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Chapter 1 – Seletina ul Gold Aldelight

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 603 words
Editor(s): Silva

The world became submerged in the spell of autumn.

Elita smiled as she peered out the window and observed the courtyard’s golden autumn leaves.

Autumn was pleasant.

It brought with it heaps of pumpkins, chestnuts, ginkgo and grapes. Elita wiped her drool while remembering her favorite autumn harvest. She was a young maiden, yet she valued substance over style.

“I shouldn’t get carried away. I need to hurry.”

Elita gave her cheeks a slap and put on a serious expression. It was not the time to be distracted by foolish food fantasies. She was, after all, at work.

Dressed in her sophisticated jet-black maid’s uniform Elita shook from the mid-autumn breeze as she walked down a long hallway that appeared to go on forever.

Elita had been working with the Aldelight family as an apprentice for the past two years. Despite spending a lot of time at the residence, she had never quite adjusted to its immense size. After all, it took roughly 30 minutes to walk from one end of the residence to the other. Yet, despite the residence’s vastness, its decor was nothing short of breathtaking. Despite how large the residence was, if one did not tread cautiously, one would eventually bump into some ornament. The thought of damaging the enormous, exquisite vase, that was placed in front of her, made Elita pale with horror.

It was for this reason alone that the maids were required to adopt a swift yet steady gait. Thankfully, over her two years of employment, Elita had acquired this gait naturally.

She served the Aldelight Family, a ducal family that was reputed to be the most illustrious of all the ducal families. In other words, the Aldelight Family was Elugor’s second most prestigious family after the royal family. They were therefore vastly superior to all other nobles. Hence, a residence of this magnitude was only fitting.

Elita was delighted to be serving the Aldelights. Even though she was just a maid, she felt grateful that a simple rural girl could be part of such a glamorous world. And given the size of her income, she was also able to send her parents substantial funds. In addition, there was one more thing…

“Excuse me.”

Elita strolled up to a door and cautiously opened it, her pulse racing with anxiety and eagerness. She gasped as she entered the chambers and saw the holy, painting-like sight she had seen numerous times before.

Standing near the room’s window was a young girl with a melancholy expression. Elita was left lost for words by the sight of this forlorn girl gazing out the window in the setting sun.

“A moon fairy.”

When Elita first saw the girl two years ago, she had said these words.

The girl in front of her was nothing short of beautiful.

Her delicate limbs were painted the color of white porcelain, and her golden hair spiraled beautifully down to her waist. Her delicate lips, which were bewitchingly moist and had a cherry red color, complemented her deep blue eyes, which were innocent and pure.


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None of those words could begin to describe the girl. Even a renowned bard’s song, in Elita’s opinion, would not be able to capture her beauty.

Each time Elita couldn’t help but be charmed by this exquisite image, which appeared to be outside of this world.

The girl quickly snapped out of her trance when she felt Elita’s presence and turned to smile sweetly at her.

The girl’s name was Seletina.
Seletina ul Gold Aldelight.

Being given the opportunity to serve this lovely duchess was Elita’s greatest joy.


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