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Chapter 74: Higher Level, Prison, and Sorcery Inhibitor

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Fire

Now, as we near the border wall, we have descended some distance away to avoid being spotted while landing. Because of that, we head for the border checkpoint by walking along the wall. Being in a very good mood after our earlier exchange, Ciel’s footsteps are awfully light.

And as the wall became within arm’s reach, something interfered with my sorcery. Somehow, it’s… mixing with mine? A sorcery extremely similar to the detection sorcery I always use seems to be deployed near the walls.

It’s not strange when considering security reasons, it might be something deployed so that suspicious people won’t come near and pass the border illegally. To my surprise, however, this sorcery is equal, if not greater than mine. The most I can do is roughly estimate what things I sense via my deployed magic power.

This sorcery’s concealment is also comparable to mine. I wonder, how many people would even be capable of noticing this?

「Ain, is there something wrong?」
『There’s sorcery deployed near the walls. Since it’s a detection sorcery similar to mine, it shouldn’t be anything harmful but the caster will most likely detect us. There’s no doubt that this sorcery is on an equal, if not greater, level than mine.』
『Detection sorcery equal, if not greater than Ain’s… is it?』

Ciel switched to talking only in her head. Her decision of doing this, while frustrating, is correct. The sorcery is likely capable of picking up sounds if the caster so desired. It’s simply that precise.

『If they want to, they might be able to perceive color and sound as well. Additionally, considering its range of deployment, it’s more high-powered than mine.』
『That’s amazing. Won’t this be our first encounter with sorcery greater than Ain’s?』
『There was also the ice spear though.』
『But Ain’s sorcery is greater now than it was then. Am I wrong?』
『Well that might be true but…』

Assuming that we enter hostilities with the sorcerer that cast this, would I even be capable of defending Ciel? If the caster is like me and gained their power through the sacrifice of combat sorcery, then I probably can. However, if we’re attacked by combat sorcery at the same level as this one, the chances I can withstand it is likely 50-50. First a tie with the ice spear, then being effortlessly cut open by the golden wolf, and this time possibly crushed from the front.

I just can’t help but feel a sense of defeat. Still, this is already the third time. Even I understand that there are better things to do than to mope around.

『To begin with Ain, we only need to avoid becoming enemies with the sorcerer.』
『True, that may be the best option but…』
『If my suspicions are correct, we shouldn’t get into hostilities anytime soon, you know?』
『Ciel, you know the identity of this sorcerer?』
『Fiiyanamia. I can’t imagine it being anyone else.』

Now that she mentioned it, Fiiyanamia really is the most likely suspect. Being the Central’s top, it wouldn’t be strange for her to monitor Central’s borders. Well, yeah, it is strange for the one at the top to do this though. But, if it is Fiiyanamia, then she shouldn’t have any immediate reason to be hostile against us… I think.

Since we are entering through the proper procedures, at the very least she shouldn’t attack us with no questions asked.

If this is the case, then this magic power that’s obstinately changing its composition only subtly isn’t meant to be an intimidation but some sort of signal for us.

『Say, can I converse with Fiiyanamia (temp) for a moment?』
『You can do that Ain?』
『Somehow, the magic power’s composition is changing constantly, as though it’s begging for attention.』
『Is that so? Would you mind doing that then?』

How can I describe it? It’s like changing only one digit in a string of multiple numbers.

For example: if I consider the natural magic power to be “12345”, I would typically mask the magic power I use for my sorcery as “12346”. If there is too much deviation in each digit, the magic would be more easily detectable. It should be more understandable to think of it that way.

So, as if it desperately wants me to go Aha!, this sorcery’s magic power has been doing constant subtle changes in its digits up until now. It’s not actually digits though. While people unaware won’t be bothered, for those that do, it’s unpleasant. It’s like there’s something blinking in and out at the corner of your eye.

「Pleased to meet you. Is this voice inaudible?」

As I said so, the change suddenly stopped for a moment before then changing subtly. Since it reacted to my voice, this response should be a no.

「So you can hear me, correct?」

There was a different response this time, so that should be an affirmation. This sort of exchange again, I just did something like this recently too.

