Merch Shop Grand Opening + Freebies!

After much anticipation, we are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our merchandise store! You can visit our store here:

We’ve partnered with RedBubble to leverage their print-on-demand services. By uploading our original designs on RedBubble, they handle the printing and subsequent shipping of products to your intended destination. In return, we earn 20% commission from each purchase.

At present, we are showcasing nine unique designs, and our plan is to continuously expand our selection. The journey to launch this shop was quite an adventure. We collaborated with talented artists to craft these designs, invested time in product testing, and even shipped items to various locations to ensure they met our quality standards.

Take a moment to explore our customer reviews:

Silva’s Review:

For the Pillow:

Initial Impressions:
Upon first inspection, the pillow appeared surprisingly flat, prompting initial disappointment. However, it quickly regained its intended size upon removal from the vacuum-sealed packaging. This unexpected expansion was a welcome surprise.
Print Quality:
The print quality, which had been a point of concern, exceeded expectations. Contrary to my initial assumption of standard screen printing, the design was achieved through direct-to-garment printing, allowing it to permeate the fabric for a longer-lasting finish. This deviation from conventional methods was a positive aspect of the product.
Zipper Configuration:
The arrangement of the zipper proved to be somewhat inconvenient as it did not span the entire length. This made the task of fitting the slightly larger pillow into the cover more challenging. It felt like trying to place a sizable object into a constrained space.
Fabric Thickness:
Another observation pertained to the fabric thickness of the cover, which was thinner than anticipated. After placing the pillow into the cover, the tags became visible through the fabric. Consequently, I had to remove the pillow and trim the tags before reinserting it. While these minor issues emerged, they did not significantly detract from my overall satisfaction with the product.
Shipping and Delivery:
On a different note, it’s important to address Redbubble’s shipping practices, which may not be directly related to product quality but are relevant to the overall experience. Each item is shipped separately, likely due to the involvement of multiple companies in the printing process. This segmentation can result in accumulative shipping fees, particularly for international orders.
Consideration of Local Postal Services:
For international buyers, the efficiency of local postal services plays a crucial role in the delivery process. In my situation, residing in a less developed country, I faced considerable delays and unfortunate incidents of lost packages. To exemplify, despite making four orders in April, I had only received a single item by July from the second delivery. This situation arose after the first delivery was marked as lost in transit, leading to a replacement dispatched in May. It wasn’t until September that I finally received one item from the initial delivery. In summary, I eventually acquired 2 pillows, but the other 6 items (duplicated due to two separate orders) remain unaccounted for.
Customer Service and Resolution:
Due to these shipping issues, I reached out to Redbubble to inquire about the status of my orders. Since the replacement orders also failed to reach me within the estimated time, a third replacement was deemed unlikely to yield different results. Consequently, Redbubble promptly provided a full refund, with the understanding that any future deliveries of the original or spare packages would not require return.

In conclusion, I effectively obtained two pillows at no cost. While I maintain some hope that the remaining orders will eventually arrive, my expectations are tempered by the previous experiences. For individuals residing in the United States or countries with efficient postal services, concerns related to lost or delayed shipments may be less pronounced, and shipping costs may remain more manageable. However, those situated on the far side of the globe, like myself, may face more substantial shipping expenses and logistical challenges.

Fana’s Review:
For the Pillow:
I really liked the tough and textured fabric of the pillow cover – it feels just right on a couch! From afar, the print looks pretty good, but when you get closer, you start to notice some resolution issues. This is the same problem I found with the shirt as well. But on the bright side, the color choices, both for the text and the pillow itself, work really well together! It might help to make the font bolder, but even as it is, it looks quite nice. I was also happy to see that the pillow is of great quality and super sturdy, plus it comes vacuum-sealed for convenience.
For the Shirt:
The shirt feels nice to touch but is a bit on the thinner side – my mom noticed it too. It might be cool for the summer though! The main thing is the print quality, which is super crucial for merch like this. I’ve seen a lot of companies mess this up, like when I was in Japan, a bunch of shirts and posters just didn’t have crisp prints. But in contrast, at a Dutch anime convention, the merch was flawless with super sharp details. It’s a bit of a mystery why there’s such a difference. Even Redbubble, a big name in fan merch, sometimes has varied print qualities. For instance, my dad has Redbubble shirts that are text-only, and they seem fine in terms of resolution.
Fire’s Review:
For the Poster:
I recently received my order, and I must say that the delivery was impressively swift. The package arrived ahead of the anticipated delivery date, arriving a remarkable ten days early. This efficiency in delivery could be attributed to either the local postal service or EMS, but regardless of the source, it’s undeniably commendable.

Now, let’s delve into the product itself. The poster arrived securely packaged, ensuring its pristine condition upon arrival. The poster’s measurements was particularly accurate. It boasts a pleasing sheen and an overall appealing appearance. The choice of paper for the poster is commendable, offering a quality feel.

When it comes to assessing the print quality, I found no significant issues to report. The print appears to be of high caliber, with no noticeable flaws or imperfections. Overall, it’s safe to say that I’m quite satisfied with this poster purchase.

To celebrate our grand opening, we are also planning to give away some freebies. To increase your chances of winning one of these fantastic prizes, you can earn tokens by following these simple steps:

  1. Like and Share our Facebook page. (2 tokens)
  2. Join and Boost our Discord server. (1 token)
    Screenshot 2023 10 14 022306
  3. Subscribe to specific tiers on the Project Gender Bender Patreon page. (1 to 10 tokens)
    Untitled 1
  4. Leave a valid review for any of Re:Library’s translation on Novel Updates. Send a DM to @Silva or @Firerei on Discord with your reviews for validation. (1 token for each review.)
  5. Be active on Discord. (@Regular member: 1 token, @Super Member: 3 tokens)

∴ Each token you earn represents one entry in the poll, granting you the opportunity to win these exciting prizes:

1st Prize: Your choice of a cushion from our collection.
2nd Prize: Your choice of any poster available on RedBubble.
3rd Prize: An original headshot artwork created just for you.

The roulette will spin on October 30th, and we’ll be announcing the lucky winners during a live stream on our Discord server. Be sure to join us for this exciting event!

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