the Reagan family at all.

If you don’t believe us, you can ask Lady Katalina of the Mander family. As the daughter of the master, I don’t think she would tell a lie.”

Someone pulled Katalina into it as their shield.

“Katalina, come over here. Tell me what is going on.” Her dignified father cast a glance at her.

Katalina moved over there gloomily. She turned her head around to take a quick look. She found that Xiao Chen was actually lifting a wine goblet and watching the show, away from the group of people. He didn’t seem to have the intention to join in. This made her very frustrated, but she also had no other choice at the moment. She must not stir up more trouble than this. It’s best to smooth things over as quickly as possible while Hofmann was still unconscious.

“Hofmann was possessed. He insisted on getting hit!” The sharp and clear words echoed in the hall. It immediately gave rise to a roar of laughter.

“Carry this disappointing thing back!” Hofmann’s uncle shouted angrily at this two underlings, then he rushed into the VIP lounge without turning back.

“Let’s continue the banquet. I hope everyone can forget about the unpleasant moment just now!” Said Katalina’s father.

“That was very pleasing just now!” It must be mentioned, there was a few talent among the participants, such a response immediately gave rise to a cheerful talk. The tensed-up atmosphere from just now immediately dissipated.

The music resounded as the light in the hall dimmed. Then the dancers took the stage gracefully.

Many young men and young ladies already took part in the dance.

Xiao Chen felt out of sorts. He came from the mortal world. The differences between so-called code of ethic between the male and female were very big. Looking at these young people dancing in the hall, he felt a little unbelievable.

“This hateful guy, would you dare to dance with me?” Katalina was as proud as a little phoenix. She walked over with her well developed breasts and looked at Xiao Chen provocatively. Her stature was petite, but her curves, her long eyelashes, and her vivid big eyes made her seem very sweet. Her only downfall would be her arrogance.

“……” Xiao Chen was a little speechless. What not to dare? He immediately pulled her hand and walked into the dancing field. According to the mortal world’s code of ethic, there’s nothing for him to lose.

However, Xiao Chen’s dance really made people less than impressed. He almost threw Katalina away with a single whirl.

“You want to die? You are practically like a beast!” Since they were already in the dancing field, Katalina let out an astute smile and said, “Xiao Chen, if I shout insolence right here and now, how do you think people will look at you?”

“I don’t think you would do such senseless thing.” Under the dim lighting, Xiao Chen wore an indifferent expression.

“What if I do something more extravagant?” Katalina harbored malicious intent as she smiled.

Xiao Chen raised his guard. If he really let this young lady act arbitrarily, he might really be stuck in a dilemma. Pure power immediately rushed into Katalina’s body from his two hands, confining her verbal ability and restricted her four limbs. Her dance steps were completely manipulated by Xiao Chen.

“Oh dear, since you want to ruin my reputation, I will help you accomplish it in advance.” Xiao Chen harbored malicious intents and pinched her ample butt a few times. Katalina almost teared up due to the pain.

She knew her buttocks were definitely bruised. Moreover, she could clearly feel that this scoundrel Xiao Chen was carving a few “words” on her soft flesh. It was actually these few words: “Xiao Chen’s little attendant”.

Katalina was driven mad!

To try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off. She had really suffered a big loss tonight. This loss was hard to put into words, she couldn’t even tell her big brother about it.

The worst thing was that she couldn’t raise her voice at the moment.

This guy was too wretched! He’s actually still pinch— no, groping!

While embracing Katalina in his embrace, Xiao Chen could smell the fragrance of the young lady. Since this girl wanted to scheme against himself, Xiao Chen was not an inflexible blockhead, he should levy the “interest” with no trace of politeness.

Just at this time, Katalina’s father found them at this place. His face turned sinister at once when he just happened to see Xiao Chen and Katalina.

Mother f—! Youngster, where do you think you are putting your hand? On my daughter’s buttocks! And still being so dishonest, you tired of living?

Although Bailey had good temper, he still couldn’t hold back his urge to let out a curse after seeing this scene: This youngster is such a grandmother’s *******. He actually dares to so assail my Mander family’s baby girl so boldly, such a scum! Furthermore, this brat Katalina is really outrageous, how could you let him touch you like this?

Of course, he had wrongly accused Katalina. Due to the obstruction of the other dancers, Bailey couldn’t see Katalina’s current situation clearly.

When Bailey arrived with a sinister face, Xiao Chen calmly let go of Katalina.

The moment Katalina regained her freedom, she wanted to bare her fangs and pounce over there immediately. In the end, when she saw her father with an ugly face, she immediately had the urge to cry.

“Xiao Chen, go to the VIP lounge with me.” Bailey turned around and left after saying these.

Katalina shouted from behind, “Dad, teach him a lesson for me. He was bullying me!”

“Hmph!” Bailey let out a humph with an ugly face. He didn’t even turn around.

“Be a good girl and stop playing around. Think about the time and situation. Wait for me to come back.” Xiao Chen knew Bailey was having a misunderstanding. He immediately wanted to make matters worse as he took on a kind and doting attitude.

“Go die! Go die! Go die!” Looking at Xiao Chen leaving with a smile across his face, Katalina really wished she could bump into his back. She yelled towards his rear figure, “Mister Xiao, just you wait, I’m not finished with you!”

After entering VIP lounge number ten, Bailey didn’t show Xiao Chen any goodwill from start to finish. He said very coldly, “I know you have a Dragon King. I invite you here because I want to ask whether you will participate in the warbeast tournament or not.”

“I haven’t decided yet. I treated Tenax as my partner, I didn’t want to go against its desire. I still have no idea whether it’s willing to participate or not.”

Bailey remained expressionless as he handed over a silver plate, “Since it is a sacred beast, there’s no need to participate in the knockout competition. You can directly enter the grand battle. To participate or not, that is up to you. Take this silver plate with you. If you are unwilling to participate, you can just throw it away.”

Very clearly, the ugly faced Bailey didn’t want to say much to Xiao Chen. After he’s done with his business, he asked him to leave right away.

Xiao Chen laughed mischievously and didn’t say much. He left right away after putting the silver plate into his pocket. Naturally, after he came out of the VIP lounge, he directly left from the back door to avoid the Mander family’s baby girl.

After returning to the residence, Keke had also returned. The little critter had an important mission tonight: To scout the Mander family’s Beast King Castle. After it got back, the little critter gesticulated at Xiao Chen excitedly, letting him know what it heard and seen. Xiao Chen became well aware of the situation after hearing these.

“Tenax, do you want to participate in the warbeast tournament?”

The proud little dragon nodded its head.

Keke also mimicked the gesture by patting its plump little belly, and then proudly puffed up its chest.

“You also want to participate?”

“Squeak!” Keke nodded its head seriously.

The time passed quickly. These days, Tenax was always confronting with the Azure Dragon King. At the same time, it was using the dragon’s divine ability to help the Azure Dragon King regain its mind.

The knockout competition of the warbeast tournament already began. The Celestial City turned very lively. There were interesting beast battle everyday!


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Chapter 181 – I love Lan Nuo

In the dazzling hall, the crystal lamps were flickering with dream-like luster. The aristocrats and celebrities were toasting repeatedly with the wine goblets in their hands.

A few acquaintances were looking closely at this direction, observing Xiao Chen, Katalina, and her freak of a big brother. Those acquaintances included Austrian, Hofmann, Lidong Bo, Zhuge Kun, Fairsnow, Yan Qingcheng, and so on.

The blue-haired pretty boy was free and easy. He smiled at the surrounding girls to express his apology as he walked towards Xiao Chen and company.

“What is that freak called?” Xiao Chen asked Fairsky. He wasn’t even aware that Katalina was scowling at him.

“This… cough, cough… He’s called Lazio.” Fairsky coughed. He seemed to be reminding Xiao Chen that Katalina would flip out if he called her big brother as a “freak” in front of her.

“You are the freak! All of you are freaks!” The Mander family’s baby girl stared straight into Xiao Chen’s eyes and glowered at him. She was cursing unceasingly, but of course, her voice was very low. After all, this banquet was held at their house, she didn’t want to cause too much of a disturbance.

Lazio walked over with a faint smile and hinted a toast at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen also toasted with him. However, he was still chatting with Fairsky in whispers, “He don’t look like a freak.”

Looking at Katalina, then at the freak who was almost before his eyes, Fairsky smiled awkwardly. And Katalina’s forehead was already covered with black lines. She pulled Lazio and acted like a spoiled child, “Big bro… he’s bullying me, and he even called you a freak.”

Lazio had an out of the ordinary appearance. Tall and muscular, but not to the point that his muscles were swelling. He could be rated as a pretty boy. His aquamarine long hair was brilliant, and his eyes were as bright as the stars. He possessed a special trait that even if he was standing in a sea of people, people could notice him at a glance.

It must be mentioned, people with extraordinary gifts was indeed different from your average people. Without a doubt, Lazio was classified as this kind of people. He smiled and lightly pinched Katalina’s lovely nose. Then he said, “Isn’t that what everyone is calling me? I’m sure you are deliberately making trouble again.”

“Big brooo…” Katalina was shaking Lazio’s hand and acted coquettishly, “This guy is very bad. He injured brother Lambda, extorted money from cousin Austrian, and he even bullied me at Paradise Spa. You must teach him a lesson for me.”

The blue-haired Katalina widened her lively eyes as she bit her red lip with her pearly white teeth. In addition to the way she creased her lovely nose, it was very cute. If not because she was a little young, she might be considered the third pearl of the south, up there with Yan Qingcheng and Fairsnow.

Lazio was not a freak. At the very least, he had good manners and gave people a good impression. This was Xiao Chen’s first impression of him.

“So this is brother Xiao. These days, I heard so many things about brother Xiao’s famous name until my ears almost got calluses.”

“It’s an honor to meet brother Lazio at last. Nice to meet you.”

Seeing the two being polite and amiable, Katalina mumbled to herself resentfully, “Big bro, you really won’t help me…?”

Lazio gently stroked his younger sister’s blue hair and said, “Alright, stop making any more mischief. I have something to discuss with brother Xiao, you go and say hello to your good sisters over there.”

“Big brooo…” Katalina muttered under he breath resentfully. Then she twisted her lovable body around angrily and left.

Not far away, Hofmann and Lidong Bo were also very disappointed. They originally thought the freak of the Mander family would make an appointment to fight with Xiao Chen. Never had they thought the two would be so polite to each other and formed a peaceful relation.

After she got beside Fairsnow and the other beauties, Katalina said while panting with rage, “That guy is too hateful. Sister Fairsnow, just now Xiao Chen said you are too tall.”

“Hehe…” Before Fairsnow could say anything, someone at the side already made fun of her, “Katalina, just now you must have lost the argument right? What? You want to come here and pull some allies? Even if that guy don’t have an eye for things, he wouldn’t find Fairsnow’s perfect figure to be no good.”

Few of the girls started to giggle.

“Brother Xiao, why don’t we go and take a walk?” Lazio issued an invitation.

The moonlight was gentle as the clear radiance spilled down.

Behind the ancient castle was a garden, heavily scented by the fragrance of flowers.

“Brother Xiao, did you come from the mortal world?” ⌈1

“Why are you suddenly asking me?”

Lazio was standing on a stone bridge and looking at the flowing stream. Then he said, “I don’t have evil intention. I wanted to ask about someone from you.”

“Oh? Who is it?” Xiao Chen walked slowly under the moonlit night. He walked past the stone bridge and jumped onto the observatory to look up at the unbounded starry sky. He felt as if he had returned to the mortal world.

“A dream-like fairy.” Lazio stopped here as he revealed a peculiar expression. He seemed to be a little intoxicated as he said slowly, “She’s called Lan Nuo. I want to know about her past.”

Under the bright moonlight, for the handsome Lazio to reveal this kind of expression, if those young married women and young ladies in the hall had seen it, they would definitely be jealous and bewitched.

Xiao Chen was a little surprised. Lazio had actually come across Lan Nuo. He asked calmly, “When and where did you meet her?”

One year ago, I was fortunate to run into her once at Celestial City. However, all traces of her completely disappeared since then. She was like a fairy from the highest of the heavens. I only met her once, then she disappeared without a trace.” Lazio sighed regretfully and said, “I know a girl like her wouldn’t belong to a single man for eternity, even a god was not fit for her!”

Being called by others in the world of martial arts as a freak, he always wore a confident attitude in front of everyone. However, at this moment, Lazio’s bearing was poles apart from usual. He was actually feeling regretful and frustrated. That sad expression was undisguised.

“Lan Nuo, the wise and able person of Yanhuang Dynasty. She was exceptionally charming, a natural born genius, At the age of twenty, she traveled around the world with a sword, none were able to fight her on equal term!” Xiao Chen’s words were very smooth as he looked up at the starry sky calmly. His gaze seemed to pass through the space and could see the mortal world as he continued, “The same year, she practiced the legendary ⌈Divine Dominion⌋ and caused her power to become half crippled. Her body gradually became weaker. Soon, she looked for a method to break the life and death moment with her great wisdom. In the end, she resolved to freeze herself in a bottomless ice valley. A miracle happened thirteen years later, Lan Nuo came out of the ice cave full of vitality. She stayed young forever and successfully tricked death. She was frozen for thirteen years and time passed just like a snap of a finger. Her peerless beauty didn’t undergo any changes due to the vicissitudes of time!”

“According to legend, the mortal world is deficient of spiritual energy. However, she actually gained the power to create a spatial distortion in such a short period of time! She is indeed a genius among the geniuses.” Lazio was deeply moved and said, “Since entering the world of immortals, she could even be said to be free and unbounded! I don’t know what kind of heights can she reach, but I believe in ten years, she wouldn’t need to fear the god of this world anymore! Perhaps, there’s no need to wait for ten years, three… two… maybe even one year is enough!”

That was the actual situation. Since the ancient times, how many in the mortal world had actually broke the bounds of the world and entered the world of immortals? There was only a handful! Every single void traveler was certainly an illustrious individual for all eternity.

