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Chapter 17 – Time waits for no one (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2095 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1072 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Ikaruga’s large, single eye curves into a smile as he looks at the imposing appearance of the several kilometers long centipede-shaped mobile fortress crawling along the ground and the flying monsters coming from the opponent’s side.

“Hmm, this is precisely the battle I seek. I should squeeze in as much fun as I can have.”

After muttering that, Ikaruga announces his name in a cold voice.

“Listen well, ye nameless runts! I am Ikaruga, Demon Commander of the Imperial Crimson Round Table that casts its unholy light through heaven, he who leads the thirteen Demon Generals! Under the decree of Lady Hiyuki, mine one and only beloved beautiful master, I have come to punish thou for thine transgression!! Thou shalt only take a step forward, only if thou are ready to bear the consequence.”

In the next moment, Ikaruga’s entire body emitted rainbow-colored beams 一 lasers of all possible wavelengths: Infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, visible rays, x-ray, high frequency, electromagnetic waves 一 that mow down the approaching enemy’s monsters.

Around half of them were annihilated by his attack while the other half who were able to withstand that launched a counterattack in return.

“Yes, that’s it. They’re indeed more suitable to give me some fun with their tougher-than-human bodies.”

Frankly speaking, their attacks do not hold that much power alone to him but their opponent is an enormous being spanning around 70 meters in size, so the same thing can’t be said when they all attack at once.

Ikaruga blocks them with a barrier and further pushes them back through the gravity beam.

The mobile fortress ‹‹Centipede›› finally began to take action together with the second wave to replace the first wave of monsters which had been nearly annihilated.

The ‹‹Centipede›› raised its sickle-shaped neck and immediately galloped towards Ikaruga.

The ‹‹Centipede›› dwarfs even the giant Ikaruga who was like a ball in front of an enormous tree. However, he wasn’t particularly flustered or anything, he merely stopped where he was.

“I had wanted to have some more fun if possible, but the giant has come. 一一Farewell.”

No sooner than he finished his words that darkness emerged from the tip of his tentacles which began to distort not only the light and space but even the gravity of the surrounding.

“Dimensional Slash!”

The condensed darkness then turns into an explosion that disrupts the very existence of the space-time continuum and erased all of the surrounding monsters.

Not only the second wave of enemy, but the attack even scrapped off the front part of the «Centipede» that was in attack range but as the mobile fortress is composed of several blocks, it easily severs the damaged part albeit becoming a bit shorter. Nonetheless, the «Centipede» raised its sickle-shaped neck and didn’t continue its stride like before as it distanced itself and shifted to long-range attacks. It was probably cautious of ‘Dimensional Slash’.

“Hmm, a tough guy. But if you’re thinking that much is enough to damage me, then you’re surely mistaーhh!?”

Ikaruga’s words weren’t finished before a vortex of light approached from all directions and swallowed him.

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Though he instantly offset the impact to some extent through the barrier and gravity beam. However, Ikaruga’s eyes were now tinged with a serious expression due to the unexpected (although it merely chipped off his HP by less than 10%) damage, and quickly surveyed the surroundings.

The culprit — or more like culprits — that he found looked a lot like himself. Rather, it should be better to say the enemy is Yog-Sothoth, the same kind as him, albeit just a downgraded version with a level simply comparable to regular pets and a measly 20 meters in size 一 who surrounded him in a pentagon formation, causing him to squint his eye in dissatisfaction.

“…… Same kind? What a pitiful being to be used only as a tool without even having any awareness. Worry not, for I will quickly liberate thee of thine suffering…… Okay, that was just lip service. Your mere presence irritates me, looking at all of you feels like I’m staring at my own reflection in a crooked mirror. And above all, my name is ‘Ikaruga’. An honorable name bestowed to me by none other than the Princess herself, so only I of the same kind is sufficient. Go and disappear, you fake goods!!”

The gleam of ‘dimensional slash’ that Ikaruga fired again swallowed the nearest Yog-Sothoth in the twinkling of an eye and annihilated it, but the rest managed to succeed in offsetting the damage to some extent through the same ‘dimensional slash’ attack. The other four Yog-Sothoth, although seemingly flustered, were all safe and sound.

“Hmph. It seems I have lost a bit of my edge from not being able to fight for a long time. I never thought I wouldn’t be able to defeat them in a single attack. Then I just have to一”

Just then, four meteors suddenly descended from the sky aiming at the single eye of the enemy Yog-Sothoth. Right before the moment of impact, they scattered in four directions like a blooming flower; but not before an orichalcum spear with its momentum intact pierced the opponent’s body dead center, releasing a lot of kinetic energy.

Ikaruga smiles bitterly at the scattered body of his ‘brethren’ and the figure of the four angels who immediately pulled out another spear and headed for another enemy.

“Tsubaki, Enoki, Hisaki, Hiiragi huh. I don’t know if I should commend the four sisters for their abilities or lament at the good-for-nothings of my kind.”

By all means, the four of them are principalities while Yog-Sothoth stood at the top of the power scale in contrast to those who didn’t have high rank or race. Thus, there shouldn’t have been any difference in battle power and yet, they were easily taken down.

“This is the difference between those who have been given a ‘name’ and ‘aspiration,’ than those who don’t have anything. We truly are blessed beings. For we have the Princess for us, unlike that foolish ruler.”

In the meantime, as Ikaruga muttered this softly, another Yog-Sothoth was unable to maintain its flying state in the sky under the siege of the four sisters and got down to the ground.

Though, as soon as it got down, its huge body was sliced into two parts by Iki who came jumping around at a speed so fast that it didn’t even leave behind any afterimages.


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