Chapter 27 – Akimoto Hara’s mother

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3242 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1654 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Akimoto Hara?” Lily was taken aback.

Seeing Lily’s expression, the ghost seemed to feel something, “Miss? Did you perhaps meet him before?”

Lily silently nodded.

The light the ghost was emitting seemed to be brighter, yet more unstable. As she floated closer, Lily felt a chill run through her soul, but resisted the instinct to retreat.

“Please tell me, where did you meet him? How is he right now? Is he well?” The ghost’s voice trembled with agitation, her eyes glowed with gentle light.

Lily felt the nostalgia of a mother worrying for her child. She didn’t want to deceive her savior, but even more, she didn’t want to hurt her savior! This mother had become a ghost, she must have suffered serious misfortune, Lily couldn’t let her suffer an even more horrendous blow after death.

There was no mother who would value her own life over her son’s.

“He…he’s doing well.” Lily replied through her moistened eyes.

No, I must not cry, the madam might see through me, I must endure, act happier.

Lily smiled warmly, though it was a bit far fetched to say, with her beauty, it was the most beautiful smile.

“He’s doing very well.”

Lily repeated.

The mother stared into Lily’s eyes as her eyes lit up with happiness, but very quickly seemed to understand something.

“You, do you know where he is right now?” The joyful light in the mother’s eyes seemed to dim down.

“He……he’s walking along his own path as a samurai.”

“…So it’s like that…miss, I saw your abilities, that he could get your approval, it seems that he must be a very amazing samurai? Right?”

“Nn!” Lily’s eyes seemed to shine as she nodded, “He is an amazing samurai!”

A bright smile appeared on the ghost’s face, that gratified smile that only appeared when someone recognized their child.

“Then, do you think he’ll return to visit me?”
“He said he would visit Izumo mountain, absolutely, he definitely will!”

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The ghost looked at Lily tenderly, but for some reason her eyes were blank and empty, “You’re a really good girl, I’ve always dreamed that my son would marry such a girl and bring her to see me. Now, though my son hasn’t returned, an ideal daughter-in-law like you has come to visit me. It seems that my son and I must have some kind of connection for you to visit here…”


The ghost mother slightly smiled, “I’m tired, you can go.”


“Go, follow the candle, if it’s you, you can definitely leave…I want to be alone…and rest a bit…”

The ghost floated to the corner of the area and silently faced the corner, as if deep in thought.

“Madam, take care.” Lily turned and left with the candle.

After leaving the area, she heard the mother start crying. Lily didn’t know if it was because she missed her son, or if she realized something…

But no matter what, her son, Akimoto Hara was an amazing samurai. This point, his mother finally knew her son was amazing enough to shock everyone in Heian-kyo. It was enough to make her proud of her son!

As Lily walked along the path, a teardrop traced its way down her cheek.

This world was too dark and had too much misery. Lily knew that and she herself walked upon a dangerous path, but she understood that she must not hesitate or fear.

She would not allow this sort of tragedy to happen to Senior Rinne, or her beloved sisters.

“This is my destiny!”

Seeing the ancient ruins, Lily’s heart became even more resolute!

Lily followed the candle flame, but along the road she was inevitably attacked by ancient samurai.

Holding the candle with her domain, she dealt with the ancient samurai herself.

Along the path, she killed another six, seven ancient samurai.

These powerful ancient samurai were all strong men like Akimoto Hara, Lily could only feel a slight regret and pain when she thought of it.

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However, she used this pain to increase the power of her blows to kill her enemies, she knew she would be the one to fall if she didn’t.

There was no choice.

“Who, just who drove this ancient samurai clan into madness? Just who!”

Looking at the gray sky, Lily wondered, “Is it really the effect of the heavenly disorder? But why would such a simple and upright group of people be the first to be affected?”

As the skies gradually darkened, Lily held the candle as if were the only hope left in this foggy ruins.

Finally, in the distance, Lily saw the path leading out!

The fog didn’t seem as dense, and Lily could see the ancient trees far away.

A figure stood in the path.

That was a warrior as big as a thick brick wall, a resolute expression and a head shaved into some ancient topknot. His skin looked as black as metal against that ruined white martial uniform and his eyes glowed with heart frightening light.

He carried an ancient notched and rusted tachi, and his whole body excluded the might of a middle staged throned sovereign.

“Unexpected, to think someone could walk out of that ancient maze formation.” His voice was as low as a ferocious beast.