Nowadays, the founder of many famous sects in the world of immortals came from the mortal world.

Every time he thought of these, Xiao Chen had a doubt. Since the mortal world was deficient of spiritual power, then why was there so many world-shaking figures from the mortal world? And even after those people arrived at the world of immortals, they were still sweeping the floor with all living things. How should be categorize the mortal world more appropriately? Maybe… in the ancient past, the mortal world was also an illustrious holy land!

“Anything else? I want to know more.” Lazio stood on the stone bridge, looking at the luminous rose in the front. Every kind of flowers blossomed and the fascinating fragrance drifted in the air.

“That’s all. Lan Nuo is a mysterious girl.”

“Facing a girl like Lan Nuo, has brother Xiao never been tempted once?”

“I haven’t reached the same height as her. I don’t have any extravagant hope. My future, I need to develop it step by step.” Xiao Chen was very calm. He was unwilling to speak much more regarding this topic.

Lazio smiled, then his bearing changed in that instant. That frustration completely disappeared as he regained his confident expression. He said, “I actually want to fight with you, but today is not a good day. How about a round of formal match instead?”

“Bring it on!”

Xiao Chen was on top of the observatory. He turned around to face Lazio.

“Spiritual Battle!” Speaking until here, Lazio’s aquamarine long hair suddenly fluttered backward. His expression suddenly became incomparably sharp as he emitted two ice-cold glints similar to the sword-qi.

A pressure originated from the spirit pressed down on Xiao Chen like an immemorial primal beast. It was fierce yet explosive!

Vaguely, it felt as if there were thousands of souls howling in grief, yet it also felt like the roars of the wave. It was extremely powerful.

Xiao Chen instantly understood how Lazio received his freak title. On the outside he looked gentle and cultivated, but when his battle intent burst out, he was actually this coarse and wild. His power was close to the point of freakish!

In regards to Spiritual Power, Lazio had already went beyond the category of Exuvia. His Spiritual Power condensed and materialized into divine swords, it was unstoppable!

Xiao Chen was as calm as a lofty mountain. The Spiritual Power was slamming him like vast ocean, with great and powerful momentum, and yet, he remained unfazed. No matter how many thousands of divine sword or waves you throw at him, it was all like rivers entering the ocean. His power was deep and beyond measure.

The quiet battle of the two caused the plants in between to wither at once. Soon after, the flowers soundlessly turned into dusts. It seemed as if there was never any vegetation at that place to begin with, only the dusts!


The white marble bridge burst up and collapsed. Lazio jumped back, his face a little pale. The observatory also burst up and was on the verge of collapsing. Xiao Chen’s face was also covered with sweat. He jumped up and landed on top of a pavilion.

Following that, a blazing divine light burst out between the two. That was the force of spiritual power!

The divine light was dazzling!

It made even the moon and the stars in the sky lose their splendor!

The fluctuation of the spiritual power was as vast as the ocean!

This could even be said to be an extremely dangerous battle. A little mistake and their consciousness would be crushed, flattened, and they would become a living dead.

After no less than fifteen minutes later did everything finally calm down.

The two of them no longer resisted. The pavilion had turned to dusts, the lotus pond had dried up, the flat marble ground even caved in for at least ten meters soundlessly.

Between the two was a huge gorge!

“Historia?” Lazio looked at Xiao Chen with amazement.

Xiao Chen did not reply. Only after pondering for a while did he say, “Your spiritual power already broke into the realm of Historia.”

“My spiritual power is powerful as it should be. That’s because I am a Psychic.”

Far away, the scions of a few big families shook their head. Hofmann said regretfully, “What a pity, why are they not continuing? Mother f—! Is that ******* really that strong? I really want to squeeze him to death! It seems like the freak from the Mander family didn’t gain any upper hand. This is inconceivable.”

Lidong Bo also heaved a sigh and said, “It really make one apprehensive. Why is no one putting him in order? Could the rumor be true? That he has some relationship with that existence in the depths of south.”

“So what if he has friendship with them?” Hofmann’s eyes flickered with ominous glint and said, “There’s still methods to toy with him to death and won’t give rise to that person’s suspicion.”

“Ceh, stop putting on airs.” A sneer transmitted from the side as a young lord said, “I have heard this from the elders in my family. That your old fathers actually wanted to make their move. As a result, they pulled back the way they came from.”

“Cackle, cackle…” The sound of Hofmann grinding his teeth could be heard. Then he shouted fiercely, “Five Historia experts from my family died. We can’t let this score end like this. I will find someone to squeeze him to death sooner or later!”

On the other side, Yan Qingcheng, Fairsky, Zhuge Liang, Fairsnow, Katalina, and the others also watched the spiritual battle just now.

Zhuge Liang ridiculed, “The baby girl from Mander family, it seems like your big bro is out of form today. Shame to the good name of the unparalleled freak.”

“******* fatty, don’t provoke me! You think I don’t dare to beat the crap out of you?” Katalina was glaring at the fatty angrily. However, due to her sweet appearance, even when she was acting savage, she still appeared very cute.

“That’s right. Katalina, is your older brother holding back on purpose? How can he be no match for Xiao Chen?” The young lady at the side could even be said to be blindly worshipping Lazio.

“Love-struck fool!” After the cold voice, a tall and stalwart figure holding metal sword walked over from the hall.

“You shut—” Behind that young lady, Katalina shouted “Hold it!” and covered her mouth.

“Do you want to die? Don’t you know who he is?”

“Who is that *******?” The young lady was very furious.

The other young married women and young ladies were also very angry. ⌈2

“He is Dugu Jianmo! Two years ago, at a banquet, the eldest daughter of the Liu family acted arrogant and bossy, and that woman was directly beheaded by that guy.” Katalina whispered.

“Ah, it’s him!” Obviously, all the women knew about Dugu Jianmo’s behavior. All of them shut their mouth right away.


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[Vol.1] Chapter 5: The Old Man’s Morning

A martial artist always wakes up early.

While the sky was still dark, I cracked open an eyelid slowly.

Looking at the clock, which is equipped to the dorm room, I check the time.

….Four-thirty in the morning. Umu, the time I wake up hasn’t changed.

Waking up this early was a habit from my previous life. After waking up, I would first exercise.

Only today could I practice, due to the fact that today was one of the two free days in the school week.

My classmate who slept on the top bunk ── Eric Paris Star── was a friendly boy with freckles. So as not to wake him up, I got off the bed without making a sound.

On the opposite side of the bunks was a closet for storing clothes. On the top were clothes for everyday use. There were also hooded robes inside, robes that you had to wear in order to practice magic at the Academy.

This childish robe was woven so that you had room to grow into it, but unexpectedly, it also helped in training. Though it was better left unsaid, the hooded robe was also good for disguising your identity.

Even though it had this feature, I was thinking of not using it. However, when I thought about how awkward it would be if I were spotted in the crowd without the robe, I decided that having the robe would be more safe. Also, if I were to wear the robe, I would be seen as an aspiring mage. There would be no way for anyone to think that I was a martial artist.

──Either way, I still needed permission to leave the school, so I didn’t need to wear the hood when leaving the school.

When I removed the hood in front of the mirror, which was equipped on the inside of the closet door, I saw a person who didn’t seem to be a mage in any way.

Fumu, this is my twelve year old body── eh, I’m still not accustomed to this.

Unexpectedly, I retained my coppery hair even in this life.

My eyes were a dark emerald at the current time ⌈1⌋. My facial features were said to have been this way from my childhood──but, I think it seems more similar to those of my father.

Even if you were to live harmoniously side by side, it would be expected that your race wouldn’t have a future if you didn’t have children.

──Nevertheless, when one looked into my eyes, they would find it to be strangely sharp. Though it was probably due the years from my past life, when I had been very aggressive.

Yet──it was said that elves separated themselves from other races because of the fact that they were good-looking and that they themselves knew this. Because I had not really thought about it too much, a certain evaluation of myself sprung out. ⌈2

……Feeling unexpectedly handsome, I felt a little admiration for my own reflection. Reflected in the mirror, besides my eyes, was a pretty boy, as well as my own wry smile while thinking this.

Come to think of it, how long has it been since I’ve looked at myself in the mirror?

In my previous life, there was also a large mirror in the dojo. However, it was unpleasant if you liked that kind of confirmation, and it got in your way. ⌈3

It was also my fault at not checking it out myself due to having little interest in my appearance. Perhaps it was because of this that I still didn’t believe that this was my face.

──Fumu. I guess I better shave/groom myself after my beard grows.

I think some hair is okay, such as hair that could be shaved casually and didn’t get in the way.

Well, it’ll be long before I start doing that. Thinking of this cliche, I remembered what I had vowed to a certain person while leaving the room.

During this time, while the sun still wasn’t up, the hallway of the dormitory was silent.

It was certain that not even one percent of the dormitory had woken up. While breathing in the cool morning air, I left the dormitory. ⌈4

When you went out, there was a pleasant scent of morning dew. It would be exaggerated to say that one would get up early just because of this.

「Oh, Slava Marshall. It’s quite respectable that you’re up early today.」

Called out the voice of a plump guard when I had reached the school gate.

I go out every day whenever it becomes a holiday, so it has become a routine to see me go outside.

As usual, I will have to get issued a permit so that I could go outside, so I put smile on my face.

「I can do whatever I want as long as I don’t break the rules right? Can I get my usual permit?」

「…Yeah, certainly. Though bocchan is trustworthy, I have to say this because it’s part of the regulations. Be sure to be back by curfew to avoid dangerous things, okay?」 ⌈5

Returning my greeting with a kindly laugh, I started preparing for my exercise.

When doing an intense workout, preparations are necessary.

──Seems like this is going to be intense. ⌈6

I noticed that a corner of my mouth had curved up without me knowing.

Moving my body without restraint on a holiday, huh?

While suppressing these feelings that had been delaying my exercise, I silently finished my preparations.

I started running through the road that was surrounded by trees while increasing my speed gradually.

By the time my speed had reached the speed of a horse, I was already far away enough to not be seen by the guard.

Now I have to suffer the act of wearing this hood. A boy who was hurtling at speeds faster than a horse would obviously attract some attention──however, even if I was being chased, it would be no problem, unless my face was seen.

…My endgoal was one of my childish fantasies come true, a secret base.

Finally, I reached the point where I could decrease my speed, and I leaked out a small laugh.

♦ ♦ ♦

It had taken around 30 minutes of running to reach my desired location.

My secret base was inside the Academy’s forest, which was pristine due to the fact that it was far from the school.

The altitude of my base was about 2,000 Mrytle. It was also guarded by the part of the forest that was rarely tread into due to the fact that it was deep inside the forest. ⌈7

──Basically, it’s on a mountain.

It was visible to the Academy, but people rarely came here. The mountains’ name was “The Sacred Arubaku Peaks”. ⌈8

On the top of the mountain, which was surrounded by woods, ferocious monsters that had adapted to the cold dominate the place. Most people who came here usually left before staying too long.

Since there were less people here for a variety of reasons, it was natural that I could practice my Shijima style without restraint. Ah, it was like a free luxury training field.

It was worth my time to come here on holidays, as it was only a 1 hour round trip.

Having reached the top of the mountain, the place I usually train at, I looked at the Academy from the top of the mountain.

In the current season, by the time when I had gotten to the top of the mountain, the sun would be rising.

While I was watching the sun rise, I muttered:

「If only this mountain were a little farther away, but then again, it would also serve to be a dent in my training.」

Although it would have been more complex, sweating for thirty minutes was enough in this time of year.

The reason it would have been more complex was due to the fact that tree roots would suddenly appear and could only be passed with footwork and reaction speed. If you used magic to avoid these roots, you would only end up as a failure when you ran out of mana.

That said, if the location of the training was any more farther than necessary, I would lose more precious time training my fighting style.

Good luck did come unexpectedly though. As I was thinking about the inconveniences of my current body, I put down my luggage.

「Well then, I guess I’ll start with Zen training.」

With an empty stomach, I breathed in a chestful of the cool and clean morning air, which had been nurtured by the untouched forest, and crossed my legs in meditation on slightly damp grass.

……A serene wind shook the leaves of plants, and good air was generated by this unspoiled piece of nature.

This was one of the living conditions that the spirits who lived on mountains preferred. The farther away the mountain from human society, the better. They also preferred a luxurious training environment as well as living near elves. This one couldn’t help but feel jealous from the amount of attention that the elves were getting.

Anyway, it was likely that my Zen training would advance today. While correcting my feelings and the corner of my mouth that had distorted in joy, I concentrated my mind.

──I immersed myself in nature. The spirits in the mountains, which were residing in the woods, gave off a feeling of cool blue. ⌈9

While I was absorbing the high quality of magic from the spirits, I thought about the rare entering of human spirits that were even higher in quality.

The mana of nature was currently accumulating in my body. The high quality mana that I was absorbing was just the tip of the iceberg, and made me want to stay in Zen forever.

「(──Mu? The spirits are noisy.)」

While I was in my state of Zen, the spirits had started acting up as if they were terrified of something.

This fluctuation had ruined my state of Zen so I searched using my senses──

Apparently, there seemed to be customers.

Just as something produced a slight rustling sound in the vicinity, I slowly stood up.

At the same time, the spirits, which had surrounded me during my state of Zen, scattered away. Although it was a little earlier than I had expected, I might as well.

It was an exceptionally fine visitor, contrary to what I had thought.

♦ ♦ ♦

In this mountain, a ferocious monster feared nothing, not even bloodthirst──it would even hunt it’s own kind and be proud of it!

What was unexpected was that they could gauge their opponent’s competence. They had overwhelming confidence in chasing escaped prey as well. Ah, these facts were part of the reason why people didn’t usually come here.

「A Xenobea, huh?」

Slowly, from the rocky shade, a creature with a huge stature covered in fur emerged.

That being said, this was from the view of elves, humans, and humanoid creatures, but even so, it was still impressive to have a stature of 3 Myrtle.

