Chapter 279 – 15 year old Inglis and the Eastern Front (10)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1783 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 754 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「Lady Arles, right?! Please, don’t do this! It offers no hope or salvation! The true power of a Hyrule Menace should only be used in the battle to protect people from the Prisma, no?!!」

Rochefort would not listen to his words. Therefore, Raphael tried to talk Arles the Hyrule Menace out of it instead. However, she didn’t reply to his comments, as Arles’ figure transformed into a giant shield with a golden glow.

「A shield?! Then that’s more the reason that your purpose is to protect the people!」1 

Using her to fight a battle between humans would be the least appropriate.

「She will protect, of course! She and I, have what we have to protect! And we shall defeat you, invaders, to that end!!」
「You spin your words!」
「HA HA HA HA!! What a most wonderful power you bestow, Arles! You and I, we shall become the strongest force as one! Now, have a taste!!!」

A distinctive high-pitched vibrating sound pierced Raphael’s ears. At the same time, a gem-like object that was embedded on the shield glowed. It became an arrow, and with a single flash, approached Raphael at blinding speed.


It was quite fast, but the wings given by the Dragon Fang provided Raphael with enough speed to evade by a paper-thin margin. The ray he avoided landed on the rocky hillside below.


And created a huge cloud of dust as they roared. This was a true testament to its firepower.


Just a single thin ray, and yet such power!

「Not yet! You won’t escape me!!」

The number of rays of light chasing Raphael grew.


Unable to evade them forever, Raphael attempted to snuff out one of the rays by striking it with the blade of his Dragon Fang. And then—

「Agh…?!! UUAAAAAaaaaaaaghhh?!!」

The sword was repelled with tremendous force, and Raphael’s body was sent flying backward. He managed to avoid crashing, but his body spun several times in the air, and his vision wasn’t stable.

When he regained his vision, he learned that the flygear carrier Rochefort was on was far ahead and away. He had been repelled that far back.

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「What fearsome, tremendous power…!」

The power of the ultimate Artifact— it was something of a different league alright.
After all, it was the only power to rival Prisma.

The Dragon Fang in his hand was said to be an Artifact closest to the Hyrule Menace. And yet Raphael couldn’t help but think that there was a huge gap between the Dragon Fang and the Hyrule Menace.

「Fortunately, I’ve gained distance from him!」

He had to admit, facing Rochefort upfront would be a huge disadvantage. However, there was no way that Rochefort’s body would be safe from the true power of the Hyrule Menace he wielded. In that case, Raphael’s countermeasure was obvious.

「I will not die for nothing!」

It was an outrageous act for Rochefort to wield a weaponized Hyrule Menace against a human being. If he ran out of power, he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his duty of protecting people from Prisma.

What he did was a betrayal to those who put their hope on him. What awaited him was nothing more than a meaningless death. However, Raphael, too, wouldn’t be able to fulfill his own duty if he were to be killed by him here.

That, too, would be a meaningless death on his part, and he must avoid that at all cost. He didn’t know how long Rochefort could maintain wielding a weaponized Hyrule Menace, but he knew it wouldn’t last forever. If so, rather than confronting him head-on, Raphael could stall for time and Rochefort would surely meet his own death!

「Where are you going?! Holy Knight!!」

A voice came from above…


Before he knew it, Rochefort was soaring through the sky, rushing towards him with a huge golden circular shield covering his body in front of him.



With the tremendous impact of the bash, Raphael’s body was sent flying directly into the rocky hillside below. He was slammed to the ground from behind, and the impact gouged the ground and sent up a heaping cloud of dust.

The power was so tremendous that he was momentarily dazed. Had he been in his normal form, he would have lost his life with that single blow. Better put, it was the armor the Dragon Fang deployed for him that kept him alive.


  1. Silva: Enough is enough, just shut up Raphael, you’re embarrassing yourself.

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