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Chapter 418: Dryders

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Just like that, the dreaded Dryders made their appearance.

With the backdrop of a million spiders frantically fleeing, these half-Elven, half-spider monstrosities swarmed out of the hole…

Humanoid upper half, arachnid lower half, and carapace wrapped around their hands in the shape of claws: there’s no mistaking it, these are the Dryders! Paliseth was right, this really is a breeding ground for these monsters.

I swept my eyes over the horde of Dryders -several hundreds at the very least. These monsters had a mix of females and males, and because of their Dark Elven heritage, they all looked like your typical models. But once one looked down… you would immediately question that previous statement.

An adult Dryder came in at about two and a half meters and had the combat strength of a Three-star at least. Next to that, I was more like a dwarf than anything else, what with my 1.70 meters and Four-star strength.

Even though this sense of being gazed down upon by a giant monstrosity was horrific enough, it was their disgusting lower half that really took the cake for me. If there was ever a World Ugliest Competition, it would basically be a competition amongst themselves… not that they cared.

“Invader… kill…” The male Dryder at the head opened up with a voice that was grating and unclear, following which the other hundred over Dryders behind him yelled, “KILL!!!” Their mighty cries echoed throughout the confined spaces of the tunnel, ferocity only matched by their murderous intent.

Even though there were several dozens of meters between me and them, I could still feel that palpable sense of danger, and smell that stomach-turning stench they emitted… have these guys not heard of the word bath?

Shadow Demon, kill them all!

Having received my order, the Shadow Demon stretched itself out to the ceiling of the hole then immediately dropped itself on top of them. Its limbs turned into deadly blades and its figure was a whirlwind of death that descended from the heavens.

These Dryders had no other innate defenses other than the carapace on their arms. Their upper half was basically that of a normal human’s, meaning that wherever the Shadow Demon swung its limbs, a dead Dryder could be found lying there a second later. Because of how sudden this whole attack was, the Dryders were temporarily caught off-guard. In just the span of a second, five Dryders were already bifurcated along their humanoid halves. Yet regardless of whether they were beheaded or sliced apart, there was always that spine-chilling shriek as they flailed in pain.

Hmm… even if they are monsters, they shouldn’t be alive after being split along their midsection, right?

Then, to my genuine surprise, my Shadow Demon failed for the first time since dropping into this pit. Faced with a Dryder that was three meters tall, it confidently swung out its blade-like arms but was promptly blocked by the carapaced claws of that Dryder. Even though it still managed to slice halfway through those claws, the fact was that my Shadow Demon had been successfully blocked!

How?! That was basically an attack from an Epic weapon that had the sharpness attribute. Well, it’s not exactly the same as Shadowfang itself, but it still shouldn’t have failed like that…

Just as I was still reeling from the shock, the previously silent Ferti’nier suddenly interrupted me with her usual teasing, “My dear little brother, I think you’d better look carefully for a second. Do you see the difference between that Dryder’s arms and the others.”

Following her advice, I turned my attention towards that Dryder who blocked my Shadow Demon and found that his arms had a metallic sheen on it. Almost every Dryder showed signs of its elemental nature on its arms and arachnid lower half. For example, Dryders of the flame element had a black carapace that was infused with streaks of fiery red. Meanwhile, its lower half would be of a fiery red hue. In light of that, it was easy to tell a Dryder’s nature by its outer appearance.

“A Metal Dryder. Because they love feeding on metals, their carapace has become extraordinarily sturdy as well, just like the metal they feed on. This sturdiness is extra apparent against slicing attacks.” As she explained that to me, I could sense a hint of mocking levity to her voice. “These kinds of spiders are quite rare. Back in the days of your big sis, she once met a Nine-star spider. Back then, your big sis was still an Overlord so that opponent was a difficult one…”

‘Difficult meaning that you still won in the end… aren’t you just praising yourself indirectly by promoting how tough of an opponent that spider was?’

Both the arms of the Shadow Demon were still stuck fast in that Dryder’s arms. Because of how deep the cut was, it wasn’t able to free itself quickly. Seeing that, the other Dryders immediately rushed forward to launch what was to be a sure-fire killing combination move of over ten Dryders. In just the blink of an eye, fire, poison, spike, ice, earth and all manner of elemental attacks flew throughout the tunnel. With its arms still stuck fast, it clearly couldn’t dodge the attacks and was instantly torn to shreds… along with that Dryder that was unfortunate enough to be holding it back. In fact, its death was even more miserable than the Shadow Demon.

