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Introducing Machine Translated Teasers

Recently, an intriguing idea was brought to our attention, and we can’t help but consider it as an exciting experiment. What if Re:Library started hosting 100% machine-translated novels on our site as teasers and later allowed human translators to pick up the most popular choices through Patreon polls?

We’ve been inspired by the potential benefits of such an endeavor, aiming to introduce you all to a broader range of Gender Bender novels and potentially uncover hidden gems along the way. These MTL teasers will be housed in a brand-new section on the site, ensuring clear labeling to distinguish them from human-translated works.

The MTL teasers will be further divided into their own language group:
Chinese Novels: https://re-library.com/tag/machine-translation-cn/
Japanese Novels: https://re-library.com/tag/machine-translation-jp/

Now, for a quick FAQ to address your concerns:

Q: Will Machine Translations replace human translators?
A: No, machine translations won’t replace human translators. While tools like ChatGPT can help with quick and basic translations, they lack the nuanced understanding, cultural insight, and linguistic finesse of human translators.

Q: What is the purpose of these MTL Teasers?
A: These machine-translated teasers introduce readers to undiscovered novels, acting like extended synopses. They help patrons decide which novel to vote for human translation.

Q: Will these 100% MTLs be edited or proofread?
A: While we understand the importance of quality, these teasers won’t undergo extensive editing or proofreading. Our intention is to use AI assistance to generate the text, serving as a glimpse into the fascinating stories waiting to be discovered.

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