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I Reincarnated and Became the Daughter of a Dragon?!

Dragon's Daughter The Dragon That Lost Its Eggs Started Raising Me for Some Reason! (災害で卵を失ったドラゴンが何故か俺を育てはじめた) is a Japanese Web Novel written by Kirisaki Suzume (霧崎 雀@作家系バ美肉YouTuber) and translated by Mui. It is completed with 159 Chapters.

Category: Fantasy, Gender Bender, Slice of Life

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The guy who served as an assistant for an adventurer party, ■■■■■, was betrayed by his party members on the dragon-infested Mt. Kuguse. Mortally wounded, he wakes up later in the nest of the Red Dragon, Kafal, who lost its eggs in the disaster. He has become a girl called Lucella, having been bestowed the name of the dragon’s dead daughter, after losing both his memories and his name. It seems like Kafal’s started to raise him as its own daughter…? A unique parent-child tale of how one dragon and one human’s strange fates bring them together.

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