……No, the scale wasn’t a big problem. What was noteworthy about it was its muscle density.

The muscles of this beast were like iron sand and they swelled up until they were bursting.

If the beast were to flex a little, the muscles would probably pop.

The beast, Xenobea, was of the bear kind. Its fighting spirit was strong, and so was its appetite. However, what people feared the most was its skeletal frame.

With the muscles I had described previously, it had the ability to tear a warrior that had magical power enhancements and armor, into two.

In addition to the high density of muscle, its fur was wire-like and could repel a two-handed heavy sword.

A Xenobea could live anywhere and its population was small, so it usually didn’t attack human towns.

However, when it did, it’s like a natural disaster. Even if you yielded most of your crop to the beast, it wouldn’t 「Stop」and proceed to eat people. Due to this, vigilante corps were dispatched in every village and the adventurer guild would send out a quest for extermination. Sometimes, even the kingdom’s soldiers were dispatched to kill the beast.

──No way, what is such a big shot doing in a place like this.

Raising a growl that seemed to resound deep inside the ground, the Xenobea slowly approached me on all fours.

In his ‘steps’ was the pride of being at the top of the mountain ecosystem, thus making me wryly smile.

I released the magic that I had been suppressing everyday and an indescribable feeling washed over me, similar to how you can hear your heart pump blood if you focus.

I got into my fighting stance and in addition, lowered my hips and closed my hand in order to put emphasis on impact.

Well, whatever.

Let’s attribute this to my good luck. After all, it wasn’t every day that you could chance upon a big shot like a Xenobea.

──Emergency. My words, that didn’t get through the dumb beast, got through by the means of my killing intent.

The most primitive way to tell if someone was an enemy or not was through killing intent. The Xenobea, being a beast, of course felt the intense killing intent and was rushing up here as fast as possible while destroying the ground.

It was difficult to associate the high speed, which the Xenobea was going at, with its huge stature.

However, it was true, to be honest.

It didn’t know how to be clever because it was 「Straightforward」. If this tactic was to be used against another wild beast, it would have probably won. However, if you included the various elements when fighting me──

We, who have devoted ourselves to 「Martial Arts」 in order to gain strength, are martial artists. ⌈10

Pure violence was easy to understand, thus it wouldn’t take long to defeat him.

My body had firmly met with the eyes of the Xenobea. Since my body looked like a shell, the Xenobea tried to mow me down while I use a flat hand.

My aim was his eyes. I never go「Soft」whenever I aim for this place.

Simply put, I just wanted to take away his view.

While I was escaping from being mowed down, I aimed my hands towards the Xenobea’s pupils like this ‘一”. ⌈11

Because my martial arts were tempered by my years of training, my hand had the same purpose as a blade. If a master were to use a mighty magical power to reinforce it, it would be as if he/she were using a famous blade. ⌈12

As a result, screaming as though if it was the end of the world, echoed through the mountain.

The eyes were now pieces of dead flesh due to being pierced by his hand. Birds that were nearby immediately flew away and beasts also ran away in terror.

In a matter of just seconds, only the Xenobea and I were left, with the sound of mad roaring due to the pain I inflicted on him by stabbing his eyes.

Once you destroy eyesight, the enemy would thrash around for a while, like an idiot.

Having a little fun is okay, is what I thought in a little sadistic manner as I watched the thrashing Xenobea.

──Then I raised my fist and punched the Xenobea. In my previous life, during the time I was young, I used to pull off more complex moves to defeat someone….but I’ve realized that a simple punch can also defeat an opponent.

This was because in nature, absolute rulers took pride in being able to take a few punches, thus creating their ego. If a beast could read what couldn’t be 「Seen」, it wouldn’t be inferior to any beast, the only exception being the 「Mountain King」due to its superior power. I sighed.

「……Want me to give you some mercy?」

While sighing and thinking that the Xenobea was more 「Wild」compared to the previous monsters, as well as being more satisfying, I stepped towards the Xenobea. ⌈13

While avoiding the floundering of the enraged bear, I slipped into a crack in his defence and hit him palm bottom. ⌈14

I withdrew the palm, added magic into my hand, and struck him at the same place palm bottom.

It was as if the Xenobea was a balloon made out of paper; he flew up and then started bleeding from his orifices. The reason for this was because I had struck him with my magic, disrupting his body functions and then it burst from inside of him.

It’s been a while since I killed a 「Strong」creature──surprisingly, no emotions pop out of my chest.

I jumped back to avoid getting blood from the orifices of the Xenobea onto my clothes, and I sighed.

It was an idle killing. Well, it doesn’t matter what I get to fight, as long as I get more experience with this body.

Moreover, it challenged me with killing intent. Even if it was an animal on the extinction list or on the side of the law, I would still kill it.

「I don’t feel anything from this either, huh…」

I put my hand onto the nape of the Xenobea and dragged its nonspeaking corpse.

Despite being a ferocious animal, I was still the one who killed it in the end. If I did not remove the corpse of opponent away, I would feel guilty because I had been taught to clean up my own messes by my old master.

If it’s something this big, it’ll be time-consuming…perhaps I’ll 「Get out」on the day after tomorrow.

Due to the decreased amount of animals challenging me, I was pleased that a pretty strong create challenged me….

I have become rather troublesome.

While dragging a mass of 1,000 kilos, I make my way towards the waterfall to tan the skin of the Xenobea.

…..I guess this can be counted as ‘work using physical force’. Even something this small can help in the way of bodybuilding, after all.

If this meat is left alone, the animals nearby will eat it.

While lamenting that I couldn’t train anymore today, I used physical strengthening magic to help me dismantle the bear.

…..I had thought it didn’t matter, but being an elf wasn’t that bad. I thought I was pretty good looking…and this was the only time I thought this.

I took out deodorant from the bag which I had prepared in order to train. Although it was used to get rid of the smell of sweat, I knew that it could also be used in order to erase traces of smells of blood.

I did the same thing a few weeks ago, but the smell of it from then…no, the important thing is that I try.

By the way, the cost for the deodorants and my training tools were obviously too expensive for me to buy, so I sell the skin or nail of the ferocious beast whom I defeat.

However, this time I fought a ferocious beast that even soldiers and adventurers have trouble against──and thus my day went by.

Though it was popular for young martial artists to take an animal as a foe, good grief. I only killed animals in order to kill off my boredom and keep myself sharp. ⌈15

When I thought about my previous life, I realized how much time I spent doing meaningless things. I guess I’ll work harder to hone my 「Martial Arts」.

However──even a ferocious beast of this level isn’t even enough to make me fully satisfied. I wonder when I’ll fight a truly strong opponent…


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[Vol.1] Chapter 4: Martial Arts Class

「Alrighty then, Slava, Shido, are you two ready?」



An early afternoon at the Arufareia academy.

It had been a few days since Alma came here to teach.

In the sturdily built auditorium, my classmate and I were facing each other.

It was for the newly established martial art class. As part of the lesson, we carried out practice match-ups.

Although I did question the choice of selecting the auditorium as the place for practice–but since they chose it, it can only mean that they have confidence in having nothing be broken by our activities.

Fumu. Even though it was for practice, I got to face off against someone whom I haven’t seen in a long time. The young boy’s name was Shido Oldham.

Many times he declared he would leave the Elf country to become an adventurer and make a name for himself. He was someone who harbored huge ambition.

He had short green hair, sharp eyes, and very aggressive looks.

I won’t say that he behaved well everyday, but I did not dislike him.

「Hehe, I’m not going to lose to a loner who only reads books!」

He sure did lack many things. His foul mouth and sleeping during lessons were two of his bad points.

Both of us each had our own goal to strive for and we put all of our effort into realizing it, especially in martial art class. We were both happy and eager to get started.

Not to get ahead of myself by saying that but this practice match was meant to help us strengthen our bodies, and it will definitely help us get closer to our goals.

For better or worse, his desire was what true from the bottom of his heart.

「Okay! Remember what I just taught you, always keep your guard up and fight fairly!

Get into your fighting stances!」

Do not strike with full power.

Aiming for vital organs is prohibited.

Stop attacking immediately if you feel that either of you is in danger.

These were the three rules Alma set in place to avoid accidents.

Though I’m not sure if the twelve-year-old could comprehend what the rules were, but if things were to get out of hand, Alma would instantly interfere.

If she has to, Alma will intervene. But if not, she will observe without disrupting the fight.

「Here I go, Slava!」

「Alright… Just give me your best shot.」

A troublemaker—but unexpectedly entertaining. I just love his personality.

I got into my stance. Although it was not nearly as solid as I wanted it to be, it was still a solid one.

I’ve practiced stances tens of thousands of times. Since Alma was teaching just now, I didn’t think that it would be a big deal, thus I picked the Shijima style’s most basic stance.

This stance was in fact the most well-rounded stance my great master, Iwao Shijima, thought out.

When I was studying under my great master, he taught me the forms of the Shijima martial arts which branched into numerous forms from this one stance. The stance I picked was essentially the most basic stance of all martial arts.

Taking this stance brings back a lot of memories within me. I really wished that I could meet my old friends again, and smiled.

As for Shido, he picked the same stance I did. However, since he could not grasp the full concept of the stance and was just copying my stance, he could not bring out its ‘true form’.

It was the same with each of my disciples copying me. Those were pleasant memories. My playmate was someone who did not understand even a little bit of martial arts, thus this match up would prove to be beneficial to him if he learned something.

Well, Alma only gave the ready signal and never said start…

I waited for the starting signal, but Alma never did say it.

When I turned to her, about to ask questions, I saw her frozen still with her lower jaw dropped.

「Oi Sensei~ What’s the hold up? Can we start already?」

「Eh, ah, ah, excuse me. Both of you can get back into your positions again.」

It wasn’t just me who was wondering, Sid was equally puzzled as he asked. Alma’s posture returned to normal and she replied.

「That stance, it can’t be but…that was no less from being perfect?」

I got back into my stance while Shido…posture, full of mistakes in many ways, and Alma was mumbling about something on the side. Unfortunately I did not hear what she was mumbling about.

「Okay, both of you good to go?


Worrying about it is useless now.

…Tsk tsk, my first opponent after so many years is a young lad. I sounded secretly to myself.

Don’t misunderstand me. It is only by observing a great martial arts master can the disciple grow. It is my utmost pleasure as a martial arts master to have the opportunity to give this young lad a chance to sprout. ⌈1


Shido quickly closed the distance by charging straight at me, which was a naive mistake. What was the point of trying so hard to stay in your stance just so you can drop it all at once? He had no guard whatsoever, but it didn’t matter since he abandoned any kind of orthodox fighting stance.

–It’s fine, it’s fine. It isn’t unusual for kids to be carefree.

Since I couldn’t blame him for being simple-minded, I just let out a smile.

Even if he managed to hit me, he can’t injure me if he’s like this.

At the moment, I could probably take ten thousand of the punches he throws out, but Shido’s physical endurance would give out long before that.

Even if I was just a mere martial artist, there was no doubt that I was the ‘strongest’ in my age group.

I moved my hand, caught Shido by the arm, and redirected the power in his punch away from me.

There was some power to his punch, and an inkling of magic behind it. As my hand gripped his arm, I moved on to break his balance.

It was hardly a surprise attack on his part. He had sufficient power but the way he utilized it was shallow.

I swept his leg to take away his balance and then swung him over my shoulder. Since he roughly had the same build as me, my action caused him to flip over in mid-air.

Alma along with most of other kids were speechless. Someone was cheering and yelling something about a person flying in the air.

The idiotic Shido on the other hand wasn’t afraid one bit. Suddenly being swung in the air probably didn’t give him enough time to think of anything. ⌈2

This was the difference between martial arts and a brawl. After showing off my power, I stop the attack and instead tighten my grip to brake Sid’s descent as gently as I could.

「Eh? What….did I—just lose?」

「Hehe. Shido, didn’t Alma-sama say that martial arts wasn’t just about how much power you have but how you use it?」

While I was supporting his head to avoid head injury, Shido came to understand that he was on the ground, looking up. Looking at me, instead of feeling depressed, he just showed his usual arrogant expression and muttered.

「Unbelievable….as one would expect from an Oji-san!」

Meanwhile, some of the other kids were still cheering happily.

That was just the start of it as everyone was applauding me.

Although I treated them as noisy annoyances in the earlier years, the cheers coming from the little children was surprisingly heartwarming.

Suddenly, I felt that it was entirely correct.

When I called them little children, am I not in the same age as them?

I let out a sigh when I realized my mistake.

Right after that, I froze.


Hang on a second, what did I just do?

If I’m not mistaken, I swung Shido over my shoulder.

I recalled my actions one by one.

Redirecting Shido’s punch and sweeping his foot—

As soon I finished comprehending what just happened, my face turned pale.

…I’m such an idiot!

My original plan was like this: avoid getting hit and then wait for an opportunity to trip Shido over. ⌈3

But that wasn’t what had happened.

I went ahead and used the technique called 「Tree Leaf Throw」 from the Shijima martial arts.

The idea is that the opponent was similar to the weightlessness of a tree’s leaves. Using what’s called as the centripetal force of the opponent added with your own power, you can slam the opponent’s head onto the ground. This was the basic and essential concept that every Shijima technique applied.

My body felt as if it was frozen solid. After a few awkward moments, I turned my head and looked at Alma.

「Slava….the technique you just used, where…?

No, it doesn’t matter where you learned it.

At your age, how were you able to perform it to such a degree—?」

….I’ve done it now.

What a fool I was. Even though I told myself to be careful, my eager self just came bursting out.

There were thousands of other ways I could have done it, but I just couldn’t help but do what I did—here of all places.

I did what my great master taught me. This technique was meant to be absorbed into the body so that using it was as natural as breathing and vice versa. ⌈4

It had certainly become as natural as breathing for me. Doing something so stupid instinctively, I really wanted to knock myself in the head.

I refrained from doing so, however.

It was no other than Slava Shijima, whom Alma was most familiar with, using the technique.

