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Chapter 17 – Time waits for no one (Part 2)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2018 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 979 words
Editor(s): Hydra

“AWOOO! I’m Iki, the first retainer of Lady Hiyuki! On the name that was granted to me by the Princess, none shall get close to the Princess in my presence! I will chop everyone into pieces!”

Iki further elongates the blades growing all over his body as he shouts and jumps into the enemy’s ranks all alone.

The enemy monster group hurriedly tried to aim at him but none of them were able to keep up with his extreme speed and by the time they noticed him arriving before their eyes, they were already chopped into pieces. In a panic, half of the enemy monsters were caught up in friendly fire rather than attacks from their opponents.

Even Gaijin plunges into the battlefield together with the 100 orc soldiers he had summoned.

“Oraaaa! I am Gaijin! The owner of the ramen shop ‘Tonkotsu The Great,’ whose august name was given by the Princess! You dimwits aren’t even qualified to be turned into soup stock, I’m going to turn all of you into raw garbage!”

The battlefield which is practically a free for all at this point became even more chaotic. Suddenly, a golem who was one head taller than the 4-meter-tall Gaijin appeared in front of him and punched him.

The punch directly hit Gaijin’s face but,

“…… So lukewarm, have you not eaten enough, you squirt?”

He wasn’t fazed at all as he cracked both arms of the golem, lowered his waist, and fired a straight punch.

The Golem immediately tried to defend itself by crossing both of its arms but Gaijin single handedly blew him apart.

“There’s no one among you who has guts in their fist, none!”

Then, he glances around at the monsters that surround him and swings his right hand with his shoulders clacking.

“Just saying, but in my fist confines my guts and the love of my dearest Princess, so it’s not just twice as hard but 100 times harder. Prepare yourself.”

And then, Soujyu who was a bit further away, “Hmm-Hmm. It’s good to see hot-blooded young people. Now, where should I begin dealing with the leftovers…… ”

Soujyu mutters and puts down his roots on the ground. Then his figure transformed into a huge fifteen-meter-tall tree as the roots sucked away the nutrients, water, and magic from the ground.

“…… Hmm, I guess this size is the limit in this wasteland. I’m the second retainer of Lady Hiyuki and the being who has been granted the name of Soujyu. Prepare yourself, for I’m not going to put that honor into shame.”

Soujyu moves as if gliding on the ground with the spear-shaped roots popping out one after another from the ground in all directions, accurately piercing the enemies and pouring his plant-based poison formed from his body.

Some of them die from being stabbed like a shrike impaling its prey; some of them barely managed to protect their vital spots albeit, with the poison in them, they spasm and die. Some of them quickly took their distance from him and tried to attack. Soujyu launches the thorns that were growing on his body like a volley of arrows, followed by a deadly poisonous breath that covers the surrounding area like a curtain of mist emitted by him.

“Good grief, it seems like my turn is left only to those leftovers of the same kind and that huge fort huh.”

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Before the eyes of Ikaruga who thought so while staring at the battle which can only be called a one-sided massacre, the remaining two Yog-Sothoth exploded like balloons, popping and scattering the remnant of their body.

Then Mikoto appeared amidst the explosion with a cool face and heals Ikaruga.

“Are you all right, Lord Ikaruga? You seem slightly injured”

“Something like this is just a scratch to me. Besides, it’s better to get some trifling wound than none to get my blood pumping.”

“I see. Then I guess I have done something unnecessary.”

“No, you just saved me some trouble. You have my gratitude. I can’t make a move on the ground when the battle has devolved into such a mess.”

Ikaruga looked at Iki, Soujyu, and Gaijin who were frolicking around here and there with a somewhat envious gaze but suddenly noticed something and asked Mikoto.

“Speaking of which, I didn’t see Kokuyou anywhere. Where is he?”

Mikoto flung her gaze downward with a complicated expression.

“Small fries are not worthy to become Kokuyou’s prey. His only aim is the stronghold.”

As soon as Ikaruga returned his gaze to the enemy’s main stronghold 一 to the gargantuan mobile fortress «Centipede»,


A terrific explosion occurred at the central part of «Centipede» causing several of its blocks to blow away. They exploded in mid-air, unable to withstand the impact.

“一It seems it has started.”

They saw Kokuyou, who was standing there with the Great Shield Pavis on his left hand pushed up while readying the pitch-black Lance in his right hand to charge at the rear part of the fragmented «Centipede» in a straight line.

The fragmented «Centipede» part tries to attack in panic but Kokuyou’s face remains unfazed as he divides the several kilometers long «Centipede» into two, like a hot knife running through butter.

“…Oh dear. There goes any hope for us to make any further move for real.”

“Yeah.” Mikoto nodded in agreement, a smile floating on her lips.

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“All that’s left is the outcome of Princess’ battle…”

Says Ikaruga as his gaze moves in the direction where Hiyuki was.

“Utsuho is reliable, I don’t think there will be any problem with a minor character of that level.”

“Hmm. I’m of the same opinion, but we can’t let down our guards. The opponent is a transcendent after all, who knows what kind of underhanded tricks he may use.”

“You’re right.”

Mikoto nodded and shifted her gaze in the direction Ikaruga was facing.


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