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Chapter 1 – The Vampires’ Plan (Part 1)

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1463 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 872 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Heather was currently at the Masa Dukedom’s party.

It was the archduke’s birthday, so invitations had been sent out all over the world. Of course, the people here didn’t have a clue that Heather had already annihilated two human kingdoms.

Thus, the vampires also received an invitation.

Perhaps someone would ask why a vampire would attend a human party? The answer would be revealed really soon-

Anyways, Heather Alliyah disguised herself as the princess of the Hars Kingdom in order to join this party. The Hars Kingdom was one of the two countries that Heather had conquered. Since the Hars Kingdom was in a rather remote location, it rarely interacted with other countries. Additionally, the Hars Kingdom had politely refused the last several invitations. Thus, Heather took advantage of this invitation to attend the party. Other vampires came together with her and pretended to be humans of various royal statuses.

Heather gave her invitation to the examiner and underwent a body search. There were male and female examiners for the male and female attendees. The examiners were in charge of ensuring that none of the party’s attendees were carrying weapons.

The archduke was someone equivalent to a king, so it was only natural that the venue required tight security.

“It seems like this party might be rather boring…”

Heather had a deeply meaningful expression as she glanced at the palace while smiling slightly.

Macy was the only person next to her, so this naturally meant that she was speaking to vampire princess Macy.

“You are correct…”
“Hey, let me ask, can we explore this place after the body search?”

Heather began to ask the woman in charge of searching her body. Actually, most people didn’t want to undergo a body search. However, they still obediently underwent the body searches as they were in the dukedom’s territory.

“That’s no problem. Please do as you like…”
“Thank you…”

After Heather and Macy finished undergoing body searches, they began to walk all around the garden.

“This is such a beautiful place, don’t you agree, Macy?”
“No matter how beautiful it is, it doesn’t compare to Your… Your Highness’ palace…”

Macy was about to say “Your Majesty”, but she soon corrected herself.

“Is that so? Let’s act according to the original combat plan then…”

Heather’s “Is that so?” was loud enough for everyone in the area to hear. However, Heather lowered her voice for the second sentence so that only Macy could hear.

“Understood, Princess…”

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Macy was here with the status of the princess’ bodyguard, which was how she could be next to Heather. The two of them didn’t attract much attention.

While nobody else was in the garden, Macy placed some items around the palace’s entrance.

“Princess, we can go to the next location…”
“Thank you for your hard work. Let’s go…”

The two of them silently left this place. They toured every single exit to the garden before they returned to the archduke’s palace.

Inside the palace, the main host of today’s event – Nilson Masa was standing at the entrance in a suit and receiving his guests. He was rather stunned when he saw Heather’s appearance, as he couldn’t recall at all that there would be such a girl among today’s guests.

Nilson had already memorized the faces of everyone attending today’s party, after all. However, he couldn’t remember such a beautiful girl. Could she be the princess of some country?

Heather came up to Nilson and elegantly raised her long dress hems.

“Hello, Archduke Nilson. Long time no see. You’re still as elegant as always…”
“Ahaha, you’re quite good with your words. If I may, could I ask your name…?”

The middle-aged Nilson smiled in response as he awkwardly asked her name in a low voice.

“How forgetful you are, Archduke Nilson. You previously met me once when I was really young.”

Nilson still had an expression of confusion – he still couldn’t recall who this cute girl was despite what she just said.

“I am the princess of the Hars Kingdom. My name is Heather Hars. You previously saw me once when I was born. Have you forgotten about that already?”
“Ah, so you’re the daughter of King Hars? You’ve grown so much and become so beautiful that I couldn’t even recognize you. Still, how come your father didn’t come today?”
“Father was unable to come due to some matters at home, which was why he had me come to greet you…”
“Is that so? That’s really regrettable. Anyways, you’re more than welcome here. Please sit down inside for a bit as the party will begin soon…”
“Yes, this is the present that my father asked me to give to you. Please accept this…”

Heather handed over a gift box which was filled with many gold accessories. Heather had spent a significant amount of gold coins on these accessories.

“Thank you to both you and King Hars. Your father is really being too polite. There was no need for such a gift.”
“It’s nothing. This is necessary etiquette.”
“Anyways, welcome to this party, and please forgive me if there’s anything that we haven’t done well enough. Please go inside…”

Thus, Heather entered the party venue.


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