Chapter 280 – 15 year old Inglis and the Eastern Front (11)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2715 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 874 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「HAHAHAHA!! This is amazing! Superb, Arles!! I’m manhandling Charalia’s greatest like he’s a baby! I can see it, I can see it for sure! The bright future ahead!!」
「You have no future!! Do you even think how you’ll survive?!」
「Hah! Why would it concern you, you’re going to shatter into pieces either way!」

Light condensed on the surface of the circular shield, glaring brightly and emitting a violent roaring sound. The mere aftershocks of the light condensing made the rocky mountains in the surroundings break away. It was obvious from a glance just how terrifyingly powerful the force packed in there was.


A thundering, shining shield came rushing at Raphael from above.


Raphael still couldn’t move his body as freely due to his impact, but he had to get away! He’d die if he took that slam directly!


He heard his name being called, and then… a deafening roar followed. When Rochefort’s blow burst into the ground, a huge pillar of light rose from it, blowing away the surrounding scenery and piercing a huge hole into the mountains.

「What tremendous power! That’s the power that should’ve been used to fight Prisma!」

Raphael snarled as he looked behind him. He couldn’t keep himself from marveling at the sheer scale of the destruction.

「Yes! But don’t ever think to match with that power!」

The one who answered him was Eris. Just before Rochefort’s blow burst, her flygear slid in at full speed as she scooped Raphael up.

「Yes, Lady Eris! Above all else, our mission is to protect the people from Prisma!」
「It’s good that you understand. We’ll get away from them!」
「Yes! Thank you very much for saving me, where is Lady Ripple?!」

Eris was alone on the flygear, while Ripple was nowhere to be seen.

「She’s gone to rally our main army! The odds are against us with our opponent being reckless like that!」
「I see, that’s for the best! Let’s keep him at a distance and draw him away so he doesn’t head for our army!」
「That’s a sound idea!」

A voice interrupted.

「I DON’T THINK SO! You will be crushed all the same!!」

Rochefort’s figure was quickly closing in on the flygear. With his shield raised in front of his body, a trail of light seemed to spew from its rims, providing him enormous propulsive force and enabling him to soar.

「——?! So fast!」
「He’s already onto us?!」

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The figure of Rochefort, laughing loudly, loomed closer and closer.

「Why does he look so joyful?!」
「This isn’t a game! Why would their Hyrule Menace unify with a man like that!」

Weaponization could only happen if the hearts of the Hyrule Menace and her user were united. Rochefort right now looked nothing more than an indiscriminate, evil warrior. Why would she lend him her power!


Once again, that terrifying shield bash was close at hand.

「Raphael, the helm! Haah!!」

Eris left the helm to Raphael and turned around. Using her twin swords, she slashed beyond space! Rochefort’s arms, holding the shield, were slashed in a crisscross. But… her blades were blocked by the radiance that enveloped his body.

「It’s ineffective?!」
「Being chastised by a jade beauty is my thing— BUT NOT WHEN SHE’S A WEAKASS!!」
「Have some of this, then!!」

Eris rubbed her twin swords together. At the same time, she activated the power that let her send a slash across space! The result was a momentary large firework, right in front of Rochefort’s eyes.

「……?! You’re blinding me?! The great and graceful Hyrule Menace, playing dirty?!」
「Says you, abusing your Special Grade Rune like that!」

While Eris rebuked Rochefort, Raphael steered the flygear to a quick halt. With him momentarily losing vision, Rochefort flew past the flygear, and…


In the meantime, Raphael lowered his altitude near ground level, changing direction. He slipped the flygear behind a rocky hill, obstructed and away from Rochefort’s view.

「Good thinking! Let’s hide behind the rocky hills and get away!」
「Yes, Lady Eris! Although, it would be nice to have a few more obstacles to hide behind!」

If there was a forest or woodland, they could have hidden in it, but there wasn’t any in the area. There were some rocky hills, but the surface itself was unobstructed and open.

「There’s nothing we can do about that… Either way, we need to buy time!」

The flygear flew westward at low altitude over the rocky hills, hiding from Rochefort. In the distance, the spot where the frozen Prisma was enshrined came into view.

「……! Th-that’s?!」
「There’s still that many?!」

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In the vicinity of the Prisma, a large number of flying bird-shaped magic stone beasts were being produced again. There were so many of them it was as if the space around the Prisma was nothing but a swarming blackness. There was no doubt that they far outnumbered the group that Raphael and the others had just dealt with. And all those beasts were about to go on the move again.


  1. Mab: I don’t know why, but the image of an obnoxious french man with his belly on a round shield soaring through the sky shouting “FABULOUS!!” is just comical lmao.

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