『Ciel, I’m thinking about sharing my name but what do you think?』
『That’s unusual. I don’t mind that, but why so?』
『Fiiyanamia has the prominent influence in this world after all, and she’s obviously on a different level. On top of that, it’s evident that she’s taken an interest with us, so it’s to prove that we aren’t hostile… I guess. Also, if we get exposed later instead, it’ll sure to end up badly for us.』

We aren’t dealing with a person from Estoque. That’s why unlike how it has been up until now, to ensure greater security, we need to act in a way that would earn the other party’s trust.

My name is Ainsel. And, at the same time, I’m also called Cielmer. As it’s difficult to explain in simple terms, please forgive me for making this sort of introduction.」

Something changed with the magic power, but it doesn’t appear to be bad, so I suppose I’ve been pardoned for now.

「I’m aware this must be rude, but would it be right to assume that you’re Mistress Fiiyanamia?」


「I’m planning on entering Central right now, would that be alright?」


「Thank you very much. Now then, I’ll be heading forth.」

At this point the magic power returned to its initial state, so I switched with Ciel.

「Are you already done?」
『Yes. Just to be sure, it might be best that you greet her as well.』
「Just like how you did, Ain?」
『If possible.』
「I’m Cielmer. Please to meet you.」

From the side, it would only seem like Ciel’s talking to the wall but since there’s no sign of people around, that should be fine. While it’s hard to say that the exchange was without any issues, as we’ve just greeted Fiiyanamia, we can now enter Central without any worries. Even if this wasn’t actually Fiiyanamia, being polite to someone on a higher level in of itself shouldn’t work against us.

This was a pretty strange experience.

Although we’ve finally reached the checkpoint, the instant Ciel showed her B-rank card, the face of the soldier interacting with us quickly warped.

「This card isn’t fake, is it?」
「You think a Hunter Card could be falsified?」
「Well that’s a good point. In that case, I can’t allow you to pass.」
「Why? My status as B-rank can be confirmed.」

Umm. What was that about being able to enter without any worries again? It’s not like Fiiyanamia would be there at the checkpoint, so I’ve considered disputes possibly happening. Still, rather than it happening due to doubts against Ciel’s B-rank, it seems that in this case the attention is on Ciel herself, and I can’t help but think that some complete, utter nonsense is happening right now.

Oh, there’s no mistaking that you’re B-rank. However, the Hunter Guild has ordered for the capture of a hunter named Cielmer.」
「…From the Headquarters?」
「Nope, it’s from Estoque’s Royal Capital Guild. Normally this should go through the Headquarters first, but the land of Estoque is currently in the middle of a stampede. Since you came from there, then it’s no different from abandoning your responsibility as a hunter. And yet you came here intending to pass through using your guild card? Shameless, aren’t you?」
「Confirm with the Headquarters.」
「Moreover, I’ve heard that you made a big ruckus in Estoque’s Capital Guild and caused multiple casualties. There’s no need to confirm anything.」

『What should I do? At this rate, we’ll be taken away.』
『It probably won’t look good if we suddenly make a ruckus, so let’s just quietly follow for now. The moment something feels off, we’ll shift to offense.』

「Very well. Take me away.」
「How nice of you to be obedient. But don’t even try to escape. Because, you see, this gate’s prison is affixed with a sorcery inhibitor.」

Seemingly in a good mood, the soldier took Ciel along. We passed through several doors and reached a staircase heading underground.

However, there’s something bothering me. We were told that there’s a sorcery inhibitor in here, but I don’t see any sign of this happening anywhere. The whole place is filled with Fiiyanamia’s magic power.

In the end, even after entering a cell and being locked in, Fiiyanamia’s magic power is still there. Additionally, my barrier and detection hasn’t disappeared as well.

『Say Ain, is sorcery really inhibited here?』
『Both my barrier and detection are functioning. Ciel, can you use sorcery?』

In response to my question, Ciel cast a spell. Her casting went smoothly as usual, but the sorcery didn’t activate and the magic power that had no place to go spiraled within Ciel. With that said, it’s only one spell’s worth of magic power. It’s not even worth comparing with the pill back then.

『It isn’t activating.』
『In that case, as I expected, it’s the type that inhibits the use of new sorcery.』
『I see. But if that’s the case, then wouldn’t it serve no use in situations like these?』
『I suspect that there must have been something that can detect sorcery upon entry. Though it doesn’t seem be enough to detect my sorcery.』
『As expected, you’re amazing Ain, amazing!』

For some reason, Ciel’s flattering me a lot today. No, she’s praising me. I’m happy, but I’m really troubled on how to react.