It was difficult to keep a straight face but I just need to get through somehow.

「Ahh, erm…my…father practice the Shijima style and…erm…

Most of the concept of ‘Tree Leaf Throw’ was taught to me since I was little…

If, if it was something a beginner at martial arts wasn’t supposed to know for this lesson, I’ll reflect on it…」

Darn, did I say too much?

I think it came out smoothly. All I did was making it ‘seems’ like I made a mistake and that I would reflect on it. ⌈5

It was fortunate that no one from my village was present. My childhood friend wasn’t here also because that kid was two years older than me, I’m the sole person from the village in this class.

It was downright a lie telling her my father did Shijima martial arts, but I needed to make it sound like I was a disciple of someone experienced with the Shijima style—-and I figured that since Shijima martial arts had been made common throughout the world, I could just…

…Well, I’ll try my best to talk my way out of Alma’s questions.

「Taught since an early age….you say?

…how old were you when you started?」

「I started when I was five. But except for being taught its concept, the technique itself was never demonstrated to me.」

「So you’re saying that you perfected it on your own…?」

「Ye, yes…」

….Oh dear, I think my acting skill had become quite splendid. I praised myself a little.

What I was trying to get at was that ‘children are able to learn martial arts through some form of discipline.’

「Hah, I’ll instruct you more from now on. As for your previous display of skill….my my, I’m impressed. This is just a normal practice so no harm done.

As for your opponent, considering that you executed your technique brilliantly, there was nothing he could have done. Don’t stop what you’re doing and keep working hard from now on.」

「In that case…」

「Ah yes, performed a flawless ‘Tree Leaf Throw.’ You’re really something.」

Alma was smiling and spoke awkwardly.

…Haaa, I avoided it, somehow.

Let this serve as a lesson to remind me to be more careful from now on.

But really, I have to find a way to adjust and hold myself back. It seems that the path to my goal has yet another obstacle. Nevertheless, I shouldn’t bring up the cover unless absolutely necessary.

I was just relieved that this crisis was over.

As Shido was finally getting a hold of himself, Alma told us to step down from the stage.

He and I gave each other a bow before stepping down. Once we did, Alma signaled the next pair to go up.

Haaa, that was really close. I have to be super careful when using martial art skills in front of that child.

I wiped my sweat thinking about the potential disaster that could happen in martial arts class.

Then, Shido, who was covered in sweat, made his way over and sat down next to me.

「Hey, I was wondering if…」

His eyes were looking down, almost as if talking to me was talking to a senior.

Although I stopped my technique just before he hit the floor, Shijima techniques were very intimidating. Holding fear after tasting one such technique wasn’t so uncommon.

「Slava, you’re incredible. What did you do to become so strong?」

The look on his face was the complete opposite to his normal self, it was so respectful that I did not expect it at all.

Fumu, what did I do to become strong, he asks.

Well I learned from memories, was what I wanted to tell him but—-even if I tell him, he was missing something more important.

「It’s simple, devote myself to train diligently everyday.

It may take a long time but with enough perseverance, you will be able to come to where I’m standing sooner or later, Shido.」

「Diligent…? Yes! I’ll start working hard everyday from now on!

Yosh, I will definitely beat you one day! Hehe. Just you wait!」

After all that happened, he was still burning with confidence. This must be youth.

Of course, being a youth myself, I let out a smile.

–Elven school, Mirafia National and General Academy Arufareia.

In the academy where elven children from all corners of the country gathered, the room where only adults were present—-the faculty office, a peerless beauty was sitting at her desk letting out a groan as she investigates. ⌈6

She was 106 years old, in spite of that, her body was that of a young elf. It was none other than the legendary martial artist whose name was a legend—Alma Shijima.

In order to find suitable candidates, boys or girls, to succeed the Shijima name, she put great amounts of effort into nurturing the young one’s potentials.

Every ten years, she would travel from school to school, and at the beginning of the next ten years interval, she had found a suitable young lad but was feeling anxious.

The list of everyone’s names was on her desk, and she opened the first page of Slava Marshall’s documents. The boy’s first name on it was the same as her master.

「…I don’t know how to take this. His look’s are basically identical to master’s.」

Master’s race was human, yet this boy, who’s an elf, has too much resemblance to my deceased master.

Beside the racial differences, lots of resemblance could be seen from this boy, Slava Marshall’s: eyes, nose, ears, and even physique.

He’s a polite boy was Alma’s first impression of Slava. But now that she had finished her first class with him, her impression of the boy had changed.

「He really resembles master but there’s no way that that’s him…why am I over thinking this?」

Alma already had the answer to her question but for some reason, she was not fully convinced.

The flawless execution of 「Tree Leaf Throw」, a skill that only mastery of the style could pull off. And that Shijima stance, everything was natural for him. He gave out the impression of master Slava.

「So many strange coincidences at once…Master, won’t you show me guidance-desu?」

Alma spoke out toward her master who was in heaven. But, an answer never returned.

However, she was determined on one thing.

There were lots of disciples. The number of talented probably numbered the stars.

However, to pass on the skills and convey her feeling for her most beloved, only one person shall receive it.

At last….I finally found the one.

Her determination blazed in her eyes. In the world where it had lost its colour, the colour now had reappeared.

「Master…I, I’ve finally found someone worthy of entrusting the future of Shijima’s masteries to-desu.」

Toward the heavens, Alma once again spoke.

Except that her master, who was supposed to be in heaven, was in fact the young boy, was without her knowledge.

As for the boy whose regards were sent towards, he sneezed and moved on with his activities at that time.


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[Vol.1] Chapter 3: Shijima’s Preaching

「Ahh! Alma-sama!! In person!! Are you really real!?」

「Fufu, such an energetic child. Aye, I’m real. Although I’m not certain whether or not there’s an imposter going around.」

An individual who not a single Elf would fail to recognize, the legendary Martial Artist. Since she was before us, Seria was instantly captivated.

Behaving like a girl befitting her age ⌈1⌋, she happily jumped into the embrace of Alma, who caught her without any difficulty.

As a father looking at my own child and seeing her so cheerful made me realize that she was still the little girl from my memories.

Before me, Seria was screaming loudly, her voice filled with excitement.

It continued like that for quite sometime until finally, Alma gracefully set Seria onto the ground.

Although Seria was a little reluctant to let go, she happily accepted being set down on the ground.

…Alma had always spoken in polite speech when we were together in my past life but…before my eyes is ‘Alma Shijima’ someone who’s speaking in a strong and dignified tone.

Did she become like this after I died? Or was she always like this and I simply did not notice?…My brain is starting to hurt thinking about this, maybe I’ve mistaken her with someone else.

「Now then, there are a few things I want to talk about, but first, what’s your name?」

「My name is Seria! Why is Alma-sama here in this place?」

「So, your name is Seria, it’s a good name. Well~ how is school going for you, little one~? Oh? And who’s this fellow?」

While chatting cheerfully with Seria, Alma noticed my existence.

Leaning her body down, Alma brought her face closer to take a good look at mine.

Reflected in my eyes were two familiar round pupils which gave me a nostalgic feeling.

I died while leaving her to feel unpleasantness, plus I’ve also said various ── I don’t know how to put it ── at any rate, I feel a sense of guilt from within…

At the current time, I was at a completely loss inside my head, not knowing what action to take.

It wasn’t necessary for me to reveal my identity to my very own daughter.

I was thinking that to myself, since Slava Shijima was someone whom she idolized. That said, whoever would believe me who was just an Elven child to be that person himself… it was very likely that she’ll brush it aside.

For starter, the fact that Slava Shijima had died was undeniable. The dead can never come back to life.

The memories I harbored in my mind are definitely those of Slava Shijima while being Slava Marshall at the same time.

In a way, I am just a young boy whose name is Slava Marshal who was inspired by Slava Shijima in martial arts.

—It has been thirty years since the death of Slava Shijima. She must have come to accept the undeniable truth.

The choice of revealing who I really am is not a viable option. After all, I myself had thought that it was unbelievable, and so the best option was to avoid causing trouble.

…Although I gave that much thought to it, truth be told, the ties that I had in my past life hold no significance in this life.

Though part of me does want to tell her who I was. Thinking about it, future events further down my path to become the strongest will most likely cause a lot of trouble.

For example if I was to participate in a martial art event and win, the news will spread, people will seek me out for many different reasons which will take away my time from training, just like back then, which I was fed up with.

Then if I tell Alma my identity now–thinking about it a little deeper, this child would most likely think that I’m a fake. Sure she held me in such high regards, maybe it had to do something with the words I left her with.

The final moments spent with her, she must have interpreted my words in some ways and spread the name of the Shijima on the fighting stage…. it must have been very challenging for her with a small body. The thought about it brings pain to my heart.

Perhaps in the future I will make my story known–that will be by the time when I’ll be at the top of the martial realm. Only then will I be able to reveal who I am to Alma.

The feelings for my beloved child standing before my eyes cannot be shown, I intended to keep my identity a secret.

Alma, please forgive this selfish father. I’ve obtained a chance to start over. Thus, in this life, I must achieve the profound strength and be at the very top.

Yes, that’s what I’ve decided to do. Whether it’s right or wrong will depend on how I proceed forward.

There was no way she could figure out that I, her father, would appeared before her in the appearance of a boy so there was no need to be too cautious.

「Erm, well…nice to meet you?」

And so I used ‘nice to meet you’ because I couldn’t think of anything else.

Then without the slightest of doubt, Alma smile at me, just what I had hoped for.

「Oh, nice to meet you, too. Are you a friend of Seria? What’s your name?」

As expected, the question which I wished to avoid being asked was spoken.

My name is the same one as my previous one–actually, it’s one that was ‘borrowed’ from my previous life.

If I tell her my name, it might bring back bitter memories. Or perhaps she will find it pleasant for the name of her master to be passed around even after thirty years have passed since his death.

At any rate, I don’t want to think too deeply about it. If possible I would have given out an alias but it’s regrettable that Seria was also present.

「My name is Slava Marshall.

I heard that the reason my parents chose it was because of your shishou, Alma…sama.」

Consequently, because I was nervous, I spoke what I think I should.

After all, I’ve decided to keep my past identity hidden and since my name was asked for, I answered truthfully.

Still, addressing her like that caused me discomfort, but I’ll bear with it in order to keep my secret safe, even if it pains me.

「…I see, my Shishou’s name…」

My daughter, how will you react? And the answer to my question, my fear, proved to be correct.

Her dignified and smiling face darkened a little looking over me. In her eyes, small amounts of tears started to form.

Even though it has been thirty years since…to think that her sadness still lingers. Although it might sound like a long time, but it is not the same for the elves, understandably.

When I, you master, passed away, just how long did it take for your grief to ease away–for her, Slava Shijima was also her father figure, and so there aren’t many who could sympathise with her grief. Nevertheless, even after all that time, it seems that she still needed more time to completely overcome the sadness within her.

Seeing the tears from one’s own daughter, the urge of revealing the truth surfaced as well–but I have to put faith in the path I’ve chosen.

Without excusing myself, I waited for Alma’s returned words.

「It’s a good name.

That name belonged to the most powerful martial artist in history, the greatest of them all. And so to prove yourself to be worthy of such name, will you grow up to be a good man?」

「Y, yes…」

Alma wiped her tears, and returned to her normal self.

…You’ve become strong, my daughter.

I, too, will not falter. I won’t stop until I reach the top.

But, I will get there much faster this time, I thought to myself.

The sooner the better since it means that I can tell her who I really am.

My desire to become stronger was strengthened because of this.

Although I said it with such resolve.

My goal is to become the strongest, the greatest, but I should never overestimate myself. My parents taught me such and didn’t forget to teach me that others’ evaluations of me is equally important. I’ll experience a lot of things in the near future… can’t help but feel slightly worried.

If I recall correctly, in my previous life, there were times when some created a religion with me as the center. I wasn’t sure how to cope with it back then and had to correct my style.

「By the way, Seria, Slava. Can you help me out a little? Which is the way to the principal’s office?」

Having recovered her posture, Alma crouch forward and looked into my face.

Come to think of it, I think she asked me something which I have yet to answer.

Fumu, the principal’s office huh?

Although I know where it’s located, it’s hard to give specific directions.

「Yes, but erm, well…let me show you the way. The layout of the academy is complicated, and so I don’t have the confidence to give you directions.」

「Is that so? Then please lead the way.」

Since showing the way to the principal’s office is the most efficient way to avoid her getting lost, I put ‘The History of Martial Arts 13048’ inside my bag and stood up.

Alma accepted my offer and the color of joy appeared on her face.

「Yay, we’ll go together with Alma-sama~」

「Whoops, you’re so hyper Seria.」

Alma stood up, and Seria immediately jumped at her happily.

Just as swift as before, Alma caught Seria and carried her with one arm.

Even for a human girl in her 20s or so to catch the little girl ⌈2⌋, despite the fact that she doesn’t weigh very much, would have been challenging for her to do with only one arm. Alma, however, caught her and shrug it off like it was nothing.

Observing her closely, there was a strong and vigorous layer of magic power enveloping Alma’s body.

I see, she doesn’t seem to be lacking on her meditation.

To think that I would unexpectedly peek into my disciple’s growth, I nodded happily.

Although it was the nodding face of a twelve years old boy–it was fortunate that no one had become suspicious.

「Well well, since everyone is here, let us prepare to go to the auditorium.」

After I’ve finished guiding Alma, I made my way to the class slowly. When I arrived, the teacher, Finlay McGovern, told us what to do for today.

Looking around the class, teacher’s expression remained calm. After a quick glance around, I noticed that most of the seats that were usually empty had boys sitting there today.

Fumu. That’s remind me, there’s supposed to be some kind of meeting today in the afternoon.

It wasn’t something that interested me and so I ended up forgetting about it. At any rate, it was some minor thing and I shouldn’t have forgotten about.

Today, children who recently turned twelve were gathered and were to be guided by the teacher.

