Interlude 3 – Yandere Heather

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Author: Lil Blade Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1724 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1024 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Heather glanced at Nim, who was collapsed on the ground next to her.

“Lucy, Macy, you two are in charge of killing all the remaining elves who are still breathing.”

Heather then walked towards her own room after she said this. At this moment, Lucy walked over to Nim’s side and spoke to Heather.

“Your Majesty, it seems like she’s still alive…”

Lucy glanced at Nim who was by her feet. Nim was still breathing weakly from her mouth.

Heather couldn’t help but exclaim how strong Nim’s lifeforce was.

“Is that so…”

Heather seemed to be silently contemplating something.

“Should I kill her?” Lucy inquired.
“No, let’s leave her alive. Bring her to my room…”
“Milady, are you going to spare her?”

Lucy was rather astonished as she asked Heather.

“Spare her? That’s impossible, since she’s ‘the biggest help’ who assisted in Mira’s escape…”

Heather stared at Nim who was on the brink of death. Gradually, a yandere smile appeared on Heather’s face.

“Of course I’m going to… make her taste what it feels like to be worse off alive than dead~”

After saying this, Heather directly went over to where Joanna had jumped down. She was immersed in her own fantasy –

‘Brother, I’m so happy. I never thought that I’d see you again in this world. I’m already really happy to just see you.’

Heather suppressed the delight in her heart. She had even lived together with Mirabelle for quite a long while. Every time that she recalled the time spent together with Mirabelle, she would feel her heart filling with delight.

If only time could stop at that moment forever.

Heather hated the elves who wanted to steal Mirabelle away from her side, which was why she had every single elf slaughtered.

As for Joanna, Heather felt extreme jealousy towards her. Why did Joanna get to stay together with her brother for such a long time?

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‘Why? Why, why? Why couldn’t my brother be together with me since birth?’

Heather was filled with jealousy as she slowly went over to Joanna’s side. Her eyes were filled with killing intent as she glanced at Joanna on the ground.

“So you weren’t dead yet. You’re truly lucky…”

“Hah… hah… how do you feel? My precious daughter managed to escape from a demon like you. How do you feel?”
“You don’t need to worry, because I naturally have a way to catch her again, even if I must search the entire world…”
“Just what makes you so confident with your words!?”
“Of course, it’s my power. With my power, are you worried that I won’t be able to find Mira? Mira whom I love the most…”

Joanna was covered in injuries all over and couldn’t move at all. She widened her eyes upon hearing Heather’s words.

“Love the most? That’s… that’s such a joke!”

Joanna was unable to suppress the anger in her heart as she began to roar at Heather.

“Mira would never like a demon like you…”
“That might not be the case. I’m going to dominate her completely. She’s my belonging. She doesn’t have the right to refuse to like her master – which is why you’re an obstacle. To be honest, I’m really jealous of you for staying so long together with the person I love the most. I really hate you as well. If it wasn’t for you hiding her away for so long, I could have been together with her long ago. It’s all your fault. You’re a pest for getting in the way of our reunion. That’s why, please go die now. Mira’s mother, you’re something unnecessary for me…”

Joanna raised her eyes while looking at how Heather’s eyes seemed to be so hollow. Heather’s eyes had a terrifying expression to them.

Joanna didn’t really care about her own death, as she had already resolved herself. However, the only person she worried about was Mirabelle –

Was the enemy that Mirabelle was about to face actually someone so terrifying!?

Joanna silently closed her eyes as she watched Heather’s claws approach. She allowed Heather’s sharp nails to pierce into her neck.

‘Mira, I won’t be able to protect you anymore from now on. I’m sorry.’

Blood spurted on Heather’s face as she smiled in delight. Now, there were no more existences who would get in the way of her and Mira.

‘Wait for me, Brother~ Although we missed our opportunity in the past life, I absolutely won’t let you go in this one.’

She recalled back when she just combined her soul –

“Wait, I still have one final question I want to ask you. For you, towards your older brother – Mirabelle Brillana, what feelings do you have towards her?”
“Of course, it’s love, the type of love where I want to be with her forever. I want to imprison her by my side forever, and have her in my control forever. Don’t you think that would be wonderful?”

Rion had an expression as if that was only natural as she asked Heather her own question.

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To her, her brother (Mirabelle) was everything. She was willing to abandon everything else apart from her brother (Mirabelle).

“Indeed, I agree deeply as well. As long as Mira’s by my side, I’ll feel like I’m really comfortable. As expected, you and I are the same type…”

“Haha, that’s not all. You could do even more, and do everything that you wanted to do to her that you couldn’t in your past life. Don’t you think that’s very exciting?”
“Even more?”
“For instance…”

Rion whispered some things into Heather’s ear which made the latter’s face go bright red. Heather never thought that the other herself – this girl named Nikaidou Rion would actually say such embarrassing things out loud.

“Can two girls do such things together?”
“Of course, it’s possible as long as you want it to be. Alright, let’s not say anything else for now. We should combine into one, and then – dominate our favorite brother!”

To Heather, conquering Mirabelle was the equivalent of obtaining what she wanted. She would absolutely do what she couldn’t achieve in her past life.


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