『Now then, what should we do?』
『Since even this place is filled with Fiiyanamia’s magic power, we could try asking.』
『Would you mind doing so?』
『Not at all.』

I’ll have to borrow Ciel’s body for this but… we were able to switch without any problems at all. I then immediately attempted to contact Fiiyanamia.

「Mistress Fiiyanamia. Can I ask for your time? This is Ainsel.」

From my words, Fiiyanamia showed a response.

「Due to a mistake, or rather some personal grudge or misguided revenge, we’ve been detained. However, would it be fine for us to attempt an escape? We will likely end up damaging the gate’s prison but…」

The reply was a yes. It appears that we’re allowed to destroy it.

「Understood, thank you very much.」

I lowered my head in thanks and as I was about to switch with Ciel, something suddenly came to mind, so I tried using sorcery. It’s the usual warm breeze spell. The said spell activated. It’s quite difficult to control, but the activation itself wasn’t a problem.

After this, I switched with Ciel.

『What should we do? Even if Ain can use sorcery, I can’t.』
『You should be able to use physical reinforcement, yes?』
Oh, you’re right.』

As it only inhibits the magic power emitted from one’s body, physical reinforcement, which is done by circulating magic power within the body, can be used with no issues. Or at least that assumption wasn’t wrong. In this case, it should be possible to break these bars but… I forgot the most fundamental issue.

『If we stack the Song Princess reinforcement with your own physical reinforcement via magic power, I think that you should be able to destroy our cell but…』
『That does seem plausible. Let’s try that.』
『Please wait. You’ll likely suffer from a rebound.』
『You can heal me, Ain. I’ll be alright.』

Saying so, Ciel slammed her fist against the prison bars. It’s already painful. She’s reinforcing her body too much. I hurriedly began to sing, further reinforcing Ciel’s body.

Ciel’s fists strike against the iron bars. The bars start to warp and and break. And due to the rebound, Ciel’s hands broke as well. It’s awfully painful, so I quickly healed her. While it’s not as if I can’t endure it, pain is not pleasant by any means.

『We did it!』

While Ciel appears to be delighted, I was surprised by her decisiveness. Well, since Ciel is weak in the physical department, I guess she’s happy about being able to do this much without utilizing the Dance Princess’ abilities.

『Now that we can move forward, let’s leave this place immediately.』
『Right. Somehow, we ended up making a strange detour. Still, this place would probably be good for sorcery training, wouldn’t it Ain?』
『Now that you mention it, that is true. Being capable of using sorcery here would be an achievement.』
『In that case, maybe we should come here again some other time.』

While I do agree with her on that, I think deciding how to deal with the soldier above is more important right now.

Hiya~! Escaping trouble, our princesses were then immediately faced with what Ain called Complete Utter Nonsense, which in less tasteful terms can be interpreted as Absolute Bullcrap. But even so, they have managed to escape immediately thanks to a new yet visible ally(?)~!

First of all, as said above, Ain was in complete bullshit detection mode today and that was a bit funny to be honest. She was like, “This is suspicious, veeeery suspicious” calling it out immediately at the first sign of nonsense about to occur. Also, she was like “Without any worries? Who am I kidding at this point? Me? Probably.” and while she was somewhat prepared for trouble, it was a completely different kind of trouble than what they expected.

Now back to the first part, we now have a new named character: Fiiyanamia, the person at the top in Central. Actually, she was introduced before but only by name. With sorcery greater than Ain, who sacrificed her own combat capabilities to reach the level she is now, she might possibly be the most powerful sorcerer we’ve been introduced to so far, and she hasn’t even appeared in person yet. That’s something to look forward to.

Lastly, Ciel. It’s really scary how Ciel just doesn’t care about pain. While there has been a recent fight where she has been wounded, a rarity, this time Ciel is punching iron bars while forcefully making her punches harder with physical reinforcement, which can break the caster’s body if they push the reinforcement beyond the limits of their body. Add on to Ain’s reinforcement. Punching iron bars is painful enough, add on the rebound from using two reinforcements to push twice beyond her limit, which breaks her bones. Ain would probably be screaming in pain if she didn’t have to sing to support Ciel. Ciel absolutely does not let mere pain stop her, lol.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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