Somehow, I was selected as the class’s representative and I will be walking right behind teacher Finlay, in front of my classmates.

Anyhow, as the class’s rep, I have to do my job and make sure that the other kids walk in a straight line and do not cause trouble.

「Teacher, everyone’s present.」

「Ah yes, thank you, Slava-kun. Shall we get going now? Alright everyone, come along.」

After I finished checking off for absences today, I reported to the teacher that no one is missing.

After receiving my report, teacher took a final look down the row, and began to walk.

It was like we were a bunch of ducklings. When I began to follow, the rest of the class, twenty kids followed after. ⌈3

Walking in single file, we were eventually merged together with other classes who were in the same age group, and steadily make our way to the academy’s impressive auditorium.

It is very safe here due to divine protection magics. Even if the heaven was to fall, no one inside would be harmed, or so teacher told us, but in reality, no one knows if that’s true.

In addition, there were many Elf sculptures here which were beautifully crafted.

When I was a human, I had the chance to visit this place but this time–I wondered if living as an elf affected my appreciations for the arts. Nothing to make a fuzz over, though I really do wonder.

When we were inside the auditorium, I took a seat in the area that our class was assigned to.

The auditorium had a very vast space that could hold several thousand people at once, in fact nearly half of it was already filled by the time we got here, and yet there were still plenty unoccupied seats.

So, I wonder what the topic of this assembly will be.

The principal was already standing on the stage doing some final checking.

The principal is an old elf that has grey hair and a white beard. There have been rumors that he had lived for a thousand years–for humans, he’s basically a walking fossil.

If possible I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. Who knows, I might just get to my goal that much faster.

「Ahh, ahem. Can everyone hear me clearly?」

On the stage, the principal’s voice was projected to every corner of the auditorium with the help of magic stones called “Speakers” which were installed on the stage itself.

While I was busy being jealous of his blessed life, it seem that the rest of the student body had finished gathering.

The afternoon assembly was about to begin.

「Ufufu, it seem everybody heard me. All of you behaved yourselves considerably I see. Then, do you prefer this principal’s long story first or would you rather I get to the main topic of this assembly?」

While stroking his long beard, the old elf cheerfully spoke.

Oh dear, there are a lot of random stories the principal has to offer. Roughly, I recalled one hundred years ago, when I visited the academy, the stories from him took forever to finish. Back in those days, I could not find a good reason to refuse talking to him… even now I won’t be able to either. He’s an old elf who sought to study, while I am but a fool pursuing only strength. I probably won’t be able to take away anything from the stories anyway.

The principal’s decision is resolute and always wise no matter what.

For the children of this age, the naughty and impulsive. They won’t be able to take much from his stories either.

「Fumu, well then, please join us.」

Glancing away from the students, he stepped to the left side of the stage.

Since the left and right of the stage were designed for speakers to enter and exit, and so from the right, someone is going to enter the stage.

Now, who will be the honor guest?

Just as I was trying to guess who it might be, that someone made their appearance.

Swaying long, blue hair matching with elegant steps…

Not too long ago I saw the exact thing at a closer distance, now it’s just a little farther away!

….You’ve have got to be joking.

「Everyone, please welcome! Alma Shijima!」

「Thank you for the warm welcome.

….For those who don’t know, I am Alma Shijima. Starting today, I will be instructing martial arts to all of you, here at the academy.

–Through the use of martial arts, I hope to strengthen your mind through your body. It will be ten short years but I’m looking forward to teaching all of you.」

Immediately after, loud cheers started roaring in the auditorium.

‘For those who don’t know’—surely you jest. There’s probably no one here who wouldn’t know who you are.

Even if someone thought she was joking, they wouldn’t voice it.

….Moreover, teaching martial arts, huh.

….Ten years, I wonder if I can hide my identity for that long.

Under normal circumstances, it was already challenging to conceal my identity, now this…I let out a long sigh.


  1. She’s 12 years old 
  2. The little girl = Seria 
  3. TL: Yes, time to get to your lovely working place, the Sweat Shop. 

[Vol.1] Chapter 2: The World After The Void

I spent everyday living comfortably in the village and training myself. Before I knew it, I was already twelve years old.

Although there are slight differences between individuals, an elf’s mental age grows much slower during this time, and the elves consider it a big turning point during their lifetime.

♦ ♦ ♦

On the day of my twelfth birthday, we had a little celebration party for me, and that also marked the time when I started going to school full-time.

If I was a human, I would have already been going as early as four or five, at the latest would be at six years of age. But, this is the long-lived elven race. Among themselves, each individual has a very slow flow of time.

Anyway, I had my celebration for my twelfth birthday and arrived at a defining moment.

At this age, I am allowed to do a wide variety of things, but the most important one of them all is the fact that I could attend school.

The reason for that was because I had difficulty reading the alphabet and so I thought it would be fun to go to school, however…this is a school for elves so a part of me was extremely concerned──

「Uuu…after Slava parts with us it will be so lonely….

When you have long holiday breaks, be sure to remember to visit home!」

「You’re exaggerating. But yeah, I will try to come home as often as I can.」

「I beg you, Slava. If Mama stays depressed like this, eventually Papa will fall into depression as well.」

Of all things they could have said, those were their words on my first day of school, but the general curriculum required me to live in a dormitory so it couldn’t be helped.

Although, I am not the only person who is loved──I thought that while I tried to think of some way to express myself. The capabilities I held far exceeded those of someone of my generation.

I had all of the combined fighting experience in my past life while also having been effectively meditating ever since the first year when I was reborn.

For that, I gave myself plenty of self-praise. After all, I achieved such great power at the age of twelve.

Of course, there was no one who knew of this. Besides, this power shouldn’t be carelessly shown to others either. Therefore, in order to keep it a secret, I would need to devise some sort of training inside of the dormitory. At least the benefit gained from shadow dancing had decreased greatly, so it was alright to stop with that training.

….But still, it’ll only be two or three years.

It was pointless to mention time when speaking about the long-lived elves. For the period of three years, as someone who was more used to human standards, I found that to be very long.

Regardless, during this period I would be learning and studying at an academic standard, I could learn how to read. It felt awkward saying that when a dead person was now inside the body of a young boy, but everything was alright.

Two or three years──if I needed to endure only this much, I somehow needed to overcome the inconvenience of training, I thought to myself.

At any rate, during the final three years of my past life, I was unable to move my body very much. Compared to that, I felt like I could breeze through the same span of time with no problem.

Or so I thought, while feeling optimistic…

「Uhhu, but for ten years? Not being able to spend time with Slava for ten years…Papa isn’t going to get lonely?」

「Of course I’ll be lonely. But, if Slava grows up splendidly in these ten years, Papa can endure it.」

Although I suspected that my ears heard that wrong the first time──ten years. It is going to be ten years alright.

During the last three years, I almost went mad just having to restrain myself from fighting and now you tell me that I have to endure this for another decade?

For example, an elf lives approximately ten times longer than a human, so putting it in simple terms, the sense of time for a human living one year is equivalent to an elf living ten years.

But it doesn’t matter how slowly ten years pass by, my body that is of an elf would stay the same, but my human mind would deteriorate.

「I wonder…ten years is indeed very long.」

「My, my, Slava is going to feel lonely like Mama as well?

It’s all right. Compared to your future life, this is going to feel like a blink of an eye.」

Those words from father meant nothing more than that, because it is “just” a decade for an elf.

….Hmm, this is what you would call a “culture gap.”

Although, in my past life, I did not understand its meaning coming from the young people, but…after living among a different race, I was able to feel the distinct difference in culture.

「Well, everything is fine. Go on and have fun, experience and feel the numerous things out there.

Papa is rooting for you~」

The feeling of his support had been received and I didn’t get the feeling of “it’s somebody else’s problem” in his words.

I looked back with a bitter gaze. It would be a mistake if one was to say that no child would feel lonely when leaving their parents’ home. I let out a sigh without hiding it──

♦ ♦ ♦

Behind me, the other children’s chatters could be heard while I was reading a book.

Unlike the village of Altor where I lived, this place was crowded with children.

Due to their long-lived trait, the elves do not have a lot of children, thus I gave it some thought about why there were so many children here.

That should be it. It had taken me a little more than a day on horse carriage from my elven village to this place, Mirafia National Academy Arufareia.

This school must be where the elven children in the country of Mirafia gather and attend, I thought.

Just like what I had originally predicted, I was now within this kind of place. I could not act too hasty here so I chose to study the alphabet by reading books to improve my skill.

I still had difficulty reading up until this point, but for a child to be able to read at this age might be a little eerie.

Plus, up till this point, I had been stealthily reading books, but now I would be studying with my head held high. That much should be fine.

Well, but──during my past life, I loathed studying anything except for martial arts. However, this will only be for a short amount of time so I will not run away──

Since I am now in an environment where I have to study, with the exception of martial arts, this should surely be interesting. When I thought about all the things I’ve done throughout my entire life, I felt that there was nothing else to do but to give it my all.

Incidentally, the book which I was reading was about the recent history of martial arts.

…Well, it’s alright. Studying is very enjoyable, it can’t be help that I have to do something else beside martial arts.

「Slava-kun~, oh, are you reading a book?」

While I was reading a book under the sunlight shining between the leaves, I heard the voice of a girl.

I put away the bookmark in the middle of the pages and turned my head to the direction that the voice came from. There was a girl with hair of bright brown and a smile across her face. This girl approached me from behind.

Her age, in terms of human years, I would say, was no more than ten years.

A bright and friendly smile, it was a very girlish characteristic.

「Seria. …Umm, good day to you.」

In the academy where most students, who were strangers to one another, gathered, it was still possible for one to meet one or two of his friends every now and then.

For me, this girl named Seria was the first person I ever made friends with in this life.

Considering my behaviors and how I talked, it was understandable that it was hard for my classmates, the elves from the same generation as me, to approach me.

When I was in the midst of isolation, a single person proactively came and talked to me. It was this very girl who called out to me, her name was Seria Kufurun.

She is a very kind person, very cheerful and very popular among the kids. At first, I was very worried when such a bright person had came and spoke to me.

But before I realized it, I started to talk to her more often. Also, Seria—for someone at her age, was very bright minded. Well, a person’s way of maturing depended on the individual.

On top of that, due to her friendly nature, the other timid children in the class started to realise that I only know a little more than everybody else and they came to get along with me as well.

It was quite clear that my reply wasn’t going to keep this persistent fellow from coming over. On that day, we spent time talking and telling one another a few funny stories.

While the flow of time continued to pass slowly, our relationship progressed and we became the best of friends.

Whenever she talked about such things, the classmates also joined in without reservation, thus I was able to sail by my times as a student while also enjoying it.

…Each time the number of people surrounding me increased, I honestly didn’t feel bad for not training in martial arts.

「Ehehe~, may I sit next to you?」

「Oh, please sit. I wonder what you want from me today?」

「Nnn~ today’s a nice day. I think I want to spend it slowly with Slava-kun.」

Spending time with Seria is pleasant. As I recalled from the past, there was a time when I sat down like this and waited for time to pass by. How many years had passed since then, I wondered.

While I was thinking about the girl I considered as my own child, I got a feeling that I might already have a grandchild by this point.

I wondered what it would feel like to be playing with my grandchild. I wished that child would become a good natured person, unlike this bad shishou. I let out a bitter smile.

「Hey Slava-kun, what were you reading?」

When I was engulfed in calm thoughts, Seria casually broke the moment as she casted a glance at the book in my hand.

….Fumu. Although I was somewhat trying to hide the book….it is probably fine to show it to her.

As a side note, completely unknown to me, “Oji-chan” was what I came to be called. The senses of the children at this age were strangely sharp. However, it was not something I hated.

「This, it is a book that recorded the history of martial arts.

The people whom I hold in high esteem, I want to know what is written about them.」

With the bookmarked page still opened, I had to close it in order to show Seria the book’s cover. There, in plain text, the title of the book, “The History of Martial Arts 13048,” was written down.

The number, 13048, was from the calendar the elves used, which showed the latest version in years. In other words, this was the number of the current year. The history of the elves was much longer and more extensive compared to the human’s history which dated back a few thousand years. Only after buying this book was I able to understand the sheer amount of time.

「Martial Arts? Say, is it about Alma-sama’s feats and glory?」

Seria tilted her head and asked with a smile. I had a vision of seeing a question mark floating above of her.

….Alma-sama huh?

Alma, the God of Martial Arts, and also Slava, her master, these were the names of two people whom no one in this world didn’t know about.

I was not able to get there and the first place in martial arts was handed down. It was ridiculous to feel uneasy about the fact ── however, I felt anxious about my disciple, the name of Alma. While acting in accordance with my wishes, she took on the Shijima name and due to her devotion to me, she also left behind my name.

Just how many months, how many years did it take you, and what did you do after achieving all these feats──

I had asked father quite a few times over the years but the answer, which I got was in the years the elves used, was rather confusing.

Really, it stirred up my interest and I wanted to know about the details. I started to forget that Seria was there but recalled it after a few seconds.

Up to this point, there was never a chance for me to obtain my desired information from other people, so I tried to get to the point where I could read fairly well. The information I wanted to know are contained within the books. The price for knowledge was expensive.

I came by it a few years back and by saving up my pocket money, I was finally able to get my hand on “The History of Martial Arts 13048”…which is now in my hands.

「Ah, I do not know all that much about Alma-sama.

It is one of the reason why I decided to study this book.」

「For a person to not know of Alma-sama, how very rare.

Your name, Slava-kun, even though you bear the same name as the Shishou-sama of Alma-sama.」

That much I already knew, there was no use talking back so I let out a wry smile.

…After all, that was me. …Not a soul would believe it even if I was to talk about it. Everyone would roll their eyes and regard me as a strange child.

「Well, I want to continue reading this book, is that fine?」

「Mmm? Are you asking if I mind?

It’s alright! I’m happy by just spending time with Slava-kun!」

Just as I wondered when the flower was to bloom, Seria shows a cheerful smile across her face, and I opened the book to the page where I had left the bookmark.

