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[Two as One Princesses] Important Announcement

Hello everyone, I’d like to be a bit more formal for this time around. Up until now, Two as One Princesses was my personal project I asked Re:Library to host. That has caused some confusion due to me being generally ill scheduled and having had to put Two as One Princesses on low priority despite my love for it due to it being a passion project that I work on during my free time. However, it’s different now. This will be my final off schedule post and update. From next week onward, Two as One Princess will be updated every Monday 2:00 am (GMT+8) as part of the translation project of Re:Library with yours truly as the publisher/translator.

And with change comes, well, change. Particularly, on the length of the updates. Having decently long chapters, the chapters will be split into two. There’s set to be one update every week at the specified schedule and it’s a formal project now, so I have an actual schedule to maintain. Another change is that the Japanese honourifics have been removed, but if there is a demand, I can list down the originals on my footnotes where I’m usually ranting about random stuff I like anyway. Actually, maybe I’ll do that. Additionally, I have unpublished my Patreon in order to make sure that I don’t take any more, especially from people who may have forgotten that they still are subscribed to the Patreon. And so, that’s it for announcements, back to the program we go.
It’s summary time BABEYYY!!!

Last time on AinCiel: Back home after meeting with the sorceress lady, our princess are having dinner with the landlady. Like the family they are now, the younger princess talks to the landlady about her day. The landlady gives answers to the weird happenings of the day and even explains how there’s voices of rebellion rising from the new young nobles, specifically the brother of our sorceress lady. And as the tensions are rising (away from our princesses’ eyes), they have been given permission do deal any attack coming their way as they like. However, today’s story is not of theirs!

It’s interlude time, now from Viviana’s Point of View in: Viviana and Amyulute Part 1!

I hope you enjoy the long awaited update! Please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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