Chapter 2 – The Feeble Duchess

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 725 words
Editor(s): Silva

“Today is quite cold, don’t you agree?”

A lovely soprano voice resonated across the room.
Although it was just a passing comment, Seletina’s gorgeous lips made it seem as if an angel were giving an oracle.

Elita placed some firewood in the fireplace while smiling and nodding, trying not to let Seletina notice that she was overcome with emotion.

“Lady Seletina, you shouldn’t be out of bed. Are you feeling better now?”

While prodding the fireplace with a stick, Elita questioned.

“Father included, I believe you are all being far too overprotective. As you can see I’m as fit as a fiddle.”

Seletina spoke as she puffed out her chest and squeezed her porcelain-white arms, showing her biceps.
At the sight of her mistress, Elita couldn’t help but smile.

Nevertheless, Seletina had developed a fever the previous evening, and as a maid, Elita was compelled to urge her to remain in bed.

“We should be cautious precisely because you are feeling well. In addition, Lady Seletina, you are wea… more fragile than the majority of people. If you’re out of bed, you’ll cause problems for all the maids.”

Elita spoke while slightly frowning.

Seletina’s cheeks puffed, but she grudgingly agreed and crawled into bed after casting a final glimpse out the window.

“I hate this sickly body of mine.”

A weak voice resounded under the cover.

“I, in turn, love your beautiful and delicate body, Lady Seletina. It gives you a princess-like air.”
“Then how about we exchange bodies?”
“Lady Seletina, please do not jest”

While glancing out the window, Elita remarked. Outside she could see Seletina’s father, Balged, and her older brother, Yennis sparring with wooden swords.

I see. So Lady Seletina was watching them train. Perhaps she envies Lord Yennis’ vigor and ability to train with Duke Balged…

Despite her beauty, Seletina was a typical, playful child who was going to turn 10 this year. But because of her weak physique, she had to spend most of her time in bed and hadn’t even left this room, much less played with her father and brother.
Every time Elita thought about the young lady, her heart ached.

“Why does only brother get to train with father? Don’t you think that’s unfair, Elita?”
“Lady Seletina, I know you want to play, but everyone is simply concerned about you. For the time being, you should prioritize your heal…”
“I don’t want to play. I want to train… And I know that already. I’ll be good and rest, so you don’t need to worry.”

Seletina said as she poked her head out from under the blanket. Her still-puffy cheeks made it obvious that she was unhappy.

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“When I get better will Father be willing to teach me the sword too?”
“Teach you the sword…? Fufufu. I’m not sure about that.”
“Ah! You’re making fun of me, aren’t you?”
“No such thing. But I do not think that Lady Melia will allow it.”

Seletina’s expression abruptly changed when she heard her mother’s name. Melia shared Seletina’s golden hair and deep blue eyes. She was also brilliant and stunning. However, she was quite demanding as a mother.

Melia was a woman who valued etiquette above all else and took pride in being a noblewoman.

When it came to Seletina’s education in being a lady, no one had been as strict as Melia.
Melia’s classes had been so severe that the maids were concerned for Seletina’s wellbeing.
Anything heavier than a full teacup had been forbidden for Seletina to carry. She would receive a smack through the bottom with a stick if her back arched slightly, and she would spend the night locked in a storage room if her speech fell just a little short of what was expected of a lady.

Given all of those circumstances, it was easy to imagine what Lady Melia might do if she found out her daughter wished to wield a sword.

Seletina clenched her teeth.
With a troubled smile on her face, Elita turned to face her.

“Y-You should focus on resting and getting better, Lady Seletina.”

Seletina then curled up like a ball under the covers.

She was clearly upset. Elita merely smiled slightly, hoping that one day she might be able to let this frail angel roam free under the sun’s rays.


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