Lunar New Year 2024

As we welcome the Year of the Dragon, a symbol of strength, luck, and prosperity, we at Re:Library are thrilled to share this joyous occasion with you. This year, we’re celebrating with something extra special – our latest artwork, capturing the spirit of the Lunar New Year.

LioSero full

In this vibrant piece, Liomad & Sero are elegantly dressed in traditional attires, embodying the grace and beauty of the Lunar New Year. The artwork is a blend of modern aesthetics and traditional motifs, symbolizing the merging of past and future – a perfect representation of the dynamic and powerful dragon spirit.

As we step into this auspicious year, let’s embrace the energy and optimism it brings. May the Year of the Dragon fill your life with the courage and wisdom of this majestic creature.

From all of us at Re:Library, we wish you a prosperous and joyful Lunar New Year. Enjoy the celebrations, and don’t forget to check out our merch on RedBubble that adds a touch of cultural elegance to the festivities!

恭喜发财, 新年快乐! (Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nian Kuai Le – Wishing you wealth and prosperity, Happy New Year!)

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