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Chapter 510: Epilogue (1)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Third Person POV:

“Don’t lie to me…” Nicole pleaded as she looked at Mo Ke’s eyes, meeting his sincerity with her desperate tears.

Seeing her react so strongly to his words, he was immediately overcome with a sense of helplessness and sadness. However, he still swallowed his grief and said, “I’m not.”

“Just stop…” Nicole was not to be deterred, pleading with him once more.

“I am really your little Ke. I’m not lying to you!”

In order to emphasize this point, Mo Ke even called out her nickname for him. It was a special nickname the two of them shared alone. Because of how similar their names sounded in this world, Roscar would often just refer to them as his son or daughter in order to avoid making a mistake. Only the two of them would ever use little Ke.

(TL: not going to bother checking. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.)

The moment that name left his lips, Nicole weeped even harder than before. Yet amidst her tears and tumultuous emotions, there was a glint of coldness in her eyes.

“Thank you…” As she said that, she returned back to her usual unfeeling self. Her eyes were still red from crying, but they now only held hatred within them.

“Nicole… what are you thanking me for?” Mo Ke asked while smiling quiveringly. He simply couldn’t fathom why she was looking at him with such a foreign look. He had never intended to open up to her so soon, but she had forced his hand early. In light of that, it was wiser to come clean sooner rather than later.

He had originally thought that his admission would be met with a passionate hug from her. After all, their relationship was a special one. If he was being bold, he would even say that they were familiar enough to kiss. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to share this vision.

Yet while Mo Ke might not have understood what was happening to Nicole, that didn’t mean the she-Devil hiding within him did not. After all, she was a Devil King that had almost realised her divinity. A teenage girl’s heart was but a trifling matter to see through. She could tell that the coldness in the girl’s eyes was because she had come to a terrifying decision. Even so, she also felt that an Overlord-class was rushing towards them right now with a bunch of other experts. In all likelihood, those were the Demon Hunters Nicole mentioned.

Suddenly, she couldn’t help but be struck with how helpless she was right now. Both her and Mo Ke had completely lost the initiative at this point, but she had no way of regaining it. After all, she couldn’t control Mo Ke’s body while he was still fully against that.

(TL: what the heck does “she felt like a medicine pill” even mean? I know what the author is trying to express, but who even uses that expression?)

“Little brother, there’s an Overlord-class and a bunch of experts heading this way. They should be that girl’s — DUCK!”

Duck? Why would he have to duck? Who else was here except for Nicole and him? Mo Ke thought to him, confused by the abruptness of her words.

Yet before he could even process what was happening, he felt a searing pain in his chest, in a location dangerously close to his heart. Purple blood began to ooze out from his chest, drenching his clothes in an instant.

I was stabbed?! By Nicole?! Mo Ke realised too late.

The shock of what had happened was too much for Mo Ke to bear. The sword to his chest not only pierced his flesh, but he felt a strange mix of elements rushing into his body as well. It was as if his body had been torn in half. One half felt like it was being burned on a stake while the other felt like it had been thrown into a freezing hell… That was the Fire and Ice combination of Nicole’s Epic-grade weapon!

Yet in spite of the pain, Mo Ke still smiled woodenly, dumbfounded as blood started leaking from the corners of his mouth. All he could do was smile wryly at the girl stabbing him right now.

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Nicole’s eyes were consumed with hatred right now. Hatred for the person standing before her. It was this person who ate her younger brother’s soul, and ended up mixing its own identity with his.

Even though the person in front of her didn’t exactly match the description the Demon Hunters’ Guild gave her, everything else fit; from the way she searched for her to the way she claimed to be Mo Ke. Not only that, she even resembled the way her younger brother acted… No. She was practically a carbon-copy of him! All that only served to convince her that this was the Devil who ate her younger brother and took over his identity.

“Cough… Why… Why would you… Cough… I’m Mo Ke…”

With every cough of blood, his body relived the searing pain of that sword stabbing into him.

“Still struggling?” She twisted the sword in her hands, further worsening the wound in his chest and eliciting a pained grunt from him. Seeing that Devil deny her crimes even at this stage, she couldn’t hold her temper in anymore.