The important names inside the book—they were.

Alma Shijima… I see, that child inherited the name Shijima after all.

Alma Shijima.

Is a martial artist who succeeded the Shijima style martial arts that was revived by Iwao Shijima.

Since she is an orphan in the first place, she was raised as an adopted child by Slava Shijima (Slava Weser). As they passed time together, she becomes attracted to her adoptive parent, Slava Shijima, figure and came to study Shijima Style.

The different approach to increase magical power combined with the superior martial arts enabled the Shijima style to take down many other martial art styles.

In the recent years, it welcomed lots of newcomers while also trying to promote themselves. Iwao Shijima had started opening tournaments in various places and started to promote the style in the name of the founder, the purpose of these were to promote and encourage the small boys and girls into learning the Shijima martial arts.

When I looked at the results of her records in official tournament matches and found not a single defeat, I felt very proud. There are many experts who consider her to be the strongest martial artist in history. (Side note, the author is one of them too.)

However, she openly declared and insisted that the strongest martial artist to have ever lived was her one and only master, Slava Shijima. Because of this reason, the experts also hold deep respect toward Slava Shijima.

Also ───

….Really, how successful was my daughter to be held in high regards even until now.

The little one whom I thought of as my own daughter, her growth completely exceeded my expectation by a great amount.

That child was serious, she followed my wish and must have learned the secret techniques of the Shijima style and kept it hidden.

I also forgot that Seria was watching again. Without hiding my smile, I continued to read the sentences.

Reading through the section where the sentences could only be labeled as overly praising, I could not help but let out grins—suddenly, something caught my eye and made me feel concerned.

「What is it? What’s wrong?」

Why was such an unpleasant thing recorded down? Yet.

Seria, next to me, asked me in worried voice.

I was not exactly displeased with it, however, one thing it brought to my mind were worries.

Regarding that, the answer can be found if I flip back to the previous page.

What concerned me was the overview of something written “in the recent years.”

With this kind of wording, it was as if she was still alive.

…If it’s like that. That means I am living in the same time period as the one person whom I thought I’d never see again, I’m so glad.

A legend is but a myth about things people cannot believe to be possible. For example, achieving something that is earth shatteringly or unheard of. I would feel the same about reincarnation if I hadn’t experienced it first hand──

Then like this, I might be able to get a glance at the face of my disciple who had attained greatness.

Such unexpected fortune. While I was terribly excited, I searched for a certain entry inside the book──

The current year was 13048. After doing the calculation, and if I got it all correct, the time of Alma’s birth was somewhere between 700 to 800 years ago, I could only say that it was expected for her, an elf, to have lived for that long.

After I found the (approx)year of her birth inside the book, I was full of joy.

12942~…following it was a stretched out line, which was not made of any numerical values. This meant that Alma was still alive.

This was a miracle, the heavens had allowed me an opportunity to witness the growth of my disciple with my own two eyes, I could not feel anything other than strong gratitude when I found out.

Based on her birth year, if I count backward it would be──

「Oh? That book──」

Looking at the book from over my head and Seria’s, a crystal clear and dignified voice came down toward us.

Long and beautiful blue hair that would make even the sea feel ashamed of itself. Eyes filled with gentleness but also containing a degree of sharp strictness.

This beauty could no longer be compared to any piece of artwork, it had transcended this world, I remembered who it was.

「Fufu, I feel a little embarrassed.

Seeing the book which was written about me, I have a slightly creepy feeling.」

Her face, it’s totally the same as the photograph which came with the book──

Although the age was overlapping, it was the unforgettable face belonging to my daughter. That, was right in front of me.

Alma Shijima. Records shown the year of birth was in 12956, still alive and well in the year 13048.

In other words, Alma right now is about 100 years old. Yet, she still possessed the appearance of a twenty years old human──

This world which I lived in now, since the time of my death, only about thirty years had passed.

Subjectively speaking, the deep and emotional farewell I had with my daughter felt very recent, but now that I had witnessed my beloved daughter’s unchanging pretty and well appearance, I gathered myself together.

Although I had a preconception about her already being an old woman, this was beyond my expectation. I was reborn into the time not far from where I left it.

…Maybe a little too short, but……what do I do?

Alma grew up to be a dignified woman. However, I can still envision the old her clinging to me and crying not too long ago──

It was as if an actor who had just declared retirement came back to the stage one or two days after ── while feeling it was quite an awkward moment, I opened my mouth widely.


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[Vol.1] Chapter 1: Five and Hundred Six Year Old Boy

In the depth of the forest.

Here, I was at the center of the serenity, meditating in the lotus position.

Meditation brings oneself to tranquility and integrates one with nature. Training to sense the surrounding life is the foundation of the Shijima style.

Legs crossed, bottom on the ground, in a meditative state. In this position, I can be one with nature.

Reaching out toward the lush grass, soon, I was able to feel its life energy.

My immature body was flowing with the torrents of life, gently mingling with nature’s magic, making it into a large, calm river.

Summing up the result of meditation since infancy, my magical power had already exceeded my past life. Honestly, the elves’ affinity with magic is frightening.

♦ ♦ ♦

By the time I could move around──at the age of five, I went out to the forest surrounding the village and finally started to train my body.

It was complicated but despite having the form of a mere child, I was already over a hundred years old. It was no use to be worried about that fact, and thus I came to accept living as a child….still, since there were things a child should not be able to do, I chose to mask my activities whenever I was allowed to go outside.

All I did was training in the meditative state every day. Naturally, in the last four years, I had yet to use ki, thus during that time, I grew incredibly impatient.

But that ends today!

From this point on, I would be able to train to my heart’s content!

To fulfill the mistake of Slava Weser, today marks the beginning of Slava Marshall’s life!

I reverted to my old self and gave into the fear of losing precious time for a few brief moments, nearly ten times as much as when I was a human.

But when I thought about reaching the top when I have enough strength and, as a master, I felt delighted. Such joy, even from my past life ── I had yet to feel such delightfulness within myself.

Tsk! While I was having those thoughts, the feeling of nature’s magic left my body abruptly.

Time isn’t a concern, but it was best not to get overly excited.

「…****, my mind was slightly disrupted.」

I looked at the green light as it leaves my body, I muttered.

For the spiritual power to scatter away while in the middle of meditation, tsk since when was I so careless. But this sense of immaturity, strangely enough, makes me feel comfortable.

By slowly circulating nature’s mana inside my body, I can absorb the mana into my existing Od. That was ultimately the goal when meditating. When done correctly, one will absolutely be able to increase their power.

The soul is what carries the mana, but the one energy I prefer over any other is the colorless Od. It is pure and the process of gathering it also brings no harm to the environment. Besides, the true nature of this training was to pursue and achieve Zen with this body, however, this mind of mine is that of a geezer, I can’t believe I got this overly excited. I think that was enough of that for the day, after all, my mind had already calmed down.

…No, even saying that I’m a geezer, I am currently a boy at the age of five.

Anyway, it was what it was. Let the training begin so I can move as I desire.

At any rate, it seems that I will only be able to meditate properly inside the house, now that my wish to be outside of the village was satisfied, I started moving toward my next goal.

If it’s here, as long as I don’t do anything flashy, no one will notice a thing. Thus, I will be able to train with all my energy.

It is best to restrain my mind from getting excited, no…rather, I’ll put even more enthusiasm into it, and thus, I began to concentrate.

Taking the magical power out from my body, nothing but the sky was in front of my eyes, I then imagined the shape of a man.

Then, in front of my eyes appeared a human-shaped figure just like myself.

….Strictly speaking, that figure resembled me in my past life.

It was made using magic and possesses no face, it doesn’t have any clothes nor does it resemble a human perfectly, but it can firmly be touched.

In addition, I was able to move that figure with my mind.

So… Since I had no equal partner to train with at the given time and it didn’t look like anyone possessing some skill was lining up──I was the only one with real martial art knowledge, so I guess I’ll have train against myself.

Needless to say, to sum it all up, training against my former self was the only option. There was no meaning if I didn’t surpass my past self.

However, that form is one that I spent several decades together with, there was some sense of attachment──it’s not all that strange──nevertheless holding back is a not an option.

Within the Shijima style, this was called mirage shadow dance. I dance with the silhouette, that is exactly what I was going to do.

In my past life, I was not able to move freely during the last three years before my death, and combining it with this life, it has been roughly eight years since I could freely move. With an opponent I knew everything about in front of me, I felt my passion for martial arts burst into flames.

「Here I go…」

The separated body of me did not talk back, I showed a slightly aggressive smile which I felt suitable for my age.

I bent my right arm and positioned it slightly in front of my face.

My left arm I stretched out to the front and kept it around waist height.

I have both of my palms open, this stance excel in defending against almost any technique.

I had decades of experience, and this is a basic stance of the Shijima style.

Then, I divided and used magic to create a separate body, the amount of magic I have left inside my body is just about half.

The same style, the same stance, we both have the same capabilities and therefore the same speed, so I decided to close the distance and maintaining the same stance──before long, as if the fuses connecting to the explosives had burnt out, both of us start to play.

The distance between me and my partner shortened in an instant──inside the forest, the sound of a violent blow echoed.

While avoiding the fist packed with enough power to pierce through an iron plate in the form of a punch, I took advantage of the force and redirected it at my shadow. However, I was not the only one to do so; my shadow start moving as well. All of my movements were read, so I rebuilt my stance and threw the shadow into the air.

The shadow regained its balance, and when it was about to land lightly on the ground, I moved in. Accelerating through the wind, this time around I fully grasped it, this was the shadow I had created with the image of what I imagined myself to have been in my prime──to see what the difference in ability would be, I allowed one blow to reach my body.

….Fumu, I see. Since this body is still immature, the strength in my body is lacking.

But, it can make sharp movements and its flexible maneuverability compensates for the lack of power.

I regained my stance after having taken the hard blow and gotten blown off, I then closed in hard against the shadow. Naturally, the figure that I was pulling the strings of approached me. The action of my shadow is most troubling as it aimed a kick at my torso.

But with my short build, I slipped my way just between the kicking leg and the ground. Using footwork and taking advantage of a small body, I simply wanted to try it but the result was better than I had expected.

The shadow’s leg remained in a swinging motion, and it was appropriate to call it an opening. I used the palm of my hand and struck in the opening and one can say that it was a fatal strike.

This strike drives magic power into the palm thus making it『Strong』it is a basic technique in the Shijima style. From the small body of a child, a fierce sound resounded in the forest, and the shadow was sent flying parallel to the ground.

….Ahh, there it is. The sound of fighting, the smell of the brawl.

It’s been so long since my last fight, an intense aura wrapped around me. A break just isn’t sufficient anymore.

The fist which I drove into that body, it felt really good!

My beaten up body, the sensation of aching and being in pain!

Gripping my finger and seeing my opponent in front of me, this is indeed the feeling from eight years ago.

I get the feeling of ecstasy despite being in pain, I suddenly get an illusion of awaking masochism as a fetish.

….No, it’s different. Without a doubt I am a martial artist, it is outrageous to say that I am a *********, if anything I would say that I’m more of a ******.

Anyway, if I was to forget the proper way of training, regaining what I lost would take me a great many years.

Beat and beaten, kicked and kicking, thrown and throwing.

Moreover, our abilities are exactly the same, this fight will take forever to finish.

After all, this is I fighting myself, I would continue to train here for now until I feel the presence of some villagers then I’ll stop──

「I’m home. Tosan, Kasan.」

「Ah! Welcome back Slava──what happened to your clothes?」

I went home, offered my greetings and was greeted back, but father shouted in surprise after seeing my dirty clothes.

Taking a look at my clothes, I saw that my clothes were torn here and there and certainly, I’m covered in mud.

…..They were wrecked. I had only taken care of the wounds on my body and healed them perfectly using magic, but I had completely forgotten about my clothing.

I’m so thoughtless for my age…..No, strictly speaking I am five today. But the sum of my actual age is 106, still it can’t be helped since today I was especially high spirited.

But I’m truly in deep trouble. How should I defend myself.

「Are you hurt!? Did you fall off somewhere!? You are not in pain anywhere!?」

Father, Aram Marshall, with his disheveled golden hair, quickly ran over to me.

In the elves’ society, men having long hair isn’t uncommon. And so it can easily get disheveled.

His youthful and slender body line is elegant, his long hair mysteriously suits him very well──let’s stop, I need to face this current situation.

「Yeah, uh, I fell somewhere.

I’m sorry, the clothes are all dirty…..I got them all dirty.」

I’m still unfamiliar with speaking in a boyish manner. My words were stammering.

….Although I’m slowly getting more accustomed to it, there is nothing more I can do but to bear with it.

After I said that, father’s face looked extremely painful and deep with concern.

Seeing that father had complete trust in my words, my heart sank and it pains me.

「I’m not injured. I’m not hurt anywhere either. But my clothes, they were tattered…. just a little.」

「Ohh, Slava!! Thank goodness…Papa is glad you’re safe. The clothes aren’t anywhere near as important as you are, they can be replaced. You are our one and only treasure, did anything dangerous happen to you?」

Father hugged me tightly and it felt almost as if I was in some sort of play. …This situation, I’m still not used to it. I felt a little shy, a little embarrassed, but it’s very warm.

The ways the elves go about expressing their feelings in their culture, there are times when I feel that they are somewhat exaggerated. I can understand that these are their true feelings since I’ve live in this society for five years, but in spite of that, I still feel a little crept out truthfully.

「…I’m very sorry. I’ll be more careful next time.」

I murmured my repentance, and father stopped hugging me, took his arms off and placed them onto my shoulders.

──Looking at Father, he looked like he’s in his twenties but that is incorrect, his real age might be in the hundreds. In fact, he might even exceed my actual age.

Looking straight forward, Father’s gaze and mine cross each other. My thoughts of regret might have been transmitted, and father let out a small smile.

Comparing a human lifespan to an elfs’, the speed of which one grows is very different. The appearance isn’t the only problem, it is also the mind as well.