The instant the Shadow Demon died, I felt my heart stop for a second like something had suddenly gripped down on it. That momentary sense of death and its ensuing pain was just indescribable to the uninitiated. Thankfully, that sensation only lasted a couple of seconds before I re-summoned the Shadow Demon. The newly reformed Shadow Demon immediately turned its arms into blades once more and charged into the Dryder army like a machine of death.

Blasted spiders! I swear I’ll kill all of you for doing that to my clone.

“I’m afraid that’s not happening. These Dryders aren’t like those brainless spiders you fought before. They not only have an impressive reservoir of battle experience, they are able to coordinate attacks with each other as well. They can easily adapt their strategy to counter any opponent they meet.” At the same time as my second Shadow Demon appeared, Ferti’nier promptly interjected by throwing a bucket of cold ice over my wishful thinking. “If you don’t change your tactics now, this new Shadow Demon will end up dying pretty soon as well.”

‘Like heck it would, I’ll have the Shadow Demon…’

Before I could even finish defending myself, that Shadow Demon got itself surrounded by two more Metal Dryders. With no time for words, I hurriedly had it transform into a shadow. Unless it physically tried to attack an opponent, there was no way it could ever get caught in this state.

By maintaining its shadowy state, the Shadow Demon successfully avoided those two Metal Dryders and managed to sneak into the ranks of the relatively less defended Fire Dryders. By the time those two Metal Dryders managed to catch up to it, the Shadow Demon had already enacted a brutal massacre and turned into its shadowy state once more.

This game of cat and mouse continued a couple more times until finally on its third attempt the two Metal Dryders gave up on trying to chase down the Shadow Demon. Instead, they turned around and started crawling towards me.

Your typical go for the head maneuver then?

Their intention was clear: I had to defend myself quickly. No time to lose at all, I hurriedly beat my wings to increase my elevation from the ground while steadily backing out of the tunnel.

As for why I decided to give up on my hardwon progress into the hole, that was because I still had the wits about me to know that I couldn’t fly through hundreds of Dryders stuffed in a cramped tunnel.

Blast it, of all the times for these monsters to set their targets on me.

Even though I was unhappy about this turn of events, I dared not linger a second longer. I completely abandoned any thoughts of escaping through the hole, at least not till these Dryders had all been killed.

In order to block them from chasing me, I threw out my Nether Flames at the same time as I retreated. With how deadly these flames had proven so far, there was no doubt in my mind that these Three-stars were doomed. Yet just when it seemed like I was about to hit one of the Metal Dryders, a female Fire Dryder suddenly leapt into the path of the fireball and what was supposed to be a sure-hit spell ended up exploding on her instead…

As the dust settled on the explosion, the female figure of that Fire Dryder slowly revealed itself. Its upper half was still burning in my Nether Flames. In just those few seconds alone, the Nether Flames had already spread throughout her entire upper half, and as it burned every inch of Elven flesh it touched, a charred stench filled the air and nearly made me vomit. She tried her best to control the searing pain that ran throughout her body with her screams but the flames refused to relent. Yet in spite of that, she channelled that pain into further determination to kill me. A second later, her burning self charged right at me with a speed that I could hardly believe.

Her ghastly figure was merely twenty meters away from me at this moment. Left with not much room to think, my first instinct was to toss out another ball of Nether Flames at her, hopefully killing her for good this time. Unfortunately, with how determined and burnt she was, she had no intention of even dodging this new attack!

The second fireball impacted her body and threatened to send her rolling away with its shockwave. Yet she resisted the momentum through sheer force of will, stopping her body from toppling over before re-engaging in that suicidal charge once more.

Even two fireballs weren’t enough? Is that how flame resistant these Fire Dryders are?

While these Dryders might have been weak on their own because of their single elemental nature, their knowledge of tactics and coordination was more than enough to cover up for this weakness.

