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Chapter 109: Spirits, Elves, and Out of the Loop

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

The spirit I locked eyes with was different from Liessyl, it was a somewhat timid spirit with a predominantly blue hue. As for its human-like appearance, do powerful spirits just generally take on a humanoid form, or is it by chance? The spirit is smaller than Liessyl but slightly taller than the spirits I usually see.

Are we really locking eyes? I waved at it to be sure before it showed a startled reaction and hid behind Yunmica, timidly lowering its head. Is this spirit a shy one or is this because I have the divine power of the Creator God? Or maybe there’s some other reason?

While I was leisurely thinking to myself, Yunmica noticed the spirit’s strange behavior. Yeah, she definitely noticed. Of course the spirit would tell Yunmica about me. I guess she’s contracted with it.

『I’m really sorry.』
『Oh, Ain. Why the sudden apology?』
『A spirit who’s likely in a contract with Yunmica discovered my existence. It might even end up informing her about how I have divine power.』
『Fufu, Ain making such a blunder, isn’t that pretty unusual? Still, I don’t mind. It’s not like they can do much with that knowledge.』

I’m glad that Ciel isn’t bothered about it. True, there isn’t really much she can do with this information, but I’d rather keep the people knowing about me to the bare minimum. About me being inside Ciel and being capable of using divine power. Still, if Ciel learns how to use divine power, it’ll be another hidden trump card for us to use.

Anyhow, the spirit informed Yunmica and she’s now staring at Ciel in wide-eyed shock. To be exact, she’s likely looking for me but she probably can’t see me. Rather, can Fiiyanamia even see me when I’m in this state? She probably can.

「Lady Cielmer. I realize that it’s discourteous to ask, but…」
「Is it about Ain?」
「Is that perhaps the… god that’s beside you?」
「Ain isn’t a god, but that’s pretty close. The one who you talked with at the Hunter Guild was Ainsel.」

Hearing Ciel’s reply, Yunmica started contemplating about something. Well, I imagine that it’s pretty difficult to make sense of what Ciel just said. After all, while it isn’t a lie, it’s not in the realm of common sense.

As for Shusii, she already can’t follow the conversation and is simply blinking her eyes with her head tilted in confusion.

「…Right, understood.」
「You want to talk?」
「If I may, could you allow me the opportunity?」

While she seemed to have come to some sort of conclusion earlier, Yunmica immediately jumped at Ciel’s offer.

『Is it fine?』
『I don’t mind. Seeing it directly would likely make it easier to explain anyways.』
『In that case, I’m leaving her to you.』

Since it’s Ciel’s request, I have no intention of declining… I might refuse depending on the request itself but this one isn’t an issue, so I gladly accept. Anyways, just so it’s easier to observe, I guess it’s time to turn black.

As Ciel and I switched, I paid no attention to Yunmica before me and instead put on the ring and hair ornament Ciel gifted me. The blue jewel is reminiscent of Ciel’s eyes, somewhat touching my heartstrings. I took out a mirror to check the hair accessory and it works as a really good highlight for my dark hair.

『Does it look good?』
『Yes, yes! As I thought, you’re adorable, Ain. Really adorable! But still, seeing Ain wear the accessories I chose makes me feel a bit restless. Am I feeling happy? Or am I feeling embarrassed?』
『Perhaps it might even be both.』
『Right, right! It is a pleasant feeling though.』

I’d love to just continue talking to Ciel forever, but I can’t really do that, so I faced Yunmica and began speaking.

「Pleased to meet you, or should I say it’s been a while? I’m Ainsel. Would it be easier to understand if I introduce myself as Fiiyanamia’s other daughter?」
「Pleased to see you again, Lady Ainsel.」

Ohh, she adapted quite impressively. Shusii’s confusion is also pretty impressive. Her pupils are darting about and she’s at a loss for words. Honestly, it’s really amazing how Yunmica adapted.

「I don’t mind if you interact with me the same way you do with Ciel. Since I don’t think I’ll be out too much.」
『That’s a no. I intend on having Ain act more, alright?』
「Understood. Still, it’s best that you don’t treat your own position lightly, you know?」
「Thank you very much for the warning. While I can’t say that we’ve gotten a complete grasp of it yet, we’re currently acting not as Fiiyanamia’s daughters but simply as a pair of hunters. We will ask for appropriate treatment whenever we are to use mother’s name.」

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Ignoring Ciel’s insistence, I responded to Yunmica’s warning. Ciel’s behavior likely gives off the impression that we make light of, or rather don’t care about our social status and such, but there’s really no helping it. She might be thinking that if people underestimate us too much, it could reflect on Fiiyanamia’s authority and disrupt Central’s power balance.

Though if that happens, Fiiyanamia would just kick everyone out, but I would honestly prefer that we don’t become the cause for this to happen.

「So, what would you like to talk with me about?」
「…What are you?」
「You can just think of me as an extra to Ciel. Only one of us can be outside at a given time and I don’t particularly plan to do anything to the spirits. I’d like to be at least capable of conversing with them but as I am now, I lack the ability to do so. And if I have to add anything else, I’ll prove my words to be true in due time, I suppose? I won’t answer anything beyond this.」
「I see. Thank you.」

When I called myself an extra, Ciel immediately countered, 『Ain’s not an extra!』

But since I couldn’t find the timing to respond, I controlled myself and continued talking to Yunmica. I should tell Ciel that things will be easier if people think of me as an extra later on.

「Anyhow, I don’t plan on harming the spirit, so please be at ease.」
「I’m not worried about that at all. After all, one who has a high spirit by her side and is adorned with a spirit’s shelter can’t be a wicked being.」
「Come to think of it, is the spirit that’s with you one that you made a contract with?」

From my question, Yunmica was dumbfounded for a moment. Was that perhaps something that should be common sense? Well, I am ignorant about the world, so forgive me for that. Pulling herself together, Yunmica answered.

