Chapter 3 – Orthus’ Resolve

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 435 words
Editor(s): Silva

I’ve gotten a lot cuter, haven’t I…

Orthus could only see Seletina’s figure reflected in the full-length mirror as he peered into it. His steel-like physique and fierceness that had been described in his sagas were barely a shadow of their former selves. This was Orthus’s reality now. A fragile silhouette, which was a stark contrast to his former life as a warrior.

On his final breath during the Elugor Disaster, Orthus wished to be reborn. He’d wished to serve the king once more. His desire had been pure and serene, with no regrets or desires. If it were to happen, he would just be delighted. Even Orthus himself had never anticipated such a miracle.

But regardless of the cause, his wish had come true.

Orthus was born in the Aldelight in the year of his death, retaining the memories of his previous life.

With his tiny baby hands, he’d offered a prayer of thanks to the God of Miracles, Uldora

The prospect of being able to sacrifice his all once more for the king had made him ecstatic.

He’d vowed to himself that he’d boldly tread the path of a knight once more.

But despite this, fate had other plans for him.

Orthus had been reborn as a girl. A girl with an incredibly fragile body.

If he exercised excessively, he would experience an asthma attack and a fever. Additionally, he was forced to take a brutally bitter medicine that his mother had prepared three times a day.

It was practically impossible to become a knight while being the daughter of a duke, and having such a fragile body. Orthus would never be permitted to become a knight in this life.

He was devastated by this reality, and day by day he’d descend more into despair. As the daughter of a duke, he’d be expected to act charmingly and attend tea ceremonies while eventually bearing the child of another man. The mere notion sent shivers down Orthus’ spine.

With fire raging in his eyes, Orthus turned back to face the mirror. A fire that vowed to tear this future apart.

He was aware that convincing Melia, his current mother, would be difficult, but he also knew that his father had a soft spot for his daughter and wouldn’t require much persuasion. He still had a chance to become a knight if he focused on his father.

The image of Seletina in the mirror nodded.

*I’ll not give up. I’ll push through! I’LL DO IT! *

Orthus, no, Seletina resolved to herself as she squeezed her small, elegant fists, a battle cry echoing in her mind.


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