When faced with the physically strong Shadow Demon, the Metal Dryders were there to stop it. When faced with my searing Nether Flames, the Flame Dryders were there to shield the others…

So they know how to counter the elements then. Seems like I’ve underestimated these spiders… But don’t think you’ve won just like that!

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Chapter 25 – Weak And Pitiful, But Still Edible

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Chapter 3-22: It’s You

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Chapter 417: The Spider Horde

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

‘You dirty rat, you’re trying to shirk your responsibility, aren’t you… you’re the one who failed at showing off and now you want to make it seem like I’m the failure? What gives? We’ve lived together in this body for years now, yet never would I have thought that you were such a scheming Devil… In fact, I’m surprised I’ve survived this long… truly terrifying…’

‘All those trials and tribulations I’ve endured till now, how many of them are the result of your handiwork… makes me shiver just thinking about it…’

‘So this is the reason why the gate keeps failing?’

“Oh my, have I finally been found out?” Her alluring voice dripping in feigned surprise echoed throughout my mind.

‘So you do admit to it then -you’ve been messing with me all this while! A dirty traitor trying to harm his royal highness! Typical…’

“That’s right, your big sis just wants to mess with you. Do you know how boring it is otherwise? Your big sis doesn’t have control of this body after all.”

‘You even admitted it so openly! How bored are you?!’

“Alright, alright. That’s enough fun for now; you should look at what situation you’re right now as well. Those spiders are already up to your neck.”

Hearing that, I whipped my head around to look. She was right. The situation was dire and I had to come up with something quick. However, I still had that translucent web above me blocking the way.

In that case, I have to find another opening to escape through: the hole those spiders are swarming out from!

At the same time as I came to that conclusion, the number of spiders in this pit had reached its peak as well. The entire area was covered in the disgusting things and they were all about to launch an attack at the invader that was me.

Countless spiders began airdropping from the web above me. Those on the ground began firing off whatever attack they had: spider web, poison, etc.

Faced with such an all-encompassing attack, there was only one way out. While it was not the most efficient of spells, in fact this was probably the least efficient spell I had, I immediately wrapped my body in Nether Flames to burn off any incoming attack.

The moment those airdropping spiders touched my flames, they were instantly reduced to cinders. The same situation played out with their projectile attacks. Whether it was their webbing or their toxins, everything was burnt to ashes in an instant. Seeing that, a surge of confidence welled inside of me. I’ve already decided on a plan of action, I guess it’s time to just take the leap then…

Nether Flames still wrapped around me, I furiously beat my wings in a nosedive towards that hole. At the same time as I made my move, the other spiders moved as well. Normally, such brainless creatures would have never posed a threat to me, but their numbers were just too many. A tsunami of spiders collapsed in from all around me. Even though I could burn them with my Nether Flames, every spider dead was a bit of my mana used up.

Hopefully my mana will hold out till then… Ever since I got thrown into this pit, there’s been no turning back. But where does that hole even lead to? How long does it extend?

A deluge of unknowns clouded my mind right now, like the ominous darkness of a haunted house. I could neither see what was ahead nor feel it. In fact, there might just be ghosts waiting for me ahead… but I had no choice either way.

The spiders were powerless to stop me as I dove as quickly as possible towards my goal. Every spider that tried was instantly reduced to cinders but that didn’t stop these mindless beasts from throwing themselves at me anyway.

The hole is just there… a little more and I can make it…

However, it was too late. A swarm of basin-sized red spiders began crawling out of the hole. Wherever there was a spot a person could stand, they were there slowly piling up in a tiny molehole of disgustingness.

Other than the fact that they were stacked in a disturbingly dense way, there was also another annoying trait about them: fire resistance. In other words, I had to spend more mana to kill a single one of them… and that’s just not very neighbourly.

The moment they saw me, they leapt at me like their smaller brethren. I waved my hands and called forth a wall of Nether Flames. Upon touching these flames, they burst into flames, but unlike their smaller brethren, they did not turn to ashes immediately. Rather, they were able to crawl another half a meter before finally dying.