「That’s right. This little one is a water spirit. A very strong one at that and the very reason I was entrusted the role of being a mediator of Central.」
「Your spirit can even see me, after all. Liessyl once told me that only powerful spirits can see my form.」

Though I said that, to be exact, it’s actually my interpretation of her gestures and stuff. As I brought up Liessyl’s name, Yunmica once again had a troubled look.

「And Liessyl is…」
「The forest spirit.」

Replying so, I looked at Liessyl and she was staring back at me. As our eyes met, we smiled at each other.

「A named one… no, I half expected that. Speaking of your appearance, I don’t quite remember you changing colors back then.」
「I gained the ability to do so after that time. I can wear the same colors as Ciel, but there’s no meaning in doing that now.」

My outward reason is that we’re easier to distinguish, but the truth is that I just want to wear the accessories Ciel picked for me, otherwise I hadn’t intended to change my colors. It’d be awfully convenient if our equipment could automatically change when switching though, is there some way to do that? Ciel picked these for me, so I won’t allow even Ciel to wear them.

「By the way, is your spirit equal in power to Liessyl?」

As I said that, the water spirit suddenly started quivering. Yunmica quickly signaled to the spirit that she was ready to listen. Liessyl didn’t seem to be particularly bothered and is simply floating around.

「Umm, it would be presumptuous to consider myself her equal, she says. In actuality, named spirits are a step beyond. They’re literally at a different level.」
「This little one is at the upper level among intermediate spirits, meanwhile the forest spirit close to you two are at the upper level among high spirits.」
「As I thought, Liessyl is amazing.」

Saying so, I faced Liessyl and there she had a triumphant look. While it might be weird saying this when I look about 12-13 years old, it’s cute of her. That aside, it seems like spirits that have names are powerful. Are they strong because they have names or do they get their names because they’re strong? It’s probably the latter.

「By the way, you two are sisters, correct?」

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Since I feel somewhat bad leaving Shusii in the dust, I directed this question to her, but she seems to be busy drawing something with great enthusiasm. She probably didn’t hear my question.

That’s why, as with earlier, Yunmica answered.

「Yes, that’s right.」
「But aren’t your names are slightly different?」
「I suppose it would be better to teach you about this. Since it’ll be convenient to know. Our first names are our given names. Yunmica for me and Shusii for my little sister. Our last names are our tribe’s name. In our case, that’d be Messi.」

So it’s Yunmica from the Messi tribe, then.

「In other words, even if your last name is the same with someone, that doesn’t necessarily make you related by blood?」
「That’s the idea. Though, we would be what you call relatives in human terms.」
「What about the middle name?」
「That one stands for what spirit we’re contracted with. It’s Maa for water spirits. Shagal for tree spirits.」

It isn’t the four classical elements? Or so I thought, but Liessyl is a forest spirit, right. In other words, does that make the spirit Shusii is contracted with related to Liessyl? I don’t know if there’s a well-defined hierarchy among spirits, though.

I do have the vague impression that there’s one at the top, with the other spirits doing as they please regardless of power.

「Are all elves contracted with spirits?」
「No. Only a few have contracts. For the ones that aren’t, they’ll only go by their given name and tribe name. Dwarves should be similar to us in that regard.」
「I see. Understood.」

If I remember correctly, the dwarf Bajo also had some sort of middle name. I already forgot what is it, but Ciel probably remembers it.

「Can all elves speak to spirits?」
「No, there are some who can, but the majority can only somewhat understand them. Every elf can see spirits though.」
「Elves are amazing.」

I only started seeing spirits quite recently. Comparing this, the elves’ unique nature can be seen. No, I guess in this case, it might be our unique nature that’s actually highlighted.

And as our conversation continued, it eventually became noon.

「Thank you very much. I have business that needs attending to this afternoon, so I should excuse myself.」
「Right. Sorry for holding you here for so long.」
「No, it was quite a beneficial time.」

『Shall we switch?』
『Let’s stay as is. Since if I come out now, I could drag things out.』

「Well then, see you later.」

As I was about to leave, Shusii suddenly perked into action.

「A few days, come back again after a few days. The clothes should be done by that time.」
「I understand. I look forward to seeing you then.」

The designs Ciel thought up are going to be incorporated, so I’m looking forward to it. After all, I don’t actually know all the details on how it’ll look when completed.

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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Heya~! We have more spirit world building this time, as well as regular old world building, and now we’re finally leaving the shop!

Some spirit interactions after a long time without, yay! This time we have an adorably timid water spirit a bit nervous with Ain. And so it seems like unlike the regular spirits who only sense/see Ain when she takes over Ciel’s body, stronger spirits do see Ain regularly. Also, I’m wondering the same thing, can Fii see Ain when she’s in spirit form? And has she actually been enjoying Ain’s embarrassment all this time when Ciel starts praising her? Lol.

As expected (?) elves have high affinity with spirits but the more interesting part is their naming convention. It’s a neat touch that I may or may not be stealing for when I finally get organized enough to attempt writing my own stories. I still need to be consistent here first anyhow. Also, more cute Ain and Ciel banter, with Ciel responding every time Ain makes even the slightest self-depreciating remark, cute. I do await more Ain being forced to be Ain and interacting with the world as Ain from Ciel though, that’d be nice to see Ciel reacting instead.

And for the last part, our resident clumsy but competent Shuusi has promised the completion of her work in a few days (unspecified even though she explicitly says that she’ll be done by they come by, is she pulling an all nighter and in plural?). Next up, to the guild!

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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