[New Series] Alchemist Startover

With the completion of Cheat Receptionist around the corner, we’ve decided to pick up Alchemist Startover ~The unloved alchemist that died alone was reborn as a little girl~ as our new project!

The Alchemist Startover is an enthralling Japanese Web Novel that takes us on an extraordinary journey through life, death, and rebirth. Written by the talented Eltria and brought to the English-speaking world by the skilled translator Mui, this story captivates from the first page to the last.

Glass Dimelia, an alchemist of unparalleled genius, lived a life marred by tragedy. He started as an orphan and became a street child, later surviving an attempt on his life by a foster father. Ailing from an insidious disease that ravaged his body and blackened his skin, Glass devoted his final years to desperate research, hoping to cheat death itself. However, his audacious pursuits violated the sacred and led him to a death sentence by Kamut, an agent of the goddess who deemed him guilty of meddling in forbidden realms.

But even as he faced the inevitable, Glass received an unexpected accolade from the goddess Aurora. For his unprecedented contributions to the field of alchemy, he was granted the chance to reincarnate. Originally, his new life was meant to be a blank slate, with all previous memories erased. Yet, due to the whimsical intervention of another goddess, Fortuna, Glass retained his memories as he was reborn three centuries after his original lifetime.

Now a baby girl named Leafa, Glass embarks on a new life, in a new world and in a new body.

This is the spellbinding narrative of Leafa, previously known as Glass, who never knew happiness in her past life. It is a story of discovery and redemption, as she comes to understand the true meaning of love and takes her destiny into her own hands to find the happiness she never knew.

Prepare to be captivated, as you journey alongside Leafa through trials and tribulations, witnessing her transformation from a forsaken alchemist to a beloved individual seizing her second chance at life.

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