“You said you had the Original Sin of Lust, didn’t you? That’s why you can use transformation magic. As far as I know, transformation magic works in two ways. You either transformed into a different race but retained most aspects of your soul’s appearance. The other requires a model to work… Isn’t that so-called model a soul of another living being? If you are really my younger brother, why don’t you transform into his form? That reason needs no explanation. It’s because you never had his soul to begin with! Because you ate it!”

No longer able to restrain her anger, she viciously shoved her sword further in, skewering him while driving him into the tree behind.

“Argh… But I’m really… your little Ke…” Mo Ke barely got the words out through the haze of pain. At this point, his body was barely holding together while his psyche was at its breaking point. His body shook from the sheer effort of trying to cry with his shut eyes. There was no one who could understand the pain he felt right now. How he loved her, cherished her, admired her… how he risked his life just to reunite with her… only to be stabbed by her. Why did it turn out like this? Why couldn’t he do as she said and just transform back into that familiar form?

Exactly whose fault was it that things turned out so horribly?

His body was at its limits by now. He could barely even feel anything, yet he could still feel the pain in his soul. That tearing sensation, as if a saw was slowly cutting through him.

As a soul residing in Mo Ke’s body, Ferti’nier knew where the problem laid, and she sighed deeply at that.

Being stuck in the same body as him, she was naturally able to peer into his thoughts. That was why she knew better than anyone else the origins of Mo Ke’s real body. She knew that he had come from another unknown world, one that was completely foreign to her and the Western Human Realms.

There was no magic in the world he lived in. But he had spent 35 years living there nonetheless. Thanks to that, his soul’s form had already been fixed. Even if he transmigrated into the Western Human Realms, his soul still retained its old shape.

While it was true that his soul would eventually alter to fit his new form in the Western Human Realms, that still required at least seven years of acclimatization. As of right now, his soul was a deformed amalgamation of his young, handsome, transmigrated self, and his middle-aged self.

When Ferti’nier guarded him during his reincarnation in hell, he ended up being infected with the Sin of Lust, turning him into a Lust Demon. At the same time, he took on her appearance. In other words, the way he looked now was a reflection of Ferti’nier. If Mo Ke could come face to face with Ferti’nier’s soul, he would come to the startling realization that she looked exactly like him, but with a bigger chest…

Ferti’nier’s effect on his soul was why he couldn’t transform into his Western Human Realms self.

“How painful it must be for you right now. I bet Ke felt just as much pain when you ate him.” She cruelly said to him. She then fished out a black, rhombohedral stone and waved it in front of him. “This is a tool made especially to seal a Devil’s soul. I’m not going to let you off the hook so easily. I will extract your soul, then separate the memories that belong to Ke! No matter what, I will revive him. As for you…”

Nicole did not continue at that point. She had discovered that the Devil’s eyes were now blank. Even if she said anything, the Devil wouldn’t hear it.

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“Little brother, that Overlord is nearly here. I need your mana quick. We need to get out of this place right now!” Ferti’nier tried to awaken Mo Ke from his stupor, but the damage he suffered rendered him completely comatose. No matter how much she tried, he wouldn’t respond. Furthermore, that Overlord was getting closer by the second.

Had this been before when Mo Ke revealed his identity, Ferti’nier probably wouldn’t have been so anxious. But based on the current situation, that Overlord was most likely here to capture him. Nicole must have said something else to her teacher when she sent out that rescue signal. Else why would they suddenly turn up only when she was about to stab him.

With Nicole on the verge of sucking out Mo Ke’s soul, Ferti’nier had no choice but to quickly push his soul to the deepest depths of his psyche. As a result of that, she was now the owner of Mo Ke’s body!

“Geez. You always drop the ball at the crucial moments… has cleaning up after your mess become my purpose in life?”

Now that she had complete control of Mo Ke’s body, Ferti’nier immediately sent forth a powerful surge of mana. The energy violently exploded, pushing away Nicole and her sealing stone. Not only was she pushed away, even the surrounding trees and grass were completely uprooted and sent flying away…

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