For an elf, living a hundred years in human standards is only around twenty years. That is true for the appearance and so I think that their mind should be aging around the same speed as well.

…..Now that I possess this body, how envious humans must be.

The father I know remained unchanged these past few years. Nevertheless, as time passes, I continue to grow older and older inside.

「Alright Slava, as long as you understand everything is fine.

This time Papa will let it slide. But the next time you do something dangerous like this again, Papa will get very angry. Do you understand?」

「…Yes, I understand. I’ll be more careful next time.」

After the talk and we reached a mutual understanding, I disappeared into the back of the living room.

It was a little late but the gentle voice of my strict mother reached my ears.

…Oh no, despite calling out to me gently, this is going to be a little more troublesome than it sounds.

「Slava~? Did Mama not kindly ask you to please not do anything dangerous~?」

Coming out from the back of the living room, is my mother Malta Marshall who looks as worried as she is angry.

The next time when I go out to train, I’ll try not to trouble my parents too much.

While I had to sit and listen to my parent’s sermon after the incident, I secretly vowed to myself.


  1. N/a

[Vol.1] Boy and Girl

Warm sunlight poured down from above as the sun ascended higher up the sky. There was still a sense of coldness that lingered in the wind, and in front of me, a single girl stood.

The distance between us wasn’t far. If either one of us decided to step forward, the short distance would disappear in an instant.

However, neither I nor the girl moved. Although we still held the thought of landing a blow of the other’s body.

She was a pretty girl with shining red eyes, and skin as white as snow. We were about the same height, and she was around ten years old. Stealing a glance at her superb facial features, I thought she looked very lovely.

Well, let’s make it clear so there will be no misunderstanding. We were here to have a spar, and I have never met this girl until today.

Therefore, we are not in any intimate relationship. Although it was my intention that we are to become close friend someday—right now, we aren’t.

Then, this kind of relation——

「…Ahaha. Here I go, huff!」

Just as the wind calmed, it blew once again. The girl’s smile twisted into the shape of a crescent moon.

With an awfully joyful voice, and immediately following, the sound of damped ground, she rapidly approached me.

Restlessness overcame her because neither of us made a move. To gain some distance from the troublesome girl, I kicked against the ground and leapt my body away.

Despite having a slender figure, her kick exerted lots of force, as seen by how the soil on the earth, where she once stood, was blown away and what was left behind was a scooped spot.

Virtually all of the force exerted onto the ground had been converted into speed, and in an instant, the distance which was supposed to be around five meters was soon closed.

As the distance continued to shorten until where we could reach one another, I readied myself. The girl came at me with astonishing speed which normal humans could not perceive, all the while having a twisted smile.

At this moment, for the sake of “sparring,” the girl threw a left punch.

The wind roared for just an instant, yet had turned so sharp that it almost scratched my cheek.

The girl who disappeared into the sky reappeared before me with her fist extended and aiming for my face.

In front was the roaring wind followed by the fist creating the wind, I used my fists and put up a firm guard in front of my face, catching her fist at the center of my face.

The punch packed enough force to crush a skull of a bear, let alone an adult.

「Hahaha! Wonderful, you’re wonderful Slava-kun!」

The power in her slender arm could not possibly be one of a little girl.

Swallowing up the gentle wind, the deadly punch created a violent storm.

「Then, how about this!?」

At that time, it was like fighting against a storm.

One strike, two, then it increase to six. Within seconds, over ten consecutive strikes were dished out.

Each punch in the storm of punches possessed clear killing intent, and she consistently threw out punches with more than enough force to kill.

So, since this was supposed to be a spar, there was only one thing to do—fight back.

In terms of appearance, both of us looked around ten years old. In order to have a fight, I had come to face this girl named Cheryl.

To be more precise, in terms of age, I was twelve. Cheryl was fifteen. Both of us were elves blessed with long lives, and in any case, we looked younger than our actual age.

Confronted by such a girl, I was well aware of the consequences, however, I was still a dedicated martial artist. Given the situation, I intended to retaliate.

Observing each punch one by one, sometimes I dodged, while occasionally I had to neutralize and or parry the strike.

「It’s not broken, ahaha! It isn’t breaking! This is the first time, Slava-kun!」

In spite of being very young, the feeling behind Cheryl’s fists reflect that of —— a mentally unstable child.

For god’s sake, just how the hell was this girl raised. The child is innocent, but it is disturbing nevertheless.

The fists continued to fly at me as I thought to myself. For a brief moment, I sent a gaze at Cheryl’s acting foster parent, who was also her grandfather and my irresponsible old friend, and our gaze met.

On his face, I saw a familiar smirk, and couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

Good grief, even though it was never his hobby to meddle with others much less take care of a child, this time he really needs a scolding.

….Putting that aside, let wrap this up first.

Concentrating my thoughts into one, I calm my mind. It was as if a calm stream washed over and cleared my mind. With my mind cleared, I could perceive the world more closely.

Now I could see each of the violent punches slowly and clearly. I kept watching the flow of power and wondered to myself how much time had passed since I last experienced this.

This is going to be easy peasy.

Making up my mind, I pushed out my left hand and aimed for one of the incoming fists. Cheryl’s flow of power is like that of a muddy stream, but the punches kept on coming with the intent to kill regardless.

I didn’t dare to strike with the intent to kill, so as I pulled in her striking fist, I made use of it’s momentum and redirected it back at her.

Cheryl’s fist contained much more power than necessary, and so I pulled her entire body in—then, I used my foot to swipe Cheryl’s leg and gave her a punch. Just like that, Cheryl’s body was sent flying.

Time seemed to flow very slowly for me, but while in the process of demonstrating how strong I was, Cheryl was sent flying because of it.

After she flew back several meters, she finally crashed into the ground.

She was a girl with a small physique but she was sent flying and ultimately crashed at the speed beyond the limit of those with the same aspect. Despite crashing on relatively soft ground, it was still quite bad, and could be life threatening.

「Ahaha! As expected of Slava-kun. The sensation of pain, it’s been awhile.」

Right, she can no longer be labeled as someone “ordinary.” This girl, looks like my concern was wasted.

Cheryl stood up as if it was nothing, turned around and faced me while having a happy smile on her face.

Honestly, that jerk took a really great disciple. The image of Cheryl’s grandfather, someone who was undesirable but inseparable for her, floated through my mind, I then adjusted my stance.

…..Well, you may be wondering why I am fighting her, and I do intend to tell the whole story.

It’s an old story, and it might be a little too lengthy—anyway, this is a story about thirty years ago.


  1. N/a

[Vol.1] Prologue

A hundred years after being born. It is a very long time when one thinks about it.

Every time the undershirt was taken off, a body full of wrinkles was revealed, like crocodile skin.

…This body has become decrepit and ugly over the years, it is impossible to push it any further.

I thought, as I looked at my body full of wrinkles, reflected on the large mirror in the dojo.

Looking at it closely, this body seems as weak and thin as a dead tree branch, as many wrinkles mark the skin.

Born over a hundred years ago.

The time I’ve spent devoted to martial arts is almost equivalent to that.

This body has reached its limit after continuously pushing it to the extreme these past one hundred years, so there is nothing to complain about.

… Strongest, ha. It is a short lived and good-for-nothing dream shared by two people.

The days when this body can be pushed further no longer exist. Every day, this body was put to the test, receiving injuries far worse than regular wounds.

Layers of muscles obtained were all shriveled up, and the only thing that remains is this tattered body.

However, by wearing armor, my muscle strength increases. If technology was easier to understand and faster to attain with power than 「Martial Arts」, I would have aimed for it from the beginning.

「Ka, fu…」

I cough violently, from inside my parched body, I spit out blood.

A body over a hundred years old, lung hemorrhage is only fitting. I have already lost all strength to resist, as I was sitting straight ⌈1⌋, my body fell forward.

…I was diagnosed with a disease. It affects the lungs, and causes internal bleeding, it’s a rare disease that can cause death. There is a way to cure it, but it seems that this old body can no longer tolerate medical treatments. It is a disease not even a master can overcome. In a sense, I am a foolish and immature person.

In my final moments of life, I recalled what the doctor mentioned. In a place far far away, at the edge on this world, exists a place called 「Nihon」,which is the doctor’s birthplace, where treatment can be done, it is regrettable.

At that time, perfecting martial arts was more important than following the doctor’s advice regrettably, therefore accepting the result is normal. That’s right. I had fully understood that feeling.

「Fu, kukuku…」

On the contrary, this old man coughed out blood while letting out a laugh.

──While thinking about the past, I realized my life was only filled with regrets. I can’t help but to laugh at my own foolishness.

I devoted myself to「Martial Arts」, and thus, I did not take a wife nor have a child.

Without even taking care of my possessions, I continued to pursue my art.

To watch my disciple, who I view as my own daughter, attain greatness won’t be possible, for I am near death and about to die.

…But, such a thing does not matter.

Though I had been dedicating over a hundred years into martial arts, my greatness had yet to be seen. It is such a disappointment.

That master claimed to have set foot into the third stage. If so, how far have I came, second stage or perhaps first stage ──

Had I instead tried to understand the fundamentals of martial arts, rather than rely on strength, I could have had a little more time to train.

It is often said that regrets build up as one lives their life. Even if humans possessed longevity, my life would still be filled with regrets regardless.

Taking a wife is unnecessary, and so is having a child. Money is not needed, nothing is needed.

Therefore, heaven, I… I and martial arts. Give me more time to perfect my martial art.

I think I acted like a whining infant. But still, I wished for more time.

「──Ah~, Shishou!」

The dojo’s doors was violently forced open, and my beloved disciple rushed in.

Currently, I’ve fallen onto the floor and my tunic is smeared in blood.

She rushed over to me, and gently lifts my body, which is equivalent to a dead log.

Tears well up in her shaking eyes.

「Please don’t give up! Please don’t leave me, please, ah…!」

As if a dam had broken, large drops of tears overflow the little disciple’s eyes and drip down her face.

Each drop, as clear as water, falls onto my face and mixes with my blood.

Then, I was lightly poked by her tender index finger. I open my eyes as if awoken from a slumber.

「Shishou! It is me, it’s Alma-desu! Can you hear me clearly-desu!?」

My disciple─ Alma, her eyes focused on me, smiles as she continued to sobs.

Even if it is suppressed, the sound of weeping can still be made out─ I see, my head is being caressed, and I cannot move my body.

…When I was at the age of forty, I picked up a young girl without any relatives. By no means had I intended to spend so much time with her and develop a close relationship.

She was twelve years old at the time, and I should note that she is over seventy years old, yet she still has the face of a girl roughly around the age of seventeen or eighteen.

If humans were had metaplasia like this, then this shishou was surprised─ the reason was her outer appearance, the attire she was wearing is that of a little girl.

Compared to humans, Alma’s ears were long and pointy─ a distinctive feature of the Elven race which were blessed with long life.

Her appearance was that of a human child at the age of twelve, but despite looking like a twelve year old, her race’s growth is around ten times as slow as a human’s.

To consider the young child as my own daughter ── yareyare ⌈2⌋. An old man over a hundred and a little girl at eighteen, it would be better to consider both as grandfather and granddaughter.

「D-don’t… cry… Alma….

A-as someone who practices the Shijima style… you shed tears so easily.」

I was unable to move my hand, but somehow managed to utter a few words.

Then, a smile floats across her face and she suppresses her tears.

「You’re back-desu… Ah!」

Letting out a sound with happiness tinged in her trembling voice, she then noticed that I didn’t have much strength left.

….It may be better to die with no one weeping.

Some time ago, Alma desperately used magic to help me recover from the brink of death, and my life was prolonged as the result, allowing me to be able to speak normally.

However, my condition right now is like that of a flask full of holes. When her magic was poured into me, I felt as if it were being poured into a bottomless pit. Magic was originally meant to treat the wounded, thus the magic at which one can use to cheat death is non-existent in this world.

…This is something to be expected, my beloved pupil.

But, you will not be able to admit it. Alma, when I heard you calling me father, I was a little troubled. The truth was I felt a little happy, even if it was a little, I was glad you felt that way.

「It’s fine already…stop your magic.

Time has caught up with me.」

I finally mustered enough strength, thus moved my hand and placed it on top of Alma’s hand.

Although she felt relieved, Alma’s face was filled with cold despair.

“No….No-desu! Please, this is not the time, it is not yet time for you to give up! My training has yet to finish, please do not say such a selfish thing!”

Crying like a child, Alma refused to listen to my words.

…Her feelings, I understood it completely. I too broke out in a tantrum, and spoke the same things when my shishou died.

However, my feelings at that time, if I remembered correctly, I did not express them in words.

When my shishou died, I was able to accept the fact and follow his path to accumulate knowledge about 「Martial Arts」─ such feelings drove me to continue to live in this world at that time.

I continued to train, but all of it was useless. Come to think of it, when master was still alive, he/she devoted their entire life into practicing martial art─

…The outcome, it can easily be guessed.

I followed the same path and would die the same way. And if that is the case, then master and I may have experienced similar things.

…Aaa, the previous thought then surfaced, I won’t be able to witness my pupil’s future growth, as I thought, such a shame.

「Listen, Alma…These will be my last words to you. As a father, and as a teacher…will you listen?」

「─No, no, no, no…please don’t go, shishou…」

In the end, she finally broke down and cried.

Be at ease, Alma.

At least, I wanted to teach her my masteries… but it seems that I no longer have the chance to do so.

Coughing lightly, blood continued to spill out, but not as much as before.

My internal organs, they have already reached their limits. It would be unreasonable to push it any longer, this decrepit and ugly body. That much is true.

So little time remains. At the very least, I want to pass on that thing.

I waited for Alma to settle down. Even though I mentioned I wanted to leave something for her, it is not as important as it sounds.

The master passes on his technique to his pupil, to succeed the Shijima style, it is time to let the future generation to inherit the old legacy.

After a while, tears still flowing─ but it seems that Alma had calmed down a little bit.

