Chapter 39 – Coming Out To Drift Along Doesn’t Mean You Can Throw Away Your Morals

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

I watched that small assassin send the steamed bun into her mouth, slowly take a bite, and mechanically chew.

Soon after, she began eating faster and faster and a short while later, the two steamed buns entered her stomach.

The assassin licked the corner of her lips.

Henchmen number one cursed:

“This girlie’s the reincarnation of a starved ghost.”

Mohawk boss thought for a while then passed that ‘no good outward appearance’ steamed bun over to the assassin, but the assassin simply pushed it back this time. Mohawk boss shared the last steamed bun with his two little brothers. After they finished eating, the assassin opened her mouth and said with a low, husky voice:


Mohawk boss asked:

“Your name?”

The assassin nodded. She felt the tattered blanket next to her, wrapped it around herself, and said after tightly binding herself with it:

“Thank you.”

Mohawk boss drearily said:

“We’re all people who’ll be dying soon, there’s no need to say thank you.”

The assassin didn’t refute this. She had short hair that was at the level of her ears, a reddened face, white teeth, and picturesque brows and eyes. It was possible to make out that she was a budding beauty, but she was now in a bit of a difficult situation. Even though her looks weren’t too shabby, she wasn’t at all in my strike zone.

In my opinion, a loli should have a loli’s appearance. A loli like little princess Lan Na is very cute; dim-witted to the point she doesn’t understand anything and believes in what others say. This assassin called Shiloh clearly has maturity that exceeds her exterior age. Besides, even if her having the strength of a Level 7 at greater perfection realm at 12 or 13 years-old can be put aside, she has an extremely cautious manner in behaving herself in front of other people and the world around her. From these traits alone, where can you see the appearance of a loli?

With all that information above, it’s not surprising that Aleya would describe those eyes as a “dead person’s gaze”; one look and you’ll feel as if the aura of life doesn’t exist within her.

Mohawk boss stood up and walked out of the underbridge area with the two little brothers hurriedly following.

After they walked about 70 to 80 steps away, henchmen number one whispered:

“Boss, we really aren’t able to save her? I think she’s also very pitiful……”

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Henchmen number two said:

“Exactly. Sigh, just the money for a meal of those lord nobles would probably be enough to save her life, right? The difference between people is extremely disparate; the wealthy are full to the point of bursting while the poor starve to death. Boss, in my opinion, we should casually find a lord noble and take some money from them to save people. This is called robbing, robbing……”

Henchmen number one added:

“Robbing the rich to help the poor.”

Mohawk boss wrinkled his brows, shook his head, and said:

“Do you think that Yun Hai’s Bai Huang is just a decoration? At that time……sigh. Never mind. In short, don’t underestimate her. Even though she’s a woman, she’s nevertheless good at handling cases. On top of that, she has an undefeatable guy behind her. As long as we leave behind a tiny clue, our three brothers’ road will be narrowed.”

The two henchmen sighed again and again.

As the saying goes, the issue of money stumps heroes. In this world, every social class has their own worries. It’s just that the worries between each class are different. There are some people born with a golden spoon in their mouths. Their biggest worry is not having a place to spend all their money. After a long time of indulging in a life of luxury, they’ll eventually feel that their spirits are empty and that it’s difficult to fill this hole. For most people though, they spend their lives exhausting themselves to survive. They might have a mind to help others, but nobody will pay them for this kindness.

But is there really nobody to pay?


It was at this moment that a famous, young, well-off, and successful City Lord quietly appeared and passed by the three of them.

He, though young, is already a Lord of a city.

He, though sitting, commands the absolute authority of life and death.

He, though it may not concern him, is bored enough to care about matters that don’t even have a fart’s relationship with him.

He, after groping around his entire body, discovered that he didn’t even have a single coin……

Touching my nose in embarrassment, I remembered that my secret stash had already been handed over to Moon at an earlier time and that I was now also a poor person. But when my hand fell back down, I unexpectedly bumped into something hard. Only then did I recall that the jade pendant that I would usually be wearing was now hanging around my waist.

This jade pendant is the birthday gift that I have to myself on my 15th birthday because in the entire Overlord’s Mansion at the time, there wasn’t anyone who remembered my birthday except for Aleya.

Sigh, it seems like I’ll be bleeding quite heavily today.

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My raised hand trembled and caused the jade pendant hanging by my waist to drop down. The jade pendant fell onto the ground with a clatter. I pretended to not have noticed and kept walking forwards without looking back.

It was at this time that henchmen number one at my back slovenly yelled to me:

“Hey, stand where you are kid. Haah? I’m talking to you, don’t you know your thing fell? Dumbshit, I, your father, am telling you to come back quickly and pick it up, don’t you know how to keep an eye on your own money? Or are you just flaunting your wealth? Watch out, we’ll beat you to death if you are.”

Only a demon would know how I was feeling after hearing these words.

It’s like someone blocked you on the road one day and told me with a knife in hand “hello, hurry and wear some ******* long pants, don’t freeze”. I don’t know how I should respond to such weirdos, so I could only lower my head and pretend not to hear them as I silently walked away.

I didn’t expect for that man to pick up my jade pendant and chase after me as he yelled:

“Are you going to stop or not? Hoh, seeing how able you are, you better not let me catch up or I’ll ******* beat you to death!”

I had to run more than half a street in order to throw him off. As I wiped the sweat off of my face, I couldn’t help but sigh with emotion about how the ideological education work among West-Resisting City’s people was a little too good. Trying to be a nameless good person really isn’t easy now. Fortunately, I wasn’t found out in the end. I patted my clothes off and returned to my City Lord’s mansion.

On the next day, Hunter rapped on the doors to my City Lord’s mansion. When I went over to see what was wrong, he respectfully handed over a jade pendant and said:

“Sir City Lord, your jade.”

Stupefaction spanned my face:

“How did it end up in your hands??”

Hunter wiped the sweat off his face and said with a flattering smile:

“Yesterday when I went to the pawnshop in hopes of finding something nice, I happened to see the shop selling this. I remembered that it resembled the one you usually hang by your waist, so I asked about it. It turns out that somebody picked up this jade and exchanged it for some cash at the pawnshop. I told the boss that this is your jade, so he didn’t dare sell it any longer and entrusted me to send it back to you.”

I received the jade, hung it back by my waist and asked:

“This jade, how much money did that pawnshop boss buy it for?”

Hunter whispered in reply:

“Three gold coins.”

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“Indeed a damn unscrupulous businessman.”

Is what I cursed. When I bought this jade, it was 40 gold coins. The markdown that he gave was too severe, to directly mark it down to 3 gold coins. But 3 gold coins should be enough to save that assassin’s life. She merely has a high fever, so finding treatment from an old doctor is enough to cure it.

I patted Hunter’s should and said:

“You’ve done well in managing this matter. Tell that pawnshop boss that I’ll remember him.”

Hunter let out a sigh of relief. I had been especially cold to him during this period of time, so he sensed a bit of crisis. This time was an opportunity for him to show his loyalty, so I believe he’s now feeling more relaxed.

Hunter said:

“Apart from this, the shop owner also said……”

He hesitated for a second before continuing:

“The person who picked up the jade said that it wasn’t his. But in order to save someone, he had no other choice but to pawn it. If, in the future, the jade’s owner were to come knocking, then just report his name. If, at that time, he’s able to afford it, then he’ll lose even his family fortune to buy it back; if he can’t afford it, then he would offer his life as an apology. He said he’s called Evergreen, the leader of some gang.”

I smiled, yawned, and spoke without thinking:

“Got it.”


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