That sight worried me greatly. The fact that they didn’t die right away meant that they had the opportunity to attack me. Thankfully, the wall that I erected was wide and had completely sealed off that hole. The Fire Spiders were completely halted in their tracks, but so was I…

After a hundred or so of these spiders died, the remaining Fire Spiders all stopped their pointless charging and began spitting fire at the flame wall instead. What was frightening was that they were actually able to spit fire at a range of several meters… too bad my Nether Flames wall was still in their way. The moment their fire collided with my wall, these two completely different manas began pushing against each other. In this showdown of mana, those Fire Spiders were clearly not a match for me, but there were just too many of them.

The current situation was extremely unfavorable towards me. In just the short span of a few seconds, a sizable portion of my mana had been expended. At this rate, I wasn’t even going to last a minute…

Should I fly into the hole then? Well, that’s a given, the question is how.

Shadow Demon.

The same time as I cancelled my flame wall, I summoned my Shadow Demon. By staying on the ground as a shadow, it successfully evaded the rain for spider flames and managed to rush into the spider swarm within an instant. Like a tiger amongst a pack of eight-legged gazelle, the Shadow Demon leaped out of its shadowy hiding spot and right into a furious attack.

Wherever the Shadow Demon passed by, a slew of cleaved spider corpses would be left behind. Some of these red spiders were still alive despite having their limbs completely hacked off, while the more unfortunate ones amongst them were just bifurcated in half and died soon after.

Thanks to Shadowfang giving it the attribute of sharpness, the Shadow Demon was even more effective against these spiders than my Nether Flames.

For the time being, the Shadow Demon was in charge of my offense while I still maintained that cloak of Nether Flames around myself. Thanks to the Shadow Demon, I was now able to absorb a portion of the spider souls lingering around to replenish my mana. Finally, there was light at the end of this proverbial tunnel. Even so, their unending numbers were a concern. No matter how powerful my attacks were, I couldn’t guarantee that I would be able to keep this up forever. Especially not when a new type of spider began crawling out of that hole right this very second.

These newcomers were all about the size of a large basin and their rear ends were filled with metallic spikes -the Hedgehog Spiders.

The walls were now filled with Hedgehog Spiders and Fire Spiders. These new spiders immediately took up position, aimed their rear ends at me, and with their two rear legs extended, began firing their spikes at me with a twerk. A rain of spikes bore down on me a mere moment later. Because of how many Hedgehog Spiders there were, I really had no chance at all of avoiding them. It was either deflect them or die trying.

The Shadow Demon promptly repeated its previous sweeping action against the Hedgehog Spiders. While they might have been numerous, they were individually weak, coming in at Two-star at best.

Because of how effective the Shadow Demon’s first swathe of attacks were, the Hedgehog Spiders swiftly reacted by turning some of their attacks towards the Shadow Demon. Wave after wave of spikes were sent out with reckless abandon, but because these spikes couldn’t pierce their own carapace, there was no need to worry about friendly casualties either.

Unfortunately for them, those spikes weren’t just ineffective against their own kin, they were ineffective against the Shadow Demon as well. The Shadow Demon was a pure elemental being, meaning that these spikes were basically useless against it and it didn’t even need to consider defense when attacking.

Yet just because part of the spiders’ attacks had been diverted, that didn’t mean I was out of the fire yet either. I still had to keep up my Nether Flames to avoid getting skewered.

Compared to the Fire Spiders, these Hedgehog Spiders were ironically a much easier opponent to deal with. Their spikes couldn’t penetrate my Nether Flames and they were also stronger than the Fire Spiders. That meant that when I killed them, the amount of mana I replenished from absorbing their soul was higher as well.

If I had to hazard a guess, this would be the very definition of a worthless ally.

Still, while I was now able to keep up with my mana expenditure, I wasn’t able to advance even an inch into the hole. And as more and more spiders swarmed out of the hole, the strength I had to face began to increase as well.

Finally, after roughly ten minutes into this deadly stalemate, I heard a hair-raising scream echo forth from the hole ahead. As it swept over the pit, the constant clicking of spider mandibles finally stopped and the pit fell silent. For that brief couple of seconds, it felt like time had stopped. Even if my Shadow Demon was still furiously hacking away at the spiders, none of them made a sound.

A second scream echoed forth, and like a video that had its play button suddenly pressed, the spiders suddenly scattered in all directions with a frenzied click. Some ran in my direction while some tried to scramble deeper into the hole. The majority chose to burrow in place and hide from the impending doom…

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