…This child is strong. As this child’s master and father, I’m very proud.

Taking a small breath, I took out what I had arranged before hand.

The fire of life can perish unexpectedly, the Shijima is all I can give to you so forgive me, Alma.

「First, as your master, Slava Shijima

…Hold out your hand, Alma.」

While sniffing her nose, Alma did exactly as I said, and held out her hand.

While I felt my life continue to slip away from my body, I reach for a pocket in my pant.

One way or another, this day will mark my death. It seems that I was completely oblivious to this fact due to thinking of other, more important things.

「This is a key-desu?」

「Umu…Will you take over the dojo, and become a master, in my absence?」

「Do you mean…? Yes, I understand-desu.」

「This is…it is the key to unlock what is sealed in the back. What’s kept there…is the scroll containing all of Shijima style’s masteries. The things my master spoke of, written down and kept secret. There are only two who knew of its existence, were my master and I…」

I coughed out blood and inhaled air roughly.

There was little time remaining. I must make haste and pass down my words to this child as a father.

I desperately tried to breathe, and continued to speak.

「But, now, you are the third person.

…Alma, you must not carelessly tell anyone about the existence of this scroll.

When you have completely mastered everything in it, you shall be a full fledged master of the Shijima style.

…I entrust the Shijima style to you, Alma.」

「…Hai, I will accept it, shishou.」

「On that day, you shall be Alma Shijima….kuku…kuku…ka fu, ge fu!」


Damn it. I can only hold on for so long, feeling like a tattered rag.

Coughing regularly, red drops of life continued to spill out.

Acute pain occurs every time I cough, I felt as if my lungs have been punctured.

Still, this old man wants to convey his thoughts.

「Then…From now, these will be the words of─ Slava Weser as a father…ahh…」

「Please, that’s enough already! You will really die-desu!」

Her usual cute voice was trembling, and she understood my condition well.

My one and only daughter, so I say. These past sixty years spent living together, the majority of the time I was not acting like a parent.

It was bad of me, only at the end did I act more like a fatherly figure.

I put my hand on top of Alma’s head shaking desperately.

I thought that I had long lost my arm strength─ but unexpectedly, humans sometime make miracles.

Without refusing my hand covered in blood, Alma realized this will be my last moment, she stayed silent and bit her lip.

「I had love. A wife and child I had none, but you were always the one showing me a bright smile, and to me that made you undeniably my daughter.

…You are blessed with long life. So, find a good man and give birth to a child. And, give that child lots of love and happiness.

So, I pray that my daughter can find her happiness─」

I finished speaking what I hoped for, and I felt at ease.

Drops of tears continued to shed from Alma’s eyes, but they seem to have stop for a brief moment.

…To the child who lost her parents, I am her foster parent. It is sad, but I was happy.

I pray my daughter will build a happy family, and will be able to live in peace.

I spoke what I wanted to. All my past regrets seem to have vanished, and I felt unexpectedly relieved and satisfied.

…However, new regret was also born. Speaking of happiness, maybe I should have marry. But then, Alma would not have been my child.

…Well then, this is fine.

「Shishou…? Shishou!!」

Alma’s voice slowly sounds further away. I felt warmth, then my consciousness faded farther and farther away.


My regrets remained, but it was a good life.

At the same time, my hand slipped from Alma’s head, and my mind slipped into darkness.

…Hopefully, in the next life I want to live without regret.

♦ ♦ ♦

…That was supposed to be my last thought, but what the heck.

In front of my eyes, I see a figure of a man and woman.

Their facial features… long and pointy ears, these two are Elves.

Elves, they could possibly be the same as Alma─ in the first place, the Elf race lived their lives closed off from the outside world─ from my standpoint, I am not sure whether or not these two are Elves.

「Dear, do you see us now?」

「Ah, look here… I wonder if he understands you at this age?」

The two elves, laughed happily while looking at my face.

…This is strange. This man and woman, they laugh whenever I move.

I wondered if there is a baby next to me. So, I turn my head to get a glance.

However, I can see only bars made of wood. Given the soft sensation on my back, I determined that I was put to sleep on a bed.

…No no, wait just a second. This situation. In the first place, I was supposed to have died.

So, why am I lying down like this? What more, this bed, it is too small.

「Oh! He turns his head. Do you deny our words?」

「Dawa, you don’t like it. If so, mommy is sad.”」

「Haha, that’s right.」

This man and woman, they stare at each other and laugh.

….What, this uneasy feeling… Something is not right.

What the heck happened to me?

I took in various consideration, but my thoughts are all tangled and I couldn’t come up with an answer.

But at the same time, an undeniable answer surfaced in my mind, then a chill went down my spine.

「Hey, can I cuddle him?」

「Yes, that’s fine.」

In a state of utter bliss, two hands wrapped around both of my sides.

…Impossible, for someone who is at my age, I’m way too thin.

No, this is more than thin, rather… I’m too small!

「Yosh! It’s Papa~」

As it is, my body was soon lifted up without any struggle.

After being lifted, my eyes catch sight of the man in front of me clearly, this is papa, and those words were probably directed towards me.

No way, I─

「Ufufu, don’t forget Mama is here too.

Hey, Slava-chan? It’s Mama~」

…Suddenly, that name was uttered, and I stiffen up.

No way, having a body of a baby has to be a dream… but is it really a dream?

But it feel like reality rather than a dream. But for me to be in this small body─

「Hey, Slava, your name is Slava, it is the name of a respected martial artist who became a legend!

It’s the name of the sole person Alma-sama respects! You too will grow to become an honorable man~ Slava!」

──What now? Alma-sama?

Slava and Alma. That combination gives me a headache.

The answer I came up with a while now concerns me. Because my name was mentioned, this situation became absurd.

Perhaps, could I have possibly─ become the child of this couple!?

「N~, the shape of your ears much resemble your Mama. They are slim and beautiful.」

「Ara, his face resembles you though. I think our son, Slava, will surely be a lovely child.」

This scene unfolded before my eyes, there is nothing to deny it now.

I really want to insist about the fact that I died and this is only a dream but─ no matter how I look at it, it’s real and I can feel my consciousness.

Bah, if it’s like this.

I really, truly─ am this married couple’s son.

My life has ended, and I met death.

…But to think that Death had such an unexpected turn about.

The couple alternate between who holds me, while their faces are full of joy─ again and again, as accordance to a baby’s instinct─ I was attacked with drowsiness.

Here, maybe if I were to wake up here, I may wake in heaven.

But if, if this body was bred from this man and woman then─

This life, I will live it without regret.

I will travel across however many treacherous mountain passes that I must, becoming number one, I will climb to the top. I will firmly stand by this vow.


  1. Seiza 
  2. Literally: my my 

Chapter 15 – Expelled From School

But, Cheng Zhongfan didn’t say anything and instead watched quietly.

“Father, I think it would be a good idea to torment and humiliate Xiao Chen!” Cheng Zhongming said: “Think about it ah, if a once aloof young master, became a valet, a servant, how do you think it would feel?”

“Servant? Your meaning is to sell him as a slave?” Cheng Tianqiu didn’t understand Cheng Zhongming’s meaning: “If you sell him, we won’t be able to see him, who knows if Xiao Family would buy him back?”

“Of course we can’t sell!” Cheng Zhongming said up to here, coldly leaned and sneered: “What if we give him to Mengying as a servant? A once aloof Young Master of the Xiao Family, Mengying’s fiance, but now becomes Mengying’s servant, how about this is what kind of disparity? Normal people cannot bear it, not to mention Xiao Chen that big young master? This is estimated to be might as well as killing him, as well as making him unable to bear it right?”

“Ah? What you said is very interesting ah! But, is Xiao Chen willing? I think even if he died he wouldn’t be willing, right?” Cheng Tianqiu nodded with approval. Indeed, he also knew that these Aristocratic Family juniors cared the most about face, especially Xiao Chen that dandy young master. He cared the most about face and right now, let alone being a big young master or Mengying’s fiance, becoming Mengying’s servant, was equal to “Pa Pa” his face ah, it would make him even more uncomfortable compared to dying right? ⌈1

“Unwilling? As far as I know, he is penniless now ah, as long as I use a little method, making the school pick a thorn while giving some money, if Xiao Chen does not come out, then he would have to be expelled. By that time he won’t have a place to live and even if he’s unwilling, if he wants to live, then he would have to allow me to manipulate him!” Cheng Zhongming’s face flashed with a sinister smile.

“Excellent, this idea is very good!” Cheng Tianqiu was in favor: “Then it’s settled, haha, this disparity is enough for Xiao Chen that little *******, the more uncomfortable he is, the more I’m able to vent!”

“Father, let me carry it out immediately….” Cheng Zhongming nodded, saying it calmly and composed.

Cheng Zhongfan who was standing by, did not speak a word, but in his mind he was thinking about the pros and cons about this matter. It was reasonable that Cheng Zhongming shouldn’t be so sinister ah, but isn’t this like killing Xiao Chen as a whole? ⌈2

With Xiao Chen’s dandy personality, even if he could bear it in the beginning, over time while being treated as a servant, wouldn’t he commit suicide ah?

Could it be Cheng Zhongming really wants to put Xiao Chen to death?

Cheng Zhongming directly went out of the meeting hall and immediately went to work. It couldn’t helped that Cheng Family’s energy in Songning City is huge; after Xiao Chen had just went to class, he already had received the school’s notice!

Within today, must pay a 1 million sponsor fee, the reason was because Xiao Chen was last ranked in last year’s finals exam! If this was done before, naturally no one could trouble Xiao Chen with this trivial matter, Xiao Family’s Young Master. Not to mention being last on the finals, even if he didn’t take the exam, what could the school do about it?

But the situation is different now, the school made it clear that it was looking for trouble for Xiao Chen, moreover, if he couldn’t pay the fee to the school then Young Master Xiao would be expelled.

After hearing the news, Xiao Chen’s complexion was cloudy. He definitely wanted to transfer, but before he could get the transfer fees in his hands, the school wanted him to pay sponsor fees!

“Boss, don’t mind it, isn’t it just 1 million? I’ll help you settle it!” Zhu Yingxiong didn’t pay any attention, with Zhu Family’s strength, 1 million was nothing. In fact, for the former Xiao Chen, 1 million also was nothing; Xiao Chen’s sports car was worth tens of million, this 1 million, was but a drop in the bucket!

However, when Zhu Yingxiong dialed his father’s phone, he learned that his bank account had been frozen and was immediately scared. Although it is true that Zhu Family’s Ancestor supported Zhu Yingxiong, however, Cheng Family made it clear that they wanted to mess with Xiao Chen. Zhu Yingxiong’s father didn’t have Ancestor’s courage, so he didn’t dare to help out Xiao Chen at this crucial time. ⌈3

Zhu Yingxiong and Xiao Chen’s closeness could be evaded by explaining it as a relationship between juniors, but taking out money was a different issue!

“Boss…my father froze my bank account, ****, it’s really killing me!” After Zhu Yingxiong learned this news, he was immediately frustrated, and said these words to Xiao Chen embarrassedly

“It’s okay.” Xiao Chen shook his head. This process made it clear that Cheng Family wanted to fix him up, so even if Zhu Yingxiong came up with the money, he believed that Cheng Family would make up at least 100 reasons to get him expelled. Therefore, it fundamentally wasn’t a money problem: “Dropping out is no problem, we’re still brothers! Take care of Ke’er on my behalf!”

Xiao Chen patted Zhu Yingxiong’s shoulder, sighed slightly, no longer saying anything, then stood up and walked out of the classroom.

“Boss, don’t worry, my people, I won’t let anyone bully her!” Zhu Yingxiong beat his chest and promised. This little problem, for the present Zhu Yingxiong, was a little effort, so long as he said the words, no one would dare move Lin Ke’er within the school, even Zhao Yuliang and Chen Jinpeng did not dare!

They dared to move Xiao Chen because of Cheng Family’s attitude, however in the case of Lin Ke’er, they didn’t think it was worthwhile to die from annoying Zhu Yingxiong, wouldn’t that be the actions of someone with a head filled with water?

“Secretly protecting is okay, she’s a….stubborn and strong girl, she has her own insistence.” Xiao Chen smiled towards Zhu Yingxiong and took big strides towards the classroom entrance.

“En?” Zhu Yingxiong was slightly surprised after hearing Xiao Chen’s words. He didn’t think that these were Eldest Young Master Xiao’s words ah, wouldn’t his response be short, did these adverse circumstances change him? After Young Master Xiao went through this matter once, he became profoundly deep?

Xiao Chen didn’t care how Zhu Yingxiong saw him, directly walked out of the classroom. To speak the truth, in this school, Xiao Chen’s sole reason for being reluctant to leave was only Zhu Yingxiong and Lin Ke’er. As for Young Lady Cheng Mengying, Xiao Chen thinks that he and her will not have any relations in the future, that gentle lily. Initially, however, Young Master Xiao had to pursue the girl for the sake of performance. Young Master Xiao was very clear, that the gentle lily couldn’t have a liking for a “dandy” young master.

But now, Xiao Chen could only rely on Tian Lao. Having Master Tian Lao’s cultivation mnemonics, coupled with the money that Young Lady gave him, supporting for a while should be no problem.

Thinking up to here, Xiao Chen’s mood wasn’t so bad, and quickly walked walked towards the dormitory. Inside the dormitory, Xiao Chen still had some of his own clothes. They were from previously when he brought some clothes, so he conveniently put them here and hadn’t wore them at all.

These clothes, to the former Young Master Xiao, were worth nothing at all, but now that Xiao Chen didn’t have any source of income, in order to be economical, he was prepared to take away these clothes.

Only, on the way to the dormitory, Xiao Chen was stopped by a vehicle!


  1. TLN: “Pa Pa” is the noise that a slap on the face makes 
  2. TLN: If this line makes no sense to you, go look up the raws 
  3. TLN: It says ‘economic resources’ and this being a modern XianXia novel, I switched it with ‘bank account’