Chapter 281 – 15 year old Inglis and the Eastern Front (12)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2813 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1079 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「Oh no! They’re going west!」

What lay west was the territory of Charalia.

「Kgh, now of all time! This isn’t time for midland people to be fighting each other!」
「Lady Eris! We should get that man to help us!」
「But how?! No words will reach him, you know?!」
「This is how!」

Raphael pointed the bow of the flygear upward, and the aircraft flew out of the shadows of the boulders and into the sky.

「……! He’ll find us!」

Before Eris could finish her words…

「FOOUNND YAAA!!! A knight mustn’t show their back, you know!!」

Rochefort immediately spotted the flygear and closed in.

「Yes, that will do! To get him to help us! We’ll drive straight into the magic stone beasts!」

By fleeing into the midst of the magic stone beasts, they would be hidden from view, and their obnoxious tail would crush and scatter everything in his path behind them. By doing so, the magic stone beasts would be destroyed by the hordes.

「I see! It’s a risky gamble, but—!」
「This is the only way to deal with both of them!」
「Yes! You’re right!」

Eris attempted to blind him with her twin swords for the second time.

「What a party trick! I won’t fall to it twice!!」
「He’s already catching up?!」
「Lady Eris! The helm! Please take over!」

Raphael jumped overboard, leaving the helm to Eris. He got to the back of the flygear, and then…


He pushed the airframe directly by hand. The full speed of the wings the Dragon Fang granted him was added to the thrust of the flygear.

The flygear accelerated quickly, but they still couldn’t pull away from Rochefort. That said, he was no longer closing the gap as quickly. They were getting closer and closer to the Prisma and the dense cloud of magic stone beasts, but…

「Kgh?! We can’t reach?!」
「We need just one more leg up!」

Even so… even if they were just one step away, Rochefort had already caught up with them.

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「HAHAHA!! Let the game of tag end!!」

Suddenly, a bullet of black light passed by Raphael, landing right on Rochefort’s leg, and…


Rochefort’s posture tilted for a moment. That slowed him down, and a short gap opened again.

「Eris! Raphael! I’m here to help!」
「Lady Ripple!」

That light bullet was shot by Ripple who rushed to the scene. It didn’t directly strike Rochefort down, but it had the effect of slowing him down with its powerful gravitational central point. To top it off…

「Forgive me! Lend me your help!!」

Those words were directed to the flygear she was on. She kicked herself away from the aircraft, leaving the bow to charge at full speed toward the incoming Rochefort. It was a flygear kamikaze attack.1 

The flygear aircraft grandly shattered as it crashed into Rochefort’s golden shield.


Rochefort stumbled once more. Meanwhile, Ripple who had safely abandoned her aircraft had succeeded in jumping towards the flygear Raphael and Eris were riding, agile like an animal.

「You saved us! Good timing!」
「I can see what’s going on! It’s crazy dangerous, right!?」
「Yes, but you helped a lot, Lady Ripple!」

While Raphael was speaking, the flygear rushed into the crowd of magic stone beasts.

「You won’t escape me! YOU WON’T ESCAPE MEEEEE!!!」

Rochefort jumped into the cloud of magic stone beasts, chasing after him. The aftermath of the light emitted by his shield engulfed and annihilated any magic stone beasts in his vicinity endlessly.

He left a wake of destruction much more massive and horrifying than the assault Raphael had made previously.

「Exactly as planned! But, talk about overwhelming!」
「Even so, he won’t last forever!」
「Yes, you judged correctly, Raphael! At this rate, we can have our troubles both cancel each other!」

Compared to before, hiding and running away in the midst of this many magic stone beasts would be much easier. Rochefort would eventually burn away all of his strength, and by then, the magic stone beast horde would have been devastated.

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Rochefort abruptly stopped to yell, before he raised his golden shield to the heavens.

「He stopped?!」
「What’s he doing?!」

The shield radiated more violently, its glow covering Rochefort in a sphere.


With a high-pitched, resonating ring, an explosion of light spread out. Any magic stone beast that came into contact with it instantly disintegrated, vanishing into it.

「……He still has an ability like that?!」
「And it’s fast?!」
「Oh no, we can’t outrun it!」

The light, rapidly expanding, was already right in front of Raphael and the two in no time at all, and…


The three were sent flying from such an ungodly impact. Raphael’s vision went black for a moment—before his back violently crashed into something.

With it, the sound of something shattering was heard. As some sparkling glitters came into his view, he could feel something cold touching his body.

「This is—The Prisma’s ice?!」

Raphael’s body was buried in the Prisma’s ice prison, effectively breaking his impact.

「Ow ow ow…!」

Much like Raphael, both Eris and Ripple were buried in the ice. It was fair to say that the ice softened the impact of their collisions. It was ironic to think that Holy Knight and Hyrule Menaces were technically saved by Prisma, their number one nemesis.

「This is ridiculous—our enemy was supposed to be you!」

Raphael looked at the frozen Prisma. As they crashed near its head, Raphael cast his gaze to the monster’s giant iridescent eyes… And they sparkled, looking back at him.


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There was no doubt. Their eyes met!

「Lady Eris, Lady Ripple! Did you see? The Prisma just moved its eyes!」
「I-, indeed! I saw it too! It’s fully awake!」
「Th-, this is bad, it’s waking up!」

And yet, Rochefort wouldn’t stop.

「STOP! Don’t agitate the Prisma any further!! It’s already awake! If it sees you attacking him, it’ll fight back!」

As Rochefort closed in, delivering the final blow… the ice prison shattered into pieces with a deafening sound.


  1. Mab: It’s not everyday I translate a 100+ y/o cat eared loli charging a kamikaze attack against a frenchman flying on his shield, but man, life brings you to places.
    Mab: Oh, I failed to mention that his shield is also a cat loli who turns into a weapon for him to wield, so that’s that.

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