He looked at the candle in Lily’s hand and sneered, “Is it that b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ Ayeko? Hah, that year she wouldn’t obey me so I killed her, but to think her soul hasn’t dissipated and she still dares disobey me. Sooner or later, I’ll find her soul and extinguish her.”

Hearing that samurai’s confession, her eyes chilled and emitted an intense killing intent she didn’t show to the other ancient samurai.

“You killed madam? Akimoto Hara’s mother?” Lily coldly asked.

“That’s right, Akimoto Ayeko, her husband has long become a madman, and I think I heard that she had some son called Hara, a very annoying little guy. Only he disappeared, don’t know if he died already. I am the head of the Yaki branch of the Asuka clan, that woman dared disobey me, she deserved to die1!” This self proclaimed clan head had a ruthless look in his eyes, he spoke as if his killing a woman who didn’t listen was the fault of the woman.

“Interesting, you’re clear headed.” Lily replied.

The ancient samurai looked at Lily and smiled chillingly, “That’s right, and I know who you are, mirror girl, Lily.”

“Why do you know of me? Isn’t your clan secluded from the world?”

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“Hehehe, secluded? We just don’t care about matters outside of Izumo, the spirit energy here is ten times denser than the outside world! Our clan is stronger than those cowards of Heian-kyo, why would we leave?” He sneered.

“But your clansmen, they’ve all become crazed madmen. Your clan, it seems to be on the brink of annihilation.” Lily coldly observed.

“Ahahahahaha! Who cares! You think you’re some savior goddess? You speak of such hypocritical and useless words. This is the place best for advancement, Izumo Mountain! As long as I can ascend one day and become a god, who cares if those trash die?

“Ascend? You?”

“Hah, mirror girl Lily, you might not know, but you’re just a stepping stone for me. If I kill you, someone will give me countless treasures and secret scrolls! Of course, if I can catch you alive, I’ll get much more. Of course, I’m afraid of trouble, so I’ll just kill you, simple right? Ahahahahaa!”

Lily’s grip on Yasutsuna tightened until her knuckles were white and her blade trembled under the pressure.

“Perfect, I happen to plan on sending you to Yomi!” Lily coldly retorted.

“Akimoto Hara, I met your mother. Unfortunately she was killed not long after you left and I couldn’t tell her of the cruel reality of your death. The least I can do is kill this man to avenge your mother!” Lily made a decision as her eyes flared red with anger.

Shing——! Yasutsuna was unsheathed, the exotic red sword inscriptions pulsed, and glowed with light on the cold blade edge!

The head of the ancient samurai clan took a stance, his entire body emitted a powerful ancient aura and suppression, the spirit energy blowing around his body howled in the wind, it was as if an ancient beast was roaring.

This time, Lily couldn’t hold back her anger and took the initiative to attack!

The spirit energy surrounding her morphed into ten meter tall red spider lilies in full bloom. A sky full of sakura blizzards accompanied her as she dashed.

Behind her, the sky filled with a forest of sakura trees, a phantom of a white clothed mother and son played underneath the sakura trees.

Lily had embedded her grief for the Akimoto mother and son into her domain!

“What!???” The ancient samurai head was shocked at the scene, that was a woman he had brutally killed, and in that moment of shock, Lily’s blade had already arrived.

“Die!” Lily tightly gripped her katana with both hands and slashed with all her might, creating a huge crimson wave like blade light!


The ancient samurai head resisted with his full strength, as Lily’s blade light collided with his notched tachi, a tremendous shock was transmitted into his body.

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“Ugh!” He let out a pained cry, Lily’s blow was too heavy. Not only had another notch been slashed into his tachi, but the shockwave had depleted a full tenth of his spirit reserves! Even the ground he stood on had collapsed and the path destroyed!

“I’ve fought so many ancient samurais, among them, you’re the most cowardly one!” Lily put more strength into her arms and pressed down with Yasutsuna!

If this head fought her with the same self sacrificing attacks, then even if she won, she would have taken serious injuries. Their strengths were so close it would be very difficult to win.


“You’re afraid of death!”

Suddenly, the head of the ancient samurai burst out with a bit of frenzy and forcibly pushed away Lily’s blade with his tachi. In slashing power, Lily was superior, but in terms of brute force, of course, this burly male clan head was stronger!


  1. Robinxen: And so he signs his death warrant.

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